Forever Yours Ch. 13

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Before diving into this story, I would really like to thank all the readers that have been with me up to this final chapter. I really had good time writing and I hope you like it and it gets higher ratings. I am really thankful for your wonderful time. Don’t forget to drop comments at the end of this story. Enjoy…….


There was tension in the house. Everyone was worried, checking the door from time to time, moving about the room. Almost everyone had a phone to their ears trying to see if they could reach him. Dan had been missing since the previous day, late afternoon and no one had seen him. Normally, he would have called but no sort of thing really happened and it actually made everyone in the house to be extremely worried. It was already but no sign of Dan or his car. They were even planning on informing the police if he does not show up.

Yet despite all this, Marcos’ mind was somewhere else, thinking about Ramon, again. He was seated on the couch, arms folded, deeply lost and trying to get Ramon out of his head which was not working anyway. Due to all this tension and stress, no one had even asked how he got hurt and he liked it that way because he didn’t want to cause any worry.

Marcos raised his face and everyone was in a very bad condition moving from side to side, sit on the couch, get up and so on and so forth. If only he had gone with him maybe none of that would have happened but he was far from thinking about Dan, he was in his own world.

“Dan,” Olivia shouted, making Marcos raise his head to see her running to the door.

Marcos quickly stood up as soon as he saw Dan entering the house looking so weak, vulnerable and dirty. His hair was unkempt, his shirt was half done. He was walking so weakly and he looked so pitiful. Marcos stood there watching as Dan came inside looking as if he was having a bad hair day. He saw that something really happened to him.

“What happened to you?” Olivia asked, bring him into her arms. “You don’t look so good.”

“I was attacked,” Dan said, sounding really vulnerable. “I was attacked by unknown people while going to meet the business man. They kidnapped me and took all my money away.”

“Oh my God,” Madison gasped. “I thought you went to meet that business man who needed you to be the model.”

“I think we should call the police,” Olivia suggested. “Let them deal with the bastards that did this.”

“No,” Dan muttered. “There’s no need for that. I am just glad I am here, alive. Let’s forget about all this. I just wanna forget and live in peace.”

Dan was in a really bad condition but what surprised Marcos was that he wasn’t even concerned about it. His boyfriend was attacked but all that was on his mind was Ramon, Ramon, and Ramon. If only there was something he could do. He was deeply lost, looking on the floor, mind with Ramon and heart aching as bad as ever.

Marcos was still lost before he realized his mother had been calling his name. He didn’t even get the chance to listen to what his boyfriend had been explaining.

“Yes, mom,” He stuttered.

“Didn’t you hear,” Olivia asked, her eyes fixed on Ramon. “Your boyfriend has been through a lot.”

“I am sorry mom,” Marcos apologized. “I am not feeling well. But may I take him to his room?”

“No,” Olivia muttered. “Madison and I will take him to the room so that he can rest.”

Marcos gave a shy smile and watched as his mother and sister took Dan to his room. He was looking really bad but Marcos wasn’t even bothered. He decided to go to his room and drown in his own pain before his father said he wanted to speak to him. They both went up to Marcos’ room where he sat on the bed while his father closed the door.

“Did you hurt yourself again?” James asked his son who he thought had experienced more pain to last for a life time.

“This pain is nothing compared to what I am feeling in my heart.” Marcos muttered.

“I am really sorry that you had to experience that again.” James sighed deeply. “But tell me the truth, did you get hurt because Ramon was the one who had ruined your sister’s engagement or…..”

“He’s still a whore,” Marcos muttered, a tear running down his cheek. “He has a sugar daddy and he was only after my wealth.”

James gave a gloomy sigh. “I just don’t know what to believe anymore.”

“I really love him dad,” Marcos cried. “Despite everything that he has done, all the pain, I can’t bring myself to hate him.”

“That’s called love,” James chuckled. “I know I shouldn’t be interfering in your affairs but don’t you think you needed to hear him out?”

“What was there to listen to?” Marcos said hoarsely. “….So that he could lie to me again? He still blamed mom for it. He admitted that he ruined my sister’s engagement. It just hurts to know that he still sleeps with men. I thought he had changed but now he’s worse than ever, he has a sugar daddy.”

