God of Whores Ch. 01

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–Hey all! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last posted, but this is the first part of a nice long story. I know it is filled with anachronisms and as always, I welcome your comments and questions via the info available on my contact page here. Enjoy!–

Kassandra loved eating ass. It was on an almost limitless list of things she loved of course, but she usually loved whatever it was that she was doing most, and right now, she was eating ass.

The salad she was tossing belonged to a gorgeous creature she’d handpicked some years ago to offer up to her Goddess. Her Goddess, incidentally, was eating the woman’s pussy from the other side, their mouths working competitively to pleasure clit and rim, both pairs of their humongous breasts bouncing as they each rode a huge, hard cock from the nearly unconscious studs who had somehow managed to keep hold of their final loads longer than all the others.

In addition to their pussy-and-ass muffled moans of pleasure, the room was filled with the sounds of relaxed, satisfied groans, a dozen fuck-toys, six men and six women passed out or dozing in a disorganized pile around them. In every direction there were luscious butts, huge firm tits, long soft cocks and bulging balls, to say nothing of the many leaking, gaped and sometimes visibly throbbing pussies. For any mortal, this would have been an unparalleled fuck-fest of unheard of proportions, a once-in-a-lifetime event that would leave the participants forever changed.

Here in the temple of Aphrodite, however, this event of unparalleled magnitude was known simply as ‘Tuesday’.

Aphrodite and Kassandra continued to lick, suck, and bounce for a full half-hour, the woman between them howling out as she came again and again, each orgasm punctuated by a squirt of nectar that would stain the breasts of the Goddess. Kassandra eyed those globes hungrily, looking forward to when she would get the chance to lick them clean. Finally as Aphrodite did something indescribable with her tongue, the poor thing gave one last thrashing climax, splattered out the biggest puddle of girlcream yet, and then collapsed forwards, totally passed out.

Aphrodite shrugged and cast the woman aside, ass in the air as she snored away with all the others they’d already worn out in the eight-and-a-half-hour fuckfest. Now it was just Kassandra and her with nothing between them, each still riding a cock with casual ease.

Kassandra could resist the tempting lure of her Goddess no longer and reached out, grabbing Aphrodite and pulling her in for a rough kiss, her massive breasts mashing against the superior pair still spackled in pussy-juices and beaded with sweat. Their kiss was deep and harsh, lips nibbling with brutal lust as their tongues traded tastes of one another. Kassandra trembled a little as a small climax ripped through her, caused by the Goddess but prolonged by the tremendous dick she was bucking on.

Something about the orgasm invigorated the nigh-exhausted studs they rode and Kassandra felt strong hands grab her hips hard, pulling her down as that big ramrod was thrust up into her harder, two pairs of big balls bouncing faster as the men tried their best to out-fuck the Goddess and the High Priestess, but for Aphrodite it was only an opportunity to assert her dominance over Kassandra yet again. She grabbed Kassandra’s head and pulled her face down into the opulent pair of tits, smiling as the Priestess licked and lapped away, cleaning the humongous breasts of all fuck-fluids.

The studs beneath them grew desperate, fucking even faster and harder; an impressive feat given how long they’d been going at it, and beyond what most mortals could possibly accomplish, yet these were mere playthings to Kassandra and Aphrodite. Aphrodite kept Kassandra’s head busy with her tits and clenched down on her stud, the insane strength of her divine cunt literally milking the man, pulling his ass from the bed with her strength, essentially forcing the cum right out of his balls. Kassandra heard the strangled cry and worked herself the same way on, the two men grunting through an intense orgasm in unison, finally collapsing limp to the bed beneath them, snores following shortly.

For a long moment, the two simply reveled in their conquest of the small army of studs and sluts, kissing one another with voracious hunger as snores and groans persisted around them. This was the nature of the Goddess and her High Priestess; to annihilate all with sheer erotic force, an unstoppable union of the best both the mortal and immortal realms had to offer. The glory of their sexual prowess was just as revered on Olympus as it was below, where normal humans dwelled.

Then, with a seductive stare, Aphrodite took Kassandra’s hand and drew her off the bed. Together the glistening pair walked from the bedchamber to the steaming room where the baths were, gigantic breasts bouncing in near-unison as their round asses swayed in time. The baths were huge with different pools ranging in temperature and content, some filled with hot or cold water, others with sheep’s milk and some smaller canlı bahis ones for more exotic delights like honey and Lavender.

