Getting Rid of the Blues

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She wished she had some nail polish to fix it. Alex noticed the run in her stocking as she stepped out of her car. Deciding to ignore it and hoping that everyone else did as well, she smoothed her skirt and reached for the purse that lay on the passenger’s seat.

It’s now or never.

She nudged herself past the front door marked in elaborate letters, Jake’s Blues Pub. After navigating her way past the drunken men at the bar, Alex chose the booth in the back corner. She could see the piano better from that table. Besides, the drunks did not want to wander this far back into the bar to harass her. It would take too much effort to do something like that. Alex breathed a sigh of relief and flagged down the waitress.

The waitress nodded curtly in Alex’s direction and returned to the bar, avoiding some groping and petting along the way. John, the bartender, noticed the peeved look on Sue’s face as she picked a piece of lint from her uniform.

“The fancy dame back again?”

“Yeah, Can you believe she has the nerve to keep comin’ in here? What? Does she like slummin’ it or somethin’?”

John grabbed the brandy snifter from off the glass rack. He noticed how his own hand dwarfed the glass. He carefully filled it with the prescribed amount and pushed it in front of Sue.

“You know what they say darlin’.”

Sue laughed and replied, “Don’t take quarters. They jingle in your bra.”

“No, you lame-ass. Different strokes for different folks. Anyways, maybe she likes it here.”

“Well, if I looked like the money she spent on her nails alone, I wouldn’t hang out in a dump like this. I would be livin’ the high life.”

John nodded and turned to help the other waitress who needed attention. Sue slid the brandy snifter onto her tray and headed towards the lady’s table.

Alex watched the conversation between the bartender and waitress, making note of the fact they would occassionally look in her direction. When the waitress finally deposited her drink on the table, Alex smiled and whispered, “Thank you.” Sue felt a forced, yet polite smile creep across her face.

“You’re welcome, hun.” Alex shook her head as Sue walked away.

They just don’t know.

About the same time Alex was thanking Sue for the drink, Jake made his way towards the piano. Though the rest of the bar was not much to look at with its stains and patrons, the piano was the one bright spot in the whole place. At least it was for Jake. Every night at seven o’clock, he felt alive. His hands would touch the keys and music would just flow out of the piano. Hell, everyone told him that he was the best they had ever heard.

But, how do you really thank someone for a compliment after they grab you by the tie and lose their dinner on your shoes?

Jake ignored the noise of the rest of the bar as positioned himself behind the keys. The beautiful black and white bars loved him. bostancı escort He always felt a surge of sexual tension move through him when he touched them. His cock would harden slightly. He placed his glass of whiskey on the floor next to the piano and gently ran his hand up its leg.

Damn, I love this old thing.

Jake took a small moment to glance out of the corner of his eye. The rich lady was in her usual spot with the usual drink. Her beauty was astounding. With long, blonde hair and painted red lips, she always was the image of professionalism. And every Friday, she was here. Needless to say, Jake put the thoughts of her body and how it would feel to touch her out of his head. It was time to play.

Alex quickly became alerted to the presence of the piano player. Every Friday night at seven o’clock, he would slip behind the piano and create some of the most wonderful music she had ever heard. It seemed to make all the hardness of the work week disappear in a few seconds as the notes drifted through the air. She lifted her snifter to her lips and peered over the rim of the glass. No one in the room was paying any attention to her. She slid her other hand under the table. Alex eased her skirt a little higher on her thigh. Whenever the music played, Alex lost herself in the music while playing with her engorged clit.

Play a song.

Jake dropped his hands on the keyboard and began one of his favorite songs. It was something he wrote himself. In fact, he kept the original napkin it was written on behind the bar in the cash register.

That doesn’t matter. Just play.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head to the side as he worked the board.

Alex focused her attention on her clit. She used the rhythm of the music as the pace to stimulate herself. The slow tempo seemed to ease all of the anxiety out of her muscles and bones. However, she doubted the men at the next table were enjoying the music as much as she was. The familiar tingling began in her legs. She pushed herself back further into the booth and concentrated on the music instead of the bar’s chatter. She circled her clit and pinched it as the music crashed over her.

Play louder.

Then, as if the player actually heard what she thought, he quickened the tempo. The music grew louder with each note. Alex attacked her clit, rubbing furiously. She knew that her orgasm was quickly approaching. She kept her eyes focused on the player. Her mind wondered was it would be like to sit on the piano and pleasure herself while he played. The vibrations would be incredible. That thought drove her over the edge. Alex bit her inner lip and tried to keep the moan in the back of her throat. Her hips had a mind of their own. But, she couldn’t stop. Her hand continued to stimulate her clit. The music wasn’t done yet.

