Fun Roomates

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Note: Another old short one. Mostly just dialogue and a girl talking dirty casually. Anal heavy as always.


“Hey Simone,” I said greeting the now familiar VI.

“Hello James, what can we do for you today.”

“Nothing fancy, just in for a quickie. Just pop in me an apartment with some hot roommates. You know what I like.”

“I do. Alright James, straight to the point it is. Compiling now.”

Reality seeps away, my vision blurs at the edges and slowly blacks out before slowly returning.

I find myself in bed in a small but nice looking bedroom. The sun is shining brightly through the curtains. It feels early. I hear chatter coming from outside so I get up and make my way to the door eager to see what my roommates look like.

Opening the door I see two incredibly cute brunettes sitting at the breakfast table, playing on their phones, munching away at oatmeal and talking to each other. Both are dressed in loose t-shirts and nothing else.

Seeing two gorgeous women almost naked has a pretty immediate effect. I feel my member stiffen at the sight. The two turn to face me as they notice me standing there. “Morning,” one of them said brightly. The nearest one turns back to her food and phone while the one on the other side of the table spares a glance down at my briefs and visibly erect cock. “So James, how do you want get rid of today’s morning wood?”

The one with her eyes glued to her phone pipes up. “Why do you even bother asking? He practically never chooses our mouths or pussies, it’s always ass this anal that. Do you really think all of a sudden he’s going touch my pussy today? We both know the only thing he’s going to do is ram my asshole raw.” She turns to look at me accusingly. “Or am I wrong? Whose it gonna be today? Me or Becca?”

Well she’s got me pinned. I like this one’s attitude so I make my way over to her. She stands up automatically as soon bahis firmaları as I’m near and bends over at the waist, leaning on the kitchen table and giving me better access to her ass. She sounds frustrated and huffs out “Me again, figures. Why do you always go for my asshole?”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m a girl with a vagina? You know, that other hole, or did you forget we had one. Seriously, don’t you ever wanna try sticking it in that?”

“Nope,” I said chuckling.

She sighs but otherwise doesn’t move away. I place the tip of my cock on her asshole and start pushing in. It slips easily inside and I quickly begin fucking her ass at a decent pace. It’s not exactly as tight as I imagined it would be, but I enjoy the implication. I fuck her ass as she plays around on her phone and eats breakfast for a few minutes before I hear Becca clear her throat. “James, why do you always pick Steph’s ass? I mean, I’m glad you do, I like still having a tight ass, but wouldn’t my tight asshole feel better? So how come you never choose me?”

“Huh, I don’t know, I guess it’s not all about the physical y’know. It’s like, the psychological part of it is important to me. I chose Steph because I like her attitude,” I said slapping Steph’s ass. “I like that she’s letting me ream out her asshole first thing in the morning while eating breakfast like it’s no big deal.”

“It stopped being a big deal after the 100th time you sodomized me,” she mumbled out.

My cock twitches in response to her casual attitude and I decide to pick up the pace and start fucking her with deeper and longer strokes.

Seemingly encouraged by this Steph livens up and speaks up with a tinge of anger to her voice. “And you want to know what? This is starting to like, mess me up. I mean, when you weren’t here all last week because of that road trip. At first I was like, great, no more dealing with James inside my asshole all kaçak iddaa the time but then morning came around and I get this empty feeling in my ass, like I needed something inside it. Which was exactly what it was, I spent half an hour that first morning shoving things up my ass, trying to masturbate with anything that fit to try and scratch that itch.” As Steph continued her rant she got increasingly frustrated. I on the other hand was loving every moment of it. My cock twitched at every new detail and I kept picking up my pace, fucking her deeper, harder and faster as she talked. The kitchens filled with sounds of slapping meat as I bottom out inside her again and again.

“Nothing worked, the carrots weren’t cutting it-”

“Ewwww,” Becca interrupted, making a face. “You didn’t tell me you used the carrots! I made soup with them!”

Steph ignored her. “I had to go out and buy a dildo. Twice! The six inch one I got at first barely helped. It was so humiliating, I had to go back to the same store and ask if I could get one bigger. The girl laughed at me when she handed me the nine inch one. Argh!”

“Wait, why twice?” I asked.

“Because you dick! It got so bad I couldn’t wait to get home. I had to use the changing rooms at the dress store across the street, that’s when I realized the little one wasn’t doing it and went back for the bigger one,” she said. “And even with that one, it wasn’t easy getting the feeling to go away I’ll have you know. Gentle fucking wasn’t working, I had to actually pound my asshole as fast as I could. And I wasn’t even bloody horny! That’s the worst thing, I wasn’t horny. I just needed my ass pounded. Do you know how weird it is to spend an hour slamming something up your ass as fast as you can without wanting it but needing it anyway? Ugh.”

Steph took a breath to steady herself. She’d clearly been waiting a while to vent all this. “I at least managed to get myself off kaçak bahis at the end, but that’s the other thing! I think anal is the only way I can get off now. I tried fucking my pussy with toy but there was just nothing happening. Ass didn’t work either unless I was doing it roughly enough. Ohmygod you should have seen the state of my asshole by the end of it, I practically turned it inside out.” Steph huffed out angrily.

“So I just wanted you to know this is all your fault, with your incessant fucking assfucking! Thank you soooo much for turning me into an actual anal addict,” she said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

“How am I even supposed to explain this to my boyfriend when I get one? ‘Babe I need you to assfuck me at least daily otherwise I go crazy and shove things up my ass all day. Oh and I can’t do vaginal because I can only get off from being sodomized’ I’m never going to have normal sex at this rate,” she said with a pout.

I’m pistoning into her ass as fast I can manage by the end of her rant, but the end catches me off guard. “Wait, are you saying you’re a virgin?”

“Not really, but technically I guess. A real dicks never been in my pussy if that’s what you mean.”

The thought turns me on more than I can say and I blow my load right there, pushing inside her as deep as I can go. I hug her from behind for a long moments until I start growing soft and slip out of her ass with a slight wet sound. My cum follows close behind and drips down to the tile floor. Steph looks down between her feet seeing the mess and says with a sigh. “You’re cleaning that up, after enjoying my ass the least you can do is clean up the mess.”

Sounds fair enough, I grab some tea towels and start cleaning up the mess around her asshole and on the floor.

“So did you enjoy that at least?” I asked Steph.

“No I told you, I can’t get off until my ass is treated rough enough.”

“That wasn’t rough?” I asked stunned

“That was 15 minutes of your usual daily ritual, not proper sex for me. All that did was get rid of the itch.”

Wow. I’d really have to step up my game for round 2 then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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