Gingers Dilemma

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Sitting on the cushioned window sill, Ginger watches the lightening and listens to the sounds of the thunder clapping. Sipping on a cup of hot cocoa, she watches the wonders of what Mother Earth can accomplish. Each lightening bolt sends a semi sexual thrill coursing through her body.

Ginger has always loved storms of any kind, ever since her childhood, on the farm. She would always try to go outside during the storms, but was stopped by her parents or one of her brothers or sisters. She had to settle for standing in the window and enjoying the storm from there.

Its three o’clock in the morning and she’s been up for an hour now with another one of those headaches that won’t go away. She was on her second cup of cocoa now, and had been watching the storm for the last thirty minutes. The pills she took were starting to work, or was it just the storm that was relieving the pressure in her head? It didn’t matter, but she had to get some sleep.

Walking back into the kitchen, she rinses out the cup, sets it in the sink and climbs the stairs to her room. Having just moved into the home recently, she hears the settling sounds every now and then. Her room is dark, Daniel is lying in the bed, snoring away, like he hasn’t a care in the world. Slipping under the covers, she turns on her side facing away from him and closes her eyes, hoping that sleep will finally overcome her.

The alarm clock is buzzing loudly, its six o’clock. Daniel reaches out and slaps the off button and rubs the sleep out of his eyes. Sitting up, he taps at Ginger’s ass and tells her to get their daughter, Melissa up for school. He gets up and walks into the bathroom as he is moving about, she goes to get her daughter.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, Ginger takes a few moments to look at the one person in this world she would die for. This little child that has brought so much into her life. Each day there is something new, some little point in life that for the two of them is always special.

She leans over her daughter’s face and kisses her forehead and then gives her a little shake. Wake up honey, got to get ready for school and have breakfast too. At twelve years old, Melissa goes through the same routine each morning. Getting out of bed, she shuffles her feet into her bathroom, while Ginger picked out her clothes for the day.

After breakfast was served, Daniel took off for his new job and Melissa wrapped herself up for a cold winter morning and the bus ride in to school. Finally alone, Ginger looks at the mess on the table and clears it and puts the dishes in the sink for washing in a little while.

Heating up some water, she fixes herself a large cup of cocoa and walked into the living room and turns on the radio. The station is playing an old Procol Harum song called Whiter Shade of Pale. The soft smooth tone of the music and the mellow voice sets her mood for the day, as she settles into her chair, curls up and sips her cocoa.

Not really wanting to move, she knows she has to, so she rises from the chair and goes upstairs to make herself ready for the day ahead. She likes what she calls her “me” time and she uses it wisely.

After her shower, she wraps a towel around her and walks into her bedroom to start to dress. The full length mirror she looks at, shows back a very good looking lady. At thirty five, she’s worked to keep her looks and to keep herself from gaining much weight. Her shoulder length brown hair is brushed straight down with a little bit of curl at the ends. Her brown eyes appear small for her face, but they shine. She isn’t happy with her nose as she feels that she got her father’s nose, instead of her mother’s.

Ginger doesn’t like to use lipstick per se, she likes the lip gloss instead. As she inspects herself a little closer, she notices a very tiny scar on her earlobe, where she was bitten as a child. An earring would cover it, so it didn’t bother her all that much.

Removing the towel, she inspects her breasts for signs of cancer, as she does weekly. Pressing the flesh, and feeling for lumps. Every time she does this, her nipples harden, and she often finds herself getting turned on. After the serious touching is done, she keeps her hands on her breasts and toys with her extended nipples, closing her eyes and wishing her dream lover was there caressing them for her.

A hand travels down her stomach to her small waist and each millimeter sends a small chill through her body, until she reaches her clean shaven pussy and touches her clit. With her eyes still closed, her fingers spreads her labia and spreads her moisture over her pussy to her clit. Her knees weaken some as she is throbbing and wants to feel a release.

Inserting a finger into her love tunnel, her other hand moves to rub her clit. Both hands working her into a frenzy that she loves. A second finger finds its way inside of her and she lets out a loud moan from the sheer pleasure.

