Girls at the Bar

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Madison and I sat at the bar around the corner from our hotel, margaritas in hand as we waited for our mozzarella sticks and wings to be brought out. This time of year the Outer Banks were quiet and I was enjoying every second of it.

“I’ve enjoyed this little get away so far. Thanks for inviting me, I really needed this.” She sighed, sipping on her fruity drink.

“Right? Between our full time careers and my kids, plus your recent divorce, we’re a pair of hot messes.” I joked, looking over my best friend.

Maddy was a really pretty platinum blonde with light blue eyes, who had an amazing personality to boot. It was her now ex-husband who was an absolute moron. She had married her high school sweetheart about five years ago, just for him to wake up one day and want to “date” a female friend, also from high school.

It was a mess.

Then there’s me. Having been widowed at twenty-three with two kids under the age of six and a large sum of insurance money, I had had no clue what I was going to do with my life. I had never pictured a future without my husband but knew for my kids’ sake I had to move on in some way. So I went to school for something more unconventional for a woman. I’m now a licensed contractor and followed my dream to flip houses in more poor areas. Not just the design aspect of it but I loved getting my hands dirty and doing the actual manual labor.

But as it turned out I was actually really good at it and had made a decent living for my family. Now twenty-seven, I had very little debt, a nice house, a decent truck, a cute little family but yet I still didn’t feel whole. I probably never would and I had come to accept that.

“Here’s your food ladies. I’ll come back with plates for you.” The bartender set the two baskets down and smiled. She was an average looking redhead and had been very attentive on this slow night.

“Could I actually get a side of ranch too? Thank you.” Maddy asked, turning her attention back to me. “So any guys I should know about? It’s been four years. I wouldn’t blame you if you started looking.”

I huffed, picking up a wing. “I haven’t even thought about it really. I’ve been so fucking busy between the kids, the properties, and kickboxing that I’m surprised I remember to eat most days. Getting laid is the last thing on my mind, let alone a relationship.”

She thanked the bartender, grabbing a plate and a wing with her well manicured fingers. “Well I would add it to your list of priorities girl. You’re getting close to thirty and I don’t want you being lonely for the next fifty or sixty years. You only have so many sexual prime years left.” She shrugged, baffling me with her ability to clean the bones in basically one swipe.

“One, you act like I’m over forty, not my mid to late twenties. Second, you’re only two years younger than me, Bitch. Plus why do I need a man? If I bought a decent dildo, I could literally do anything a man could.”

That had her laughing and me smiling. What we didn’t realize was her laugh had also caught the attention of two guys on the other end of the bar.

“Damn Matt, look at those girls at the end of the bar!” Chris elbowed his buddy, sneaking glances at the extremely attractive blondes.

Matt sighed, taking a sip of his beer. “I’m assuming by the terminology “girls” that looking over there would make me an old perv. So I’ll pass thanks.”

As a forty-five year old, divorced Marine vet, he was taking life easy. Younger women tended to be easy to get in bed but trouble in the long run, so he tried to avoid them at all costs. His dark friend on the other hand, had no issue with an age gap. To him, ass was ass and he would toss them in two seconds if they became trouble.

“Normally I’d say “fine, more for me.” But I seriously think you should look. The one really looks like she’d be your type.” Chris insisted, out right staring at this point.

Somewhat curious and also wanting to have a face to go with Chris’ conquest of the night, he looked over at the pair of blonde women. The one was really petite with a pretty face but a flatter chest, wearing more revealing clothes than Matt desired. The other one caught his attention immediately though. More of a dirty blonde, he could see how curvy and toned she was. She just had this tough girl vibe to her but her profile and thick, wavy hair were just gorgeous. Eyeing her well worn work boots with her skin tight skinny jeans had him smirking.

“I had a feeling that one would do the trick. You always liked them a little more tomboy.” Chris stated, sipping his own drink.

“Not necessarily tomboy, just able to hold her own. I can’t stand needy women and usually girls under thirty are interested in me at my age because they have daddy issues. They want to be taken care of and I’m not putting up with that shit.” He told his friend.

Chris flagged down the bartender. “What’s the scoop on the ladies at the end, Kayla?” He asked her when she approached.