The baths were attended by six Priestesses, each a lust-inducing beauty to behold, with full lips, breasts that were beyond generous and long, smooth legs. Two stepped forward before their mistresses and sank to their knees. Kassandra smiled calmly as the priestess kneeling before her gripped her full ass cheeks and pressed her face up against those pouty cunt-lips. Kassandra moaned as the woman began to thoroughly tongue-clean the stud’s cum from her well-fucked pussy. The other was doing the same for Aphrodite, each eagerly lapping up these gifts of the divine; while the gesture was subservient, it was a high honor indeed to drink from the temple’s two holiest cunts.

Aphrodite’s voice was only slightly wavering in response to the eager cunnilingus being performed on her as she spoke to Kassandra,

“Be honest with me, my sweetest chosen one,” she said.

Kassandra gasped as a little tremor of orgasm shook her, “Always, Goddess, lest you command otherwise.”

“How did you feel about tonight’s orgy?” Aphrodite’s hand dropped to run through the silken blonde hair of the woman continuing to service her.

“Well, my Goddess, it was certainly enjoyable and I climaxed many time, but as you demanded honesty, it’s worth mentioning that I miss the challenge.”

Even Aphrodite had to take a moment with her lips parted as a considerable fountain of juices spilled from her in climax, then she took a deep breath and spoke on, “What do you mean, Dear, Chosen?”

Kassandra curled forward a bit, using and rewarding the bath-maiden before her by resting her humongous bosom atop the red-haired head.

“Well, when I was a young initiate, not yet your most favored servant, there seemed to be no limit to the new pleasure I could attain. Each man or woman I made love to presented something new for me to learn, a new height to be reached in terms of my own bliss, and the height of the ecstasy I could give to others. But now, my Goddess, I am overtaken only by you, and each man or woman is just… an appetizer to be torn through on my way to you. Of course I could never grow bored of you, Goddess, but the road to reach you has seemed the same for some time. I want something new. Something challenging.”

Aphrodite nodded as her chosen spoke, betraying no anger or disappointment if she felt it, still quivering from the pleasure of having her divine cunt tongue-cleaned.

“There is no shame in what you’ve admitted. I feel the same way at times; I love each of my devoted followers from the lowliest fledgling stud to the High Priestess before me,” she punctuated this with a loving grope to one of Kassandra’s beyond-ample breasts, “but you’re right that lovemaking is something to be eternally perfected, whether performed by Mortal or Deity.”

She drew her kneeling worshipper up, smiling as Kassandra followed suit, the pair of them nastily kissing their devoted bath-maidens. Kassandra moaned as she relished the taste of the loads that had been sucked from her sex, her tongue dancing with the lesser priestess with nasty greed, less a snowball and more a blizzard of mixed flavors from the many men they’d fucked their ways through tonight. She moved to her Goddess and kissed her, the humongous sloshing of semen rolling between them in perfect sweetness, the flavors complimenting each other exquisitely.

She lustily swallowed her half of the mess at last, then smiled at Aphrodite who pointedly gargled her own portion before swallowing, always seeming to want to one-up her High Priestess in sheer nastiness. They turned then and sealed the moment with one more kiss to the bath-maidens’ mouths, this kiss sweeter and less hungry than before. Finally fed on sex, Kassandra and her Goddess waded into the cleansing bath.

The other four bath-maidens peeled their clothes off, each revealing a pair of over-sized breasts (though no two were anywhere near Kassandra or Aphrodite’s league) and perfect sleek bodies. They waded out to where the High Priestess and the Goddess floated on their backs in the pleasantly hot water, two of them were armed with fragrant soap while the other two bore exquisite cloths for cleaning both rough and soft in their texture. Worshipfully the maidens began to soap the bodies of their two holiest figures, their stroking fingers and rubbing palms reverent as they had the pleasure of getting to touch every part of the two perfect leaders.

While the cum that stained them was sacred within these walls, it had served its purpose for this orgy-night and would need to come away, along with the layers of slobber and sweat that in this place was nearly as sacred. Once they were full soaped all four of the maidens took advantage of the slippery texture to expertly massage the muscles of the two of them, soothing and relaxing every curvaceous inch of Kassandra and Aphrodite. Kassandra couldn’t help but smirk to herself as one of the maidens spent an especially long time massaging and soaping her tits; not bahis siteleri that she could blame the poor girl, she’d probably do the same in her position but it made her giggle to think of how she’d emerge with breasts three times as clean as the rest of her.

