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As is often the case, one small thing set about a chain of events. One of my friends made an offhanded remark about taking it up the ass. I thought she was joking at first, but when I followed up with questions, she told me that she lets her husband do it to her occasionally, and they both really like it. The whole idea of having something shoved into my butt seemed less than enjoyable. It was a one way path in my mind. Every time my husband, Jason, had raised the subject of playing with that area, I shut him down immediately. But after my friend set the thought in my mind, I started doing some reading online. And as I read a couple of well written stories by women on the subject, I found myself getting more curious. Like a good researcher, I learned more and more and slowly grew more comfortable with the idea. Actually, more than comfortable — the concept was starting to turn me on.

I still needed to gain some comfort with the idea, so I ordered a small plug and lubricant online. A few days later, I found the package sitting outside the door. As I rose from picked up the box, I looked down the street. “I wonder if the other neighbors order such things,” I thought humorously. I took it inside and anxiously slit open the tape. There it was, the rubber object that I would be placing in my ass. My reaction was that of amusement, humor, excitement, and a bit of trepidation. I was a bit worried as it was larger in real life than I thought it would be, though it wasn’t nearly as large as Jason’s hard dick.

I didn’t do anything with it that day. It was late and Jason would be coming home soon, so I hid it away and set about making dinner. But it now became my own personal Telltale Heart. I began to think about it all the time. And the thoughts would naturally follow to wonder what it would be like getting fucked by Jason.

The next day, I had a couple of hours after work to myself before Jason came home. I turned on the faucet to pour a bath, dropped some bubbles into the water, and then walked to the other room. I stopped by the kitchen for a glass of wine. Nervously, I pulled the plug and lube out from their hiding place and walked to the bathroom. Shutting off the water, I now undressed and stepped into the warm tub. I sat there for a while. All of my focus was now on sex. My pussy simply throbbing. Hidden beneath the layer of foam on the water was my naked body and on that body a spot that had never been explored.

As I had these thoughts, I slowly ran my fingers down my chest. Languishingly exploring my body as my hand came to my clit. I leisurely rubbed it for a while before giving it a light tug and then pressing lower to feel the tunnel of my pussy. “This is what it feels like to have something inside of me,” I thought. I grabbed the plug from the edge of the tub and pushed into my pussy. “It fits so easily,” I thought as I tried to comfort myself. Plug still resting in my pussy, I now brought my hand down lower and felt the entrance to my ass. Suddenly I realized how tight and small it was compared to my pussy. I started to press my finger to the entrance and was surprised by the resistance. I became worried that maybe I couldn’t carry out my plans. I pressed harder, being careful to avoid hurting myself with my nail, until my finger found some freedom. But the tension at the entrance worried me, “How would this much pressure ever be pleasurable to Jason.”

I held my finger there for a while hoping for something to happen. I had read that my body would slowly begin to accept the intrusion. But I felt like a girl exploring her clit for the first time. I tried to control tight muscles of my ass, but just when I thought that I had learned to relax, my thoughts would stray and I’d feel them squeeze my finger once more.

Now the thought of the plug concerned me. “More wine,” I laughed, as I grabbed for the glass. I turned to sit on my knees and opened the tube of lube. I was now regretting my decision not to get the numbing tube. “I don’t want to mask the feeling of Jason inside of me,” I had thought at the time. I poured a dollop of the jelly onto my finger and then raised my butt to the air. I wondered if I’d now be picturing this every time I did it doggy style. I pressed the lube to ass and then ran a thin layer over the plug.

“This is it,” I thought with anxious anticipation. I reached around and directed the plug to my entrance, ready to take as much time as necessary to accommodate its size. Slowly I pressed more and more into me, slowly relaxing to its girth. Bit by bit, my body was accepting the rubber object. And more and more, I was starting to grow peaceful in my mind that I would be able to do it. Then, suddenly, it popped into place. My ass now firmly held the plug, its rings wrapping around the base of the plug. I wish I could say that it was pleasurable or even erotic, but instead I felt a deep sense of accomplishment in the moment. The sensation was tightness and fullness, but not stimulating. Nonetheless, I rubbed myself to a celebratory orgasm with the plug still inside me.

