Futa Naked In School 09 – Innocent Girl’s Futa Awakening 2: Lola’s Accepts Her Passions

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Futa Naked In School – Innocent Girl’s Futa Awakening

Chapter Two: Lola’s Accepts Her Passions

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Lola Lovell’s Week, Wednesday

Sandra and Asuka supported my best friend. I wiped the cum on my finger off onto my belly as Macie lay slumped in Sandra and Asuka’s arms. They stood in the doorway of the class while the rest of my escort for the Purity Society gasped in the background.

“Lola had sex?”

“But she’s supposed to be pure!”

“If she couldn’t do it…”

“It’s that pill President McTaggart made her take.”

Anger murmured through my supports as I bit my lip. It was the pill’s fault. I wasn’t in control any longer. It had taken over my lusts. Until my week in the Program was over and I could stop going my to college classes naked, I couldn’t fight the pill. I tried. I struggled my best and then…

Then it just clicked in my mind.

The pill controls me.

I relaxed after that and just embraced it. I left behind my physics class to masturbate in the futas’ restroom. After I came, I decided to surrender to the lust I’d had all week for that bitchy Shelena. She was a horrible, bully futa, but she had that big, Black dick. She sent me pics of it all week. Of her fucking other White girls, promising me how much I’d cum on her cock.

I decided to find out. It was what the pill wanted.

It had been glorious. She fucked me like a little slut from behind. I was bent over the toilet, my thick, blonde bush soaked with my juices. She had rammed her ebony shaft into my cunt and popped my cherry. I came hard on her clit-dick and she flooded me with cum.

The same cum I had offered to Macie. She’d come to my class with the others of my Purity Society had come in to be my escort and prevent me from being molested by the futas all day. Of course, the pill wanted me to be molested.

I spent the last two days fighting this. I could have just surrendered. I was so stubborn. No wonder President McTaggart insisted that Nurse Luann Mutton give me the pill. The college’s nurse was a helpful futa.

“Oh, no, Macie,” I said. “I’m sorry.” I fanned at my friend’s face. “Let’s get her to the nurse’s office.”

The other girls glanced at me.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that,” I said. “I’m still Lola. I’m just… It’s the pill. I can’t help it. I’ll be pure on Monday.”

“If you say so,” said Asuka, her voice neutral. She glanced down at my thighs slick with Shelena’s cum. The futa had fired so much in me. It was leaking out of me, soaking my blonde bush and reaching my thighs. “I mean… You offered it to Macie.”

“Well, it does taste good,” I said. “You want to try it?” The pill wanted that. It made me so juicy thinking of feeding the pure girls futa-cum straight from my pussy. It would be so hot if they licked it out of me.

Lesbianism was another dirty thing the pill wanted me to try. Macie was so hot. I’d noticed before, seeing her naked when we changed at sleepovers or at the pool. All those memories burned through my mind. Her tits were round and topped by pink nipples. I was so hot for my twenty-year-old friend. So eager to just enjoy her.

My pussy clenched, forcing out more cum.

“Lola, um, maybe you should go home,” said Asuka.

“I can’t,” I said. “I’m in the Program. They’ll just force me to do a make-up day. They did that to that freshman girl. Ginny, right. Ginny Reynolds in the first week. Besides, I’m fine. It’s just the pill. I don’t even mind right now. It’s an amazing pill. If you took it, I’d bet you’d love to lick my pussy clean. Do you want to do that?”

“Eww,” Asuka said. “That’s so filthy.”

“I’ll pray for you,” Sandra said. “Let’s get Macie to the nurse’s office and then… And then you can just… enjoy the pill, Lola.”

“Yeah,” Asuka said. “We, uh, we understand. I hope you’ll be pure on Monday, but…”

I could see fear in their eyes. They were terrified of being chosen and having to take the pill. They shouldn’t. The pill was amazing. I was so glad I took it. I was doing all those things I thought were shameful because I didn’t have to fight my lusts. I had no control over them.

It was so wonderful to be free of guilt and shame.

“I got her feet,” I said. I glanced over at my physics professor, Ms. Ridley, and called, “We’re taking her to the nurse’s office. She’s just a little over-excited.”

“A little,” muttered Asuka. “You tried to thrust cum in her mouth.”

“I know,” I said, shaking my head. “That’s a shame. Sex really isn’t that bad. It’s fun. No, it’s more than fun, it’s amazing. Shelena fucked me so hard.”

“Shelena?” groaned Asuka. “That’s who you had sex with? She’s the worst futa on campus. She’s always saying such nasty things to us.”

“I hear she makes this one girl have anal sex with her so Shelena won’t bully her futa-girlfriend.”

