Gator Club

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Let’s see, where should I begin… many years ago when I was a little wild and single I had a pretty erotic experience.

Let’s start with my lover at the time…

He’s an average guy with a conservative nature. Nice build, good wit and a charmer. Oh yes, he has a wild sensuality about him (probably because he has to act so straight-laced for his work all the time). Confident… likes to dwell into deep sensual experiences with me… likes it, too, when I dress sexy and show off my legs when we go out, especially if I wear nylons with the cotton panel sliced open. This drives him wild and puts me in the driver’s seat in many ways.

It was a cool, breezy Thursday evening in late fall. We had both put in a long, hard week so far and didn’t have to be to work the next day until late morning. Around seven or so he suggested we go to the local jazz club in downtown Sarasota and meet up with a couple friends. I agreed.

Now this jazz club used to be an old speak-easy during prohibition. The second floor had private rooms for gentlemen to “entertain” their lady friends. This place is infused with tawdry history and was restored to its original décor around 1990. It was used to shoot some scenes in the movie Palmetto with Woody Harrelson in 1998.

The ground floor is dimly lit. It’s a large, long room with a lot of hand carved wood panels and a high ceiling with embossed metal tile. A jazz band plays at one end and people either dance on the wood dance floor or sip their drinks at the high tops while taking in the Gatsby style ambiance.

As you walk up the curving staircase to the second floor, you sometimes get the feeling of going back in time to an era of romance, intrigue and mystery. The second floor has three areas separated with large double French doors that are usually open. One area is the bar where the finest selections of single malt Scotch can be found on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The second section adjacent to the bar is the billiard room with two pool tables. There is usually a selection of men ranging from young banker types in their wingtips and pinstripes to the rugged looking, bad-boy types. This is the place where both intermingle with ease. If the mood is right, a woman with a well turned heel, short hemline, and curves can sense the carnal tension in the room as she enters. Arousal can permeate the atmosphere…

The third area is a large private lounge area with dark leather easy chairs and sofas all around. They are positioned in a series of “U” shapes for small groups or couples to lounge in with semi-privacy while enjoying the bone-thumping music from downstairs, the clacking of the billiard balls in the next room, or the intimacy of each other’s charms. At the far end of this room is a large sofa facing the back wall with a fireplace. Behind this sofa is a small table with large vases of flowers which, if you’re positioned just right, can afford you privacy if desired.

The more I thought about the jazz club, the more aroused I got. My lover tossed on a pair of black jeans, dark boots, and a white tux shirt with black studs. I went to my room and slid on a clingy, above-the-knee dark dress with a vent up one side. It had a snug fit so I decided to go sans a bra. I slithered on a pair of smoky-gray sheer stockings. They had a French-cut panty with a strategically placed opening snipped in the cotton panel. The thoughts of having my neatly shaved mound covertly exposed through my pantyhose sent tingles up my back. I slipped on my black ankle straps and we were good to go.

We drove with the top down letting the cool, salty beach air lazily tussle our hair about. My lover was looking pretty hot. I was getting excited as I checked him out. He focused on the road. His fingertips were lightly stroking my inner thigh through my nylons as he drove. Tingles.

The band was just getting warmed up as we strolled in. Light crowd. I had a red wine while my lover sipped a scotch. I sat on a stool crossing my legs… letting my dress fall away from my thighs along the vent. The dim light caught the sheen of my stockings in a seductive manner. A couple of guys at the bar took notice. The band was playing a lot of Mississippi-Delta blues tunes. It was the type of soul-moving music that arouses in my body a thirst for some lustful action between my legs… soft, warm tongue… or a hard sticky cock.

After an hour of sultry dancing with my lover and a couple of his friends, we meandered up the stairs to the second floor. I sensed their eyes glued to my legs as I sensuously took each step with a slow, deliberate sway to my hips… I was thoroughly in the mood to be salaciously taken.

Light crowd upstairs. Must have been downstairs soaking in the sounds of that wailing harmonica as if Muddy Waters himself was performing.

A few guys were around the pool table with sticks in hand concentrating on their next shot. A couple of leggy blonds were at the bar. Two or three guys surrounded both. The animal pheromones were definitely in the air.

Randy, the bartender, was a friend of my lovers and they yakked for a few minutes. While waiting for our drinks, I sensed my body being gazed upon with warm desire. I heard no clacking of the balls behind me. I casually shifted my hip to allow my skirt to open along the vent revealing my leg taksim grup yapan escort with that hint of sexy sheen from my stockings. I hungrily looked my lover in his eyes as we took the first sips of our drinks. He stroked the small of my back and gave me a light kiss on the lips as he rose to put his name on the player sheet. He was far down the list.