With eyes still closed, her phantom lover brings her to a sweet release, as her climax ankara escort takes hold of her body. Picking up her towel, she dries the sweat from her body and starts to dress.

Around noon, she is sitting in the living room when she hears the phone ring. Lifting the receiver, she says, “Hello”

The male voice on the other end says, “Ginger?”


“I’m glad I found you. I wasn’t aware that you had moved until just the other day.”

“Who is this?”

“My name is Roger, and we met on the internet a while back.”

“What did we talk about?”

“Just about your life in general, you’re a very open minded woman and I like that about you.”

“Well I’ve always told the truth, no matter what, but to be honest, I do not remember talking to you.”

“You wouldn’t, at least not by my real name anyway, but if I told you my user name you might. But I don’t want to do that right now. Knowing you from our chats has taken me to the point where I wanted to hear the voice that went along with the name. I do love your voice.”

This was starting to scare Ginger. She may or may not know this guy from the internet, but why is he calling her? She hasn’t given out her phone number to anyone. So she said, “How did you get my phone number?”

“There isn’t to much information I can’t fine, one way or the other. I just researched it and after a few wrong numbers, I finally got you.”

“Well, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our chats on the net, but please, do not call me at home. If you know me like you say you do, then you know I’m married, so please don’t call me anymore,” as she hung up the phone.

Still somewhat unnerved by the call, she walked into the kitchen and fixed some cocoa. While the water boiled, she went to the front yard and picked up the paper that was delivered earlier and after she fixed her cup, she sat and read her horoscope.

“Scorpio – Today you will start a new relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Move slow and pay attention. Do not rush your new relationship, it will grow in time.”

“Dam,” she said to herself.

Having a little time, she grabbed her cup and went to her computer to check her emails. There was a bunch, so she read through them and responded where it was necessary. She went to her own site and looked over the entries in the forum to see if she could figure out who this “Roger” guy was.

There was nothing conclusive that she could find. Noticing the time, she closed down the computer. Going to Melissa’s room, she found her skates and then put her coat on. Outside, she hopped into her truck and headed for the school and then waited in line to pick her daughter up.

Taking her daughter to the local skating rink, she chatted with some of the other mothers there and then reminded Melissa that they had to get back home soon, to get supper prepared. Melissa skated for another ten minutes then they got in the truck and headed home.

Once back in the house, Melissa went to her room to do her homework, while Ginger went to the kitchen. Shortly, the front doorbell rang. Toweling her hands, she went to the door and opened it. To her surprise, there was a delivery man there with a box. He had her sign for it and she brought it into the living room. Opening the box, she saw it contained a dozen long stemmed yellow roses. They were beautiful and she searched the box for a card, but there was no card, just the flowers.

She found a vase for the flowers and while she was putting them together, she thought to herself, “It’s not my birthday, nor is it a holiday of any kind. Who sent these? Maybe it was Daniel, just being nice for a change? No!, not Daniel, he has seldom bought me flowers for any occasion. I guess we’ll just have to wait until he gets home to find out.”

With Daniel due home soon, she finished setting the table and when he walked in the back door from work, it was all ready. He quickly went upstairs and cleaned up a little, then they sat and ate supper.

While eating, Melissa said, “Dad, why didn’t you send me roses like you did for mom?”

He looked at Ginger, then at Melissa and said, “Because I didn’t send any roses, but if I did, I’d certainly send you some too.”

Then looking at Ginger, he said, “You got roses?”

“They were delivered this afternoon and didn’t have a card with them. I thought they were from you and the florist just forgot to put the card with them.”

“Maybe someone in the family sent them to you,” he said?

“Yeah, that’s got to be who sent them.”

The rest of the supper was quiet and after the meal, Daniel went to the living room and turned on the news while he waited for the ballgame to start. He looks at the vase of flowers, shakes his head and then watches the television.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Ginger clean up the kitchen and then they went over her homework together, as they normally do. Melissa then went to her room and Ginger walked into the living room. Daniel gave her a funny look as she sat down, then escort ankara looked at the flowers and then back at her.

“So, you want to tell me where these flowers came from?”

“I told you, I thought you sent them.”