She turned to Aphrodite after a time and said, “Do you remember when you first named me as High Priestess? You played hostess to the gods of Olympus and brought them all here for an orgy like the mortal world had ever seen? I still fantasize about Ares, Poseidon, and especially that charming Dionysus! Could we not bring them back for another round?”

Aphrodite stroked her most favored’s leg as she sadly shook her head, “No dear one. Such an event is not easy to coordinate and I wouldn’t be interested,” she shrugged apologetically as she continued, “we had eons to fuck before mortal kind had really taken shape. Of course the other gods are expert lovemakers, but I’ve grown tired of them save for rare occasion, while you humans startle and surprise me at every turn.”

Kassandra nodded, perhaps a little disappointed but understanding, “I live to pleasure you, Goddess. If the other Gods do not bring you as such then the less said of them the better.

Aphrodite continued to stroke Kassandra lovingly as the mortal’s limitations began to take hold and the High Priestess began to quietly snore in light sleep. Suddenly Aphrodite sat up so quickly it splashed Kassandra and the others, the Goddess’s glistening wet tits bouncing explosively with the rapid move.

“Goddess, what’s wrong!?” Kassandra struggled more slowly to a sitting position.

Aphrodite’s expression slowly broke into an almost un-godly goofy grin, “It’s nothing bad; I’ve just had a wonderful idea.”

“Do tell!” Kassandra’s interest was piqued.

“Mmm, I’m not sure I’m the mood to tell just now. Someone might just have to fuck it out of me.”

Kassandra grinned too, “‘someone’, huh? I think I know a certain Sappho-like bitch who just might be up to the task.”

Then she was treating the Goddess to a luscious view of her ass as she scampered from the room to arm herself. What she brought back with her was enough to intimidate any mortal and possibly a deity or two as well. She swung the comforting heft of it in a hand, slapping it down into a palm with a meaty thwack, nearly a yard of a substance not found in the mortal realm, life-like and warm.

The thing was a full thirty-four inches in length with two fat cockheads at each purple tip, built thick with a comforting firmness that had enough give. “Ahhh… the hydra-cock!” Aphrodite grinned when she saw it. It was not truly the member of a hydra of course, just a name for the double-ended dildo made from crystalized ambrosia, the substance Aphrodite favored for all sex toys. Kassandra guided it with both hands, carefully running it down one of Aphrodite’s cheeks, then the other in a fond caress. Aphrodite only responded by winking and suddenly snapping her jaws open to begin sucking the thing deep, her pale throat bulging lewdly as inch after inch disappeared inside her gullet. Not to be outdone, Kassandra lifted the end facing her and started swallowing, her eyes looking a little desperate as she raced the Goddess, knowing she could not win but always eager to compete as best she could.

She was rewarded by her efforts this time in a solid tie with the goddess, the two of them meeting in the dead-center of the double-ender, kissing one another hungrily as Kassandra fought some mild mortal impulses to gag or choke. The Goddess, of course, was simply unphasable, drawing the High Priestess closer so their obscenely huge breasts pressed into one another, grinding the flesh warm as they made out in a more and more frenzied way.

Finally Aphrodite backed up enough so that she could wrap a fist around the drool-glistening rod of the middle, then she pulled that arm outwards, un-throating both ends of the dildo, the smallest cough betraying Kassandra’s need for air. Skilfully the goddess flipped the Hydra Cock around and slammed it without mercy into her divine sex, the full lips of the goddess parting wide around the thickness, the other end protruding from her cunt like a veritable extension of her body, bobbing dangerously in its glorious length. She clenched down on it, visibly making the thing weave and bounce, sighing with satisfaction as she shuddered through a little orgasm, her sex visibly dripping around the monstrous toy.

“And you thought you were gonna fuck it out of me, silly Kassie. Instead, I’m going to fuck you into a gibbering mess; are you ready to take what you tried to dish out, bitch?” The words were harsh, but the tone was playful, and Kassandra knew Aphrodite loved the endless power-switches lovemaking provided.

“My Goddess, worshipped and adored above all… if you’re going to call me a bitch you better fucking come over here and treat me like one, whore!” Despite their actual imbalance in power, it was always a two-way street—or possibly a two-way dildo—between them.

Aphrodite stalked forward fearlessly, her hands bahis şirketleri wrapping around Kassandra’s torso and coming up to rest on the back of her head and neck. She pulled Kassandra forward for a lingering, deep kiss, the huge fake cock grinding around between the mortal’s thighs. Then she spun, tilting Kassandra back while keeping her weight cradled in her arms, gently lowering her into the hot water.