“I know, she’s a terrible person, but her girl-dick…” I shuddered, my pussy melting. “It’s incredible. And rumor has it that Ginny’s futa-girlfriend has an even bigger cock. I have to try her out before Friday.”

My friends shook their heads as we headed through the halls. The rest of my escort had melted away. I felt bad for them. They had been getting in trouble to help me out and, thanks to the pill, I didn’t need it. I was sure I’d make it up to them come Monday when I was back to normal, but until then…

“I bet Adile would lick my pussy,” I said. “I want to try at least one girl. Just to find out if I like it.”

“That’s the pill, right?” asked Asuka.

“Of course.” I laughed. “I wouldn’t want to be with a girl normally. I never even thought of it until right now, but…” I glanced over as we headed through the halls, students staring at us in concern as we carried Macie to the nurse’s office. In one corner, Adile was doing just what I wanted. She was licking out the other girl who was enrolled in the Program this week. The Turkish lesbian had Monica Rocha gasping and moaning.

Just like Shelena had me earlier.

My pussy grew hotter as I watched the sight as we headed down the hall. Adile looked so into it, licking the girl hard, and she was bucking and shuddering. Her face glowed with rapture. Did my face look like that when I was cumming on Shelena’s cock?

I hoped so.

As we neared the nurse’s office, I realized no one was groping me. For the first time since I’d gone naked on Monday, no futa was trying to get to me. Turned out, you just had to carry a passed-out friend to get her help to keep them at bay.

That made me happy. As good as sex was, getting Macie to the nurse’s office was more important.

We round the corner and saw it ahead. We were near the main offices. I shifted my grip on Macie’s legs. She was heavier than I thought considering she only weighed one hundred and twelve pounds. Maybe skipping PE wasn’t the best idea for the Purity Society.

Asuka opened the door and we carried her in. I called, “Nurse Luann.”

No one called her Nurse Mutton. Once, I’d heard the futa-nurse joke, “What am I, a side of meat?”

I bet she had a big piece of meat under her skirt. A thick and hard futa-cock.

I shook my head as Nurse Luann emerged from her small office into the main room. She had three beds that curtains could close around them and all the standard stuff you’d find in a doctor’s office.

“What happened to her?” she asked as the three of us set Macie down on the nearest bed.

“She fainted when I offered her some cum,” I said. “Shock, I think.”

“Yeah,” Asuka said. She glanced at Sandra then the two hurried out of the office not looking at me twice.

I grit my teeth. They might be embarrassed by the pill controlling me, but Macie was their friend, too. I shook my head and then faced my school’s nurse. She wore pinks scrubs that, though loose, couldn’t hide what a busty futa she was. Her bleached-blonde hair fell in curls about her tanned face. Concern shone on her round face as she reached the bed.

“She saw that you had sex?” asked Nurse Luann, thumbing back my friend’s eyes.

“Yeah,” I said. “For the first time. In the bathroom. I lied to Ms. Ridley and told her I had to use it in the middle of class.”

“And you know you could get in trouble for telling me that,” she said.

I shrugged. “It’s the pill. I guess I really don’t care. Shame, guilt, it took those all away from me and amped up my lusts to a million. I just saw Adile licking pussy in the hallway, and I thought it would be hot to eat a girl out. I’ve never really thought that before.”

“Mmm,” the nurse said. She then held up my friend’s wrist and checked her pulse with her fingers, frowning. “You’re dripping with cum, Lola.”

“Yep, it was amazing. Shelena licked my pussy and then fucked me hard.”

“The quarterback, huh?” The nurse stood up, her futa-cock tenting the front of her scrubs. “That’s interesting.”

She grabbed a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope. She wrapped it around my friend’s arm and squeezed the bulb to inflate it. I watched as it expanded more and more. The nurse listened with the stethoscope as she bled out the air slowly.

“Blood pressure’s good,” she said. “Shock can cause some people to faint. Triggers the vagus nerve and causes vasovagal syncope, which lowers blood pressure rapidly. Usually, the sight of blood can do it, but also other bodily fluids. Especially if it’s a shock.”

“So it’s my fault?” I bit my lip. “I mean, I knew that, but… I didn’t expect her to faint.”

“No,” the nurse said and then gave me a clinical eye. “You know you’re leaking cum. That’s not sterile.”

“Oh, no,” I said. “I’ll clean up.”

The futa-nurse licked her lips. “Let me take care of that. It’s a… medical issue so we can justify that for the Program rules.”

The staff couldn’t have sex with students unless they were officially dating—even if that was only a for a week as Ms. Tyrell, the drama professor, did, dating a new student every week—or if it was part of a lesson or some way connected to their job. The nurse doing something medical related definitely skirted the line.

The old me would be horrified, but I was controlled by the pill.

