Guy Teaches Gal

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Many years ago I lived in a small apartment building, the landlord, a friend of a friend, lived on the first floor with his wife and daughter. When I moved in, his daughter Jackie was under eighteen years of age. I would pay her to feed my cat when I was out of town, but, otherwise, I didn’t see much of her. I might run into her once a year in the hallway, some years not at all. Once my girlfriend and I passed Jackie in the hallway, and we exchanged hellos. My girlfriend commented on Jackie’s good looks, but I kept my own counsel, Jackie was, after all, still a minor. I will submit a description of her when she reaches adulthood in my story.

Years passed, the girlfriend and I broke up, two others came and went, when I ran into Jackie again in the hallway with a friend, an attractive brunette. Her girlfriend gave me a long look. I stopped and introduced myself to the friend; her name was Madison. Jackie and Madison were freshmen together at a local college. I took another look at both of them. They had been talking about college when I ran into them and realized that Jackie and Madison were adults. It had been ten years since I moved into the building; Jackie was no longer a little girl but a woman.

I mentioned my college days and said to Madison that she could call me if she needed any help with homework or advice about school. She smiled and thanked me. I gave her my number and asked her if she chatted on AOL-this took place a long time ago-she did, and I promised to chat with her soon. We were looking at each other so intently that when I looked at Jackie to say goodbye I was a bit startled to see a very annoyed look on her face. I quickly said goodbye and left wondering if I overplayed my hand.

That night, or perhaps the next, I chatted with Madison on the phone. Even though I was almost twenty years older we had some things in common. I don’t remember what we talked about, college I’m sure, but it felt natural and comfortable and I think she felt the same. We made a date to have lunch and see an early movie later that week. I thought she was a very pretty, and told her so, but will postpone describing Madison until later because of what happened next.

It was the next evening when there was a knock on my door. That was always startling because I hadn’t buzzed anyone into the building. I asked who it was.

“It’s Jackie”.

I opened the door, I remember she was wearing a coat. She told me her parents weren’t home and that she was locked out of her apartment, I have forgotten what she said had happened to her keys, but it doesn’t matter, it was a lie.

I told her to stay in my apartment until her parents came home. She accepted the invitation and came in. I was comfortably dressed in gym shorts and drinking wine when she had knocked and offered her some wine.

“You are of drinking age now right?” I asked.

Yes I’m 19, she informed me. I later realized that you had to be 21 to drink in this state.

I poured her a glass and we sat on my sofa, I had the TV on but turned off the sound and put on some music.

I remember the topic of conversation very quickly turned to Madison. Jackie said that Madison is naive, trusting, and gets hurt easily, like for example, by her former boyfriend Bill. Madison and Bill had been an item during high school but he had dumped her when he started college. Madison was on the rebound, Bill was her first and only love. I said to Jackie that Madison had told me a little about Bill. Jackie went on about how Madison was not ready for a new relationship and that she didn’t want me to hurt Madison. If I was going to use Madison and dump her she would feel responsible because she had introduced us. I let Jackie go on talking for a while sensing that there was more to this visit than Jackie wanting to protect Madison from a horny older guy.

“You know Madison is an adult and she may want to try different things. She might want to just sleep around with different men to see what it’s like. She might not be looking for a relationship but just for a good time. There is nothing wrong with that. She’s nineteen, now is the time to experiment, maybe with an older guy who knows his way around a woman’s body” I argued.

Jackie looked uncomfortable when I made the conversation explicitly about sex. Jackie continued repeating her objections. I poured her more wine. She drank what I poured.

“Please don’t hurt Madison” Jackie pleaded.

I tried a different tact “Jackie do you have a boyfriend?”

She hesitated a moment then said “No, not now, we broke up.”

“Of course you had a boyfriend, you are a beautiful young women, men must be coming on to you all the time right?” I ventured.

She didn’t answer. Now that the conversation turned to her personal life she became quiet and looked away.

“Did you enjoy sex with him. Did you have sex with your boyfriend?” canlı bahis şirketleri I asked.