She rolled her eyes at him, used to his antics. “Vacationing from New York. From what I’ve picked casino oyna up, the thinner one is recently divorced and interested in mingling and the other is a single mom with a “doesn’t have time for your shit” attitude.”

“Hmm.” Matt was both intrigued and cautious of that information.

Before he could think about it much, Chris was sliding off the stool. “I’m going to go talk to them.”

I stopped talking when I noticed Maddy smiling at something behind me. Turning slightly, I saw a good looking black guy coming up to us. ‘Well, I’ll most likely be spending the rest of my night alone.’ I thought to myself. I leaned against the bar top on one elbow while cradling my second margarita.

I felt a presence behind me before I heard the scrape of the bar stool. Looking at the new comer, my alcohol influenced mind couldn’t help going blank at the sight of the attractive stranger now sitting next to me. I instantly felt guilty finding another man attractive. But I suppose Maddy was right and it was about time I thought about moving on. “Are you with him?” I barely managed to ask, pointing at the guy behind me.

“Unfortunately.” Was his response and I couldn’t help the light laugh that escaped. “I’m a shitty wingman but he seems to do just fine on his own.”

The other guy had taken the empty seat next to Maddy and they were talking animatedly, so she left them to it. “Are you two from around here?” She asked politely.

“Kind of. I’m originally from Ohio but after moving all over the place; North Carolina was the place I loved the most. Waking up to a beautiful sight every morning is just the icing on the cake.” He explained, looking down at his beer.

I thought for a second before speaking. Was the beautiful sight the ocean or his wife because it honestly could go either way? He didn’t have a wedding band on or even a slight tan line there but I decided to be upfront and ask. “Before I allow these margaritas to make a fool of me, I just want to double check that you’re not taken.”

His eyes flicked over to me as he smirked but it turned into a smile when he noticed my full attention was on him. “Divorced twice. Married to the Marine Corps for twenty-two years before finally retiring five years ago and divorced a cheating wife about seventeen years ago. Haven’t been the attached type since.”

Understanding that mentality, I rubbed across his shoulder blades comfortingly. “I feel that. Twenty-two years as an active marine is a serious achievement in itself but thank you for your service. I can see how that would be considered a divorce. At least you got the alimony from that relationship.”

I felt his muscles twitch lightly under my hand and I couldn’t help the clench of my pussy. “Not gonna lie, when the end of each enlistment came up, I always swore I wasn’t going to reenlist. But I was too damn good at my job and couldn’t help thinking that the guys would be fucked without me. Then eventually my reason became if I could manage to not die in the next decade, I get a full pension.”

I let out a breath, my eyes getting watery. Fucking alcohol making me emotional. “Well I’m glad you managed not to die because I’d be very bored watching Maddy get hit on.”

“To be fair, I probably would have left after finishing my beer if you weren’t here. Though I still feel like I’m committing a crime by talking to you, considering you’re practically a baby.” He teased, sitting up straight and turning towards me, so I dropped my hand.

I narrowed my eyes playfully. “Twenty-seven is hardly a baby, though I will admit you’re probably close in age to my parents.”

He laughed and I couldn’t help the flirty smirk that I gave him. “Well then I’m glad I never had any kids.” He said, sliding closer to me. “I don’t have to be guilty about hitting on a woman that could be my daughter’s age.”

“I think it would only be considered hitting on me if you were attempting to get in my pants.” I joked, moving my knee so it was touching his.

I had been maintaining eye contact for the most part during our conversation but took this moment to check him out. He had perfect medium brown hair that had a few strands of gray mixed in and then thick eyebrows over light brown eyes. I loved the slightly graying five o’clock shadow he sported and his broad shoulders that had carried packs and men way heavier than me. He was casually dressed in a simple gray t-shirt and a decent pair of boot cut jeans. It was easy to tell that he was fit for a close to middle aged man. But after spending half your life exercising on a daily basis, I’m sure he probably still worked out.

“I take it you like what you see, Honey?” He asked, reaching out carefully to run his finger tips along the top of my hand. It caused a shiver through me and he smirked at that. “I’ll take that as a yes.” His hand moved up to my mouth so his thumb could brush my lips and on instinct I bit it lightly, letting him pull it out slowly.

“You know, I’ve never slept with a stranger before.” I told him nervously. “But I’m on vacation, I’m a little canlı casino buzzed, and I find you insanely sexy. So what do you think?” I asked him, standing up from the bar.

