Guardian Man

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I’m on a train, one of the old fashioned type with compartments. For the moment I’m alone, and I get lost in reading an erotic novel on my Kindle.

I’m becoming more and more heated up, but my dirty mind lives in a shy English Rose body, and I can’t let myself go with a hand in my panties, when anyone might come past and see.

We get to the next big station and I know that I’ll not be on my own for much longer.

I find myself squirming on the seat in my rather damp panties, when a deep, sexy voice says ” sorry to interrupt, but everywhere else is full up. Mind if I join you?”

I look up and can only pray than my mouth isn’t hanging open. He’s gorgeous, tall, dark haired and not much older than early forties. ” Not at all, love,” I just manage to say.” Help yourself.

I slip back into my book and hear him settling himself down. The build up of arousal’s getting frankly embarrassing by now. And I have the feeling that if he looks up from reading The Guardian, he’ll see me blushing as well as wriggling.

“Are you all right?” he asks.

“You don’t look at all comfortable.”

Then he spots my Kindle and raises the dark brows over his piercing escort bostancı blue eyes.

“Good book is it?” he asks, and I nod. I’m darn sure they could see my blushes from space by now.

“Must be,” he says. And looking up, I see those eyes twinkling and the corners of his edible lips quirking. Damn him, he’s enjoying this.

“You have steam coming out of your ears,” he points out. “And if you go on much longer, you’ll either soak that seat, or wear a hole out in it. Better do what comes naturally and put yourself out of your misery.”

He gets up and draws down the blind on the door. “What are you up to?” I ask indignantly.

“Just giving you some privacy,” he says.

I primly point out that I can’t have privacy while he’s in here too, but he rustles his newspaper and holds it up in front of his face.

“I am part of the background,” he says, serenely.

I thank him. Fair play, this is very decent of him after all. I get a hand up my skirt and manage to insinuate it into the soused crotch of my panties, but it’s nowhere close to what I need.

“Sod it,” I mutter. Background my companion might be, but he knows full ümraniye escort well what I’m up to,

so I stand up and let my panties drop.

I kneel on the floor and lift my skirt up to my waist. Now I have full access to my clit with one hand and can get two fingers from my other hand into my sopping pussy.

Ohhhhh God! It’s bliss. In my filthy mind, the sexy hero from my book has been joined by my equally divine traveling companion.

One’s fucking my pussy and the other’s in my arse. I’m quickly approaching the point of no return, and keeping silent is impossible. I gasp and whimper helplessly, biting my lip to keep down the volume of a squeal as my orgasm finally hits.

I realise that Guardian Man’s no longer reading his newspaper.

It’s lying across his body. His head’s thrown back against the seat and one hand’s very busy under the rustling paper.

I moan loudly, and he looks down at me. Lust’s making his eyes hot and heavy.

“Gimme the hand you just fucked yourself with,” he growls.

He pulls my fingers between his lips and sucks off my juices with greedy moans.

“Can I taste you now please?” I gasp.

I kartal escort bayan don’t need to ask twice. The moment I’m between his thighs, he’s feeding me his erect prick.

He’s liberally leaking precome, which tastes delicious as I slurp it down like a greedy cat.

I lick and suckle at the swollen head, bobbing my head to take more and more of the hard shaft down until he hits the back of my throat.

“I want to fuck you,” he says.

He climbs down onto the floor behind me and gets me onto my hands and knees, then eases that big hard cock inside me, groaning that I’m so fucking tight and wet, he’s not going to last long.

“Get your fingers back on that clit,” he says.

“I want to feel that wet little cunt tightening around my cock before I come.”

We’re both on the edge. The compartment’s buzzing with energy and full of the smells of sex. A few brisk rubs on my drenched nub and I’m coming, stifling my cries against my arm on the floor.

Guardian Man groans that he’s about to come too, and he pulls out and sprays his jizz over my plump arse cheeks.

“Pull those pretty panties back on over it,” he tells me with a wicked grin.

I want to think of you with my come sticking your lingerie to your skin.”

I giggle naughtily and do as he says. We open the blinds and return to our reading in silence. For the rest of out shared journey, we keep looking up at each other and smirking.

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