She just shook her head yes and said “It was ok”.

I had a hunch and went with it “Did you ever have sex with a girl or want to have sex with a girl?”

Jackie turn her head quickly towards me and exclaimed too loudly “NO of course not”.

but the red flush of her cheeks gave her away.

She knew that she had given her secret away but I could sense that she was relieved that I had guessed. Now I knew what this visit was all about, Jackie had a crush on Madison and was upset that I was making a move on the object of her desire.

Now is a good time to describe Jackie. She was at the time a very beautiful nineteen year old, about 5’4”,with blue eyes, dirty blonde hair-when she was a kid it had been golden blonde-slim, but with still a little bit of baby fat on her body, handful sized perky breasts, clear fair skin, and, most prominent of her physical assets, full pouty red lips. My ex girlfriend was correct, Jackie had been a very pretty girl and now beautiful woman.

I tried to assure her, “Jackie it’s OK. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, lots of women are attracted to other women. Women have sex with women, they might just want to see what it’s like. Doesn’t mean you that are gay and even if you are gay it’s not a big deal anymore.”

“It is to my parents” she said quietly.

“Well don’t tell them, I wouldn’t say anything” I assured her.

Jackie took another gulp of wine. “Please don’t say anything to Madison”.

“Of course not. I would never say a word.”

We continued talking and drinking. I assured again and again that her secret was safe with me. I also told her that Madison might not be interested in that kind of relationship with her. I sympathized with her dilemma. She lusted for someone who might not share the same sort of feelings, but emphasized that those feelings are nothing to be ashamed of, that many women are attracted to other women, and, by the way, guys are turned on by girls making love together. Then I had a brilliant idea.

“Have you ever seen two women making love?” I asked.

“What for real? No” she replied astonished at the question.

“What about in a movie?” I inquired.

“You mean a porno movie?” she asked wide eyed.

“Yeah a porno”

“No I’ve never seen a porno” she replied slightly slurring her words.

At that I got up and searched through my VHS tapes-that tells you how long ago this took place-and found a lesbian only porno in my collection.

“You might enjoy this” I ventured.

I put the tape into the machine and hit play. The first scene began with two lovely young women kissing in a kitchen (why sex scenes are staged in kitchens I will never understand) already partially naked. I looked over at Jackie. She was watching the TV intently, occasionally sipping her wine. I would offer occasional commentary.

“That girl has beautiful breasts” I offered.

Jackie just nodded without taking her eyes off the screen and took another sip of wine.

The women in the movie got hot and heavy, sucking each others breasts, eating pussy and furiously finger fucking each other. The sounds of two women moaning, sucking, and crying out filled the room.

“This is hot right? I said helpfully.

Jackie just nodded. She was in a daze. The wine, the sex talk, the porn, had put Jackie in an altered state. Then I had another brilliant idea. I got up and went into my bedroom and pulled out my bag of sex toys. Thank goodness, or my evil disposition if you prefer, I was a man that spent his hard earned cash on quality sex toys. I pulled out my Hitachi battery powered vibrator, allegedly the most powerful one on the market, with two speeds, and a rounded side on its business end. All my girlfriends had enjoyed its vibrating power. I walked back into the living room with the vibrator behind my back, not that Jackie even looked away from the TV when I returned.

I said “Here you might need this right about now” and showed her the Hitachi and turned it on.

“What the hell is that?” genuinely puzzled by the loud buzzing wand.

“It’s a vibrator for you to use here.” I said as I brought its rounded side down between her legs.

She didn’t open her legs. I took my free hand and pulled on one knee to create some room for the large vibrating end. I felt some resistance in her legs but easily overpowered her with slightly more force. She did not say a word. I placed the vibrating head between her legs. She was wearing blue jeans so I needed to press the vibrator hard against the fabric to transmit the vibrations to the area where it was most needed. I moved the vibrator slightly up and down. I pulled on her knee some more to open her legs wider. This time there was much less resistance.

