Going Down On The Phone

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Close Up

We were chatting online and both of us were as horny as two guys can be. My wife was sleeping late and his was in the other room.

Stan and I wanted to get together, but we were stumped on how to meet with our wives at home. Usually they are both working and we can meet during the day, but this was on the weekend.

We had just about given up when Stan asked me to wait a minute, he would be right back. When he came back to the computer, he said his wife had asked him to run a couple of errands. Stan asked if I wanted to meet him and ride along. Of course, my answer was yes.

I met Stan at a local shopping center and hopped in the car with him. He said he had figured out where we could go. We decided to stop by his office and see if anyone was there. When we pulled into the parking lot, one of his co-workers was just leaving. Since this was a Saturday morning, no one casino oyna else should be there.

We went inside to Stan’s office, where he promptly pulled his gym shorts to one side and offered me his thick, 8″ cock. I greedily licked his fat cock and then took the head into my hot mouth. Stan grew hard in a flash and I was swirling my tongue as fast as I could around his thick shaft.

Stan pulled his cock from my mouth and said, “Let me check the other offices to make sure no one else is here.” I stood up and put my cock back in my jeans and zipped up. About the time that I did, I heard Stan talking to Betty, a woman he worked with. I remained quiet and waited for him to return.

When Stan came back in the office, he said, “That was close. Come with me.” I replied, “That’s what I was hoping to do.”, and reached over to squeeze his thick rod. I followed him to the men’s room canlı casino for the office.

Stan and I moved into the only stall in the bathroom and closed the door. As I sat down on the toilet seat, Stan pulled his fat cock out once more. I proceeded to deep throat his semi-hard cock and felt it grow longer in my wet mouth. While I was sucking his sweet cock, I reached up and fondled his cum-filled balls with one hand and jacked the base of his dick with my other hand.

Stan was moaning softly and telling me how much he enjoyed the way I was sucking him. He said he wouldn’t last long at this rate. I just looked up at him with my mouth full of his cock and winked. Just as he put his hands on the back of my head to fuck my face, his cell phone rang. He answered it and it was his wife. I felt his cock grow even harder when he realized that he was talking to his wife while another man kaçak casino was sucking his cock. I reached down and began to stroke my own hard cock while I continued to suck Stan’s throbbing pole.

While his wife was telling him what to pick up on his way home, I felt Stan’s cock grow bigger and start to throb. I knew he was about to cum at any second, so I deep-throated him a couple of times just to see what would happen. I heard him say to his wife that nothing was going on, that he was just clearing his throat. I swirled my tongue around his fat cockhead in the way I know will make him shoot like a rocket. Stan grabbed the back of my head and started to spurt thick wads of cum into my hot mouth. He must have shot a gallon of hot cum down my throat while his wife was telling him what to get at the store.

Stan said good-bye to his wife and then pulled me up to kiss me and taste his cum on my lips. He smiled and said that was one of the hottest things he had ever done.

We get together a couple of times a month. I’ll tell you how Stan reciprocated in another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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