G’s Halloween Night

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It was cold and rainy. A perfect evening for Halloween. G shivered with anticipation as he stared into the darkening sky. Halloween was his favorite holiday mostly because he could openly cross dress and strut his stuff. He had his complete outfit ready, now he was just waiting for the cover of darkness. Once the sky turned, the trick-or-treaters roamed and the fun began. Tonight he was going to walk around and show off.

G hadn’t proclaimed his fetish for dressing in feminine attire, having been ridiculed at an early age for that very same thing. The teasing had stuck with him, not allowing him to completely enjoy himself in the very role he so needed. It wasn’t until G met Mistress Kimmie that he began to experiment and act out. His Mistress not only gave her complete approval, she bought him beautiful garments and insisted that he wear them in her presence. G had only dreamed about sporting such finery before Mistress Kimmie found him. The connection that they shared was way beyond the comprehension of either of them, almost a fate allotted to the two of them personally.

Ah, finally, the cover of darkness began to loom over the city. G looked lovingly at the clothes he was waiting to don. He picked up his silky red panties, they had black lace around the legs and waist, and an open slit in the back. G rubbed the delicate material against his cheek, closing his eyes as he inhaled the scent, stroking his face with the finery. Reluctantly he put the panties down and picked up his padded black bra, oh so delicate and beautiful. It had 3 small hooks in the front and red lace around all the edges. Again G stroked his face with the garment, inhaling as he breathed deeply.

He knew Mistress took care to provide him with the very best, giving him great pleasure. G laid the bra on top of the panties. Next picking up his sheer seamed stockings. He knew to be very careful with the stockings, not wanting to get a run in them before even putting them on.

G closed his eyes and pictured himself dressed in the silky panties, bra, and stockings, transformed into Candy. He smiled as he hugged himself, longingly caressing his arms. G shivered in anticipation, eying his red stiletto heels next to his bed. Oh what fun he would have, what pleasure he would give. He wanted to please his Mistress as he knew she would reward him handsomely. G felt his ass pussy quivering as he again pictured himself dressed as Candy, wandering about, following Mistress and doing her bidding. He was completely submissive to his Mistress.

G stripped and stepped into the shower, wanting to take his time getting ready for tonight. He needed to please his Mistress, wanting her to be proud of him. He felt the warm water beat down on his naked back as he prepared the bag and hose that he would use to cleanse canlı bahis himself for tonight’s adventure. G knew Mistress would inspect every inch of him, even fisting him, if necessary, to ensure that he had properly prepared for whatever it was she desired. He had never been a disappointment to her yet, and he wasn’t planning to start tonight.

G’s hard cock stood ramrod straight as he pumped the hose in his fist, lubing it up with liquid soap. He closed his eyes as he imagined himself being taken as Candy tonight. His balls tightened and he sighed in pleasure as he pushed the hose in his pussy, luxuriating in the feel of the warm thick tube in his tight hole. Once he had it in about 6 inches, G released the clamp, letting the warm soapy water run into his pussy. He almost fell to his knees in weakness as the fluids infused into him. Ah, the warmness along with the thickness pleased him.

G knew better than to allow himself to cum. Mistress denied him that, only allowing it as she dictated. He felt his balls swell and his cock expand until he thought he was going to faint. He felt so full, so on edge. He removed the hose slowly when the bag was empty, missing the thickness and pressure that had been there. The warm soapy water was slowly leaking out of his pussy, G tried to clamp his hole shut to hold in as much as he could knowing he needed to allow the fluids to cleanse him.

G got on his hands and knees, rocking back and forth in the shower, doing his best to retain the fluids, clenching his buttocks tight. He stilled as he heard the bathroom door open, not knowing that someone was there.

He jumped as the shower door opened and Mistress stood there, naked as he. She didn’t say anything, just stood over him and pulled his chin up. He was still clenching tightly, trying not to relax and expel. His stomach started cramping and he grimaced as Mistress Kimmie straddled him and let loose with a stream of nectar on his face. He eagerly drank it all up and lapped at her pussy as the warm shower water continued flowing over them both. Mistress lowered herself further onto his upturned face forcing him to inhale her heady fragrance. He used his tongue to swirl around and delve into her hot moist pussy. She moaned as he continued. The harder he tongued the more she moaned, the more she moaned the more turned on G became.

G became so focused on pleasing Mistress that he forgot about the fluids in his pussy and relaxed. He hung his head as the fluids expelled from his ass pussy so unexpectedly. He was so full and there was so much pressure that once it started he was unable to stop the flow. Mistress didn’t say anything as she stepped around him, rinsed off under the showerhead, and stepped out of the shower.

