G Spot in Goa Pt. 01

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L… For Love (and a gamut of emotions in between)

(This is a genre I am exploring, part biography, part fiction, some imagination, full pleasure. All characters in this story are above the age of 18 years. Dedicated to S., my wife, the love of my life who has been gone for 7 years now, whose image comes to mind, as I put these words down. This is a lengthy story, which i have broken down into chapters, each complete by itself. The chapters may be in different genres.)

Ch 1. All aboard

Goa is known for it’s Sussegad, or laid back lifestyle. And that’s what they experienced on their first trip to those sunny shores. It wasn’t their first trip together, and they had both been to Goa too before, but it certainly was a voyage of discovery, of each other. She had planned that trip, en famille and he would be a Damaad (son in law) in waiting, on test.

She had told him to be on his best behavior, to make a good impression on his future in laws. But it was easier said than done. He was like a tiger, that had tasted blood and was loath to go back to his grass eating ways. It would be hard for him to keep his hands off her, and she likewise. They would have to be discreet and cautious, but the risk of being caught red handed was a potent aphrodisiac as they would later discover .

D day dawned and they trooped aboard the bus. The seats were two by two and they quickly grabbed a couple of seats together, the rest of the family at the front . It was cold inside with the ac full blast, so she had got a shawl to keep warm, and it came in handy in other ways too.

Quite aware of his penchant for her boobs; he was a breast man, she had worn a top that granted easy access with flowing sleeves. The bus started and he got warmed up, slowly inserting his hand under her shawl into her sleeve. She had deliberately worn one of her most sexy bras, a mix of silk and lace, and his fingers loved the alternate smooth and raised tactile reactions they experienced, as well as the heat that emanated from her body.

Her nipples were stiff and sensitive, every time his hand brushed across them, a current electrified her entire body. To distract herself, she started rubbing his crotch, underneath the same shawl, so that outwardly things appeared normal. But internally his cock was caged, within the confines of his trousers, waiting to explode.

He lowered his zipper, and it sprang up, peeping through the gap in his y fronts. She kept up a rhythm, massaging it from tip to root in a steady stroke. To ease the friction she used some cold cream, first applying some on her face, deliberately leaving a portion on her fingers as lubricant. He took some cream too, ostensibly to apply on his hands and face, but elsewhere too. The sounds of this mutual pleasuring were masked by the Bollywood movie that was playing on the screen.

The cream on her breasts and nipples eased the ingress of his hand and multiplied the pleasure she felt. She made a mental note to apply it liberally in the future to enhance the experience. His hands moved further south, fiddling with her trouser button. She opened it in a jiffy, lowering her zip, and he dipped his fingers in her panties seeking her glory hole.

It was hard to keep a straight face in the midst of all the action. The darkness of the falling night, acted as an ideal veil to cloak their frenetic fingering. When they were close to orgasm, a slight pressure on on the hand moving it elsewhere, helped prevent a sticky end, but left his balls feeling blue and her pussy sore.

After some refreshment and hydration, they were back at action again, like hamsters. He whispered sweet nothings in her ear, mixed with dirty talk of what he wanted to do to her and she to him. Her eyes grew wide with astonishment, mouth agape, a blush spreading across her cheeks, and her snatch moist.

She in turn, spoke about her dreams, aspirations and plans for the future. It wasn’t all serious talk but some fun as well, snatching a hurried kiss, love bites and licks on the earlobes and the nape of the neck. She instructed him on what portions of his touches she liked and where he could ease off, and he gave her a detailed step by step analysis of the same.

It wasn’t all lust, but a whole lot of romance and love as well. Holding each other, getting comfortable with the physical intimacy, a hug, a kiss, a squeeze, a play of the fingers against skin, a stroke of the face, tousling of the hair, tracing each other’s contours, taking in each other’s aroma, all in all a feast for the senses. After the sexual appetite was whetted, their appetites were stimulated and stomachs rumbling. They straightened themselves up, for the escort izmit dinner stop was approaching After a bathroom break to freshen up and empty the tanks, partook of some light refreshment and were on the road again.

Ch.2 Well begun is half done

As the bus sped down the highway in the dark night they renewed their activities with gusto. Before he could begin, she asked him to wait, removed something from her purse and kissed him full on the lips, simultaneously pressing it into his hand. In the darkness, he couldn’t make out quite what it was, but on bringing it to his face for closer inspection, could smell a whiff of her and immediately realization struck.

She had removed her panties during the dinner break, damp as they were and was now commando for his pleasure. He put her intimates over his face inhaling deeply, tasting her, making her blush, before stuffing it into the back pocket of his jeans for future use. She had given him the green signal, akin to waving a red rag in the face of a charging bull. All inhibitions tossed aside he took full advantage of the cloak of darkness to throw caution to the winds. With an intensity, like there was no tomorrow, attacked her considerable charms with an intention to ravage her and multiply the pleasure she had given him, manifold.

He put his hand down her blouse trying to gain entrance within the brassiere, but the little vixen had anticipated this coming and removed it altogether. Her breasts were now unrestrained, and free of their confines, he pushed, pulled, pinched, stoked and cradled them in equal measure, unbuttoning her shirt to give them full freedom . He ducked his face under the shawl and for the first time licked, bit and tasted her sweet tits.

