Girls and Bridle Ch. 03

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“Higher, the knees!”


“Because I know what I’m doing. So, higher, the knee, then pause for a sec, then switch.”


For the past three days, Sophie has been training Moonlight to walk properly in pony boots and improve her overall balance. They were practicing inside a good size interior paddock. Morning Star, on her side, was sitting on a bench, reading her racing magazines, and occasionally analyzing her future racemate’s progress.

No encouragement came from Morning Star as she much preferred to wear her bridle and bit, which made her feel closer to her goal of running again. Today, she came to the barn using crutches. Soon, depending on what the doctor would say, she will be cleared for walking to reinforce her ankle which was necessary before being able to train again.

There was no huge rush in her case as the Triple Cup qualification races were much later in the season. The first few races before that would just make them eligible for the qualification ones. It didn’t matter if they finished first or last during those.

But if Morning Star was not ready to train again, Moonlight was even farther from being able to compete. Walking around the paddock was just to condition her tiny stabilizer muscles that never really worked before when she was running without pony boots. Unfortunately, the young girl was about to have enough of these pointless exercises.

So far, being owned by Penny’s stable was okay. Sophie and Morning Star were friendly, but she felt that they treated her like an incompetent child and only made her do boring exercises. Boots or not, she wanted to run, not uselessly dance around.

“Okay, Sophie! That’s enough. I feel strong. I know you want me to have good form and all, but I’m ready to run. Let me show you what I can do, at least!”

“You are not ready.”

“Stop saying that! I am!”

“You have to trust me, Moonlight. I’m making you a better runner.”

“I do trust you, but…”

“But you don’t. And as long as you don’t, we are not going anywhere.”

“Ah, yeah? Well, watch me!”

“Moonlight… Don’t!”

There was nothing else Sophie could have said to stop Moonlight at this point, so she just watched her do whatever she wanted to do, hoping it wouldn’t result in an injury. Sophie didn’t have the proper tools in place yet to control the impatient girl.

Moonlight trotted to one end of the paddock and prepared for a sprint. Sophie attempted one last time to prevent her from making a mistake.

“Moonlight, come back here. Don’t do this. It won’t help your case.”

“Well, if that is the only way to change your mind. 3… 2… 1…”

Her new hooves dug into the dirt, and throwing away everything she had learned so far, she initiated a sprint, much like her human form would have done; this was probably the worst thing she could have done while wearing pony boots. After a couple of powerful steps, one of her hooves ended up behind the other, and she tripped herself. A gracious dive followed, and Moonlight landed face first on the soft dirt like a dolphin on a beach.

“Pffaaah! Pfffah!”

“Sand doesn’t taste good, right?”

Sophie crouched in front of the humiliated pony and ordered her to stay on the ground. This was an excellent opportunity for some special teachings.

“Stay on your belly! Now listen to me! You just experienced a kinetic trip. Your hooves are heavier than your human feet. Once they start going sideways, it is almost impossible to stabilize them. The harder you run, the harder it is to control.”

“Mmm … Then hooves are stupid…”

“Are they now? There is a reason for their weight. You’ll be pulling a cart. Get those hooves moving properly, and their energy will help you pull it. It will be easier than if you try to do it as a human.”

“… Can I stand up now?”

“No, stay down… I’ll be back in a minute.”

Moonlight watched Sophie walk away, leaving her face down in the dirt. She turned her head to the left to perhaps get some encouragement from Morning Star, but the elite pony didn’t seem to be phased out by what had just happened; her nose was still pointing toward her racing magazine.

A minute later, Sophie came back with a couple of scary items.

“Follow me, Moonlight. Sit on the bench next to Star.”

“What’s all this?”

“You’ll see. I didn’t plan on using it on you, but you just changed my mind. I just noticed your biggest problem. You don’t trust me.”

“That’s not true, I’ve done everything you asked me to.”

“That’s nice, but it doesn’t mean anything. There is a huge difference between doing what I’m asking and trusting that I’m right about it.”

“… What are we going to do? Is this a bridle?”

“Yes. It’s a training bridle… You won’t like it very much, but it will help you break your bad habits. I’m not even going to ask you to trust me on that because you won’t.”


On top of the training bridle, Sophie brought a wide leather belt that had seen better days and a long rope. casino oyna She wrapped the leather belt around Moonlight’s waist and tightened it loosely. Then she untangled the bridle and approached Moonlight’s face with the bit, which caused her to jerk back.