The canlı bahis plug nearly popped itself out once I gave it a small tug. I washed it off and sat it on the side of the tub when I heard a noise in the other room. “Oh God, Jason is home!,” I panicked. Worried that he might walk into the bathroom, I quickly scooped the plug and lube into the water in hopes that the bubbles might hide them. But to my relief, he just gave a light wrap on the door to say that he was home and left me alone once more. I smiled as I imagined a conversation where I responded, “Hi honey, I’m just sitting here in the tub shoving objects up my bum.”

I cleaned up, dried off, and spent the evening watching TV with Jason that night. The plug brought a new vibrance to our marriage. With the plug speaking to me from beneath it’s pile of t-shirts, sex was now constantly on my mind. I now began to wonder how I should approach the subject with Jason. I knew that he would like the idea, after all, he’d joked about it many times in the past. But this time, I was prepared to give him what he wanted, and I wanted to make it have maximum impact.

I was in fairly good shape. I’d lost about twenty pounds over the past year, and I was fairly toned. Admittedly, I had started to work the glutes a bit more recently as I conjured my plans.

While shopping one day, I found some yoga pants that were perfect for my plan. The fabric was sewn so that they drew a bit into the cleavage of one’s butt. I tried them on and they looked fabulous. Very simple, but the black knit fabric perfectly accentuated the two lobes of my ass. In fact, I was so impressed that I bought two pair. It wasn’t a cheap shopping trip. Empowered by my new awareness of my derriere, I made several stops that day until by bags were full with shorts, panties, dresses, skirts, and the shoes to show them off.

My little plan risked becoming a lifestyle change, and yet Jason still new nothing of it. But I caught him paying more attention to my backside. Several times in the next couple of weeks, he’d come up with some excuse to talk as he’d walk up to me, hug me from behind, and casually press himself into my ass. I was loving it.

Two weekends after my shopping trip, Jason and I went to the restaurant down the street and came home a bit more tipsy than normal. Instead of turning on the TV like he normally would when we got home, he went over and turned on the radio to one of the vanilla pop stations. We sat there talking, kissing, and flirting for a while. Yet more wine numbing our inhibitions. Then one song I particularly like started playing on the radio. I stood up in the darkness and started dance. It was a bit of a bump and grind song, and I was feeling randy, and I started to playfully dance on Jason’s lap. I’d never considered myself a dancer, and I had no clue how to give a lap dance. But alcohol fueled my weak hearted attempt. Apparently though, I was doing something right. Jason shifted himself on the couch as I felt his cock grow hard against my ass. He around and started pressing my breasts into me from behind.

When the song ended, I playfully asked, “Did you like that?”

Rather than answer my question, he complemented me, “Your ass is fantastic baby.”

I smiled. “Thanks. Did I get someone a bit excited?”

His eagerness was palpable. “Did you ever. If the song hadn’t ended, I was worried that there was going to be a little incident right here in the couch.”

I sat there on the couch and continued to slowly rock against him. After a couple of minutes, I led him to the bedroom. It was time to make that “little incident” happen. We slowly undressed each other until he was naked and I only in my g-string. He lay behind me holding me with his hard dick nestled in the crack of my ass, slowly rubbing up and down.

“Does that feel good?,” I asked.

“Incredible, so soft and firm and warm. Makes me just want to bend you over, pull your wet panties to the side, and simply ravish you.”

He certainly did know how to talk to a woman. “Honey,” I said. “Is that all you think about?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, when you think of my ass. What does it make you think about?”

With a confused pause, he responded, “I think about watching you get ready in the morning in your g-string, hoping that you’ll bend over to pick something up, your pussy perfectly framed by your legs…about how great you look in your yoga pants, about how fabulous it feels when I grab it as I fuck you, or the smacking sound it makes as a pound you from behind…” He was clearly working himself up.

I was more blunt, “What about my asshole? Do you ever think about it?”

This time, there was a long pause. “What about it?,” he asked.

“Does it turn you on? Do you ever fantasize about more than just my butt? The core of my ass?”

He was clearly confused. And for a moment, I worried that I had made a significant mistake. Then he responded, “Yeah, I guess. Do you really want to know?”

I giggled, “yes.”

