Fucked in the Woods Ch. 03

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About two weeks later Mr. Ellis and his wife were throwing a backyard barbecue and invited most of the neighborhood. I tried to beg off but Mrs. Ellis insisted I come as it was a neighborhood barbecue.

She said that everyone on the block would be there including my parents and that Randy, their oldest son, would be visiting from college. Now Randy was a very hot specimen of male flesh that I had been lusting for since we were boys.

Randy was two years older than me and never really had anything to do with me because all of the neighborhood boys considered me a bit of a nerd as I was not into sports and two years younger than most of them.

Well, I drove over and arrived, ‘fashionably late’. After moving about the crowd and saying hello to those that mattered I moved over to the cooler and grabbed myself a cold beer.

A pair of blue stripped board shorts, that nicely showed off my firm ass. A white tank top fitting just snug enough to show off my swimmers chest, defined arms and flat abs and a pair of Reef flip flops finished off my summer barbecue look.

As I reached over for the beer I noticed Mr. Ellis taking a lingering gaze at my ass as the fabric of the shorts stretched tight making it quite clear that I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

He was saying something to his son as Randy looked my way with a smirk on his handsome scruffy face. He boldly shot me a wink as he whispered something back to his dad.

I smiled back at them both and walked off in the direction of the pool while sipping my beer. I grabbed a lawn chair near the pool and watched as some of the neighborhood teen boys splashed around the pool showing off their hot young bodies.

I noticed the pool house just to the back side of the pool and needing to take a piss I decided to head over. Getting up from my chair I noticed that some of the recently graduated neighborhood boys were watching me head to the pool house and glancing back I saw Mr. Ellis was on his way over as well.

M and L marked the two doors, as I entered M the fairly spacious area of a couple of sinks and a toilet alcove was to one side and a changing and shower area on the other.

I walked over to check into shower area and was pleasantly surprised to see that along one wall were two showers in an open roofless area casino siteleri with vines clinging to the sides of the rock walls. Very nice I thought and sexy.

Walking back into the locker room Mr Ellis was standing by one of the lockers and removing his cloths. As he dropped his shorts to his feet he said he was going to take a swim and needed his suit.

My eyes dropped to see his semi tumescent cock on the rise as he pulled he polo over his head. Watching me staring at his thick and hardening cock he slowly walked forward and backed me up back into the shower area.

Turning on both showers he grabbed my shoulders and with no resistance from me down I went to my knees in front of his now rock hard erection as the shower soaked what I was wearing. I just opened my mouth and wen down on his big hard cock.

Mr. Ellis was real horny and after swallowing him to the balls twice he just unloaded a torrent of tasty cum right down my throat with out offering any warning that he was cuming.

He just rudely pulled his cock out of my mouth without so much as a thank you and walked over and pulled on a black speedo over his still semi hard dick. “Come on” he said “lets just get into the pool as we’re already wet”.

We walked out of the pool house and quickly jumped into the pool before anyone could really take notice of us. Our ‘pool house time’ was not lost on the neighborhood boys in the pool as they grinned at each other noticing his still full crotch and my still somewhat swollen lips.

Once in I took off my tank and threw it up on the side of the pool by the chair. Several of the bolder boys swam by me and would flip over on their backs making sure that I could see their full crotches.

Mr. Ellis climbed out and laid out on a chaise and I got out and joined him in the chair next to his. The boys in the pool were now laughing and whispering back and forth, glancing our way.

The barbecue was being served so we got up to go and get our plates. Mr. Ellis just stayed in his speedo and I just in my board shorts sans the tank. Several of the neighborhood moms couldn’t help themselves from checking out Mr. Ellis’s very full crotch as did a few of the husbands.

Sitting back by the pool with our burgers I looked up to see Randy and a couple of his buddies sitting canlı casino across the pool from us. Randy was facing me and the leg of his shorts was open just enough to catch my attention.