Jackie’s canlı kaçak iddaa mouth opened slightly and a faint sound escaped her beautiful full lips. Her eyes went back to the TV but now her eyelids fluttered close then open quickly. The girls in the film were now deep into the 69 position. The scene continued with the women spanking each others asses and furiously licking each others cunts. I pushed the vibrator harder against Jackie’s blue jean clad vulva. Her pale skin began to flush around her neck then up to her face. I alternated back and forth and up and down motions across the her crotch. Her lips stayed parted, she inhaled air in sharp short breaths and moaned softly. Her hips gradually pressed up against the vibrator. Her eyes opened and closed then mostly stayed closed. She was close to orgasm. I pulled the vibrator away. It startled her and she made noises of disappointment.

Quickly, without a word, I unbuckled her pants then roughly opened them and hooking my fingers under both her pants and panties I pulled them down forcefully past her knees. She did not resist in the least. I pulled off one of her shoes then the other. I went back to her pants waist and quickly pulled off her clothes. The lower half of her body was now naked except her feet, she was still wearing her socks.

With Jackie sitting on the couch I kneeled on the floor in front of her half naked body. I spread her legs wide to get a good look at her crotch. Surprisingly, her public hair was matted down from her dampness. I push her legs up towards her torso.

“Hold your legs open” I commanded.

She did as she was told. She was open to me now, looking expectantly at me, lips open, her breathing shallow. I moved my face closer to her damp red vulva. Every woman’s labia is different, Jackie’s was mostly hidden from view. I spread her labia lips with the fingers of my left hand and slowly worked the index finger of my right inside of her.

She moaned quietly. I moved my mouth to her now exposed clitoris suckling it like a nipple with my lips. I gradually worked more of my finger inside of her vigina. The movie soundtrack was now mostly orgasmic cries from the women in the video, but Jackie wasn’t watching anymore, her eyes were shut, head tilted back. She was concentrating on the sensations of having a mouth and tongue work over her clit. She later confided that it was her first time having her pussy eaten by a man or woman. I was determined to give her a shattering orgasm. I hungerly labored over her clit with my mouth alternately sucking then licking it side to side and up and down with my tongue. I slid my index finger with increasing speed in and out of her vigina, then added my middle finger for a two finger fucking.

The first scene on the tape ended, but I continued licking, sucking and fingering Jackie. Sometime in the middle of the second scene, I felt her body became rigid, her ass lifting off the couch as several spasms swept through her body starting at her legs and working their way up her body. Surprisingly, she had the presence of mind to put a hand over her mouth to stifle her ogasmic screams. I rode her vulva with my mouth like a rider on a bucking bronco. As the orgasm subsided she fell over onto her side. I stopped my pussy licking and pulled back to take in the scene. Naked from the waist down, Jackie’s hair was now messy and matted with sweat, eyes closed, she lay there for several minutes. Gently I stroked her wet labia lips with my fingers.

Abruptly she sat up and simply said “Jesus…”.

“Now you know what you have to look forward, maybe even with Madison” I said regretting immediately having mentioned Madison.

A concerned look on Jackie’s face told me I need to distract her fast.

The sounds of the women on the screen licking pussy with passionate abandon filled the room.

“God those girls are fucking hot right?” I ventured.

I rapidly moved two fingers back and forth over her clit. Her breathing quickened, her

legs stiffened and by the end of the next girl on girl scene Jackie had another body shaking, lips pressed together to stifle the scream orgasm.

After the orgasm finished racking over Jackie’s body she remained slouched down with her naked lower half mostly over the edge of the couch for a long while. She was quiet and I didn’t dare say a word. The soundtrack though was getting on my nerves. I had a raging hard cock on in my pants wanting to be set free for the last two hours so I got up and turned off the sound.

“What time is it? I have to go my parents will be home soon” Jackie muttered still in a post orgasmic daze.

She made some motions to get up.

“Jackie before you go, I need some help here” I said as matter of factly as I could while standing up and pulling down my shorts.