“Clean away,” I purred.

The nurse izmir escort bayan smiled. “The pill’s had an interesting effect on you.”

“It’s utterly enslaved me, and I don’t care. My body loves it.”

The nurse fell to her knees, her bleached-blonde curls dancing about her tanned face. She had such hunger in her eyes as she leaned in and stroked my thighs. She purred in delight as she licked at my inner thigh, gathering up the pearly spunk that smeared my flesh.

“Mmm, mixed with barely legal cunt,” she moaned. “Your twenty, right?”

“For another two weeks,” I said.

I gasped as she licked again, her tongue climbing higher. She lapped up the jizz coating my thigh, her tongue hot and naughty on my flesh. My hair danced about my shoulders. This wicked heat rippled out of me. I groaned, my cunt clenching. My heart pounded. The beat thundered through my chest. I bit my lower lip.

Her tongue gathered up all that spunk. She purred as she licked me. She lapped and licked and fluttered her tongue up and down my thigh. I groaned as she went higher and higher. She neared my pussy, my cunt on fire.

Her hazel eyes had this fire in them as she neared my pussy. She was almost there, licking at the cum right at the apex of my right thigh. I quivered, so ready for her to lick and lap and feast on my cunt. To drive me wild.

Instead, she pulled her head away.

“Nurse Luann?” I moaned.

“Mmm, got to clean your other thigh,” she said. She licked right above my knee, gathering up a salty blob. “Futa-cum is a treat.”

“I didn’t know you were bi,” I moaned.

“It’s such a delight to enjoy both girls and futas.” She smiled at me. “You should give it a try. Going down a girl. It’s different from a futa. No big dick in the way and only a little clit to play with.”

“I haven’t gone down on a futa,” I said. “No sucking her cock or licking her cunt.” I liked saying that word. Cunt. Pussy. Tits. All those words I used to think were too dirty now the pill made me say with relish.

“You will,” she said and then licked up a long line of cum.

I shuddered and moaned, “Gosh, that’s nice. Ooh, yes, yes, I can’t wait for you to eat my cunt. It’ll be so gosh, darn good.”

She snorted. “You can say cunt but not goddess or damn?”

“I can’t say the Lady’s name in vain,” I said, glancing down at my cross dangling between my round breasts. My dark-red nipples looked so hard, so in need of being touched.

I did that.

I twisted and squeezed my nipples as the nurse licked up my thigh again. She neared my cunt again, licking and lapping, bathing my skin with her hot saliva. I trembled as she came closer and closer to my twat. To licking me.

This time, she didn’t stop.

“Nurse Luann!” I gasped as she reached my blonde bush. She nuzzled into my pubic hair, my golden curls spilling around her face. “Oh, yes, yes!”

Her tongue fluttered through my folds. She felt different from Shelena. That futa had just given me a few licks before I exploded while Nurse Luann was loving my pussy, her tongue digging through my folds. She explored me, not just enjoyed licking me.

The difference was subtle but amazing.

I gasped, trembling there. I twisted my dark-red nipples as the futa-nurse’s tongue slid into my deflowered depths. That was something Shelena couldn’t have done. The futa-nurse’s tongue hooked in me like it was scooping out…

The cum.

The nurse groaned as she savored the jizz flavored by my cunt. My spicy aroma filled my nose, a heady delight that had me swaying. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. The pulsing beat surged over me. It pumped hot blood through my veins as she licked and lapped at me.

She devoured the cum out of my cunt.

“Nurse Luann!” I moaned. “Oh, gosh, yes, lick that girl-cum out of my cunt! Ooh, you’re such a naughty nurse!”

“I am,” she purred. “Seeing you little strumpets sauntering around the campus naked, or nearly so, and being unable to touch you is torture. I just want to feast on you.” She shoved her tongue deep inside of me and scooped out more of the jizz. “Mmm, it’s been trying.”

I twisted my nubs, glad I could help her out. It seemed like such a dumb rule. Why shouldn’t the professor’s get in on the fun? They were already starting to. Stacie Ward and Coach Castellano, Randi Bjork and Ms. Rowbottom, Johana Jordan and her mother the biology professor. I used to put on blindfolds and earplugs when professors would find an excuse to enjoy the students enrolled in the Program.

Why have this one line that couldn’t be crossed? If the students wanted it…

I gasped as her tongue flicked up to my clit. She swirled it around my little bud, stroking me. My breasts jiggled. I tugged hard on my nipples, savoring the jolt of delight rushing down to my pussy. I shuddered, wiggling my hips from side to side.

This felt so amazing. A naughty, wicked thrill that had me trembling. My heart quivered. The passion surged through my body. My cunt clenched and relaxed. The heat built and built in me. A naughty thrill that would have me exploding.