Matt could clearly see the nerves behind her confident words and body language but chose to check the little dynamite over now that she was standing up. She was shorter than he originally thought but he found it endearing. Especially because he knew that’s why she was still voluptuous even though she had very little body fat. Your hotel or my house?” He finally responded, standing up after setting enough money to cover their drinks and a tip.

“Well my hotel is just down the road, so up to you.” She physically relaxed a little at his answer and turned on her heels away from him, headed towards the door.

He smiled at her mom hips and plump ass as he followed her out. “My truck is over here Honey.” He stated, throwing an arm over her shoulder and lead her to the left. He unlocked it, opening the passenger side for her. Once she was seated, he grabbed her hips and pulled her around towards him. Now that her head was closer to his 6’1, he leaned forward and kissed her gently. He pulled away after only a few seconds but she immediately grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him back in, even closer this time.

She tasted like her mango margarita when she shyly got her tongue into his mouth and he couldn’t control the groan that came out. His hand came up and brushed some of her wild hair back from the side of her face. He continued to kiss her like that for a minute or so before pulling away and got her buckled back in her seat.

Rounding the front of the truck, he nodded at Chris who was leaving with her friend. Matt mouthed “hotel” to him. His buddy just grinned and gave him a conspicuous thumbs up and headed towards his own car.

Getting in the truck, he looked at her. She was twisted towards him with her head resting on the seat back. “What’s up Hon?” He asked, smiling gently.

“What’s your name?” She questioned, pulling her leg up toward her chest.

He could tell she was buzzed, but instead of making her giddy like most girls her age, he noticed she was incredibly mellow. But he knew the second he got her in that hotel room he wasn’t going to let mellow be an option. “Matthew Easton. And you, my gorgeous little badass?”

“Brooklyn Williams and what makes you think I’m a badass?” He had reversed out of the spot and headed onto the road. She carefully unbuckled, lifted the center console, and slid over the bench until she was pressed firmly into his side with her head on his shoulder.

He frowned at the fact she wasn’t buckled but wrapped his arm around her waist to anchor her to him the best he could. “Well for starters I know these steel toe boots of yours get a lot of use. Then people don’t get this toned of a body without seriously working out.”

“You smell so fucking good.” She muttered, bringing her head up to his neck where she started to tease, suck, and nip him. He shifted slightly, his hard on not in the most comfortable position. “But you’re right. I’m a licensed contractor. I flip houses for a living, doing most of the work myself. And then I practice kickboxing about three days a week.”

“Kickboxing?” He asked surprised, pulling up outside the hotel. “Which room Hon?”

“Ah, 206. Through the main door, second floor, left hallway, and third door on the left.” He chuckled at her descriptive directions. “And yes, kickboxing. So remember that I could put up a good fight if you try anything I don’t like.”

He smiled at her obviously empty threat, when she was practically straddling his lap now that he was parked. “I’ll try to remember that.” He teased, kissing her back and rubbing her hips softly. He knew she could feel his bulge under her when she rolled her hips lightly. “Are we going up or am I supposed to take you in the truck?”

She pulled back a little but with her arms still around his neck. “Upstairs but I’m not against doing it in your truck sometime. I’ve always wanted to have somewhat public sex.”

He smiled and kissed her quick, opening the door. They both climbed out and made their way up to her room. “We’ll see how you’re feeling tomorrow.”

Walking in the room, she set her small hand bag down and sat on the edge of one bed. Starting to untie her boots, she looked up and smiled. “There’s an amazing view of the ocean from our balcony, if you’re still here in the morning.”

“I’ll have to stay and see it.” He said pointedly, grabbing her arm to pull her to him.

The second his lips were on mine, I couldn’t stop the moan that left my throat. I gripped his shoulders roughly and stood on my tiptoes the best I could to reach him. His hands left my arms, skimming his way down to my ass. I let out a surprised yip when he lifted me roughly to kiss me better. I instinctively wrapped my legs around him and my hands moved to the side of his face. Even though I could taste beer, which I hated, there was just something about him, about his smell, his touch that made me love kaçak casino the taste of him anyways.

It had been over four years since I had had sex and this man made the wait seem worth it. “I need to feel your skin on mine.” I whispered when he finally let me pull away.

