Fun with Professor Montgomery

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On the first day of college I was the first one in class, because I have always liked to be early.

“Are you Professor Montgomery?” I ask unsure of what he looked like because his back was facing me.

“Yes I am” he said turning around “are you in this class?” He asks smiling.

I freeze slightly seeing what he looks like immediately being attracted to him, but trying to hide it so I can give myself a good reputation.

I smile back “yes I am” I say.

“Awesome” he says “pick any seat. The rest of the class should be here in a few minutes.”

I decide to pick a seat in the front row so I can flirt with him once the semester starts.

“So when did you start working here?” I ask “you seem pretty young.”

“This is my 3rd year here. And I’m probably not as young as you think.” he says smiling.

“When I was in high school I had a teacher who was 28. You don’t look much older than that if at all.” I reply.

“I’m 30” he says and smiles “I’m guessing your a freshman?” he asks.

“Yes. I’m nervous too.” I admit. “I do think this is going to be a good year though.” I say.

“Yes, it will be” he says looking right into my eyes. He walks up to my desk and leans in close to me. “Especially since I have someone with a personality like yours in my class.” he whispers.

“Thank you” I say “I appreciate that.”

“No problem” he says backing away as a group of students walk into the room.

“Oh look!” One girl says, “already trying to impress the professor huh? What a slut!”

“HEY! You talk like that and your out of my class. She was just here a little early. She said she has always done that. I won’t tolerate you talking to her like that, or anyone else in this class.”

As they take a seat in the back of the room, I look at Professor Montgomery and smile “thank you” I mouth.

He nods, smiles, and sits down at his desk.

As the rest of the class piles in he stands in the front of the room to take attendance. When he calls my name, I say here and he responds. “that’s a very nice name Felicity. I’ll be able to remember that easily.”

“Thank you” I say and wait for attendance to finish. He doesn’t comment on anybody else’s name.

As class continues, he gives a summary of the class. The girls in the back start talking, and he tells them to leave and not to come back to the class again.

I decide I will be the last one to walk out

“Have a good day Professor Montgomery”

“You too Felicity” he smiles.

I have his class every Tuesday and Friday, so now I can’t wait for Friday to come.

On Friday, I am excited to walk back into Professor Montgomery’s class.

“Good morning Felicity” he says.

“Good morning. How are you?” I ask.

“I’m good” he says “how are you?”

“Good” I say and I take my seat.

Throughout class, I notice that he is giving me an unusual amount of eye contact. I return it every time until one time I lightly squint my eyes, giving him a seductive look. This makes him lose his spot in the lesson. I then bite my lip and he clears his throat.

I canlı bahis know now that he likes me, even though it’s the second day, but I still want to tease him a little more.

He tells us in class that his office hours are at 4. So I am going to pop a visit.

I walk up to the door at 4 and knock walking in.

“Professor Montgomery?”

“Hey Felicity.” He perks up “how was your day?”

“Good” I say “how about yours?”

“It was good. Although I’m quite tired. What can I help you with?”

“I was just wondering if you would be able to go over my paper with me. I think I have a pretty good start, but I want to make sure I’m following the directions correctly.” I say

“Of course” he says. “take a seat.”

I can tell he is trying to cover up what happened earlier in class, so I’m going to try to flirt with him a little bit.

I decide to take a seat right next to him, and take out my paper. He begins to read it.

“Felicity. This is amazing. You don’t need me to look over this.”

“Thanks” I say and give a little smile “but what about this part?” I ask pointing on the paper being sure to lean in a little close to him so my right arm touches his left.

I can feel him tense up and he leans a little closer to me, where I can feel his breath on my face, but it’s still an appropriate distance “you could probably add a little more detail here, but other than that I’d give you an A”

“Thanks Professor” I say.

“Your welcome Felicity” he responds “you are a very hard worker and I can see it in class. You are very passionate about your work and aim at doing your best despite the grades you get.” He smiles.

“Thank you Professor, that’s greatly appreciated.

“Not a problem. Anytime you would like help feel free to stop by. And even if it’s not about school, and you just want to chat. My door is open. I’m here throughout the day too, I just have set office hours.” He says.

“Cool” I say “thank you so much.”

As I walk out of the room I turn around to look at him again and he is still looking at me. We both smile and I go outside to go home.

The weekend is really long remembering what happened on Friday afternoon. I like having the weekend but I want Tuesday to come faster.

It’s Tuesday morning finally and I walk into the classroom. Professor Montgomery isn’t there, but the door is open. I take my seat in the class and see what is going to happen. As the rest of the class comes in, Professor Montgomery still isn’t there. I begin to wonder if he’s coming to class today. Then he walks in

“Sorry everybody”. he says. “I got stuck in traffic on the way here. I’m glad your all here.” He says, his eyes darting to me. I return with a slight smile but he turns toward his desk to keep the class from suspecting.

He starts his lecture and I write down notes. I am trying to think of what I could do today to tease him today to test my theory of him being attracted to me.

I decide that I will give him seductive eyes and bite my pencil and then put my hand on my thigh and move it up slightly but motion with bahis siteleri my eyes.