James chuckled. “Exactly how do you know that?”

“Mom and Dan told me,” Marcos muttered.

“In life we choose our paths my son,” James muttered. “I hope the path you casino oyna have chosen is the right one.”

“I followed my heart five years ago and I got hurt,” Marcos muttered. “I followed my heart once again and I got hurt. My heart is still yearning for Ramon but this time I will follow my mind and stick with Dan. I will propose to him and in a month or two we will get married and I will eventually learn to love him as much as he loves me.”

Marcos couldn’t stop his tears from coming out. He was hurt, betrayed and angry once again but this time his love for Ramon was growing deeper inside of him and he could feel it. He doesn’t deserve what happened to him, he just doesn’t. He held on to his father and cried.


“What really happened?” Olivia whispered to Dan who was looking so lost and hurt. “The story you told us down there is not genuine. I know you and I can see you are hiding something.”

“I was raped,” Dan muttered, tears following after. “I was drugged and raped.”

“What?” Madison yelled. “You were raped? By who,”

“The man I went to see at king’s hotel drugged me,” Dan said softly, feeling so humiliated and angry. “After the contract signing he brought champagne and we toasted. I started feeling dizzy and the next thing I woke up this morning naked and a number of used condoms piled up my body. My whole body aches and my waist is in pain.”

Olivia couldn’t believe what she was hearing and she immediately got scared. This was the same incident that had happened five years ago with Ramon. Could it be Ramon who had done this?

“Then why did you hide it from the rest of the family members.”

“I don’t want Marcos to leave me after this. He would have been seeing me differently, disgusting,” Dan said breathing so fast. “I was set up and I fell for it.” Dan cried. “Everything is turning out for the worst. Now I know that someone is on to us.”

“Will you be okay?” Madison asked.

“I will be fine after I take a shower but I need to find out who did this to me.” Dan said courageously.

“I think it will be better if I stay here with Marcos,” Olivia said, feeling scared. “He really needs someone to be around him. Hopefully you two will get married and even if he finds out the truth someday…”

“He will never find out the truth,” Dan whispered. “We have to make sure of that. Right now, he trusts us more than ever. We just have to be careful with Ramon.”

“You are right,” Madison gulped. “If he really was behind this then…” She breathed heavily. “…he has turned out to be more dangerous than we thought.”

Olivia told Dan and Madison that they really had to be careful because the truth would come out if they acted recklessly. Dan promised her that even though he was hurt, he would always be there for Marcos and would pressure him into getting married. Olivia really needed for the wedding to happen soon.

She couldn’t afford to make any mistakes or it would ruin her relationship with her son. She was scared that if her son found out the truth, he would cut all ties with her. That was the reason why she would do anything to make that secret to stay hidden, forever.


“Thank you very much for everything,” Ramon said to the man on the other side of the phone. “Yes, I received it and thanks for your services. I’ll call you when I need more of your services.”

Ramon cut the call and got out of his study. He had a CD in his hand which was what he was waiting for, Dan’s rape. He was happy after receiving that CD and he was smiling again. He couldn’t shake off the feeling of happiness.

Ramon took out his PC and played the video. It really made him happy once he saw the men taking turns fucking Dan’s ass. They didn’t have the biggest dicks but they fucked him for hours and Ramon enjoyed every moment of it. He knew that Dan wouldn’t dare tell Marcos for fear of losing him. He had probably cooked up a lie.

He put the CD in a drawer and he headed off to the living room without another thought. He was in the living room, sat on the couch and began smiling. All his family members were there because they had decided to stay home.

Ramon told his family that he had to end the madness which had started years ago and he was gonna make them confess. His dad, Ryan agreed with him and so did the rest of the members. They had been so happy that he had decided to forget about everything and move on. Ramon couldn’t tell all of them that he had executed his revenge on Dan but he told Mark and Eduardo about it and they were happy. He could still remember Mark’s words,

“Dam bastard deserves everything he got.”

It was really well and Ramon was busy feeling his heart getting a bit lighter but he couldn’t still deny that the only way he would be fully free was when Marcos finds out that he’s innocent and that was his goal. To do this, he needed both Eduardo and Mark’s help and he was gonna give them the details of his plans.