We meandered to the lounge with the sofas. I felt every fluid sway of my hips being enjoyed by the men behind me. I could feel their fantasy to penetrate me building. My body was feeding on their salacious desire.

We positioned ourselves on the far sofa facing the fireplace. No one was near us. Good privacy. My lover sat close to me and took my drink from my hand and placed it on the table behind us with the settings of flowers. The fire flickered and crackled. He faced me… leaning toward my mouth… locking his lips to mine. I felt the moist heat rise within me. His fingers traced around my knee and up my thigh… inching slowly up my leg along the vent in my dress… gliding smoothly on my stockings… making little waves of electricity radiate from my groin up to the back of my head.

He was observing our privacy so I closed my eyes to focus on the intensity of my arousal. His breathing got got heavy.

His fingers made contact with my mound through my vented pantyhose… he started toying with my outer lips… dipping his finger in my wetness… making contact with my button… swirling around and making little circles of pleasure around it. I felt wetness ooze from my opening. He could feel my arousal and body heat increase. It was driving him crazy knowing how torrid I was becoming.

He eased me back on the leather with his free hand and continued to message my outer lips and button. Waves of excitement overtook me as he pushed two fingers into me. I couldn’t get the image out of my mind of the men playing pool craving to grope and penetrate me with promiscuous desire as my lover pushed further and deeper into me.

He brought his hands down to my hips and worked my legs further apart, caressing my legs through my sheer nylons. He glanced around then eased himself down between my legs. He kissed and licked his way up my inner thighs… licking higher until I could feel his hot breath on my lips. Finally his tongue made contact with my sweltering slit… flicking around my button… then easing down firmly along my opening… top to bottom… then back up… flicking around my button… kissing it… light sucking… tingles… My nipples hardened and breathing became laborious. I eased my legs wider as he licked sensuously at my sweltering pussy… moaning… I could feel the floor thumping from the music downstairs. His fingers and hands were working up and down my legs caressing every muscle as his tongue probed me. He sent shock waves through me as he lightly pinched my clit between his tongue and teeth.

He would pause every once in a while to look over the sofa to check if we had an audience.

After a while we sat up and made out some more. I could taste the raw eroticism of my horniness on his lips and tongue. We sipped our drinks and kissed some more. He was fondling his ice cubes and inserted one in my mouth during a kiss. He took another sip and eased me back. He moved down my cleavage and further still to my legs… I felt his lips make contact with my opening again. He darted out his tongue… an icy jolt went through me. His tongue was chilled from his cubes. He started to lick at my wet slit cooling me with his cool tongue. I groaned with pleasure as he probed deeper and deeper. I felt instantly a torrid yearning to be penetrated in all of my openings… more shivers… salacious thoughts… My cravings were getting more animalistic with each passing moment. He stopped and took another sip while looking me over… I could feel his lust.

His name was called out. We walked to the billiard room and got a refill. I felt wetness ooze from my slit and soak into my stockings as we walked. From the corner of my eye, I saw the guys at the pool tables behind us ogling me with hunger.

“Partners?”, my lover asked.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Was the reply

Winners break so we watched our opponents play for a while. My lover and I love to win so we had to focus our thoughts – which was pretty hard for me with my body flush with lustful desires. I was still shivering a little from the icy action.

My turn to shoot rolls around.

I plant my feet apart and bend over to take my shots. My lover has told me many times how sexy I look with my feet in pumps and the curves of my legs flowing up and over my rounded ass as I bend over to eye a shot with a long, round stick in my hands… pushing and pulling the round stick through my fingers… with my chest lightly swaying over the various colored balls.

My gaze is on making the shots while my body distracts my opponents. I study the shots breathing easy. I hold my breath as I stroke… slow, deliberate strokes. I feel my dress open along the vent exposing my leg to the hip. I know I’m being enjoyed in the minds of the men watching me… I can sense their thoughts… wanting to penetrate me… probe my openings… lick my pussy… sucking my tits… reaming deep in my juicy taksim masöz escort pussy… filling my tight cunt with hard, throbbing cock in the mind of each man watching my stroking action… enjoying my legs being suggestively spread as I steady my body for another shot.