As he continues his lecture I notice his eyes keep flickering to mine. I give him direct eye contact and lightly squint my eyes putting my pencil between my teeth and moving my tongue on it. I lightly spread my legs and notice that he has noticed everything I’m doing. He moves behind the podium and I wonder if it’s because of me. He clears his throat and keeps bringing his eyes back to me even though he is scanning the room. I put my hands on my knee and move it a little bit up my thigh to see his reaction. He moves around and tells us that he will now be taking a pop quiz and that he will be in the front of the room to help if we need it.

I love this opportunity because it allows me to flirt with him more. He tells everyone to spread out so of course everyone goes to the side tables where they won’t see me.

This is my chance I say to myself as he gives me full eye contact. I continue to give him complete eye contact and spread my legs more. I am wearing a skirt, and I know he has seen my cotton pink panties because he lightly opens his mouth and inhales. I smile and move my hand up my leg. I don’t keep going though. I can see that he has started to sweat and has to refocus in case anybody needs help.

“Professor Montgomery?” I ask.

“Oh hi Felicity” he says “what’s up.” pretending that what happened didn’t really happen.

“I don’t quite understand this question.” I say talking a seat next to him.

“Ok, lets see” he says.

As he explains it to me, I put my hand on his leg.

“you can work in groups for the remainder of the class.” he says

This gives me an opportunity.

“You can’t fool me Professor Montgomery.” I say “I know its only the second day, but I can see it” I say squeezing his leg

He inhales, “not here, not now”. he says

“no, ones looking.” I say moving my hand up a little bit.

“Meet me after class in my office. There is no one there then and we can be alone.”

I smile “I knew it.” I say walking away “thank you so much.”

When class ends I walk out with everyone else, but plant my eyes on Professor Montgomery and lick my lips. I wait a while to make him wonder if I’m coming to his classroom, then I walk in.

“Hi Felicity.” he says.

“Hey” I say walking in closing and locking the door.

He stands up: “I’m not sure about this.” he says. “I’m faculty and your student”.

“Even better” I saw “it’s forbidden” I walk closer to him.

“I know you want it Professor Montgomery. I see the way you look at me in class.”

“Why don’t we have a little fun?” I say pulling on his tie to pull him down to me. I take his arm and put it on my back. “I’m doing this for us.” I say “not for a grade.” “I want you Professor. I want to feel your hands all over me” I whisper “I want to feel your hard cock in my virgin pussy and milk it with my orgasm.”

With that he pulls me into him from behind

I can feel his hardness on my back since he is taller than me. His hands are on my stomach

“touch me” bahis şirketleri I say “live out your fantasy”

With that he cups my breasts in his hands and buries his face in my neck.

I can hear soft groans which makes me even more horny for him.

“Your so naughty Professor.” I say.

“You are too.” he says. “I love having a naughty student.”

I grind my ass against his hard cock making him push against me. I take his hand and put it on my legs making him moan and move it up between my legs.

“Oh yes Professor”. I say. “I love feeling your hands on me.”

“You love being touched by your professor?”

“Oh yes Professor. I love it.”

I can tell this really turns him on because he then turns me around and pulls me up against him to kiss him. He pushes my chest against his and I reach down to grab his cock making him squirm in my arms.

“Do I turn you on?” I ask.

“Oh yes Felicity. You really turn me on.”

“make me orgasm Professor. I’ve been fantasizing about this since I met you.”

He then lightly plays with my clit teasing me, making me beg for more.

“Oh Professor” I say. “Your teasing me.”

“mmmmmmm” he says “I like teasing my student. I want to know you want it.”

“I want it Professor. I want you to finger fuck me and make me scream.”

He then puts one finger inside me feeling my wetness and starts to finger fuck me. I start to ride his finger making him moan as I grab his cock and undo his belt to let it free

As I climax into my first orgasm he puts me on his desk.

“Fuck me Professor.” I say. “I want you to be my first.”

“Are you sure? Felicity?”

“yes Professor. Please!” I beg.

I then pull him in against me and tease my clit with the head of his cock making him lean back and close his eyes.

“You want this in my pussy, don’t you Professor”

“Oh yes Felicity, do I”

“Fuck me Professor. Make my pussy scream. I want to cum for you.”

He then enters me slowly but also forcefully. We both moan and he holds onto me tightly. He begins to move in and out of my tight pussy.

“You’re so tight Felicity. I love it!”

“You love your naughty student huh?”

“Oh I do. I love you so fuckin’ much!”

“Make me cum Professor. All over your desk. Show me what you have inside you.”

He continues to pump in and out of me both of us groaning. “I’m going to cum!!” I say. pushing my body against his digging my nails into his back.

“Oh yes baby! Come for your Professor. You naughty student.”

With that I am thrown over the edge and cum. He pulls out and continues to stroke himself until he cums too.

I pull him up against me.

“Thanks for the help Professor.” I say.

He then teases my clit again bringing me to another orgasm.

“Your amazing”. he says.

We both look into each others eyes.

“Is it ok if I come here for help even once the semester is over?” I ask.

“You can come anytime”. he says and kisses me.

As we put our clothes back on I come back up against him.

“Behave yourself in class.” I whisper and smile looking into his eyes.

“Are you going to tease me?” he asks.

“Oh yes!” I say “ill do more than just tease” I wink and walk toward the door.

“See you in class Professor.”

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