“Well, I didn’t so someone else must have, right?”

“Look Daniel, I don’t want to argue with you about them, I’ll throw them out in the trash, alright?”

“I guess I have a right to know who the hell is sending my wife flowers, don’t you think?”

“Yes, yes you do, but what can I say? I don’t know who sent them.”

He got up from the chair, looked at her and said, “Yeah, right. I’m going to bed.”

Dam, he was mad again, and I didn’t even do a dam thing. Her head started hurting from the stress, so she took some of her pills and went to her computer for a while. Opening her journal page, her entry was short; Received flowers today, hubby didn’t send them, who did?. After reading some of her favorite sites and making remarks to the writers, she closed out and went upstairs to the bedroom.

She knew she wasn’t going to get any sleep right off, her head was splitting, so she changed into some baby doll sleepwear, put on her robe and went back downstairs.

In the living room, she sat on the rug in front of table that had six large candles on it. Lighting the candles, she just sat there looking into the flames in the darkness of the room. She changed her position to that of a Lotus Blossom, in yoga and just let herself drift into anywhere.

With the quietness and stillness of everything, except for the dancing flames, she did drift off. She was transported to a floral garden that had a rolling brook in it. Ginger took in the sweet smell of the flowers and the trickling of the water. Walking from flower to flower, loving their beauty and the serenity of the garden, she moved slowly.

Along the pathway she walked and soon there was another person walking behind her. Not following her, but with her, she sensed. She turned her head and the face of the man was fuzzy, but her was an older man with slight graying in his brown hair.

He was dressed in a black dress shirt with an open collar, and black dress pants. A black leather belt with silver studs and a buckle that was silver edged with gold and a matching “H” in the center of the buckle. His boots were western cut, and highly polished. The spur strap matched his belt.

“Hello Ginger,” the voice said.

Still unable to make out his facial features, she said, “Hello Roger, it is Roger, right?”

“Yes, and may I say that you look lovely tonight.”

Looking down at herself, she was just in her baby dolls and slippers. The top was a baby blue color and the material was quite thin. Her breasts were barely covered and she showed a lot of cleavage. The panties she wore were a super low rise boy short set and made of the same material as her top. If she faced him, he’d see all of her without a problem.

“Don’t be alarmed, I have a lot of respect for you and wouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t like.”

Ginger wasn’t embarrassed about her body. She knew she looked good to the male eye and she was proud of herself for staying that way.

“Why are we here, Roger?

“You have to ask yourself, you brought me here to be with you.”

Ginger didn’t feel her head ache anymore, she felt like she was just floating in mid air with no pressure what so ever. “Let’s walk,” she said.

Hand in hand they walked the garden, smelling the flowers and enjoying the time “together”. Ginger found herself back at the brook and there was a blanket spread out on the edge of the brook. She sat on the blanket and brought Roger with her.

Lying side by side, Ginger used his arm as a pillow and again tried to make out his facial features. Slowly he came into view to her. She saw his blue eyes as they sparkled when he looked at her. He was older, and had crows feet at the corners of his eyes. His nose looked like a “Frenchman’s” nose and his lips were full. He also had about a days growth of facial hair on him.

Reaching out, she ran her fingertips over his cheek and around his chin. She softly brought his face to hers and he kissed her. Their lips were soft against one another at first, then Ginger placed her hand on the back of his head and they both opened their mouths at the same time.

Tongues intertwined and explored and Roger pulled her body closer to him. He let his hand play across the back of her neck and hair as the kiss continued for a long time.

Breaking the kiss, she said, “Take your shirt off.”

Sitting, Roger unbuttoned his shirt and placed it behind him on the spread. Rolling back into her, he felt her breasts pressing into his chest. He kissed her again, hard and with meaning as his hand roamed down her back and he cupped her butt cheek.

Ginger’s pussy was soaking wet, she wanted to make love, to be loved at the same time. Her kiss was turning into a slight nipping of his lip.

Roger brought his hand under her ankara escort bayan top and moved it up over her head., exposing her naked breasts to his eyes. He lowered his head and suckled a nipple and let his hand roam back to her ass.

