Forced Twins Ch. 03

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And ChinkyNobody emerges from the fog, dishing out another Literotica story, while also pursuing many other creative projects.

Sorry. Been busy. I’m always making some creative project. This week, just been neglecting Forced Twins and had a few other things to get to.

But I can still make up petty excuses as to why I wasn’t working on Forced Twins. Skip this writer’s foreword if you want, but stick around if you’re cool enough.

First, I know people and try being realistic. It’s why Tae-wan was going to kill himself. Imagine if you had a beautiful sister who suddenly became “hot” to you, all because a bitch and her minions in school uniforms made your sister have sex with you and vice versa. The same happened during the Rape of Nanking. Japanese soldiers making family do things to each other that might feel good in the loins but make you shameful and guilty later. Your sweet mom might feel great while a gun and bayonet is aimed at your head, but there’s going to be sickening disgust somewhere.

Even if Tae-wan did have consensual sex with his sister, he wouldn’t just be ready to rip his own clothes off before diving into her wonderful warmth. Nope.

With these incest things, I think the brother would try being responsible if his sister was the one pressuring him for sex. Remember, if anything goes bad, such as Tae-hee starting to hate her brother, he can’t get into too much trouble if he was denying her any chance he could.

And I have a bunch of sisters and all the bonds I shared with awesome members of the “female persuasion” is always going to be more meaningful than my bonds with any bros of this world. So, I’m less willing to drop my pants and be a horny beast. There’s got to be a difference between lust and love.

I believe Tae-wan will warm up to his sister, like you warm up to a stranger after becoming their friend. Over time, that person loves you as much as Family Guy loves cutaways. And you love them back.

Tae-wan’s suicide idea: Come on. A bitch had footage(two videos of him having sex with his twin) and could expose their secret at any moment, like an unpredictable nuclear strike. So, there’s that AND your sister pressuring you to bang, which is what caused the mess in the first place. Doubt anyone could be a sister-banger and not commit suicide.

This story is as realistic as I try making it.

Don’t hate me. Or do. I don’t care. I just love what I do.

Didn’t know how to continue the story before, but I promise it won’t go unfinished.

And incest is a slow burn. An infinite birthday candle will take some time to burn alive that skyscraper-sized tower of humans super-glued to each other. No one will go, “Well, just woke up. Time to keep banging my sister and pretend the whole thing wasn’t forced, while there’s a bitch named Nam-yi who will use the forced incest, sex tape against us.”


Chill. And just know I got this. You just can’t be raw dogging your sis with no regret or restraint when you were forced to have sex with her, so you’ll be furious and suicidal and not wanting anything to do with her. You still love her.

Alright. Close all your tabs, except this one. Read on.

(and chapter longer to make up for being late *inserts another parenthesis set* despite me having no actual posting schedule. No incest included. Mainly posting this to let anyone who loves this story know I will continue it, and let them at least read another chapter of it. Next chapter will feature the female Park twin.

“Why so suddenly?” Chon Song-ju said to free spin Tae-wan as she held the love letter he wrote her, the two eighteen-year olds at school.

Tae-wan flashed her an confident smirk before saying, “Because I can do a lot of sudden things for you.”

Heat flowed through Song-ju’s cheeks.

She brought her hand to her chest.

Standing in the school hall in front of Song-ju, Tae-wan tried stopping his trembling fingers.

He had to bend Song-ju over a school desk and blast his cum into her pussy. If he did that, the last person who took his cum would no longer be his sister.

It would be a girl who was not related to him.

The incest-induced dread had given Tae-wan more confidence than a cult leader on a social media website. It was as if he could have sex with any girl he chose.

Once you have sex with your sister, all the other girls seem to have no barriers preventing you from slipping into their pussy.

Funny, what it takes to get girls.

Song-ju moved the love letter into her pocket, intending on reading it later.

“Wow. But I appreciate what you did for me. Kim Nam-yi is a-” Song-ju started saying.