She bit on his hand to prevent herself from shrieking with pleasure. He licked the considerable expanse of her chest, the armpits and the deep valley between the mounds enjoying the proximity to different colors, flavors, aromas, textures and sensations to the fullest. He experienced up close the dark red of her aureola and the protuberance of her nipples, soft yet stiff and incredibly sensitive; she had to literally tug at his hair to get him to cease and desist. He licked the underside of her breasts, exploring lower to the navel, licking and sucking it languorously.

Her hand in the meanwhile had been busy unbuttoning his shirt as well, mimicking his touch and exploring his manly chest. Though not as impressive as her mammaries, she managed to arouse his teats as well to perk up similarly. He now began to insert his tongue into her bellybutton, mimicking the action, which he hoped to perform with another organ on a deeper indentation of hers, 6 inches lower to be precise, making her squirm in her seat.

He next used his mouth to unbutton her trousers slowly, and lower the zip to expose her femininity to his warm breath. She was waiting for his assault on her bastion, but he deliberately took his own sweet time, driving her wild with desire. She pushed his head down and he inhaled her primal fragrance at the source, full of the scent of her arousal. The fine down that covered the V between her thighs, glistened with the liquids that were pouring out from her inner recesses and the taste was intoxicating.

He pushed the lips aside sucking greedily, making the most of this first taste of her treasures, her hands tugging and guiding him to push the right buttons. His tongue probed deeper down the love canal and her thighs widened to give him better access. The bus rocked down the deserted night roads and there was a huge thump as it rattled over a speed bump at full throttle, jolting them out of their seats, making them scream.

Though for her it was not so much of discomfort, but of passion as his face descended lower into her snatch, inadvertently finding her most tender spot, making her squirt in ecstasy. He lapped it all up like a cat licking the cream and when at last he removed his head coming up for air, he had the widest grin on his face, a reflection of his inner joy. His eyes ablaze from all the treasure they had witnessed, face glistening from the remnants of the creaming he had received, despite all his efforts to lick up every last drop.

Shyly feeling his eyes boring into her, she looked askance, her hands busy closing the access to her treasure chest and love pot, which he had just ravaged. She was tingling and sore after the strong lashings of his passion, needed a break. Waiting for their breathing to come back to normal, he stroked her face tenderly. Then he kissed her slowly on the lips, making her savor the taste of the nectar she had so generously lavished upon him.

She was completely izmit darıca escort drained of all her energy from her pent up release, but every cell of her body was dancing in celebration, enthusiasm peaking, exhilarated. In gratitude, bubbling with joy, she wanted to mimic his actions, little knowing that bringing her to fulfillment gave him equal, if not greater pleasure. Her spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. Spent, she put her head on his broad chest, using it as a pillow, his heartbeat echoing in her ears, merging with her own, fluttering wildly, two hearts one beat. Snug in his arms, comfortable, she felt happy and contented, drawing strength from his embrace.

Soon lulled by the rocking of the bus she gravitated lower to his lap, he thought she had fallen asleep. To his delight he found a tickling sensation near his navel, with her circling it in a flurry of kisses making him squirm with delight. She was like the proverbial energizer bunny, good to go for another round, her aroused nipples poking his torso, through their shirts. Not wanting even a single layer to separate them she started popping his shirt buttons in a flurry till her lips could meet the bare skin of his belly once more.

She raised her head grazing his nipples with her teeth, alternatively pinching and twisting them, pain translating into pleasure until he could bear it no more, so sensitive had they become. She then trailed her tongue down to his belly button, tasting his salty sweat as a bonus, circling it once more with a flurry of nips and kisses, alternately making him wince and moan in pleasure and pain. She started to suck as she reached his bellybutton, igniting every nerve in his body in a way he never would have imagined. He was panting and sweating by the time she let off in the throes of ecstasy, in spite of the chilled ac in the bus.

She went lower still, deftly opening his trouser button to free the beast caged within. The zip lowered automatically as his manhood stood to attention, only restrained by his briefs. She quickly did the honors of unveiling the beast, making him twitch as he sprang free of the confines. She viewed his organ at close range, starting from his scrotum ending at the tip, wondering how it managed to stay put in so small a space, and a little terrified at the devastation it would wreck when it entered her snatch. Her breathing came in short pants and the warm air made it extend further up holding the shawl like a tent pole.

She decided to put aside her fears and take the plunge licking his balls and kissing his organ driving him crazy with delight. She soon got into a rhythm, kissing the head and then taking it in her mouth as far as it would go, pumping up and down. It was quite a task, as not only did the monster sport quite a length, but a considerable girth as well, and she feared he would be a hard act to swallow, injuring her lips and making her gag.

But fortune favors the brave, and not only was she able to manage but derived a great deal of pleasure from it as well. He was over the moon, though it was the first time she had gone down on him, he had fantasized about it multiple times during his wet dreams. Her saliva, mixed with his pre-cum lubricated his thrusts into her mouth which was bobbing up and down in synchronous rhythm. It wasn’t long before his mouth organ started to pulse and shudder with a life of it’s own. He tried to tell her he was close to orgasm, but she refused to let go, deriving maximum pleasure from the act of fellatio.

