Four Words Ch. 02

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Elizabeth, my 41 year old wife, sat at her desk in her punishment PJ’s. The PJ’s consisted of a one piece Dr. Denton footed sleeper complete with a drop seat. The zipper ran down the front all the way to her drop seat flap for easy access. It fit her snugly accenting her fantastic figure. It was a white outfit trimmed with pink and Disney characters on the front and back. Her drop seat was unbuttoned exposing her backside, as she sat on ‘ELIZABETH’S SPANKING MAT’. It was a special order welcome mat, which had a prickly bumpy side and a smooth side. She sat on the prickly side. Elizabeth was being punished for over spending on her credit card.

She was fidgeting back and forth trying to get some relief from her sore cheeks while she printed 500 times “I WAS A NAUGHTY GIRL FOR USING MY DADDY’S CREDIT CARD AND MUST BE DISCIPLINED.” She had been working at it for about 2 hours and was close to finishing it. I decided to let her finish, while I did some work in my den.

When she was finished she entered my den announcing: “Daddy my lines are complete.” I nodded as she walked to her shame corner. Her nose touched the wall. Her hands were behind her back holding the punishment lines. You could see the little prickles and indentations on her bottom cheeks from the spanking mat.

I took the punishment lines from her and read them looking for any errors. When I was satisfied they were completed correctly, I ripped them up. Two hours wasted time printing lines. “Elizabeth Present”. She turned around, stood at attention, hands at her side, eyes forward awaiting my orders.

“Young lady, we are going to the mall today and you are going to return all of the purchases. You are also going start your ‘panty punishment’ today and for the remainder of the weekend.” Her face blushed and I could see tears forming in her eyes. The one punishment she hates above all others is ‘panty punishment.’

What is ‘panty punishment?’ It begins with Elizabeth taking a bath, washing all of the makeup off her face, shampooing her hair and placing it into two pigtails. She then gets her punishment outfit from her closet. It is her responsibility to keep her punishment dress clean and available at all times. Her punishment dress is similar to a school girl outfit that might have been worn in a private high school. The difference being, it was tailored to fit slightly more snugly. It consists casino siteleri of a blue pleated skirt, which ends approximately 3 inches above the knee. Her blouse is starched white, buttoned down the front, standard issue school girl blouse. Accompanying the outfit were blue knee high socks and Mary Jane shoes. The panties were cotton issue school girl type. It had one addition; the waistband was made out of specially reinforced spandex elastic material, which guaranteed that her panties would remain in place wherever they were positioned. For example, if they were pulled down below her buttocks they would remain in place, until moved.

“Okay Elizabeth Marie upstairs its time to begin your ‘panty punishment’ be back downstairs in 30 minutes, I want to go to the mall. NOW MOVE!”

Down she came 25 minutes later, not wanting to be spanked for being late. “Come here little girl.” I ordered. She did as directed. Elizabeth was dressed as expected, her schoolgirl outfit fitted her perfectly, her breasts pushed out against the blouse, her blue pleated skirt ended precisely 3 inches above her knee, her blue knee high socks clung to her lightly muscled calves ending about 4 inches below her knees. Her face was freshly scrubbed and her hair contained two pigtails. She looked the part of a 16 year old schoolgirl.

Standing in front of me, I gave the order “DISPLAY”. She immediately tucked her skirt into her waistband and raced for “Elizabeth’s spanking stool”. It was upstairs in the den, as she ran her perky rounded buttocks bounced and wiggled as she hurried. In less than 2 minutes she placed the chair in the middle of the living room and draped herself over it. Head to one side, long tanned legs to the other, her bottom perched high. Her schoolgirl skirt was tucked into the waistband, her panties were on display and her blue schoolgirl socks presented a very interesting show from the back. I gave her a few minutes to catch her breath.

Walking over to her and I gave her a swat across her full rounded bottom. Her panties were white full cut cotton with the reinforced elastic waistband. My hands reached gently for the top of her hips, I grasped the panties waist and proceeded to lower them. The top of her crevice then the full-fleshed and almost too rounded cheeks of a 41 year old woman came into view in complete contrast to her punishment outfit. When her cheeks canlı casino were completely bare they nervously started to clench and unclench in rhythm. I left the panties in a tight elastic band around the upper thighs, and inch or two below the juncture of her thighs. There the panties snapped into place.

