Give Me My Pants Back!

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This story is short, sweet, and (I hope) humorous. Don’t forget to rate, comment or send me feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Enjoy. 🙂

I took the last one of my bags from the living room and shoved it in the backseat of my car. It hadn’t been a pretty scene at home the past few days. I decided that my boyfriend, Hadyn, and I needed a little break. Tensions were high, and I need to get away from him for a few days to chill out; then come back and mend things in a more calm state.

I was hurt and it felt like in just a matter of days our relationship of 7 years had withered away. We weren’t even talking, mostly because our talks would escalate to very loud arguments.

But even though I was pissed at him, every argument we had I found myself becoming tired and soft. I didn’t want to fight with him, I loved him. I knew I was going to forgive him at some point but I’d be damned to let him know that!

I went back into our flat and to the kitchen; where he was sitting at the table, sipping at a mug of hot coffee and staring blankly at the table. Detached. Or scheming. I just can’t tell anymore.
“Well that’s it. I’m gonna get going. See ya later.” When I turned to leave, I heard Hadyn get up and walk to the door behind me.

As I walked out the door, I just had to turn around and get one last look at him, to last me the few days of separation. What can I say? After 7 long years, I’m still weary of being away from him.

Whilst giving him the once over, I couldn’t help but to notice he was wearing a pair of my jeans. They were my good, slim-fitting club jeans. Acid-wash, rips and all. I smirked and told him, “Those are my pants.”

He smiled back, “I know. I think I’ll take them off your hands.”

What the fuck? “Uh, no. I’d like my pants back, Hadyn.”

“Relax Quinn, I’ll give them back; just answer me one thing?”

I sighed and rolled my eyes more dramatically than needed. “What?”

“Do I look good in them?” He spun around, wiggling casino oyna his butt then faced me again.

He had to be kidding me! Of course he looked great in them! “What the hell, Hadyn. Cut the shit! Give me my pants back!”

Hadyn shook his head. “Answer the question and you’ll get them back.”

“Fine!” I rubbed the bridge of my nose between my eyes. “You look great in them; okay?”

He smiled at me again. Ugh. He could’ve bent me over and had his way with me at that point. “One more question?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake!”

I don’t know how he took that as a yes but he proceeded with his question. “What about them on me do you like?”

Oh just shoot me now, I thought. In that moment, I was thinking if those jeans were really worth the little dignity I had left. I was willing to gamble it for this man. This horrible man that I still love and care for.

I looked him over for specific details for my answer. He even spun around again for me to see his perfect ass, clad in my favorite jeans. I was mentally screaming at my cock to control itself.
If I was being completely honest with myself: I liked everything about those jeans on him.

“I’m waiting.” He taunted as he stuffed his hands in the pockets.

“Everything.” I mumbled inaudibly.

“What? Couldn’t catch that.”

“Everything.” I said louder, sighing.

He stood with a smile on his face and stepped out of the doorway and outside, closer to me. His tall slim figure, much like my own, didn’t tower over me but he did have a few inches on me.

Hadyn wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed my lips before I noticed he’d gotten even closer.

Before my brain kicked in to ruin the fun, I kissed back. Lord, I love his sweet full lips. They dance with mine so perfectly. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer into me. I couldn’t have enough of him.

He pulled me into the house and shut the door. Weaving my hands in his soft brown hair, I rubbed his scalp, the way I knew he liked canlı casino it. But then my brain kicked in and I realized that I was doing a no-no. I remembered the reason why I was leaving outside in the first place: I saw him doing this to to some kid the other night. Hadyn and I are the same age, 27, but that kid had to be barely 18.

I pushed him away and glared at him. He seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. “Babe, I was drunk and he reminded me of you when we were younger. Quinn, I love you. He meant nothing to me. just a mindless make out. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He explained.

He looked very sincere while saying it. He only looked like that when he was dead serious. I should’ve at least expected him to slip up once or twice. He was a huge flirt, an even bigger one when he was drunk.

I found myself forgiving him, quicker than I wanted or expected. He’d been an asshole lately, so that’s why I haven’t been dealing with him well recently. “Quinn, I’m sorry. Please baby, I don’t wanna fight.” He stepped into my personal space again and hugged me tightly.

I hugged back then he kissed my neck. I groaned and he took me by the hand and led me to the room. My brain finally just shut off to let my heart to do whatever it pleased.

Hadyn closed the bedroom door once we were both inside. I leaned up against the wall, waiting for him to do his worst. Surely enough, he ground me into the wall with his whole body while moaning, and breathing deeply.

It only made me moan loud and make my stupid cock lose control. I ground myself against him, to let him know that I wanted his worst.

He pressed me into the wall again and let his hands snake underneath my shirt to caress my abdomen. Oh yes, I was going to get exactly what I challenged him for.

I took off my shirt and he bent down to lick all over my stomach then up to my nipples, and bit them each hard. Not too hard but just enough to make me more desperate for him than I already was.

He pulled down my kaçak casino pants after skillfully undoing the button and zipper with one hand. I was preoccupying his other hand by sucking on a few of its fingers. Hadyn shucked me of my dampened boxer briefs and sucked on my weeping dick for a good few minutes. His goal wasn’t for me to cum, but to get me hot and begging for him.(And I wasn’t far from it) I knew his tricks.

He licked me like a horned up cat. Sucked me like a timid school girl with a clever tongue. And his sloppy open mouth kisses went all over my aching penis sending unimaginable sensations through my body, and especially to my balls. He kept me on the brink of insanity. I was completely dizzy with lust; calling out his name like a broken record.

He enfolded me in his arms and lifted me over to the bed, where he laid me and kissed my lips. His were heated with passion.

He stripped and wasted no time retrieving lube and opening up my compliant hole. He shoved himself in after a kiss and fucked me while our eyes locked into a lustful gaze.

One of his hands was pumping my rigid member in rhythm to his thrusts. The other rested on the side of my face, giving me a warm sense of security. God, I love him.

He was close. I was close. We were on the edge, hanging on by a frail piece of thread connecting us to our orgasms. And I needed to cum.

Then he had the nerve to stop stroking me and slow down his thrusts. “May I keep the pants?” After he asked he jabbed into me once, deep and hard, to make sure I was paying attention. Damn him…

“Yesss.” I moaned.

Hadyn went back to our original pace and stroking my cock. He leaned into my ear and sucked on the lobe, flicking it with his tongue from time to time. He was a little devil, but by then I didn’t give a fuck. I was cumming. I tipped over the edge and in the apex of my pleasure he felt the need to query: “May I keep you?”

“YES! Oh oh oh yes! Mmm fuck yes.” I screamed.

I heard him grunt and groan while shooting his load into me. Hadyn slumped against my chest, panting and groaning in the afterglow along with me.

Ah, manipulated once again. And I didn’t even manage to get my pants back.

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