I shoot. The balls clack. One falls. I sense the excitement as I eye another shot while walking around the table with a stride seeping with seductiveness. I wrap my fingers around my stick and chalk it up at the tip. I lick my lips and settle down for another shot…

Clack… clunk. The sound of another ball rolling in the pocket.

We win that game. Our opponents drift over to the bar next to the blondes thoroughly aroused in their thoughts… poor blondes.

New opponents, same strategy. I suspect their thoughts aren’t totally on the game.

My turn to play.

I bend over for another shot. I sense mens’ eyes glued to my cleavage as my tits seductively sway over the balls as I stroke. Their senses are focused on me… my swaying hips… wanting to taste me… lick me… have their cocks plunging in me as my body sways back and forth in rhythm to my strokes… to hear my moans.

I shoot. Balls clack and roll. The men are immersed with the sensations of being seductively teased by my legs being exposed along my high vent… the seductive sheen of my stockings… they get a taste of the effect that has on them – making them lose their composure – their self-control – putting me in control of their simmering cravings. I turn it up for them until they tremble inside knowing that at any moment they won’t be able to control themselves.

Clack, clack, clunk. Another ball falls. The breathing gets deeper.


We win that game… and the next one. Players come and players go. The arousal is intense.

The blondes at the bar are falling into the crevasse of erotic surrender as their bodies are being fondled by the men around them. The sultry lust the men feel watching my body incites them to succumb to their animal cravings.

Time oozes by…

It’s getting late and the crowd has thinned out.

Between turns, I rub my body against my lover – turning the heat up a little more. My legs rub his. His chest caresses mine. We kiss. He works his fingertips up and down my leg along the vent. We keep each other, and others, on the abyss… inches away from falling into carnal surrender.

Clack, clunk… again… and again.

The lights dim.

Clack, clack, clunk.

My hard, erect nipples make light contact with the balls as I eye another shot. I stroke back and forth. My breathing is deep. My pussy lips are sensitive and swollen, wetness complete.

Clack, clunk.

I hear the click of a deadbolt sliding into place to my left…

The lights dim some more…

Clack, clack, clunk… another ball.

I concentrate on another shot… I sense my hemline being hiked up my thighs… I don’t turn around… it inches over my hips.

I focus… stroke…back and forth. Clack, clunk…ball rolls into the hole.

The gut-wrenching blues music vibrates from below.

I eye the next shot not having to move… salacious thoughts probing in and out of my mind.

I feel the velvety softness of a hard, erect cock being rubbed between my swollen, wet pussy lips as I remain bent over. It strokes itself in time with the strokes of my stick… back and forth… I’m dripping wet as I widen my stance… I focus… heavy breathing… the hard ridges of the cock rasps against my clit sending ripples of pleasure up my back. I can taste their sweltering desire. I lick my lips as I push my stick forward.

At the same time – clack – the hard, throbbing cock penetrates me – clunk – pushing its thick girth into me with a slow, even thrust… mmmmmmmmmmmm…

He slides in… then out.

My chest heaves… I close my eyes for a moment enjoying the slow, deliberate penetration.


I gaze back at my lover as he slowly fucks me. I seductively lick my lips as I ease my hips to the side making him ease out. His cock glistens.

I straighten up and move to the other side of the table… slow, sensual movements.

I ready for another shot, taking my time.

I stroke my stick… back and forth… feeling my wetness ooze… back and forth…concentrating… back and forth.

I glanced at the bar and see the two blondes each making out with a man. One was enjoying the work of a hand stroking high between her thighs. Her legs were spread wide exposing her mound through her black stockings… his fingertips stroking her wetness… pushing into her through the thin fabric of her nylons. Her chest was heaving to the touch of another set of hands.

I feel fingertips make contact with ass and slowly caress their way down the back of my legs sending tingles of electricity up my spine. They stroke their way up my legs, gliding easily over my stockings… working higher between my thighs. My dress slithers over my hips. I’m flush with lustful heat.

I look over my shoulder at the man behind me. It’s my lover. His cock is straight out still glistening… throbbing… rock hard. My legs are exposed and looking sexy with the sheen of my French-cut pantyhose. taksim otele gelen escort The leather ankle straps add an element of bondage and submission to the scene. I watched as his fingers made contact with my pussy through the slit… he made light circles around my clit… messaging my juices into me…

He places himself at my opening… messaging my juices on his cock… I watch. The tip touches my wetness… he slowly eases into me… spreading me apart… I groan with eyes half closed as I continue to watch this slow motion erotica.