“I think about how tight and small bahis siteleri it is. Sometimes, when you’re bent over, I want to just keep you hunched over so that I can stare. It’s hard to explain, but I guess it’s just similar to the incredible lust I have when I see or feel your wet pussy. I simply need it….”

“So apparently, my ass is a second pussy to him,” I thought.

“I think about touching it and exploring its depths. If you really want to know, one of my biggest fantasies is to plunge into you until I explode inside.”

And there it was, my invitation to speak. “Jason. It would make me so happy to give you that wish. If you really want to, I’ll do it for you. I want you to fuck my ass.” Saying “fuck my ass,” felt powerful.

“You mean right now? Fuck your ass right now? Are you sure?,” he exclaimed.

I replied, “Aren’t we eager,” I teased. “Next weekend will be special. Friday night. I want to make you think about it all week. Now what can I do for you tonight? Let me make your fantasies come true.” It felt a bit cliché, but I’m not sure that I could have noticed in his foggy haze of lust. I reached around with my hand to lightly stroke his hard cock.

I’m not sure that I’d ever seen or felt him so excited. I think he worried what he had done to deserve what I was saying to him. I had provided him with an invitation to take my virgin ass and was now offering to do just about anything else. His response wasn’t unexpected, and was something I was more than happy to do for him.

Not wasting time with any formalities, he blurted out, “I want to fuck you and then finish on your face.”

I confidently responded, “Explode all over me baby.” I love making him happy.


The week went quickly. I had used the plug several more times after that first evening, and each time, my body seemed to accept it more quickly. I started wearing it for an hour or two at a time, and each time, got used to the feeling of it inside of me after a while. I liked to secretly wear it around the house with Jason there.

Despite his requests, Jason and I spent the week with temporary celibacy, and I told him that I wanted him from doing anything about it “on his own.” I wanted him charged and ready when the time came. The closest he got to any sort of release was when I told him about the plug. He wanted to see it, and like a kid opening a toy on Christmas, I let him use it on me. I thought I was going to have to tie him down to keep him from simply taking me right then and there. I too was really turned on by letting him watch and participate.

I always get home from work a couple of hours before Jason. On Friday, I spent those hours preparing. I had already picked out what I was going to wear, but I wanted to be as clean and fresh as possible. Tonight, he would have complete access to my body. A bit paranoid, I watched what I was eating that week, and even took a couple of laxative pills on Thursday for good measure. I shaved and cleaned and scrubbed until my pussy and ass must have been the cleanest things in the house. I took similar pains on my hair and makeup. I wore my hair up, I wanted my neck and shoulder exposed.

When I was done, I walked to the bedroom and started to pull out what I would wear that evening. Tonight was a night for pushing boundaries, and what I wore reflected that. After a spritz of perfume, I slipped on the most minimal of g-strings. They were completely impractical outside of the bedroom, so small that it was impossible to keep from having one or both of the sides rest in the clefts of my pussy. And it was unlined, so it did little to retain the moisture that was now leaking from my pussy. It represented sex, and it was having a corresponding reaction. As I walked to the mirror to see them on me, the soft fabric rubbed against my clit. I knew this would be a challenging few hours.

I walked back to the closet and grabbed my shorts from their drawer. I had to order these online — I couldn’t find anything like them locally short of going to one of the several adult stores. But despite my description, my goal was to look wanton without looking like a stripper. I drew them up my legs and pulled and tugged them into place. I turned around to the mirror, and my ass looked fabulous if I do say so myself. The spandex material perfectly molded to my curves, covering only the top of my cheeks, the bottoms exposed allowing me to show off the definition between my ass and thigh. I began to wonder whether this was about turning Jason on, or about me gaining appreciation for my hard efforts at the gym.

On top, I slid into a red tube top. It was the only thing that wasn’t new — I wore it regularly in the summer. The red was a bit flashy and I like how it exposed my shoulders, but it had a practical side as well — comfortable and with a built in bra that made my breasts look good. I had matched my lipstick to the red of the top, and now it was starting to come together. I next put on my necklace, a string of small white stones. Pearls were too formal, and gold too bahis şirketleri insubstantial. I had chosen this necklace because of the vague symbolism of when Jason finishes on my chest.