Sure enough his cock was visible and as I glanced back up to see his eyes watching my reaction he slightly opened his legs more so that now more of his cock was now visible. I quickly looked away and took a bite of my burger only to notice that Mr. Ellis was watching my reaction.

If had only been the three of us out there I would have removed my cloths and gotten down on all fours and eagerly waited to service both of their hard cocks. The real situation however did not lend itself to me showing my true desires.

The party continued until about dusk when the guests began saying the customary good bye’s and thank you’s before slowly making their way out to their cars or neighboring houses.

I lingered over by the pool out of the way of the departing guests and had another beer while wondering and hoping where this evening would take us just as Randy ambled over toward the chair across from mine.

As he walked I couldn’t help but notice his rather large and semi hard cock swinging back and forth in his shorts. Sitting down he quickly spread his legs so that I could now see his growing erection sticking out of the shorts.

It was now getting dark as Mr. Ellis came back out still wearing only his speedos. He said to his son “mom has gone over to grandma’s house for awhile”. Then looking at me said “let’s go into the pool house” and led the way back in.

I was already rock hard from just the idea of knowing what was going to happen. The thought of Randy joining us had me about ready to shoot a load. I rose and followed him as Randy came up behind me.

Rounding the corner into the dressing area I saw Mr. Ellis casually step out of his speedo and turning Randy already had his t-shirt off and was pulling off his shorts. I was as horny as ever for this hot father and son tag-team.

Kicking off my flip-flops I pulled my tank over my head, dropped to my knees and started to spit-shine that big daddy cock. I untied my board shorts as I felt Mr. Ellis’s hand slide down my back and push them to my knees. Randy coming up behind assisted in removing my shorts completely.

Randy kaçak casino said “I always thought you were a cock hungry faggot.” “The way you used to check out all of the guys dicks in the gym showers, how many of them were feeding you cock?”

My mouth being full of his dads big cock I could not answer. Randy didn’t really want one and just proceeded to push his big cock into my hole past my sphincter and all the way up to his nuts.

I groaned around Mr. Ellis’s spit soaked and drooling cock as Randy just pulled out to the head and slammed back in with dad saying; “that’s how he likes it son hard and deep, we should have been fucking this slut years ago.”

I was spit-roasted for a good 20 minutes before Mr.Ellis pulled out and said “son come up here I want some of that ass.” Randy just pulled out and the shock of his abrupt departure from my ass caused me to scream out “oh fucking god.”

“Shut the fuck up and suck my cock and down my throat he went.” Like father like son went through my mind as Randy was just as rough as his dad and size wise just a bit smaller, maybe not as thick.

His dad laughed at all this and plowed his way up my sloppy hole. They were both getting close by the sounds of “oh fuck…god damn…” I could hear coming from them both.

My cock was as hard as a rock and as I could no longer take the anal stimulation I was receiving from Mr. Ellis’s big cock and with a loud moan I started blowing my load all over the tiled floor.

My orgasm caused ass channel to clamp around Mr. Ellis as he yelled “oh fucking god I’m cuming…oh god…take that fucking load” and with that he proceeded to fill my ass tunnel to over flowing with his hot load of daddy cum.

Seeing his dad fill my ass drove Randy over the top and he shot right down my throat with an audible “god damn bitch drain my dick.’ I managed to pull off of Randy’s shooting tool to get some of his cum in my mouth so that I could savor the taste of him. He just kept shooting and soon my mouth and throat couldn’t handle it all and it started leaking out the sides of my lips.

I sucked and licked his cock until it was free of all traces of his load and let it slowly fall out of my open mouth. As his dad pulled out of my gapping ass hole his cum followed and ran down my legs to the tile beneath us.

As I laid there exhausted on the floor both just rinsed off in the shower grabbed their shorts and speedo and walked out nude saying we’ll be wanting some more. Mr. ellis then turned around and said “now get dressed and get out.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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