“Wait… Did Morning Star have to do this too?”

“Yes, she did. She wasn’t always that obedient pony.”

Morning Star looked at Moonlight, nodded, and gave her a thumbs-up. The young ponygirl frowned a little and decided that it was enough to give it a shot; Morning Star provided some credibility to the exercise. She opened her mouth and let Sophie put it on her with some reluctance.

“Relax, it’s not going to kill you. It’s just a small head harness.”

“Feew weiwd!”

“Don’t try to talk when you have a bit. Just imagine you are an obedient pony, okay? When we get you a real bridle, it’s going to be much more comfortable, and you are going to ask for it.”

Sophie roughly adjusted the straps on the training bridle; one under the chin, one on top of the head, and one behind the upper neck. Moonlight brought her hands to her face to inspect what was attached to her head, which Sophie allowed.

“Yeah, take a look. See, it’s no big deal. You can’t see on the sides because there are blinkers, I’ll tell you about those in a sec. Stand up, now.”

Sophie helped Moonlight up and attached an end of the long rope to a ring on the side of her bit. Then she lowered the pony’s hand and placed them in the cuffs dangling from the belt. They were just velcros and not very restrictive, but it was just enough for this exercise.

“Alright, so, the goal here is to teach you that you can trust me blindly. If you listen to me, you will do well. If you don’t, you will struggle a lot and maybe fall. Let’s start simple.”

Sophie grabbed the rope, only a short inches away from the bridle, which was very restrictive.

“Come, Moonlight. We are just going to walk for a bit. Don’t worry. If you lose balance, I’ll catch you. Follow me.”

Using the rope as a guide, Sophie made Moonlight do her first steps. It was a languid walk, not challenging the slightest. The weird thing was that Moonlight couldn’t see Sophie because of the blinkers. She couldn’t help but turn her head to look at her.

“No, Moonlight. Don’t look at me. Just walk casually, look where you are going and let me lead you. Pay attention to how you feel. Notice this little feeling of loss of control because you have to rely on someone else to know where to go. Just be aware of it, don’t fight it. It will go away on its own. Just keep walking with me.”

It was as if Sophie could read minds. Moonlight focused on that feeling her trainer was talking about, and it was how she felt exactly. It was anxiety mixed with fear. She couldn’t do what she wanted. She wanted to run but couldn’t. She wanted to look at Sophie, but couldn’t. She had to accept that she wasn’t in control.

It was a bit like going to the dentist. Everybody wanted good looking teeth, but the thought of having somebody else using tools in their mouth was far from appealing. It was natural to get anxious. But knowing the dentist was the most qualified person to do the work, it was easier to trust him.

For the next ten to fifteen minutes, they walked around the paddock together. Sophie just chatted about random things that had nothing to do with the training, and Moonlight eventually calmed down quite a bit. She was no longer trying to fight her emotions and just followed along without thinking.

“Good girl, Moonlight. You are doing so well. Did you even realize that I was six feet away from you now? See… Nothing bad happened. Now, stay in that mood. I want you to walk how I taught you earlier. High knee and one-second pause. Keep looking ahead, so you don’t lose balance.”

Moonlight kind of wanted to smile because Sophie was right; it did feel good to let it go. She had not fallen; Sophie didn’t make her crash into a wall; everything was okay.

“Good posture! Follow the gentle tug of the rope. Don’t fight it. High knee… Perfect! That is exactly it! That is SO much better, Moonlight. You should see you go. Keep relaxing. We will increase the pace in a minute or two. How do you feel?”


“Oh, my God, Moonlight! Did you just make a pony noise!? That’s ADORABLE!”

Morning Star, who heard the same thing, got all excited and traded her sports magazine for a little clapping round.

At that moment, Moonlight felt something unique coursing through her veins. A feeling of pride that she had never experienced before. Sophie caught that from her pony and decided it was time to kick the exercise up a notch.

“Alright, Moon! Don’t change ANYTHING, but just go faster. Make the pause shorter and follow the gentle tug of the rope!”

And the ponygirl, circling Sophie, started to fly. Adding speed to her awkward walk made it so much more comfortable. She began to sense wind hitting her face, that feeling of freedom only running could provide.