The next morning, he got ready with Mark and Eduardo to pass by the office due to a meeting which he left in their care. He needed to check and review canlı casino the new catalogue and then there was a photo shoot for the cover magazine of CSC which he was needed urgently.

The day was hectic but he managed to do his best at the photo shoot. He just forgot about all his problems and worked his body, white shirt, blue skinny pant and hair tied back. He was able to pull through and by afternoon he was back in his office signing the documents which needed his signature.

That same afternoon, a knock was heard on the door and he told the person to come in only to reveal Marcos’ father. He offered him the seat but by his expression, the man who had been nothing but good since he had known him was angry. He said that he had not come to sit or dine but to express his disappointment.

Ramon was really dumbfounded and found that not only was Mr. Martinez angry but he was also beginning to hate him and it got him emotional.

“When I found out that my son still loves you,” Mr. Martinez began. “I supported him and encouraged him but I am really disappointed in you Ramon. Though you had hurt my son in the past, I saw a future of my son with you. Now you have hurt him again, I will never forgive you for hurting my son again.” Mr. Martinez sighed, making Ramon’s eyes to water.

“He is going to propose to Dan today and I will support him all the way.” Mr. Martinez said with a gloomy sigh. “I just came here to tell you to stay away from my son. You might own this building but please,” He held his hands together. “Please pull out of his hotel so that he can have some peace of my mind. He has suffered so much because of you. I know I didn’t say anything in the past but this time I am begging you and I will kneel if you…”

“No,” Ramon muttered, getting up from the couch and went in front of Mr. Martinez and knelt instead. “I won’t have you do that.”

Ramon had no idea when the tears had come out but he could feel them running down his cheeks. He didn’t even bother to rub them but he knelt down on that floor looking straight at Mr. Martinez.

“I know that I caused your son pain in the past but this time I was not to be blamed.”

“You caused the engagement of his sister to be called off and you are still…”

“There are many reasons for that,” Ramon sobbed. “But I assure you that those photos were real.”

Mr. Martinez was mad and Ramon heard a lot from him. He told him that he wished for his son to have been a playboy because he had been happy that way. Love brought him nothing but pain and heartache. It was too painful to hear and Ramon kept quiet while he spoke and told him of how the life of Marcos had turned out to be. Mr. Martinez told him that Marcos still loved him but that love was what he regretted the most.

Ramon’s heart was on fire just from the story Mr. Martinez told him. Apparently, Marcos had suffered more than Ramon had known. It was because of his mother and sister and it was really painful to hear Mr. Martinez talk. Ramon still loved Marcos but due to the lies he was told, he was hurt. Marcos needed someone who would love him more than Ramon and he was gonna release him after the truth comes out.

“I only ask for one chance to prove myself,” Ramon begged. “I will show you that I am really innocent. I will also show you that the cause of these problems is in your house.”

“Are you talking about my wife?” Mr. Martinez shouted.

“I know it’s hard to believe but…it’s the truth.” Ramon gave a gloomy sigh. “She has help too”

Ramon told Mr. Martinez the reason why he had invested in Marcos’ hotel and the reason he bought the shares at the Company and why he hadn’t defended himself when accused. He hoped that at least Mr. Martinez could listen to him and understand him. He told him that the reason he told him all this was because he didn’t want him to view him in a negative way.

“I will give you one week to prove yourself.” Mr. Martinez said, his eyes fixed on Ramon. “If what you say is true then I will give you a chance.”

Mr. Martinez got him up and tapped on his back sweetly. He gave him a wonderful smile and though Ramon smiled back, his smile was not genuine. He was really feeling bad for driving the poor man into all that mess. Many people kept being driven into the mess and he needed to end it as soon as possible.

“Three days from now,” Ramon muttered. “I want you to observe your wife and Dan. If you see anything strange going on then you will realize that what I am saying is the truth.”

Ramon was happy Mr. Martinez gave him a chance. He was still angry that he had used his wife’s name in all that mess but other than that, he gave Ramon a chance even though he was sad. Ramon breathed fine and he went home quickly to devise a plan with Mark and Eduardo.


Two days later, Marcos was in his room attending to the wound on his hand. It had started healing but the whole process would take at least a week. He was still in love with Ramon and the pain was still there but his choice to move on with Dan seemed like a perfect one. He would never find any boyfriend kaçak casino as good as Dan. He would be a better husband and partner to him and he couldn’t ask for any better partner.