At the piano, Jake concentrated on the song. büyükçekmece escort A straight lock of black hair fell in front of his eyes when he jerked his head forward. His rhythm was not broken as he lifted his right hand to push it out of the way. For a moment, he glanced in the direction of the back booth. The woman’s eyes were closed. He knew she was pleasuring herself. From his vantage point, he had been able to see her hand was underneath her skirt. He could also see her nipples straining against her blouse. Jake’s cock pushed against his pants as he secretly watched her fuck herself to his music.

Sue continued to circulate around the room, deftly dodging the advances of a few men. Once back at the bar, her eyes shifted back to the rich bitch in the corner.

Why doesn’t she just go back uptown and spend a few millions on her hair or somethin’? Why don’t she find somewhere else to finger herself?

“Hey, Sue! Your drinks are ready,” said John as he filled another order. Sue quickly turned her attention back towards the bartender.

“John, why do you think she comes here?”

“Don’t know. Why don’t you ask?”

“Oh no! Couldn’t do that! Don’t want to be rude to the ice queen whose fucking herself right now!”

John looked up from the mug he was filling and looked over to the corner.

I’ll tell you who the ice queen is.

“I don’t think she is an ice queen. She just keeps to herself is all.”

“Whose side are you on anyway? She shouldn’t be allowed to fuck herself every Friday in our back booth!”

“There’s sides?”

Sue stalked off to deliver some more drinks.

Meanwhile, Alex was working toward her third orgasm. Her nipples ached and she couldn’t stop touching her clit. A sheen of sweat had covered her forehead and chest. Her eyes bore into the player. She had come to memorize everything about him. His shirts, his type of drink, and most of all, she memorized his music. It was the only way she could orgasm. He was her lover and didn’t even know it.

If I’m going to admire, it might as well be from afar.

The song began to slow down. Alex slowed her hand with it. As Jake reached for his glass on the ground, he could see her remove her hand from under her skirt. He took a moment to recompose himself before he left the piano. He stood up and moved back across the room towards the bar, careful to step over the man passed out on the floor.

John smiled and said, “That was a good one boss.” Jake patted John on the back and quietly asked him to phone a cab for the gentleman lying on the floor.

“Take ten bucks out of the till to pay the driver.”

John nodded and reached for the phone. Since he already had the cab company’s number memorized for these situations, there was no need to get the phone book. While John was on the phone, Jake took over the bar. He poured çapa escort drinks and chatted with the customers.

Alex quickly finished the rest of her brandy after glancing at her watch. She would have to stop at home and get a new pair of stockings. She reached into her purse and pulled out a ten dollar bill. Since the waitress was on the other side of the room, Alex decided she would pay the bartender instead of leaving the money on the table. It wasn’t until she reached the bar that she noticed that the player was tending bar instead.

“What can I get for you?”

“I just need to pay for my drink,” she stammered. Her eyes roamed over him for a quick moment. Her nipples reacted by tightening. She could feel the wetness moving down the inside of her thigh. The ache in her cunt returned.

“What did you have?”


Jake nodded and turned back to the cash register to ring up the bill. Alex stood with her purse clutched to her stomach. John returned to Jake after completing the phone call.

“They said it might be a little while.” Jake nodded as he counted out the lady’s change. His cock was pulsing in his pants. He had seen her nipples harden through her blouse. He took a deep breath in order to suppress the urge to jump over the counter and attack the woman.

“Is that for her?” asked John, motioning with his head to the rich lady from the corner.


“Kinda pretty, ain’t she?”

“Guess you could say so,” said Jake as he looked around the bar to check on its occupants.

“You know she comes here every Friday night, right?”

“Yeah, corner back booth and a snifter of brandy.”

“You know what she does in the back book every Friday night?”

“That is her business.”

“Why don’t you ask to help her with her business?”

“Not my place.”

Alex let out a small cough to catch the attention of both of the men. Jake and John turned to look at her.

“Could I have my change, please?”

Jake handed the money to John and moved towards the other end of the bar to help someone else. John walked over and laid the money on the counter and smiled.

“How was everything tonight?” he lightly probed.

“Good, thank you.” Alex took three of the six dollars lying on the bar and stuffed them into her purse. Her eyes darted back towards Jake who was walking back towards her.

“Could you see my waitress gets this, please?”

John nodded and put the three dollars into his shirt pocket.

“Yeah, I can give it to the Mrs. when we get home tonight.”

Alex looked over at the waitress and back at the friendly bartender.

I would have never expected.

“Thank you.”

John sauntered off to fill another order. Alex turned towards the door to leave when she heard Jake say, “Miss.” She glanced back over her shoulder. Her heart was pounding out of her chest. There was a part of her that wanted him to ask her to stay. He crossed his arms and leaned on the bar.

“Why do you come here, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“The blues.”

“The blues?”

Alex wrapped her coat around her shoulders.

“Yes, the blues.”

“Then, I will see you again next week.”

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