I bit my lip as she sucked on my bud. Her fingers jammed into my cunt, plunging deep into my twat. I gasped, my back arching. The penetration was shocking and sudden. It was just what I needed. My orgasm hurtled towards me.

“Nurse Luann,” I moaned, swaying, my blonde curls dancing about my shoulders. “Oh, gosh, I’m going to cum.”

“Like a little schoolgirl-slut?” the nurse hissed then sucked on my clit.

“Just like that!” I gasped. “I’m a schoolgirl slut thanks to the pill!”

It controlled me.

I came so hard.

The joy of my orgasm rushed through me. That wonderful, delicious heat swept through my body. I gasped, my cunt writhing and spasming about her digits. She jammed them deep and hard into my cunt, teasing me as the cream gushed out of me.

Her lips abandoned my clit to lick up the spicy juices flooding out of me. Her tongue danced around her fingers plunging in and out of my cunt. I groaned, my tits jiggling, pulling at the nipples gripped in my digits.

“Oh, yes, that’s so good! Oh, Nurse, Luann, you’re such a good pussy licker. Gosh, yes!”

“And you have such a yummy cunt,” purred the nurse. “Such a treat to eat you out.”

“Oh, yes, yes, that was nice,” I panted. “Ooh, thank you! Now I can—”

“Oh, gosh, no,” groaned Macie.

My head whipped around to find my friend sitting up on the exam table. I shuddered and saw my friend staring at me, her eyes wide. They were locked on my naked tits, my fingers pinching my nipples. Then she flicked down to the futa-nurse pulling her head away from my pussy.

“Lola, you’re…” Macie shook her head. “That’s…”

She looked so cute. This lust seized me, the pill taking control of my body, and I threw my nude body at the exam bed. I landed on the paper covering, the padding hard beneath my knees. I loomed over my friend.

She leaned back as I leaned in. I grabbed her face, feeling the softness of her skin. Her eyes went wide with panic. A strand of her brown hair fell over her tan forehead. My head darted in and kissed my best friend on the lips.


I thrust my tongue against her mouth, wept up by the tide of lesbian lust that rippled through me. My entire body buzzed from the wonderful and delicious orgasm the futa-nurse just gave me. Now the pill wanted me to make my friend feel just as amazing.

I liked the idea.

My hands held her face as I kissed her. She whimpered, struggling to pull away from me. I kept it up, wanting her to relax. As she retreated, I pressed forward and soon I was lying atop her, my naked breasts pressing into her dark blouse. She squirmed on the exam table beneath me, her tits feeling so soft through her clothing.

My hand slid from my mouth as I kept kissing her, not wanting to let up. I wanted to make her feel amazing. My touch stroked down her soft neck to the high collar of her blouse. I kept kissing her as I went lower, finding were our tits pressed together.

I kneaded her breasts, savoring touching my friend’s tits. A girl’s tits. The bible said this was a sin. A girl should only lie with futas, and only if they were married. Sex was for reproduction and the symbolic union of Jesusa and the Church, a physical union of futa and wife that mirrored the spiritual one.

I didn’t care. I wanted Macie.

My fingers kneaded and played with her breasts, massaging the side of them. She whimpered and shuddered beneath me. I loved the feel of her. The way she whimpered and groaned. My tongue darted through her mouth, teasing her.

I wanted her to surrender.

To find this amazing.

She tasted so sweet.

My friend felt so naughty beneath me.

The door closed, the futa-nurse leaving us alone. My friend whimpered. She sounded so cute. Her eyes were squeezed shut. My fingers dug into her breasts through her blouse. I slid up her flesh, bruising my own.

I found her nipples. Through her bra and blouse.

Hard nipples.

My pussy clenched as I massaged my friend’s nubs. She shuddered on the table beneath me. She squirmed. Her body felt so warm. She sighed as I massaged her nipples, her mouth opening. My tongue fluttered inside. I caressed her tongue. I teased her.

She let out a groan and then she kissed me back.

Every girl knew nipples were the gateway to their sexual sin. Massaging them, playing with them, and teasing them made a girl get wetter and wetter. Without the pill to control her, I had to use that other method. The one futas had used for thousands of years to make girls succumb to naughty pleasures.

Macie surrendered to me.

I pinched her nipple with my left hand through her clothing, kissing her with such hunger. Her lips moved with mien. She moaned and squirmed beneath me. My right hand moved down her body, finding her hip. Her skirt. I began tugging it up, shifting around, my knees and legs on it and pinning it in place.

My patience paid off when I worked up her skirt enough to brush her bare leg at her knee. She shuddered against me, her eyes snapping open. She stopped kissing me as my hand slid up her thigh. She shook her head and whimpered as my fingers buca escort crept up her silky skin.