Obviously, after he marries Dan he would forget about Ramon and the pain of loving him for all these years only to get hurt again.

The door opened and his happy mother came rushing in with a bright smile on her beautiful face. He knew the reason why she was happy. It was because he had asked her the day before to buy a ring for him to propose to Dan. He was having second thoughts about it but he had to do it because Dan was the perfect candidate to bring happiness to the family and to Marcos. There was no need to cry over spilled milk.

“Did you get it,” Marcos muttered.

“Here it is,” Olivia gushed, handing it to him.

Marcos took it and opened, revealing a very beautiful diamond ring which would fit Dan perfectly. They sat in the room talking but Marcos was not happy at all. At times, he felt like crying for a whole day but he had to be strong. He didn’t even comfort his own boyfriend after he had been attacked but thank God everything was fine.

“Are you having second thoughts about proposing?” Olivia asked once she saw the sadness in her son’s eyes.

“No, mother,” Marcos muttered. “I know that it will be best for everyone if I propose to him. He was hurt two days ago so this will be my way of saying sorry and thanking him for being the best boyfriend ever.”

Olivia chuckled, encouraging her son to push through with his plans and she left an hour after. Marcos stayed in his room till after dinner when he called all the family members to propose to Dan in front of them and for them to witness everything.

He saw Dan, seated on the couch, looking so sad moving his hands slowly on the couch. He was looking so handsome in his black and white jean and a super sexy t-shirt that had fitted on him like it was a part of him.

Marcos swallowed his saliva. Then he thanked his family members for coming when he called them to the living room. He tried to sound happy and courageous but what he felt was a feeling that he didn’t like but he kept going.

There in front of his family members, he knelt before Dan and asked for his hand in marriage. Dan gaped at him, followed by tears of joy. Dan accepted his proposal and then he slipped the ring on him which looked wonderful. They hugged while everyone else clapped. Marcos felt like crying so he cried really badly and later told them were tears of joy.

Everyone in the house congratulated them for their engagement and when asked the wedding date, Marcos gave an answer which really surprised him as well. He told them that their wedding would happen in a matter of three weeks and the preparations would begin in a week. He needed to get it over with quickly.

He spent the night with Dan in his arms but ended up thinking he was holding Ramon. He had a hard time sleeping but thanks to his lucky stars he was able to sleep. Marcos was going through a moment of pain which seemed to have no end at all.

The next morning everyone was sitting in the living room after breakfast. They were so happy seeing Dan blush while they teased him about Marcos. It was really so beautiful. Suddenly, Olivia’s phone rang. She checked and it was an unknown number. Immediately she opened the message, her face just went blank and her smile dropped. She was really scared after reading that message,

“I know what you did five years ago.”

Olivia knew it was probably a plank from Ramon so she ignored it and wore a beautiful smile on her face. A few minutes later, another message came and that one really scared her a lot.

“I have evidence to prove what you have been hiding from Marcos. If you do not cooperate, I will send the evidence to Marcos.”

Olivia felt hot as her face started producing sweat. She felt like she was about to die at that moment. She couldn’t allow the truth to come out or it would ruin everything that she had ever worked for. More so, it would ruin her relationship with her son.

She had her mind somewhere else until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Is something wrong?” James asked, giving her a bright smile.

“Err….no, no,” Olivia smiled faintly. “I just feel tired that’s all.”

“But you haven’t done anything this morning.” James asked, doubting her.

“Um…I think I just didn’t get enough sleep last night and that’s why I am feeling tired.”

Olivia left the living room quickly and went to her room. She was really scared and needed to know who it was that had sent that text so she tried to call the number but it was switched off. Now she was scared and was shaking for real. What if it was the truth? And why did the person decided to reveal the truth now after five years, Olivia thought.

All that was not making any sense and it was giving her a headache. She wanted to scream but she didn’t want to attract the people in the house. That would only mean that she would begin explaining herself as to why she screamed. She tried the number again but it was switched off. She felt like she was going insane because she didn’t have any idea what extent that person would go. What if he had evidence and gives it to her son? She didn’t know what to do.

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