“AWESOME! Awesome! Don’t canlı casino push too hard. Focus on your perfect form. Let me take care of everything else. I’m not letting you go! Does it feel good? Running without thinking? Does it not feel good to be a ponygirl? You are AMAZING Moonlight! Look at her go, Morning Star. She reminds me of you when we first met! Alright! Follow me now!”

Sophie started running around in front of Moonlight, but her short legs had trouble keeping up with such a powerful ponygirl; it was a lot of fun. Sophie was zigzagging in every direction and even made some very sharp turns to test Moonlight agility, but the ponygirl did everything perfectly.

After a couple of minutes, Sophie was out of breath, and she let herself fall on the sandy ground. Moonlight landed next to her on her knees, panting as well.

“Hahaha! You did it, Moonlight! You did it! You are so good!”


“Haaa! Stop doing that! You are way too cute! I’m SO proud of you.”


“Hey, you two, look at this!”

Hemlock and Nightshade were making out on the haystack in their stall when Brittany slid the metal door open and walked toward them with a big book in her hands.

“Move, let me sit between you.”

Having no other choice, the pink ponies separated, and Brittany’s butt came crashing in the hay.

“Look, that is our photo album from when we went to town for the photoshoot. Remember? When you got molested by your fans.”

Why would she have to add this detail to the conversation when the two ponies who suffered from this event were next to her was a mystery. Her morality standards were as low as ever. However, she managed to catch their attention. The actual photoshoot was kind of fun, and they were looking forward to seeing the result of it.

“It’s only in black and white, but still, look at how great you two look.”

“Mmm… We do look good. Those pictures are very sexy. Thanks, Brittany.”

Hemlock was quite satisfied with what she saw. Those pictures could be used for promotional purposes, like special events where they signed photos for the fans. Paul’s stable had no shame in asking for money for everything.

Brittany flipped the pages, and Hemlock’s chin was now resting on her shoulder in approval of the good final product. However, Nightshade remained silent, so much that it raised suspicion.

“What’s up, Nightshade? You don’t like the photos?”

“I… I do… They are okay.”

“Okay? It doesn’t sound like it. Are you still mad that I had to put ice on your butt when we came back home?”

“No… It’s just…”

“Just what? Tell us…”

“I… I don’t really like myself on those pics.”

Brittany lacked empathy but not Hemlock, so she pushed the small driver in the hay and rejoined Nightshade on the other side.

“Why are you saying that? You are the prettiest girl on the circuit. Why do you think I’m always after you?”

“Well… The pictures just made me realize that… I’m a bit flat-chested.”

“WHAT? Nightshade. You are not flat-chested at all. Your boobs are as big as mine.”

“I don’t think they are big enough. Look at that picture, here… It’s like I have nothing.”

“That’s because we are wearing tight latex bodysuits. It’s normal. It’s just an angle.”

“Aaah! It’s fine. Nevermind. The pictures are okay.”

Nightshade stood up and went for a stroll in the barn, leaving Brittany alone with Hemlock. As she was picking the hay out of her hair, Brittany chuckled a bit.

“Hehe, that was unexpected. I didn’t know Nightshade felt bad about her body. Who would have thought? She is so pretty.”

“Well, that’s sad. She is gorgeous. I don’t know why she thinks she is not.”

“You, ponies, are insane, so I’m not surprised. I’m not dealing with that kind of crap! As long as she can run, I don’t care about her chest size.”

Hemlock had an urge to explain to Brittany how insensitive she was and how inferior it made her look, but since she was the driver and trainer, it was better to refrain from doing so. Having ill feelings toward her would just lead to a disaster on the race track.

She would ignore Brittany’s comment for now and have a chat with Nightshade later.


“Tiang? Are you asleep?”

It was close to midnight when Xiuying showed up in Tiantang Zhi Ma’s stall. The Chinese ponygirl was deep asleep on her haystack and didn’t react when her driver called her name.

Xiuying got closer and put her hand on the sleeping ponygirl; she was so warm and looked so peaceful; it was almost a shame to wake her up like this.

“Hey, wake up… we are going for a ride.”


“It’s a perfect night. Let’s go.”

Even though Tiantang didn’t wear her bridle, she preferred to remain silent and stay in her pony role. She let Xiu help her up and pull her to a corner.

