Fraternity Discipline Pt. 03

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*The final story in the Frat Discipline series. I was originally going to publish the whole thing as one long story but this seemed like the better option. Hope you enjoy! I’m new at this so constructive feedback is always appreciated*


“No. I’m sorry Phil. You had 40 seconds left to hold it. I’m sorry I have to make you pay for that,” sighed Jason.

Pay? That’s right. The consequences for cumming too early. Jason reached under the chair and revealed two clamps with small droplet shaped weights dangling from them.

“What’s that?” Phil was frightened.

“The consequences,” replied Jason coldly. He slowly brought the first clamp to Phil’s left nipple. Phil felt like his heart was beating out of his chest. The clamp snapped around the tender spot and Phil immediately thought he would yell the safe word to escape his punishment. His shriek pierced the room. The next clamp bit down on his right nipple and he began sobbing uncontrollably.

“Oh God! It fucking hurts, bro! Please!” cried Phil.

“I’m sorry Phil but you owe me for 40 seconds,” replied Jason with mild affection. Phil was a crying mess with his head resting on Jason’s shoulder. Jason made sure there was little time for comfort by flicking the weights on the clamps just as Phil started to calm down. The sting caused him to let out another loud primal sob.

“Stop being a fucking pussy, bro! Take it like a fuckin’ man.” Jason’s words stung him almost as much as the clamps. His friend looked the same but he barely recognized him.

Phil shivered and cried on his Jason’s shoulder until the 40 second were up. Jason reached down to carefully remove casino oyna the clamps from Phil’s red sore nipples. He gasped in relief but continued to cry. He had forgotten that his brothers were sitting right in front of him. The sensitivity after cumming made the experience so much more painful.

“You can give him a minute, Brother Alves,” said Max. Usually they would proceed directly to the final stage of punishment, but it was clear that Phil needed some time to collect himself. Jason held his buddy in silence for the next two minutes.

“You alright now bro?” asked Jason with genuine concern. Phil let out a final sniffle and nodded. “Look bro, I’d like nothing better than to just carry you to your room. But I’m afraid we still have one more thing left to do.”

Phil just wanted it to be over. He wasn’t even sure how he could ever look at Jason the same way again. He’d rather have a complete stranger going inflicting this cruelty than his best friend. Phil’s body felt limp as Jason untied him from the chair.

“C’mmon Phil. Follow me over here.” Jason helped his buddy up and carried him over to the contraption he wasn’t able to clearly see when he first walked in. It was a spanking horse with a metal bucket beneath it. The supports for the hands and knees had a black padding with adjustable straps.

“You know what’s about to happen Phil.”

Phil knew what to do. He got into position as Jason secured his hands and feet with the straps. His well-muscled ass faced the head table while his balls dangled between his legs. Luckily, his asshole was slightly obscured from view by the hair in his crack. He felt truly vulnerable with canlı casino his head pointing to the back of the room.

“Time for the final part of your punishment. I’m going to give you some lashes with the cane,” declared Jason. He came around the horse to be at eye level with Phil.

“How many?” asked Phil with a pleading look in his eyes.

“As many as I think you need. Ready?” Jason walked back around out of sight after Phil nodded.

The first lash was searing and hit without warning. Jason shrieked. Even more to his embarrassment, a loud, long nervous fart escaped from his between his butt cheeks. The brothers laughed loudly. Jason said nothing. “Jeez Phil. What did you eat brother?!” shouted one brother from the table. “Fucking gross dude!” shouted another. Phil wanted to crawl into a hole.

“Don’t feel too bad man. Happens more often than you think,” said Jason quietly under all the laughter from the head table.

WACK! Another one! WACK! WACK! WACK! WACK! Jason continued for 15 more strokes trying to avoid cross-over marks on Phil’s quivering red butt cheeks. The brothers cheered with each stroke. The glass of water that Max offered to Phil before punishment was starting to haunt him. Each stroke of the cane brought him closer and closer to having an accident but he was too embarrassed to admit it.

On the 20th stroke, it happened. His bladder gave out. A spurt of pee escaped and, try as he might, Phil could not hold back the rest. Jason stopped when he saw what was happening and moved away from the table to avoid getting in the splash zone. The brothers fell silent and the only sounds to be heard were that of piss kaçak casino loudly hitting the metal bucket beneath the horse and Phil’s quiet sobs of humiliation. This continued until he had fully relieved himself while his brothers watched the whole thing unfold.

Max raised his hand and Jason dropped the cane. Phil had been through enough. All the brothers except Max and Jason quietly got up and left the room. The punishment session was over.

“Take care of him okay?” Max quietly whispered to Jason.

“I will.”

Jason began to undo the straps around Phil’s hands and feet. He then helped Phil to his feet. They were the only two left in the room.

“It’s over Phil.” He put his hand on Phil’s shoulder, but Phil pulled away. He was understandably upset at what was just done to him. Jason then suddenly hugged him. Phil couldn’t resist the need to break down in his friend’s arms. He began to cry uncontrollably. He knelt there red, drenched in sweat, caked in dried cum. Jason held his friend’s head in his shoulder as he released all his emotions of anger, embarrassment, and pain.

“I’ve gone though it as well. All of us on the disciplinary committee have gone through the same thing. The only people who know what goes on in here are those who’ve seen it and gone through it. None of us made it through with our pride intact.” Phil’s sobbing had quieted. “It really killed me to have to do those things to you Phil.”

Jason stayed there hugging Phil, bruised and naked, until his crying subsided enough for him to talk in complete sentences.

“Hey, we’re still buddies right man?” asked Jason playfully.

Phil smiled slightly through his tears. “Yeah bro, we are. Although I might need to take a week off from this friendship,” chuckled Phil.

“I totally understand. Me too,” Jason playfully nudged. “Let’s go get you cleaned up buddy.”

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