I broke the kiss, my finger stroking her nipple. “It’s okay. It’s just the pill.”

“I haven’t taken it,” she whimpered.

“But I did,” I told her, nuzzling my nose against hers. My finger circled her nipple through her blouse as my right hand climbed higher and higher. “I just want to eat your pussy. You don’t have to do anything in return.”

“Lola,” she groaned, squirming. Her nipple felt so hard. “I… I mean… Our vow. We’re supposed to be pure, and this… this is…”

“I know,” I said. “But just remember that it’s all me. You have nothing to feel ashamed of.”

I kissed my friend again, eager to give her such a wonderful delight. To make her feel amazing. My hand reached her panties. I shuddered as I felt a heat flowing from her. I pressed on the cotton, feeling her bush beneath along with her passion.

I turned her on.

She whimpered as my fingers pressed her panties into her bush. I slid lower until she squirmed. I knew I was touching the right spot. I was rubbing her vulva through her underwear, caressing her virgin pussy.

This wicked heat ran through me. This naughty passion. A dizzying wave shot through me. I was touching my best friend’s pussy through her panties. I was stroking her. Doing something so wicked. The pill was amazing.

It forced me to do this delicious thing.

I slid my fingers to the right, finding the leg hole. I dipped in, brushing her pubic hair. Macie whimpered and shuddered. She kissed me back, harder. The pill was infecting her, too. I had turned her on so much she had surrendered to this delight.

My fingers stroked through those silky pubic hairs and slid up and down her curls. I teased her, loving the feel of the juices on them. Then I found the hot flesh of her pussy. My own cunt clenched, aching to be touched.

Good thing Nurse Luann made me cum, or I’d be in real trouble.

My tongue darted into Macie’s mouth, dueling with hers as I stroked up and down her hot flesh. Her juices coated my fingers. She whimpered and groaned, struggling beneath her. Her tongue darted through my folds. It was such a delight. A naughty and wicked heat that surged through my body.

My tongue flicked across my lips, the heat burning through me. I shuddered, my heart pumping such wicked passion through me. My juices flowed down my thighs, soaking through my thick bush, as I stroked up to her clit.

She gasped into the kiss.

I broke it and smiled, rubbing her little bud. “Mmm, you like that, huh?”

“Yes,” she groaned, her face twisting. “We shouldn’t do this, Lola. It’s going to change everything. We’re supposed to be pure.”

“We are pure,” I told her. “It’s the pill. We’re not to blame.” I stared into her eyes. “There’s no guilt when you’re not in control.”

“But I’m in control,” she whispered.

“Nonsense,” I purred and kissed her again, a quick nip. “This is all me. You’re just helpless to my touch. And I’m going to touch you. Lick you. Eat you.”

I couldn’t wait. I had to taste her.

I pushed down her body, my breasts dragging over her dress. Her cloth caressed me. It was amazing. I shuddered as I settled between her thighs, my hands pushing up her skirt high enough to uncover her plain, white panties. So boring. They were disarrayed, her brown pubic hair sticking out on the side.

Macie lifted her rump as I drew them down. Her legs thrust into the air and pressed tight as I slid the panties up them, her furred muff peeking between her thighs. I licked my lips. Over my own spicy musk, a sweet scent grew.

Was that her pussy?

A hunger swept through me.

I threw her panties down beside us, pressed her thighs apart, and ducked my head down. I didn’t hesitate to press my face into my best friend’s virgin twat. I licked at her pussy. Her silky hairs caressed my face. This wonderful delight rubbed against me. I shuddered as my tongue stroked out and lapped across her folds. It was such an amazing delight to experience.

To enjoy.

I nuzzled into her pussy, licking with such hunger. I just wanted to experience everything she had to offer. To revel in all the delights of her sweet pussy. My tongue fluttered up and down her juicy slit. It made me feel so naughty.

I reached her clit and nibbled on it.

She gasped and squealed, her body shaking with delight. Her head tossed back and forth. This wonderful passion surged through me. It made me so hot to experience this delight. Juices melted down my cunt as I feasted on her.

“Lola!” Macie groaned. “Oh, Lola, this is so wrong, but… but…”

“It’s the pill,” I told her. I licked my lips. “I never had a thought of eating pussy until it, okay?”

“You never did?” she asked, her voice tight.

“Nope. But I am glad the pill’s making me do it. Ooh, you taste amazing.”

I buried my face back into her pussy. I licked and lapped and feasted on her. I loved this. Savored my tongue dancing over her folds. I shuddered, the pleasure surging through my body just from the thrill of eating out my first cunt.

My best friend’s cunt.

