Going Down

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I sometimes wonder if I enjoy hooking up with guys for the shear pleasure of giving them pleasure. I have been with enough guys to know what they like and don’t like. Every guy I have been with I have had a connection with from my first kiss with Christian to my last with Mike. I am a sexual person even though I have never had sex. So, I make the most of my time with the guys I like.

Last night I planned an afternoon get together with Mike. We had a fabulous date on Friday night. Drinks, good food, laughing, and tons of flirting topped the evening. At the end of the evening I was tempted to kiss him, knowing he is a shy guy. But I chose not to and we parted at 2 a.m. We started chatting online after we both got to our homes and he told me how beautiful, smart, sexy, and wonderful I was. I was absolutely glowing from what a sweet and nice guy he was.

We had another racy conversation online. I asked him what was one thing he wanted to do sexually with me. He replied with, “Tongue Ring.” I said what about it. He says. “Anywhere you want it!” My heart stopped while my panties soaked themselves just thinking of this cute ass guy licking my clit was almost too much to bear. I was tempted to masturbate before bed but I figured I would save it for when he came over this afternoon.

About 1:30 p.m., Mike comes to my place. We head up to my bedroom and start chatting about whatever and nothing while listening to music. It really is just filler because we both know why he is at my place. After about an hour I move ataşehir escort bayan my head close to his to the point of where our lips are almost touching. We kind of meet halfway, as my lips touch his and our mouths part with our tongues intertwining. Getting the first feel of his tongue ring, he has told me so much about. I am already so worked up I don’t even want to waste time with the foreplay. He has caught my interest with that tongue ring of his. But his kisses are enjoyable and we make out for a while. It was kind of rough yet passionate at the same time.

I decide to get on top of him as I grind my pussy into his groin. I start licking his ears, which drives him crazy. I start getting a little bossy and Mike is teasing me about it. So, I decided to lie down on my bed and let him do the work. He starts with my neck planting small kisses, no marks which is a plus. I’m begging him to take off my jacket and bra. Minor problems with both but it the end fixed. He starts to flick his tongue around one of my nipples then moves to the next one. He is just teasing me and making me wetter and wetter with anticipation of where his tongue may go next.

He finally works his way down to my baby blue fleece pants. Takes them off my body and starts to plant kisses around my pussy. Then my purple thong panties come off and he goes in for the kill. Without a doubt, a tongue ring is one of the best investments any guy can have. For my first orgasm he didn’t even use his fingers to get my off. He just escort kadıköy licked, sucked, and kissed my cunt with uttermost care and precision. It wasn’t too long before I was screaming out his name and cumming all over his hot little mouth.

It took me a little bit to catch my breath. He told me my moans and yells were amazing and he would be glad to go down on my any day of the week. As excited as this made me I wanted to return the favor to him. I get him to lie on his back so I can please him in ways he couldn’t imagine. His nipples were extraordinarily sensitive I could tell his cock was throbbing from the light nibbling on his nipples. I snaked my tongue down his stomach and breathed along the outline of his cock and his boxers. I didn’t want to tease him anymore, so I pulled down his pants and then his boxers.

I started kissing around his cock, but not directly on it. Then I used my tongue to just lick up and down the sides of his cock. I wanted to give him a great blowjob without using my hands, so I knew I was going to have to pull out some tricks. I took one of his balls in my mouth and massaged it around, then I took the other, then I took both. Mike was enjoying this immensely, which could be told by his withering on the bed. I then started sucking the tip of his cock, moving my mouth lower and lower until I had deep throated him. I held his cock in my mouth for a few seconds and started bobbing up and down on it and rolling my tongue around his cock. Within five minutes he came. But I bostancı escort didn’t even realize it so I kept going on sucking him. He stayed hard which is great…makes me wonder what it is like to have sex with him. For the next twenty to twenty-five minutes I sucked, jacked, licked, and kissed all over his cock and balls. It got to the point he was shaking from the different sensation of pleasure he had to have me stop. It was then I learned he had cum once and that he couldn’t believe he stayed hard and I kept going.

We started kissing a little bit, as Mike caught his breath. The problem with me is I get so horny from sucking cock that I have to get off again. My pussy was so wet I was about to masturbate. But I took Mike’s hand and guided it down showing how hot he makes me. He starts to rub his fingers up and down my slit as my juices cover his fingers. He offered for another tongue ring assault on my pussy and well I couldn’t deny. This time he keeps his fingers down there. He starts with one deep inside my cunt, then another. I ask him how many he says two, I beg him to fuck me with three fingers. As his fingers are ravaging me, his tongue and the tongue ring are working my clit over. I am squirming all over the bed at this point pushing my pussy into his face as he licks and sucks and pushes harder all over my pussy. I start screaming so loud that I had to get a pillow to put over my face. Practically fell off the bed with an ear-shattering orgasm.

Mike works his way back to me and starts to kiss me again. I catch my breath for the second time of the day and am immensely pleased with how the afternoon has gone. We took a short nap before he had to leave and I kissed him on the way out. Definitely, someone I plan to spend some time with before I leave the country.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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