Ginger was ready and she reached between them and unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and lowered his zipper. Reaching inside, she felt his hard cock pushing against his underwear. Pushing his pants down his legs, she reached into his briefs and felt the hard lump of man meat.

She wanted him in her mouth, wanted it badly, so she pulled back from him and made her way down his stomach to his briefs. With his briefs still on, Ginger took his hard shaft in her mouth and drooled on his briefs. Her hand then reached out and brought the top of his underwear up over his cock and it stood straight out at her mouth.

She lowered her head and took his entire shaft into her warm moist mouth. Her hand finished pushing his briefs off of him, as he had already kicked off his boots. When Ginger’s hand was empty, she moved it back up and held his scrotum in the palm of her hand.

Rolling his balls in the sack, she sucked on his cock. Ginger then took his sack and sucked on his balls and then licked back up his shaft.

Roger pulled her face up to his and kissed her and at the same time was removing her panties. His fingers flowed over her pussy and she drew in a breath, but then he moved between her legs and was staring at a beautiful bald pussy. Licking his lips, he then kissed her full on her labia, then with his tongue folded, he split those lips and her juices dribbled into his mouth as he licked her from bottom to top catching her clit at the very end.

Ginger loved to have her pussy eaten, but she wanted his cock inside of her. She was ready for him and wanted him badly, so she pulled his face from her and said, “Fuck me Roger, I need your cock now.”

Roger knelt between her legs and guided his cock to her wet opening. The bulbous head was ready to enter her when she said, “Please, now.”

He moved forward and let all seven inches slide into her before he stopped.

“Oh God, that is so nice,” Ginger said.

In slow even strokes, Roger moved inside of her, feeling every little ridge inside of her with his cock. He wanted to take his time, to give her as much as he could for as long as he could.

She matched his pace with her hips, as he leaned down and took her breast in his mouth and tugged on her nipple, then did the same with the other nipple. Moving to her neck, he kissed and pecked at her neck and then he nibbled on her earlobes.

“Oh sweet Jesus, I’m going to cum Roger!”

He didn’t change his speed, but let her rise to that revelation in her own time. As he slid his cock in and out, he watched her bite her lip and then scream out in sheer bliss.

“Cuming, yes cuming, fuck me I’m cuming.”

His eyes delighted in watching her in the throes of her orgasm. Her head moving from side to side, her tongue licking her lips as she squirted her cum all over his thrusting cock.

As she slowed down a little, Roger picked up the pace and was moving hard and fast into her pussy and she was loving this. Ginger could feel his cock sliding in and out of her tunnel and wished this could last forever. She wanted to cum again, so she brought her hand to her clit and masturbated it until she climaxed for a second time.

“Oh God this is good, cuming again, fuck my pussy.”

Roger was nearing the point where he would lose his load too, as he continued to stroke his cock inside of Ginger’s pussy as she was cuming once again. The warmth of her flow, streaming over his shaft set him off.

“Gonna cum in your pussy Ginger. Gonna cum hard.”

Hearing this, Ginger reached between then and took hold of his balls and softly squeezed them saying, “It’s what I want, flood me with your cum.”

Roger did just that too, his cock spewed cum like a fire hose putting out a fire.

As Ginger continued to squeeze his balls, she felt his jism hot and swift as his cock spasmed inside of her and made her cum again. With so much fluid inside of her, it leaked out down her ass and onto the spread.

Ginger was well spent by this time and just laid on the spread as Roger’s cock went limp and he fell along side of her. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the thought of the love making session she just had. It was so go to be held, and to be loved and not just as a release vessel. She again floated off.

Opening her eyes, she stared at the glowing tips of the candles. Looking around to make sure she was in her home, she realized it was all just a dream. Her panties were soaking wet and the carpet had a dark spot in it too. Looking at the clock on the wall, it read four o’clock. She had been “away” for seven hours.

It took her a little time to unfold from her position, but she finally did. She got some paper towels and dabbed at the wet carpet, cleaning it as much as possible. Then she went upstairs to bed and fell right to sleep.

While she was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper during lunch, the phone rang. Picking up the handheld, she click it on and said, “Hello”

“Did you get the roses?”

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