My left hand shot down between my thighs. I thrust my digits into my deflowered pussy. I couldn’t wait to take my next cock in her. I pumped them in and out of my hot flesh, savoring the juicy feel. My twat squeezed down around my digits. This head rush rippled through me. It was incredible.

I moaned into her twat as my masturbation sent me hurtling towards another orgasm. The depravity of eating Macie’s sweet cunt had me on the brink of my climax already. My tongue licked and lapped up and down her virgin flesh.

I brushed her clit. I danced around it. Then I fluttered my tongue against her hymen. She was still one hundred percent pure. That was so hot. My tongue pressed against it. I wanted to penetrate it. I wanted to poke my tongue through it.

My fingers.

My pill wanted that, but not enough to make me do it. Not enough that would go that far with my friend. She deserved to have the futa she loved and marry do that to her. Or just the one that made her so hot she had to be fucked like a slut in the bathroom.

That was fun.

“Oh, Lola,” she whimpered. “Lola, you’re… you’re…”

“Making you cum?” I asked. I sucked on her clit.

She yelped and nodded, her dress rustling around her. She clapped hands over her burning cheeks. “I’m going to… to do that. Have my orgasm. Oh, Lola. Yes!”

She bucked suddenly and then she cried out as her juices flooded over me. I gasped, lapping up her virgin folds. She whimpered and bucked. Her breasts jiggled. I savored the delight. My tongue danced over her fold.

She tasted so good. That wonderful flavor of her sweet cream bathed my tongue. It was fresher. Hotter. I reveled in it. My pussy clenched on my plunging fingers. My thumb rushed my own clit. Sparks exploded.

I joined my best friend in orgasmic rapture.

The exam bed creaked. It groaned as she shuddered through her pleasure. Then she panted. She collapsed, panting and groaning. I licked at her a few more times, my own waves of pleasure rushing through my body.

“Lola!” she moaned.

I darted up her body, my pleasure rippling through me. I kept plunging my fingers in and out of my cunt as I kissed her with pussy-stained lips. I let her taste herself on me. She gasped and stiffened. Her tongue danced with mine.

It was an incredible experience. I loved her as my orgasm peaked. My entire body trembled through my rapture. I broke the kiss as my ecstasy died into buzzing rapture. I stared into her eyes, searching.

“That was… nice,” she said, blushing.

“It was just the pill,” I told her. “So no guilt.”

She nodded. “We… we should get back to class.”

“Right,” I gasped. “It’s calculus. We have to get going.”

She blushed and grabbed her panties. She drew them over her shoes and up her legs. I caught a final glimpse of her pussy before she seated them. Nurse Luann gave us a note explaining our absence before we were hurrying through the halls.

Macie held my hand as we rushed in silence, my tits jiggling.

We burst into Ms. Miller’s calculus class, every eye turning to us. “Sorry for being late,” I said. “I had to take Macie to the nurse’s office.”

“I just fainted,” Macie said, taking her seat. “Sorry.”

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Ms. Miller said.

“Can I have my relief?” I asked. “I missed the start of class, and I’m horny.”

Macie gasped and gave me this shocked, stunned look. I gave her a hopeless shrug. The pill needed more. I was on fire. My pussy drooled, needing a futa’s cock to fuck me hard and fast. I craved it.

“Sure,” the professor said. “If you need it that badly.”

“I do,” I moaned, trembling.

“I’ll do it,” Guanting Chan said, standing up. The Chinese futa, and head of the A/V club, wore a blouse with a bow tie, her long skirt falling to her knees.

“No, I got you, Lola,” said Isadora Hardy. She gave me a big grin, her brown hair swaying about her face.

“Both of you!” I said and fell to my knees. “First one to my pussy gets to fuck my juicy cunt, the other gets my mouth.”

They both charged forward, stripping off their clothes. Guanting’s skirt came off, revealing a pair of dark pantyhose clinging to her lithe thighs, her futa-dick swelling the front of the red panties she wore beneath. Isadora’s jean skirt let her get naked faster. She hauled it up and over her waist then shoved her blue panties to the side. Her girl-dick popped out.

She landed behind me and reamed her girl-dick to the hilt in me. I moaned as she slammed deep and hard into me, feeling me with that amazing cock. My entire calculus class watched with shock and hunger in their eyes.

“Lola is really getting fucked?”

“That video Shelena posted is fucking real!”

“Damn, the prez of the Purity Society getting wild!”

“It’s just the pill,” I moaned as Isadora fucked me hard. She pounded me with powerful strokes, burying her girl-dick over and over into me. The senior futa hammered me.

“Damn,” Guanting moaned. She fell to her knees before me, fumbling with her nylons. I gasped as she izmir escort just ripped them open, the pantyhose splitting. The red of her panties became so much more vibrant now that it was no longer covered by the black. “You’re so sexy, Lola.”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Macie whimpered. “This is like a nightmare.”