“Get up, Missy; your panty punishment has begun. She rose from spanking stool pushing her tight skirt down not wanting anyone to know that her backside was bare even though she technically still had her panties on. You know the rules, young lady: your undies will stay right where they are until I instruct you otherwise. You are to lift your skirt and sit on your bare cheeks at all times. You will hold my hand and call me Daddy at all times. You must ask permission to use the potty room.”

“I will not hesitate to spank you in public, if you don’t obey me. Is that clear? Now go get your purchases that we are going to return to the mall”

“Yes,Daddy.” She answered as she went up the stairs holding her skirt down in the back.

Down the stairs she came holding the 2 boxes containing the nightgowns she had purchased without permission. I reached out my hand and she grasped it as if she were 7 years old reaching for her Daddy. We had to walk slower because of the panties tangled at her thighs under her schoolgirl skirt. We headed for the car, hand in hand; I opened the door for her and watched as she carefully lifted the hem of her skirt in the back to bare her behind as she sat down. She winced as she sat on the “Spanking Mat”, but knew better than to complain. I could see her snarled panties as she tried to arrange herself and get comfortable at the same time. The mat’s bumps irritating her already well spanked cheeks.

“I think we will get a quick lunch, before we reach the mall.” I announced to my wife. She wished with all her heart she had not used her credit card. I pulled into a local restaurant about 15 minutes from our house. Elizabeth waited for me as I went around to open her door. I had parked in the back. “Take your spanking mat,” I ordered, as she stepped out of the car. “Display.” She placed the mat down and leaned over the hood lifting her skirt as she did so. I could see the red marks on her bottom and the panties knotted around her thighs, just below her bottom. I lowered the undies a little more so they were half way down her legs. kaçak casino I then took my palm and delivered 4 spanks across the top of her thighs right where she sits. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! I proceeded to raise her panties back to the top of her thighs, taking her by her hand I started walking towards the restaurant. She had to reach for the spanking mat and lower her skirt at the same time. Because of the tightness of the skirt, Elizabeth was nearly to the restaurant before her skirt was in place. A few tears were also coming down her cheeks, as we reached the door and her face was blushing from embarrassment.

We were escorted to a booth in the corner, for which Elizabeth was grateful. Prior to seating I told her she could go to the potty room treating her as if she were a child. I watched her walk towards the potty room, face flushed from embarrassment holding her schoolgirl skirt down. She came back in about 5 minutes and sat down making sure she lifted her hem sitting directly on the ‘spanking mat’ with her bare buttocks.

“Sit forward, young lady, I want you to sit at the very edge of the seat, right where I just spanked you.” Lowering her eyes she shifts slightly in her chair, and slide forward on her bottom until she is sitting very straight, perched near the front edge of the seat. Her back was arched, her chest pushing against her tight blouse and her fanny arched backwards. At this moment the waitress appears with our lunch, I had ordered it when Elizabeth went to the potty room. I had ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk for my 41 year old little girl. I took my knife and cut the grilled cheese into squares as if she were a child. “Now eat up, missy.” I ordered right in front of the waitress. We finished lunch without incident and left the restaurant.

She walked ahead of me very slowly so her panties wouldn’t fall, holding her ‘spanking mat’ in one hand and her skirt with the other. We reached the car at the far end of the parking lot. “Turn around and bend over.” There is a pause as I say this. She looks around, her eyes wide. She turns and bends for me, her head is straight down her skirt rides up her thighs and I see her white cotton panties in a tight circle at her thighs and the lower part of her rounded buttocks. I step up to her and flip up her skirt on her back. I am standing directly to the side. I swat her in no hurry and the strokes are slow and firm. It isn’t long before she is crying once again. I stop; she gets in the car quickly twitching as she sits uncomfortably on her sore red fanny. I hand her my handkerchief as she quietly sobs.

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