Xiu unhooked the bridle from the wall and fastened it around Tiang’s head and then attached a set of reins to it. Next, she grabbed the leather armbinder; tonight, the Asian kaçak casino ponygirl wouldn’t have her hands cuffed to her side. It was a special occasion, not a race.

“Put your arms in there.”

Not resisting one bit, Tiantang rolled her shoulders and placed her wrists together behind her back. She felt the leather monoglove engulfing her arms comfortably, which always sent good feelings through her body.

Two sturdy leather straps were crossed in front of her chest and tightened, which ensured the impossibility of an escape. As Xiuying pulled on the laces to bring the ponygirl’s arms closer, the sexy crackling of the leather made the ambiance so romantic.

After pushing the extra length of laces inside the armbinder, she snapped a padded leather blindfold on the bridle, taking away the wearer’s sense of vision until further notice.

Tiantang followed the slight tug of the reins and exited her stall. There was no other feeling comparable to this one, to surrender entirely to a loved person, in this case, her lover and driver. Together they had reached the summit of confidence in each other that only a few teams could achieve over a very long amount of time. There was no questioning, no resistance, no worries—only love and trust.

Xiu went to fetch a cart. It was not their racing one; this one had a more robust frame to withstand the roughest terrains. She attached it to Tiantang’s harness and tested the setup to make sure it was safe and that they were good to go.

The small Asian driver put her riding hat on and grabbed a crop from the rack along with a lantern. She climbed in the cart, making the old suspension springs squeal, and used the reins to direct her blinded pony out of the barn.


The little cart was now in motion, rolling down the alley leading to the property gate. As soon as they hit the paved road, Xiuying gave another simple command.


Tiantang picked up the pace.

As the clock struck midnight, the ambiance was just right,

The little horseshoes pulled hard, causing sparks to fly,

Two lovers embracing their life, under the moon and the stars,

Destiny was not a destination. Destiny was this perfect moment.


After fifteen minutes on the hard pavement, Xiu guided the cart to a crossing dirt road.

“Lift your knees higher not to trip. We are going uphill.”

Dancing around on the uneven path, the little cart made its way to the location Xiu had in mind. Going uphill was hard work, but nothing Tiantang couldn’t handle, even while blindfolded; she loved those small surprise trips and the freshness of the night wind.

For another fifteen minutes, Tiantang zigzagged on the dirt road, unconsciously following the barely noticeable tugs of the reins. She felt safe and at peace in the hands of her rider; it was what being a ponygirl was all about.


The road had become much rougher, but they were close now. After another fifty meters, Xiuying directed Tiang to a grassy patch and stopped her cart.

“Woah! We arrived. That was a fun ride, was it not?”


“I thought you would agree. It truly is a perfect night.”

Xiu got off her cart and unclipped it from Tiantang’s harness and tossed the reins over her head.


The blinded pony followed the gentle tug; her hooves crushed some dry vegetation.

“Sit down and close your eyes behind your blindfold, okay?”

This odd command filled Tiantang with joy. It was not the first time she received it from Xiu, and she knew what was going to happen next. She was about to experience her favorite thing in the whole world, and this was an understatement.

She crouched down and let herself fall onto her muscular posterior while keeping balance using the tip of her armbinder. Xiu joined her on the ground, sitting behind her and wrapping her arms around her chest.

“I love you, Tiang. I wanted to give you this gift tonight, for all the good things that happened to us. Let me take off your bridle, okay? But don’t say anything and wait before opening your eyes.”

Tiantang silently nodded. Her heart was racing, and she wanted to sink into her partner so much it felt comfortable and helped her contain her excitement. One by one, the straps loosened from around her head, and she let the bit go.

Xiuying wrapped an arm around Tiang’s neck, and another gripped the harness at her belly level. The Asian ponygirl wasn’t going anywhere.

“Okay, this is it. Look up a little bit and open your eyes when you are ready. Heaven is your home.”

The beautiful black eyes opened and reflected all the light from the Universe!

Before Tiang’s eyes was a giant full moon, painfully brilliant, surrounded by a billion stars. After being blindfolded for the past half hour, her sensitivity to light was at its peak, allowing her to see everything present in the night sky. Xiu had brought her here to witness the infinity of space, the birthplace of all and everything.

Among this endless amount of bright dots was a little red ponygirl hugged amorously by a caring driver.

“Only a majestic night sky such as this one can rival the love I have for you. You are my ponygirl, and I will never let you go!”

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