Setting me down carefully, I watched him quickly pull his shirt off, kick off his sneakers, and shuck his jeans off. He stood in front of me in just bulging boxer briefs and I felt like my breath had been sucked from lungs. “God you are beautiful.” I was mesmerized by the lines of his pecks, abs, and of course the outline of a very large cock but what really caught my attention was his side.

I moved closer and reached to touch some scarring on his right hip but he caught my wrist. “You strip first.” He growled, moving my hand to his groin. “I need this taken care of first and then we can explore each other’s bodies more closely.”

I could agree to that. Starting with my plain navy blue lower cut long sleeve shirt, I stripped down to just a dark red front snap bra and black lace thong. I wasn’t wearing anything fancy but it seemed to do the trick when I found myself on my back, looking up at his handsome face. His eyes trailed down a ways and I felt guilt creep up on me. His finger followed the tattooed chain from my collarbone to the dog tags tattooed on my sternum. Drawing his attention back, I grabbed the hair on top of his head and pulled his lips back to mine.

“I haven’t done this in a long time, so you might have to re-teach me some things.” I murmured, hooking a leg behind his knee and used him for leverage to press my needy lower half against his. I felt a hum in his throat and chest as his facial hair tickled my neck and chest where his kisses were now being placed. His hand was stroking my upper thigh that was holding us together and I couldn’t help the shake it was causing. He didn’t seem like he was in much of a hurry but I felt like I was going to burst at the seams. “Matt, please…” I groaned, sliding my partially exposed pussy against his briefs.

“Oh I’m sorry, did you want something?” He asked in mock seriousness, pulling his head away.

Feeling impatient, I pulled his face to mine again and kissed him feverishly. But before he could really kiss back, I flicked my tongue vertically on his slightly parted lips. Instantly he caught my bottom lip between his teeth and sucked softly. Releasing it, he smirked. “Do you remember how to use that tongue properly or is that something you need to be taught too?”

Laughing, I shoved him away and got on my knees in the middle of the bed. Quickly removing my bra, his eyes were drawn back to my tattoo and pierced nipples. I smiled widely at the groan he let out, crawling over to where he stood at the edge of the bed. “Are you going to show me what you’ve got down there or is that too hard for you to do old man?”

The grin on his face was the answer I needed to stick my thumbs into the waistband and slowly lowered his underwear until I had a very hard cock at chin level. Not hesitating, I took him into my mouth without using my hands. “Fuck” He grunted, picking up my hair with both hands. He never forced my head, just played with my hair as I carefully bobbed and sucked him. “I do feel like a fucking dirty old man, but no way in hell am I passing you up.”

Pulling back, I continued to jack him off with my hands. “I wouldn’t let you stop now anyways. I need this. I need you.”

He let out a breath, as I felt his cock flex. “I’ve noticed.” He smiled sympathetically, his finger tracing the chain. “You could have told me. If anyone would have understood, it’s me.”

I just shrugged, increasing my pace. He started massaging my breasts and rubbing at a metal stud in response. “It’s kind of a mood killer, so I tend to avoid the conversation. Plus it was years ago.”

His hands moving from my tits to my wrists had me stopping my handjob. He pulled me up so we were eye-level. “I’m your first since he died?”

Hold back tears, I maintained eye contact and nodded. I had sworn I was done crying over it.

His hand wound into my hair, while the other went around my waist and I was now hugging him for dear life. We stayed like that for over a minute. “This wasn’t what I had in mind when I brought you back to my hotel.” I mumbled into his chest.

I felt his chuckle through my torso, my bare chest molded against his. “It was more like I brought you here, but whatever. And you just happen to wear your heart on your chest. We’re just having a moment. I’ll be fucking you after I’ve had my fun.” With that, he smacked my ass hard.

“Mmm…” I moaned into his ear, pressing in even closer. Getting my piercings years ago had made my nipples more sensitive and the feel of his chest hair brushing across them was driving my libido crazy. “Pull my underwear down, please.” I told him, sounding breathless. As I wiggled against his free cock, he did as he was told and slid my soaked thong down my legs as I stood up. My boobs now at eye level, he flicked his tongue over a nipple, paying extra attention to steel balls on either end of the bar. While he enjoyed himself, I reached down and began slowly playing with him one-handed. My free hand played with his hair while his own hands kneaded my ass.

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