G hurriedly finished evacuating the fluids, then bahis siteleri scrubbed himself clean from head to toes,rinsing well before he got out of the shower. He was not sure what to expect from Mistress. This was a new experience for both of them. He so wanted to please Mistress tonight, not have her upset. Thinking about what just had happened caused his once hard cock to become just a shriveled penis.

G toweled himself dry quickly, looking around for Mistress. He wrapped his towel around his waist and left the bathroom, calling out softly for her. She did not answer, but he found her in his bedroom, sitting on his bed. She had his silky panties in her hands and a frown on her face.

“I thought you had better control than what you showed me tonight G”! said Mistress. He knew better than to try and explain, as she was right he should have had more control.

G shrunk back as she reached into her bag on the floor. He never knew what she had in that bag, but it usually wasn’t something good. “Lie on the bed, face down”, Mistress said as she dug around in the bag.

G muttered “Yes Mistress” as he laid down, letting the towel drop to the floor. He felt her hands as they softly caressed his buttocks, stroking up and down so gently. He tried not to tighten up now that he knew what was coming. Mistress always caressed his buttocks gently before she paddled his ass cheeks, as if she was prepping him.

He was right he thought, as he heard the swish and then felt the sting of her paddle on his fleshy cheeks. Mistress continued paddling him until he was hot and red and his cock was hard as steel. She never said a word as she spanked him, nor did she allow him to so much as emit a whimper. That was a lesson he learned early on in their relationship, he took what she offered or else, and he did not want to know what the “or else” meant!

When Mistress finished spanking him, as always, she lathered his hot cheeks with a soothing balm, taking pleasure in his soreness. She smoothed the lotion all over his backside, taking her time as her fingers delved into his moist crack. He could just picture her smiling as she rubbed him. He hoped she was prepping him for a plug, as he needed to be filled so badly. He was not disappointed. G felt immense pressure as Mistress plugged his ass pussy with one hard shove.

When Mistress was done she nudged G over, and pushed him to sit at her feet on the floor. G tried not to show his discomfort as he sat and smiled at Mistress. He thanked her for his spanking and his plug. Mistress did not smile back. Uh oh, G’s stomach clinched as he averted his eyes, this did not bode well.

“Since you have shown a blatant disregard for me and are unable to control your bowels, you will not go out tonight, nor will you wear these bahis şirketleri fine panties today, tomorrow, or next week at all! In fact, I don’t know when I will allow you to wear them again” said Mistress Kimmie.

G knew the disappointment showed on his face. Halloween only came once a year, that was the only time he felt free dressing up. Ah well, Mistress knew what was best for him he thought, as he repeated that to himself over and over again.

When he looked up again, Mistress was dangling a square of thick white cotton material in front of him. “You will wear a diaper from now on, until I tell you otherwise, and you will not take it off without my permission, nor will you remove your plug”. As she talked, G felt his cock get hard again, as that thought turned him on.

Mistress had him lay on the bed on top of the square as she wrapped the diaper up and around his cock. She pinned the sides and stood up to observe her handiwork. Mistress undid one of the pins and pulled the diaper tighter before she re-pinned. She had G stand up and twirl around to ensure that the diaper wasn’t too loose. He felt infantile as he saw himself in the mirror.

“Now I have a surprise for you, close your eyes” Mistress said as he faced her. G felt her lift his legs and tug something up and over his hips. She twirled him around to face the mirror, then had him open his eyes.

G smiled as he saw what he had on, a pink plastic diaper cover with ruffles. Oh how good it looked on him. “Do you like it”? asked Mistress.

G could only nod his head in agreement as he continued staring at himself in the mirror. This was such a new thing for him, and her. He suddenly had the urge to urinate, felt as if he couldn’t hold it at all. He began squirming as the urge increased. “Mistress, I need to pee, now”! said G.

“Go ahead, use your diaper” Mistress replied. G looked at her in surprise, not sure he would be able to do that. As Mistress noticed his hesitation she went behind him and hugged him hard, putting pressure on his bladder, forcing him to let loose with a stream of urine. The feel of the warm urine permeating his diaper was one of exquisite torture. He felt shame yet pleasure all at once.

Mistress told G that she now had the urge to relieve herself. She told him to lie down on the floor, and he did, as she pulled down his pink plastic pants and squatted over him. He watched in amazement as she urinated all over his already soaked diaper. His cock grew even harder and his tongue itched to lavish her moist pussy. Not to worry, Mistress crawled over to his face and sat down over him, again forcing him to tongue her. G had difficulty breathing, but he gladly went to work, using his tongue to bring her to a screaming orgasm.

When she moved off of him, Mistress told G that he had pleased her but that he must still wear the diaper until she allowed him to take it off.

G again thanked Mistress, his smiling face and hard cock telling the real story. Mistress smiled back at him this time.

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