Girlie Bits

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I am a young mother of 2, so I do not get a chance to get out much. In fact, my first child was born before I even turned 21 and the second was born shortly after. As you can imagine, I have not had much “party” time.

My husband is 6 years older than me and nearly all of his friends are in their 30’s, while I am still younger. However, none of them have kids yet, so they all still party quite a bit. Every year my husband’s friends have an “ugly Christmas sweater party” in December. Now that my children are older, I thought that it would be fun to cut back a bit, party with them and have my children spend the night with their grandparents.

We made sure that we had our ugly Christmas sweaters on, but I wore mine with a short black skirt, some gray ribbed leggings, and black slouch boots. I have always felt like my husband is “out of my league” so whenever we are near his friends I always strive to look as good as I can.

Upon walking in the doors I immediately asked, “Is it ok if we crash here tonight?” to which his friend replied absolutely, we could stay in his roommate’s bedroom, because he was away in training for the military. I promptly respond with, “awesome! Line up the shots!” because i knew that we would not have to drive home.

We had a blast all night and there was a LOT of alcohol involved. At one point a girl and I were relaxing on the couch together and talking about being moms and the stretch marks it has left. She started lifting up her shirt to show me hers on her stomach and I pulled down my skirt a little to show the ones on my hips. She complained that she hated hers and thought they were ugly.

I replied, “see, I am a little different, I think they are sexy.” And she looked at me. So she asked what I meant and I knew what she was really asking, so I answered, “Yes, I’m bisexual.”

Her eyes got big and she says, “Don’t tell me that! You are going to make me want to start making out with you!”

I guess that was the start of me loosening up a little TOO much, and all of the alcohol was not helping things. Keep in mind, I am about 5’7 and 135 lbs and had a few of my girlie hard lemonade drinks and about 4 vodka shots! That may not seem like a lot, but when you are my size it is.

I don’t know how it happened, or at what point it happened, but slowly it spread through the party more and more that not only was I into girls, I don’t care if my husband sleeps with other girls as long as I can watch and play too.

An adorable petite girl, who was closer to my age than the rest and I started talking. Nothing in particular, life, kids, relationships, etc. She was telling me how desperate she was to be a mom and get on to the next chapter in her life.

as I talked about my kids I pulled out my cell phone to show her pictures of them. I am flipping through the photos (keep in mind, very drunk) and I totally forgot about OTHER pictures I had on my phone.

Next pic, next, next and then BAM, my pussy is on the screen of my phone. I could feel my eyes get huge and a quickly slammed my phone shut (yes, I still use a flip phone) and looked at her like a deer in headlights.

Her eyes are equally as big as mine and she gasps, “Was that just what I think it was?”

I am mortified and start babbling about how the only reason I have it is because I want surgery on it and it was taking the pics to talk to my doctor about it or to try to get a referral.

she rubs a hand down my arm and says, “don’t casino oyna worry! It’s ok! I have pics like that on my phone too! Why would you want surgery?”

so I start explaining that I think my lips are too big down there and I want to have them reduced. That even though I have been with girls, I have never seen one built like me and it scares me, etc.

She suddenly grabs my hand and says, “Oh my god! Me too! Come here, I’ll show you!” and pulls me off to the bathroom.

Luckily, there was no one in line waiting and we head on in bathroom and she quickly drops her pants for me to show her girlie parts. Her lips are long, although still not as big as mine, and I drop my skirt to show her mine. There we are, bottoms dropped, pulling at our lips and showing each other everything, when I start to realize that 1) this girl considers herself straight 2) that I am not finding her labia to be disgusting like mine, I am actually finding them to be rather sexy.

The party booms on outside and we quickly gather up our clothes and head back out. Nothing more happened, although everyone teased us that we must have been making out we were in there so long. I kept my mouth shut, knowing that her boyfriend was there also. So we retire to a couch and chit chat some more and eventually our talk turns to sex and she confesses that her boyfriend has not gone down on her in 2 years. I cannot believe that and I can also not believe that he wouldn’t want to roll those beautiful lips around in his mouth.

Later that night her boyfriend happened to come up while we were having a conversation about how I don’t mind my husband having sex with other women and how I enjoy having sex with them too. He totally flipped out and told me it was disgusting. That reinforced even more that I could not let him know that it was HIS girlfriend who was showing me her girlie bits in the bathroom without him also flipping out on HER.

He starts saying things like, “why would you marry a man like that? That is disgusting”

she is jumping to my defense and saying, “because he is a good father! And he is a good husband! This works for them!” and I can see a fight brewing between them and decide to just drop the conversation.

They decide to leave shortly after this, and she comes to give me a hug goodbye, gives me her phone number and whispers in my ear “if you ever need a playmate, let me know.”

Now, this is where the truth of what happened turns into the fantasy of what I would LIKE to happen!

I often fantasize that come summer when the parties start happening more frequently that we go to one again. As the night rolls on, and the alcohol too, she and her boyfriend show up late. I have had a few drinks again and I am feeling rather bold, so I run up to her and give her a hug like nothing ever happened, ignoring her boyfriend’s grimace. She tightly hugs me back and I am really enjoying the feel of our breasts pressed together.

We run off together for a couple shots and to sit and talk some more. The night rolls on, nothing fancy. Both her boyfriend and my husband stop by from time to time for a quick kiss and a hug and then head off to play beer pong and shoot the shit with the guys.

After a while I say to her, “you know, I really need to apologize, but also thank you. I never meant for you and your boyfriend to get into a fight and I am sorry he was so uncomfortable. But I really owe you a lot of thanks because I have always been so insecure canlı casino about how I look down there and since you showed me yours and I saw that it’s not ugly, it’s actually really sexy, I have been a lot more comfortable with mine. I really just wanted to say thank you.”