Jackie sat up looking at my crotch as I pulled down my shorts. canlı kaçak bahis My large hard cock popped out over the waistband as I lower them and I started to fondle my dick. Her eyes widened.

I ordered her to “Just sit there and masturbate”.

Jackie just nodded not taking her eyes off my penis.

“Take off your shirt I want to see your breasts” I instructed.

Without hesitation, she quickly pulled her shirt over her head, then reached around and liberated her small beautiful breasts from her bra.

Picking up the vibrator I handed it to her and said “Use the vibrator.”

She put it between her legs as she was told.

“Oh fuck…” she gasped as the vibrations started her on her journey to a third orgasm.

I moved closer to her my cock about two feet from her and level with her exposed breasts. I pumped my cock while watching her work the vibrator up and down over her vulva. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. The apartment was now quiet, just her moans and short sharp cries mingled with the street sounds from outside and the vibrator

I spit on my cock to lubricate it and within a minute I could feel the pressure building deep between my legs. My first shot of hot semen I remember well because I don’t think I have ever ejaculated with more force and volume since. It was a long forceful stream of jizz that easily covered the two feet between us and hit Jackie between her breasts with force and spattered up to her chin and down to her belly. The volume and force of my semen was so great that it felt as if a large amount of urine was exiting my penis. The second ejaculation felt almost as strong as the first, something that almost never happens, but I didn’t witness it. My eyes were closed because all the neurons in my brain were firing at once. I do remember hearing Jackie scream out in surprise when hit with what I felt to be two pints of semen.

I’m not sure what happened for the next few minutes other than I fell on the couch next to her. She must have finished herself off while I was in my post orgasm stupor. When I regained consciousness the sight seated next to me was one that I will always treasure.

Jackie was looking at herself, lazily rubbing my jizz on her breasts, legs spread wide revealing her matted pubic hair. At one point she lifted her wet hands to her nose and took a whiff.

Finally, she said with no urgency “I better get going my parents will be home soon.”

No mention of a lost key.

“Let me clean you up” I said helpfully.

After pulling my shorts up over my semen dripping cock, I helped Jackie to her feet. She was a bit wobbly from the wine and orgasms. Leading her into the bathroom, I wet a washcloth in the sink then turned on the shower. Waiting for the water to warm, I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her against my body, she wet my chest with her semen covered breasts. At first, our lips met softly, until I thrusted my tongue into her mouth. It was the first time we had kissed. Her pussy lubricant was still on my face and lips, she was tasting a woman for the first time, herself. I broke off our kiss quickly and felt the water. Helping her into the shower, I got my first real good look at her beautiful nineteen year old body, she was truly gorgeous. I lathered her body from top to bottom with my hands and took liberties to feel up her soap covered breasts and vulva. No objections from Jackie, just soft sighs.

After drying her off and taking her back to my living room, I helped her put on her panties and pants and snapped her bra closed.

“I’m glad that you came up here and confided in me Jackie” I said.

“So am I” she replied and kissed me on the lips.

I said “Give me some time, I will figure out a way to get you and Madison together OK?”

Jackie looked down, I think, not believing that it would ever happen. She shook her head yes, said goodnight, and walked out my door three hours after having entered my apartment.

With semen still dripping out of my cock I sat down on my sofa and jerked off hard. The whole experience had been a very stimulating to say the least. After I was done the phone ran. It was Madison, she wanted to talk. We talked a long time that night, of course I told her nothing about my visit from Jackie. We grew closer that night.

The following night she came to my place and we made love for the first time, sweet gentle lovemaking, worthy of an inexperienced partner’s first time together.

As the weeks went by she grew more comfortable with me in particular and sex in general, and we began to experiment more. By the second month, after first having sex, I was pumping my cock into her ass and she was loving it.

During this time, neither she nor I saw Jackie. I casually mentioned that we should socialize with her friend that she hadn’t seen much of lately. Madison agreed and we set a date for the three of us to get together. At that get little party I would live out every man’s fantasy and have sex with two women at once. Yes, you guessed my name; it is Fucking Lucky Bastard.

End of part one.

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