“Sorry,” I moaned as Guanting’s cock came out. “The pill, remember.”

“Yeah,” she said, sounding desultory.

Guanting ripped her panties to the side. Her cock flopped out, thrusting from a thick, black bush. I smelled her sweet pussy juices moments before she pressed her clit-dick against my mouth. I opened wide, shuddering as I swallowed my first girl-dick.

It was incredible to have her cock in my mouth as Isadora pumped away at my cunt. Guanting moaned, her bow tie tight about her throat. Her round breasts jiggled in her white blouse as she gripped my sandy-blonde hair.

“The president of the Purity Society sucking on my cock,” moaned Guanting. “Wow, this is amazing.”

“I know,” panted Isadora. “I’m so glad you asked for relief.”

Me, too.

I sucked hard on Guanting’s cock as Isadora hammered my cunt. Pleasure rippled out of my aching pussy. She wasn’t as big as Shelena, but she still felt amazing in me. I whimpered, drool running down my chin as I blew my first cock. It was naughty. Salty precum coated my tongue.

My round breast jiggled as I rocked between them. Isadora’s crotch smacked into my rump. My cunt clenched down on her thrusting futa-dick each time. It was incredible. My mouth slid a few inches up and down Guanting’s dark-olive cock, pleasure crossing the nerdy futa’s face.

She tightened her grip on my hair and fucked my mouth.

I liked that. It made me feel like such a slut. The pill reveled in it.

“Damn, look at Lola go!”

“That’s so hot!”

“Maybe they’ll cum fast and I’ll have my turn with her.”

“Always tomorrow.”

The sounds rippled around me as I blew Guanting and took Isadora’s cock in my cunt. The silky friction fed my orgasm as much as the watchers and the thrill of blowing my first cock. I was doing so many firsts today. I reveled in it, my eyes squeezing shut as I just enjoyed this wicked and wanton pleasure.

Guanting thrust her hips forward. Two futa-cocks fucked me now. I was impaled between them, spit-roasted on their dicks. It was incredible. I whimpered, my tits swaying. Isadora churned my cunt to a froth, bringing me closer and closer to that magical eruption.

It wouldn’t be long. Isadora’s steady, hard thrusts were bringing me towards that wonderful orgasm. I loved cumming. The pill made me into such a slut. I shuddered, welcoming their cocks in me, moaning about Guanting’s futa-dick.

“Oh, damn,” Guanting groaned. “Lola! I’m going to flood your mouth.”

I moaned around her girl-dick and opened my eyes. I wanted her to know that was okay. I sucked with hunger, nursing on her dick. My tongue danced around her shaft as she fucked it in and out of me. Her dick drove to the back of my throat. I couldn’t take her entire length.

What a shame.

My pussy didn’t have that problem. I took every inch of Isadora’s cock. She plowed deep into me, stretching me out. I whimpered, feeling everyone watching me. Macie watching me. My orgasm swelled faster and faster.

I couldn’t take much more of this. Isadora’s cock churned my pussy towards a frothy climax. My cunt clenched and relaxed on her, flaring the pleasure. She gasped and groaned, driving her girl-dick hard and deep into me.

“Shit!” she moaned. “Goddess damn, your tight, Lola!”

“Cum in her!”

“Give the slutty prez what she craves!”

“I always knew you were a slut, Lola! You were trying too hard to deny it.”

“The Program is amazing.”

“Yes,” Guanting moaned and then erupted.

Her hot futa-cum fired into my mouth. My eyes widened as I tasted the jizz fresh from the source. The salty flavor melted across my tongue. I whimpered, gulping it down. I swallowed blast after blast of the amazing delight.

Isadora rammed her girl-dick into my cunt. I came.

My pussy convulsed around Isadora’s girl-dick. She gasped as she drew back and slammed into my convulsing flesh. The pleasure flooded through me. An amazing rapture that swept through my body and drowned me in delicious lust.

Guanting ripped her cock out of my mouth and gained her feet.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled. “Cum in me, Isadora. Cum in my cunt!”

“Fuck, yes!” Isadora gasped. She slammed into me. “Take it, prez!”

Hot futa-cum slashed into my cunt. I groaned, my mouth lingering with the taste of Guanting’s jizz while Isadora’s flooded me. Spurt after hot spurt of her jizz pumped into my twenty-year-old twat. My breasts swayed as the pleasure surged through my body.

“Macie!” I moaned. “She’s cumming in me. The pill is incredible.”

My friend wouldn’t look at me. She was the only one. I shuddered, my mind melting. My orgasm peaked in me. Isadora pumped the last blast of cum into me and then my climax passed. I panted, my tits heaving.