She smiles at me and blushes and then changes the subject and I realize something. Thinking about that night with her and seeing her blushing in front of me…I am starting to get aroused.

We chit chat a bit more and start talking about sex again. I ask her if her boyfriend has gone down on her again yet and she sighs and says, “once, but that was a good 6 months ago.”

So I ask her, “Well, I know I got to see your lips, but what is your clit like? Does it stick out or is it hidden? What does he do to it.”

And she says she really doesn’t know. It’s not like she really has compared it to anyone. I say that I need to pee and she says she does too and we head to the bathroom. Unfortunately, it is occupied and there are a few people waiting, so I pass by the home owner and ask if it’s ok if we go use the master bath.

She says sure, no problem, just shut the door afterward so people don’t go in and out.

So we head on in to the bathroom. I pee first while she talks and then it’s her turn to go. When she finishes and gets ready to pull her pants up I say jokingly, “well, while we are in here, why don’t I take a look at your clit and tell you what kind you have!”

she kind of laughs, but she also doesn’t pull her pants up. I am sitting on the edge of the bath tub and I can see her looking at me, so I say, “Just sit down here, I promise I won’t rape you!” She laughs, but does proceed to sit down next to me on the bath tub edge and I move to the floor.

Her pants are still around her ankles, so I can’t really see too well. “Can I pull these off? It’s just kinda hard for me to see.” She looks down at me and nods and I can see she is blushing again. I peel her jeans off and she puts her legs together.

I put my hands softly on her knees and say, “I won’t look if you don’t want me to.” I can feel myself start to throb down below and I am desperately hoping at this point that she won’t decide she wants to put her pants back on.

“No, it’s ok.” she replies, “Nothing you haven’t seen before right?”

I move my hands between her knees and gently part them and run my fingers softly across the inside of her thighs. She opens them wide for me and her big, thick, beautiful lips are stuck together. I look up at her and say, “I’m going to open you up to see ok? If I do ANYTHING to make you uncomfortable, just tell me to stop. That’s the last thing I want to do.” She just looks down at me and nods and I move my thumbs up to part her lips.

Upon opening up her delicate petals I see that she is already glistening with a little juice and I can feel her heat radiating out to me. I hold her plush lips apart with my forefingers and move my thumb up to press her hood up and reveal her clit. A delicious little pink pearl is waiting for me and I can feel my mouth start to water. I purposely move my thumbs across it and see her cootchi clench for a moment.

I am trying to play coy, and I look up at her and say, “You have a really pretty clit! It’s not huge or anything, but it definitely isn’t small!” I rub my thumb across it again, trying to pass off that I’m just adjusting my arm.

I look at her straight in the eye and say, “has it really been that kaçak casino long since he has gone down on you? You are just so pretty down here. I can’t imagine him not wanting to do it!” she nods at me and I can tell that her thoughts are racing a millions miles a second.

I lean forward, pretending that I am still just looking at her. The closer I lean, the more I can see her pussy swell. She is getting aroused. I can tell. I look up softly into her eyes and say, “could I just kiss it real quick? It’s something I have thought about since the first time I saw it. What it must feel like to kiss lips like ours.”

She doesn’t tell me yes, but she also doesn’t tell me no. She just looks at me. I can’t resist and as scared as I am about this blowing up in my face and her running out to her boyfriend and the rest of the guests who just recently discovered that I was even bisexual, I just have to feel it against my mouth for even a second.

I lean down and gently kiss her clit and the feeling of her lips and her moistness is sending me over the edge. I feel a small cunt quake rip through my pussy and let out a small moan. And in turn, she lets out one herself. I look up at her and her eyes are half open and her head is leaned back.

I kiss her clit again, this time with my mouth a little more open and I peek my tongue gently at her clit. Again, I hear her sigh and her legs have totally fallen open for me. At this point I just can’t resist and I wrap my arms under her legs, grab her ass and pull her pussy toward me, pressing my tongue to her clit and sucking it into my mouth.

I feel her tense for a second and then slides down to me, hanging her head backward and enjoying my mouth. I start to lap her, slipping my tongue into her slit and tasting that wonderful, wonderful sweetness. She tilted her hips for me, guiding my tongue up her silky lips and back to her swollen pearl. I suck it into my mouth and start to flick my tongue around it, I am savoring this so much, but my own clit is throbbing away and desperately wanting some attention. Luckily I’m wearing a skirt, so slipping my hand underneath is not difficult to do as I time the rhythms of my tongue on her clit to the same pace as my fingers pressing on my own.

I am licking away, sucking, nibbling. I love sucking her lips into my mouth and then slipping my tongue between them. Her clit has become very erect and is large, hard, and easy to find with my tongue.

She is panting at this point and her legs are shaking. I pull my right hand away from myself and use it to support myself on the ground and then use my left hand to slide my finger into her slippery sweet spot and press at her g-spot. She lets out a soft “oooooooooh” and I feel her cunt tighten around my fingers.

She raises her hips up and puts her fist to her mouth and bites, trying to stifle any sounds that make escape. I can feel her g-spot filling up and start to circle my finger around it and then suck her clit into my mouth and begin firmly flicking my tongue beneath it. I can feel her pussy start to contract around my fingers and I know that her orgasm is quickly approaching. My panties are soaked and my own pussy is absolutely throbbing.

Her cootchi starts to clench around my fingers faster and faster, her juices are dripping down my wrists and her back starts to arch. “Oh!” she calls into her clenched fist as her orgasm washes over her. Her pussy squeezes almost painfully around my fingers and I stop licking to watch her face and body react to the pleasure. She relaxes and looks down at me. I give her pussy and those lovely swollen lips one last kiss and say, “thanks” and then head out the bathroom door to the rest of the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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