Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 23

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When the lights went up it was clear that the dirty movie had had the intended effect on its audience. Kristin was masturbating and Janet and Sophie had their hands up each other’s skirts. Jenny, meanwhile, had clearly not gotten to see the end of the movie — she was sprawled across Diana and Juliet’s laps with her head between Diana’s thighs as Juliet fingered her.

There was a brief intermission during which Jenny brought Diana to orgasm, then very quickly had one herself as Juliet’s skilled hands manipulated her clit. Jenny stood up and wiped her mouth with one hand, her face reddening as she looked around the room and realized she had become the center of attention. Janet thought it very sweet that Jenny could still be embarrassed this way.

After straightening herself up as best she could, Jenny set about refreshing everyone’s drinks and bringing more popcorn from the kitchen. Soon they were all settled in again, and Sophie switched the lights back off and started the second feature.

* * *

The movie started with Sophie driving down a deserted highway, singing along with the radio and looking carefree as could be. She was in a pink Cadillac convertible, wearing a pink polka-dot dress and matching pink sunglasses. Suddenly the music stopped as a siren blared and a red light appeared in her rear-view mirror.

There was a long shot casino siteleri of the police car pulling Sophie over, then a cut back to the inside of the car as the cop walked up to the driver’s side window. It was a female officer, tall and muscular, wearing aviator glasses and with her dark brown hair tied back.

“License and registration,” she growled. There was a shot from the cop’s point of view as Sophie leaned over to open the glove compartment; the pink dress was very short and showed off her long, tan legs.

“Do you know how fast you were going?” asked the policewoman as Sophie handed her the paperwork.

“No ma’am,” answered Sophie respectfully.

“Pretty fucking fast,” said the cop. After taking a cursory glance at Sophie’s license, she asked Sophie to step out of the car. Sophie complied and the cop had her put her hands on the hood of the car. From a new camera angle you could see the officer’s name tag — it said “Lane” — as she patted Sophie down very thoroughly, taking liberties with her tits and ass.

“There’s two ways this can go,” said Officer Lane. “One, I take you in, and if you have money you can pay the fine. But not until you see the judge, and that might not be until tomorrow.”

Sophie frowned. “And what’s the other way?”

Officer Lane responded by flipping up the back of Sophie’s dress, canlı casino revealing a pair of skimpy pink panties, and roughly grabbing her crotch. Sophie moaned involuntarily, and that was all the answer the officer needed; she pulled Sophie’s panties down and off and kicked the girl’s legs apart with one foot. Next Officer Lane pulled out her billy club and ran it up one of Sophie’s thighs, then the other. When the end of the club made contact with Sophie’s pussy she arched her back and leaned back into it. The officer grinned and ran the length of the club along Sophie’s slit, chanting rhythmically, “Slut, slut, slut, slut, slut…”

Spinning Sophie around, Officer Lane brought her roughly to her knees and forced the tip of billy club into her mouth. “Clean off your juice, there’s a good slut.” When she was done the officer tossed the club aside and pulled Sophie’s T-shirt up — she was braless underneath — pinching her nipples and slapping her breasts, then watching them bobble and sway. Unbuttoning her own pants, Officer Lane wet a finger between her legs and gave it to Sophie to suck.

Next the officer stripped out of her pants and panties — they were red and lacy, incongruous with the rest of her outfit — and leaned back against the car with her legs spread. Sophie knew what was expected of her and began to lap away obediently. At this kaçak casino point there was a long shot of the highway, empty except for the two cars and two women, one on her knees, her head moving almost imperceptibly. The sun was low in the sky, which was turning a lovely shade of orange.

Next there was another shot from Officer Lane’s point of view as she looked down at Sophie feasting on her pussy. After a few minutes the officer came with a howl, holding Sophie’s head tight against her crotch; then she roughly pushed Sophie away, sending the half-naked girl sprawling onto the ground. After taking a moment to recover, the officer picked Sophie up like a ragdoll and dropped her face-down onto the hood of the car. Bending over, Officer Lane put one hand on each of Sophie’s knees, spread her wide, and began to devour her ripe young snatch.

The camera cut to an angle in front of Sophie so the viewers could see her face as it contorted in pleasure — pleasure that turned to shock as Officer Lane seized her wrists and cuffed her hands behind her back. After dressing herself, the officer pulled Sophie’s T-shirt back down over her breasts and straightened her skirt, then maneuvered the handcuffed girl into the back of the police car.

Sophie protested. “But you said –.”

“I know what I said,” the officer responded as she slid behind the wheel. “But you’re just too yummy to let go that easily.” She started the car and drove off; as the car disappeared the camera lingered on Sophie’s panties, abandoned on the ground next to her car, while the words “To Be Continued” came up on the screen.

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