“My turn?” Alisya Corwin asked hopefully.

“No, no, we still have ten minutes left in class,” said Ms. Miller, let’s get back to work.

I nodded and stood up, cum matting my pussy. I slumped down beside Macie, feeling like a million bucks. I stretched my arms, my tits jiggling. The pill was satiated, for now. But lunch break was next.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Macie fled to join the Purity Society and didn’t want to sit with me. Well, that was fine. I ended up not see Macie for the rest of the day, but I didn’t let that concern me. I was having too much fun.

During lunch, while she was off with the Purity Society, I ended up having a threesome with Ginny and her futa-girlfriend Candice. Turned out, the futa did have a bigger cock than Shelena’s. That cute, nerdy freshman made me cum so hard while I moaned into Ginny’s pussy.

“Want to make a porno with us on Friday after classes?” Ginny asked. “In the A/V Club? It’ll help the school out.”

“Sure,” I said, grinning. The pill thought that sounded like a blast. “Just so long as I can fuck Candice again.”

“There’s a few other members of the A/V club that will get their dicks wet, too. You’ll love it.” Ginny smiled at me. “I like finding girls to come to the shoots because Salome is still a virgin, and the only futa I fuck is Candice. But since I was gangbanged during my week in the Program, I make sure she gets pussy to make up for it.”

She was a loving girlfriend, though I was shocked to learn that Salome and her futa-girlfriend were waiting for marriage to have sex. They weren’t even in the Purity Society. The two Hispanic futas were cute together.

I wondered what would happen to Salome if she was slipped the naughty pill…

I asked for relief in my next three classes and had a blast. I was dripping with cum when I walked home naked. Why put on clothes? It was a warm day. Futas I passed on the street appreciated it, and I took a dick up the ass from a hottie out for a jog.

It was only when I got home, I realized I hadn’t heard from Macie since calculus.


Lola Lovell’s Thursday

The next day, I was dripping with cum when I realized that Macie hadn’t shown up to college. I received dirty looks from members of my Purity Society as I moved through the hallway. They must have heard about what I’d done with Macie. How I’d loved her.

I texted Macie for the tenth time. I contacted her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I sent her a Snapchat, and not a nude one like the pill wanted me to do, but strictly from the shoulders up. I hit her up on WhatsApp.

She ignored them all.

I found something that could finally tame the futa pill and the wild effect it had on me: worry.

I was so concerned about my friend that I didn’t beg for a futa to fuck me during my relief time in my physics class nor my calculus. My lust evaporated despite the fact I’d taken a fresh pill that morning, handed over by President McTaggart when I gleefully stripped naked before getting fucked hard by the twin futa-sisters, Danita and Shanene Hayward. I took one in the pussy and the other in the asshole. It was an incredible delight.

I had pushed Macie too far. She had clearly freaked out, lost to the same shame that used to control me before the pill. Now that I was on it, I wasn’t sure I could ever go off of it. I mean, I know I should return to being a pure girl, but just doing what it wanted was so much easier than fighting my desires all the time.

Having sex felt amazing.

When lunch arrived, I marched down to the college’s nurses office. I had to fix my friend, and I knew just how to do it. I had such confidence, marching forward, my tits bouncing. The futas seemed to sense that I had somewhere to be and most just gave me light gropes on the ass or tweaked a nipple.

I wanted to enjoy myself, but Macie was more important.

I reached the nurse’s office and entered it. “Nurse Luann.”

“Oh, hello, Lola,” the futa-nurse purred. She wore pink scrubs again, a hungry smile on her face as she sauntered out of her office. “Do you need to be… cleaned up?”

My cheeks burned with desire. “No, no, I need another pill.”

She arched an eyebrow at me. “Didn’t you take one this morning when you arrived.”

“It’s not for me, it’s for Macie.” I bit my lower lip. “I don’t think she reacted the way I wanted her to after yesterday. She’s skipping classes and not answering my messages. That’s not like her. I want to take the pill to her house. I know it will calm her down and help her relax. Like it did for me. Then she won’t feel any guilt or shame over what we did yesterday.”

I didn’t. Thanks to the pill.

The nurse bit her lip. “Okay, Lola, there’s something you need to know.”

My brow furrowed. “Uh, what?”

“The pill was just a placebo.”

My head cocked. I shook it. “The pill I took? The one that turned me into a slut? That made me so horny I stopped caring?”

“It’s just a sugar pill,” she said. “It did nothing to you.”

My jaw dropped. The room spun. I grabbed her arm for support as the impact of her words struck me. The blood rushed to my brain and then this boiling darkness hit me. Sounds retreat as I felt myself falling and…

To be continued…

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