As Aphrodite lined the huge member up with Kassandra’s sex, the High Priestess spread her legs into a perfect horizontal split, making a flawless 180-degree vector. Aphrodite grinned like a wolf before abruptly slamming her weapon with a cock, bucking her hips in a skillful g-spot grinding roll.

Kassandra took the thrusts in a howling chorus of moans, turning her head this way and that as the Goddess pressed the right buttons in exactly the way only she could. Soon, there was a gushing fountain of cream spilling from Kassandra that Aphrodite could only grin at, bending her torso low to catch some of it on her tits before hefting one of those to her mouth for sultry lick. The bath-maidens looked on in both great awe and also mild disappointment; their work was never done with these two.

Finally Aphrodite paused, stroking Kassandra fondly as the mortal Priestess panted and gasped herself back to calm.

That split second of letting her guard down was all Kassandra needed, and in a surprising flash of movement, she arched up grabbed Aphrodite’s shoulder, both of them staying fully impaled on the double-cock as she unbalanced Aphrodite and wrestled her to the ground. Wanting to be more than a match, Kassandra didn’t stop there, seizing Aphrodite’s hips she spun the Goddess into a face-down ass-up position, using her powerful kegal muscles to draw the dildo back out of the Goddess and then thrust back in, slamming the faux meat home with the resounding smack of hip-on-hip.

Her fingers tangled in the perfect blonde hair of the Goddess, her hand slapped against the perfect round ass of the Goddess, her hips bucked to feed the perfect cunt of the Goddess foot after foot of cock, pulling it all out only to jam back in.

As Kassandra picked up speed she began to toy with the length of the Hydra-Cock, letting more of it slip from her cunt with every thrust so that she could re-grasp and give Aphrodite all the more. The two of them were hellacious size-queens, which was no surprise given their respective abilities to handle more penetration than really made sense, but that didn’t stop the High Priestess from trying to utterly smash Aphrodite’s sex in. She was rewarded in a fountain of squirting nectar that her heart leapt at seeing.

A bit tired form her effort she collapsed onto Aphrodite, their soft bodies smooshing against each other in lust as they lightly kissed and took turns driving the dildo their pussies shared, slowly rocking orgasm after orgasm from one another. Kassandra bent her neck to lick some of the mess from one of the Goddess’s enormous tits, savoring both their flavors that had stained it during the sumptuous fuck.

“Mmm, okay, your ‘prayer’ has touched me, sweet one,” Aphrodite said as she stroked Kassandra’s suckling head, “I have had a vision that near my sister’s city, Athens, there is a young man who might have the potential to satisfy us in new ways.

Kassandra pulled back with a look of shock on her face and she suddenly gave Aphrodite a few hard thrusts with about twenty inches of the massive Hydra-cock.

“Oh come ON! You turn down giving me a God-Orgy but you’re all wet over the thought of some kid with Potential!? You will TAKE THIS DICK UNTIL YOU HAVE BETTER!” She redoubled her efforts, giant tits clapping together from the momentum of her fuckstrokes. “Besides! UNGH! We’ve chewed through every man studly enough to be worthy of us for AINGH! Leagues around, you think we just missed the best one HNGH! Somehow!?”

Aphrodite’s back arched as she blasted out another outrageous fountain of squirt, pinching her own nipples in delight before she curled up to a sitting position and grabbed Kassandra’s head, pulling her back down as she thrashed through the rest of the huge orgasm. When the peak of the throes had subsided, she arched her head around to put her giant, juicy lips right next to Kassandra’s ear and she whispered into it.

Kassandra blinked a couple of times, then her eyes went wide and her own thick lips arched into a foolish grin.

“Well why didn’t you say so, Goddess? I’m IN!”

“Good, sweet one,” Aphrodite said stroking Kassandra’s cheek, “But you doubted me and now you must surely be PUNISHED!”

With these words she shoved Kassandra back and lined The Hydra cock up for some REAL pounding.

The fuckfest that followed was relatively short for them; a mere four hours of hard pounding, exhaustive ass-eating and pussy-devouring, of brutal spanks and playful slaps, of tongues dueling while hips waged war below, of dirty talk and dirtier moans, of the kind of fucking only the two most sexual female beings in all of creation could possibly manage. At the end of it, only The Goddess was left standing, a very exhausted, satisfied and largely unconscious Kassandra beneath her. With a smug grin, Aphrodite slowly pulled back, sliding the dildo out of Kassandra’s ass, and then tossed it aside.

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