Finally, I bent down and grabbed my shoes. They were classy…and admittedly expensive. They would have been at home with a high end couture dress, and that’s why I had chosen them. I was the perfect mix between style and sex. Their three inch heel made my legs look long and muscular, and now my butt was looking all the more fabulous. I walked around in front of the mirror strutting. Peaking over my shoulders at the view from behind. I was hot. No other way to describe it.

Finally, I took a black crepe sarong and wrapped it around my hips. Tonight was about anticipation and unveiling, and I wanted to introduce myself slowly to Jason. I went to the kitchen and started to cook tonight’s meal. Jason loves steak, and this was one of the rare occasions when I made it for him at home. As the meat began to sear in the pan, I heard the garage door open.

Jason stepped in the door, threw his bag on the floor, and took in the scene. His gorgeous wife was in the kitchen making tonights meal. He knew what would follow. But as sexy as she looked, he hoped he could hold out.

After a pause, he walked over to me as I turned to face him. He leaned down and gave me a hard kiss. “You look incredible. I love you so much.” He drew a deep breath and closed his eyes.

I smiled, glowing, and responded, “I love you too Jason.” We held each other for a few more seconds before I told him the plan. He was to go freshen up, change clothes, and that dinner would be ready in about twenty minutes. Then I hurriedly rushed to finish dinner and set the table. The lights were already dim, but I decided that tonight would just be candles, so I set several on the table until the room was aglow in flickering light. Jason walked back in and I told him to take a seat. I walked over to him and set his plate in front of him. Our eyes made contact. Then I took a step back, reached to my waist, and loosened the tie of my sarong before tossing it to the corner. His eyes instantly dropped down my body, until he was staring open jawed at my skin tight shorts. I confidently turned around and walked back to the kitchen, feeling his gaze on my ass. I grinned. Neither of us said anything.

Returning with my own plate, Jason now spoke, “Are you sure that we need to eat.”

I responded, “Eat now, there will be plenty of time for play.”

We quietly ate dinner, the tension keeping conversation to a minimum. Music from the living room filling the silence. We were each engrossed in our thoughts.

When we had finished, I cleared the table, making several trips to his enjoyment. Desert was simple, a handful of truffles which I had picked up at our favorite confectionery. I placed them on a plate and walked back into the dining room, setting it on a table beside the couch.

“Come here,” I said.

Obeying, I led him to the living room and set him on the couch. The candles were too dim to have much affect through the doorway, so I slowly turned up the dimmer on a lamp. Standing in front of him and still allowing the silence to speak loudly, I turned away from Jason, placed my fingers at my hips, and slowly pulled my shorts to my feet before kicking them off. I took a moment to wiggle my butt. My pussy framed as he liked it just inches in front of his face. I stood and turned to face him, rubbing my hands up and down my body. I enjoyed putting on a show for him. Tonight was about drama.

I took a truffle and placed it on my tongue before bending down to kiss him. I lightly pressed it into his open mouth. He chewed and swallowed. I took another and consumed it the same. I reached for a third. As I watched his eyes, I brought it to my stomach, before taking one hand to pull my panties away from my body and slowly sliding the truffle toward my pussy. Concealed by the thin fabric, I rubbed it down my cleft, lightly coating it with my flavor. I brought it toward his mouth as if to feed it to him, but then I quickly drew it to mine before chewing and swallowing. He let out a sigh and adjusted himself as he looked up to my eyes. For a fourth time, I reached to the plate of truffles. I again brought the truffle to my stomach. This time, I pulled my panties to the side giving Jason a close view of my pussy. He swallowed and shifted in the couch. I drew the truffle lower and lower, this time circling it around before drawing it upward, toward my hot channel. I was soaked and my wetness was even starting to run down my leg. I brought the damp chocolate to Jason’s mouth. He eagerly devoured it.

I now laid down on the floor with my knees slightly bent, facing him. I placed a truffle low on my belly and motioned for him to come eat it. He dropped from the couch to the floor and quickly made it disappear. Immediately, he began kissing lower. “He took the bait,” I thought. For the next few minutes, he licked and prodded and rubbed at my hot cunt with his tongue as I moaned and writhed with clenched fists. My miniscule panties had held up admirably, but now I stood, removed them, and dropped them to Jason, before walking off into the darkness of the bedroom. Jason was close behind.

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