He eases into me fully.

I gasp… mmmmmm…

I turn back to my shot as he pumps me ever so slowly…

As I turn, inches away from my face is the throbbing slit of another thick cock with some drops of clear lubrication oozing from its opening.

I turn toward it and lick at the sticky, clear nectar. It tastes sweet and horny. My pussy is snug around my lover’s throbbing cock. It sensuously eases in and out of me… slowly… I groan. The cock at my mouth eases past my glistening lips… over my tongue to the back of my throat.

He moans. I lick and suck…

I feel the pace of my lover’s cock in my pussy increase. I’m pushed forward on the table from the motion of the pumping I’m getting. I feel my lover ease my legs further apart… his hands stroking my hips and ass… gentle messaging from my nylons. He gets deeper.

I glance to my left toward the bar. One of the blondes is getting a hard cock pumping into her through her ripped stockings… her legs are spread wide and the sheen of her buff stockings match the wetness of the cock plunging into her. Her head is thrown back as she gets a deep French kiss from a second man while her tits are being fondled by yet a third. Her friend has her legs wrapped around the shoulders of another man whose head is buried between her thighs. Two other men with their cocks fully hard are pumping themselves with long, deliberate strokes waiting their turn for pleasure… I start to moan with animal lust wanting to be filled every way possible. I watch them stroke themselves… waiting for their turn to penetrate me… to fuck me… to fill me up with their oozing, hot, sticky cum…

My chest heaves for breath… I’m being drilled from both ends. Body tingles.

My tits are being ground against the table. The smell of arousal, sex, and chalk dust bore up my nose.

The cock in my mouth twitches… a moan… warm, sticky cum shoots to the back of my throat. I hear a deep, gutteral groan. Animal.

I turn around and my lover rolls me over on my back. He plunges back into me.

I look over to the bar. The guy fucking the blonde with the buff stockings looks over his shoulder at me. He pulls out of the blonde and walks over. His cock is red and glistening with hot, sticky pussy juices. He leans over and kisses me deeply… probing his tongue into me. A hot kisser… I can taste his arousal. He straightens up and places his glistening cock to my lips… I kiss the soft, throbbing head… he glides into me. The taste is of horny bliss… musky flavor… exciting… pussy getting a good fucking… my lover grabs my hips and pulls me tight against him. He grinds hard and fast… I feel his fingers dig into my hips through my nylons as he twitches a hot, steamy load of cum deep into me. I suck salaciously at the cock pumping deep down my throat as my lover continues to fill me.

He pulls out and wipes his wet, sticky cock on my inner thigh. I feel the warm juices soak into my stockings. A little movement and then I feel the thick girth of another cock sliding into me. As he gets a good pace of plunging into me, another set of lips start to kiss my clit while my pussy gets stuffed. He continues to kiss, lick, and nibble on my button as I get reamed deep in both of my openings. I’m getting fucked with ferver…

One of the blondes explodes into a groaning orgasm. I watch her get pumped fast and hard as her tits bounce. Her friend is getting pumped deep in both openings. One of the men pulls out and shoots his ropes of white cum all over her legs… I watch it soak into her black stockings as another guy gets his throbbing hard cock ready to penetrate her… she lays limp groaning in pleasure as he thrusts deep into her.

I turn my attention back to my lovers. The guy pumping my pussy starts to moan… he thrusts harder… I feel his cock swell… fullness… his cock jerks… I feel the warmth inside as he fills me with his load… I feel the simmering of an orgasm coming on. I look over to the blondes. There is glistening cum all over them. A guy fucking the other blonde comes over to me with his sticky hard cock… I remove the cock from my mouth and stroke it with my hand so I can watch the other man penetrate me with the hot cock that was just fucking the other blonde. He puts his red, glistening cock to my opening… it’s the thickest one so far… it throbs and pulses as it makes contact with my wet, sticky opening… I watch as it positions itself… sliding up and down my slit already lubed up with sticky sex juices… he pushes forward easing into me… I feel my pussy being pushed wider… fullness… oohhhhh… Moaning… he puts his hands on my hips and pulls my body onto his thick cock… he probes… easing in… I watch his thick cock disappear into me through the opening in my stockings… he eases deeper… his fingers caressing my legs as he holds them up high and wide… fullness… he pumps into me… oohhhh… I turn to the cock in my hand and plunge it past my lips… the orgasm builds… torrid thoughts… I can’t think… flashes and loud moans and groans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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