With a shiver, he came spurting a sticky, hot liquid into her mouth. She greedily swallowed it whole, licking her lips ,enjoying the flavor, draining him completely. She then lifted her head up, kissing him firmly on the lips transferring the remnants of his cum to his mouth, like he had done for her earlier, glad that she had been able to push her limits, despite her misgivings. Their eyelids droopy, exhausted, they fell asleep to the motion of the bus, in each other’s arms. Their dreams full of the night of passion, and an eager anticipation of the days to come, a great start to to their Goan getaway.

Ch. 3 Wake up call

When his eyes opened, the harsh morning light was streaming in through the windows, and still a couple of hours to go before they arrived at their destination. She was sprawled across his lap, beautiful in repose. His body was quite stiff from sleeping in a sitting position in cramped quarters in a moving vehicle and his crotch even stiffer with his morning wood and pressure building up to pee, with no opportunity to empty the tank through the night.

But he was loath to disturb the radiant sleeping izmit rus escort beauty, feasting his eyes on her upturned face, stroking it tenderly. She stirred, enjoying this attention being lavished on her, but still not having completed her quota of her beauty sleep, ducked under the shawl to avoid the morning glare. But it was just an excuse to be away from prying eyes as his stiff organ had put some mischievous ideas into her head.

She turned her head to his growing bulge and gave it a bite through his pants, almost resulting in him banging his head on the roof. “That crafty bitch”, he thought, “she will be the end of me. Well, two can play the game.” One hand went underneath her blouse and the other at her derriere, and when he thought no one was looking, pinched them simultaneously, making her squirm and almost cry out in pain releasing her grip on his member.

The fun and games were just starting and the danger of discovery inflamed their amorous feelings even more. He insinuated his hands down her trousers from behind, stroking her well formed bottom seeking her hole. She had anticipated him doing something like this and was enjoying the pampering, when he did something that jolted her out of her sleep, he put his finger down her butt crack and entered her asshole. She felt a slight twinge of pain, at finding something gaining entry at an orifice from which things were expelled, had a mind to tell him, he was barking up the wrong tree and had entered through the wrong hole, a no entry zone.

But soon she started finding it intensely pleasurable, and her glory hole was aflame, by itself, starting to leak again. The motions of the bus aided his ingress, bringing her close to ecstasy, and she rained bites on his thighs. Her hand now sought his bum, but it was a little more difficult to maneuver, as he was sitting on it. But she had more skills than he had previously imagined and her fingers were nifty and flexible too. She found his asshole too, and he lifted himself slightly to give her a little more space, wincing in anticipation of the pain of entry.

He was surprised when a well lubricated digit slipped easily inside. She was a quick learner and to his surprise had moistened her fingers with the juices from her love pot. He had to admit, she had a farsightedness that thought of everything, and far more innovative than he had given her credit for. She was no dumb blonde, but a smart brunette, no make that his one smart and sexy brunette. She pumped her fingers in and out of his ass, mimicking him making his cock even harder.

She in turn was fully aroused and though his fingers were up her arse, she could feel his movements in her love canal, stimulating the flow of her juices. Inexplicably he removed his fingers, making her raise the blanket and look up at him. But the sight that greeted her, put her query to rest. He inhaled her strong scent with a deep whiff, and spat a gob of spit on his fingers, inspired by her moves, returning them to her crack, gaining easy access.The mutual fingering resumed till, with a shudder she came.

She had the foresight to place a pantyliner down her trousers, even after removing her panty, anticipating such an eventuality, saving her the blushes. He, being himself, had no such foresight, and was lucky she had undone his trousers and could take him in her mouth when he spurted his seed. The bus halted again, this time for breakfast and they all rushed out to release the pressure that had built up over the night and freshen up, before relaxing over a hot breakfast of Idli and Chai.

They returned back to the bus, and spent the rest of the trip in silence, admiring the verdant vistas that lay outside the window. They were both exhausted, bereft of energy, although elated and exhilarated by their voyage of discovery, journeying further in the knowledge of the other, than ever before, with a new understanding and a richer love. Their passion the night before, though largely physical, transcended beyond to a mental and spiritual level as well. It was as if they could read each other’s mind, a mere touch speaking volumes, merging together into a single entity through a mutual feeling of bliss.

They reveled in their close proximity, occasionally breaking out into a smile as memories surfaced, soft touches on each other’s skin, the look in their eyes and the odd whisper of sweet nothings, wishing to savor every moment, trying to commit each detail in the vault of their memory. She pressed into his hand her used panty liner and he sniffed the remnants of her passionate discharge, transported to a different realm, squeezing her hand in a gesture of gratitude for a great gift. He carefully put it away, a priceless treasure more valuable than all the riches in the world. He felt fulfilled and complete, happiness awash over him, wishing this journey would never end, but all do, as the bus reached it’s final destination.

to be continued…

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