“A bitch. And you need to be mine.” Tae-wan said before gripping the girl’s shirt.

He tugged her into the empty classroom nearby, all that without her consent. But it’s not like she would’ve resisted him anyway.

When his hand closed the door, a coursing, sweltering energy making him seem less like himself, Tae-wan slammed Song-ju against the wall, not caring if he made impaled her body with pain.

What Tae-wan did care about was claiming the bitch who had her back against the wall, marking her by letting cum explode from his cock and into her wet pussy.

Wet pussies made his mind fill with the time he had taken his sister’s anal virginity in the shower yesterday.

That made Tae-wan have a deeper urge to replace sex with Tae-hee with sex with Song-ju.

He needed to drive his powerful cock inside Song-ju. He longed for her warmth as much as falsely accused man longs to have his name cleared.

With Nam-yi possessing footage displaying Tae-wan having sex with his sister, the boy might as well have been in prison.

Pupils dilated, frenzied lust trembled throughout both teens’ bodies.

A boy willing to dominate with his hard, throbbing member he needed to unleash.

A girl-a new girlfriend-with a waiting, wet pussy.

A closed classroom door unlocked.

Tae-wan grabbed the back of Song-ju’s head, gripped her long, black hair hard.

“Tae-wan, wow! I didn’t know you were so-“

The boy mashed the girl’s lips against his.

He did that hard too.

That erupting lust continued trembling through Tae-wan as he retained the brutal kiss.

The bitch’s breasts smashed against Tae-wan’s chest when he yanked her against him.

They kissed like two actors rehearsing in a bad American comedy movie.

The aroma emerging from Song-ju’s hair had a strawberry’s scent.

It made Tae-wan more lustful, made him hurl his clothed erection against the bitch’s leg, the sister-fucker like an animal.

But Song-ju was not his sister.

She was free pussy.

Her own clothed pussy made contact with Tae-wan’s leg as he humped at her leg.

Song-ju broke the kiss, released an loud moan before wrapping her arms around Tae-wan’s neck.

He slammed his palm against her cheek.

“Don’t fucking hug me,” he said in a voice burdened with seething rage.

He pinned bonus veren siteler Song-ju’s arms to her sides, crashed his palm and fingers against her head, forced the bitch onto her knees.

“Take my cock out,” he said as a demand.

Tae-wan was no longer squeezed into an agenda by Nam-yi.

He had his beautiful, new girlfriend on her knees, about to take his cock out and please him.

The heated thrill rushing through Tae-wan was more immense than his domineering actions.

They weren’t in anyone hall window peepers’ views, but Tae-wan would not be in agony if they were. Free pussy in class with no care who sees is more important than worrying about your schoolmates catching you have sex with a girl as she’s bent over a desk.

Tae-wan intended on bending Song-ju over at some point.

Now, he had to focus on having a sweet, warm mouth sliding saliva against his cock.

As Tae-wan unbuttoned his white school dress shirt, Song-ju worked at freeing his cock from the boy’s pants and underwear.

Song-ju’s eyes widened when she trained her eyes on the free cock.

It throbbed in front of her face, already seeming as if it would erupt with cum. Tae-wan fought the urge to stroke his suffering member. Instead, he finished removing the shirt from his body before dropping it.

Tae-wan thrust back and forth, letting his cock jab the bitch’s face before retreating and starting the process over.

“Suck. It.” Tae-wan said, hitting Song-ju’s head with four fingers.

Each time Tae-wan throbbed, the more his urge deepened to be inside Song-ju.

It was torture.

After one last cock-against-face jab, Song-ju took inches of Tae-wan’s cock into her mouth at an slow pace. Her eyes formed wet tears. Wet, like her neglected pussy.

“Fucking whore.” Tae-wan said, wishing he could direct those words to Nam-yi.

Song-ju gagged, but she did not yank her head back to free her mouth from the powerful, saliva-soaked cock inside it.

She was a true pleaser.

On her knees, determined to continue deep-throating Tae-wan, Song-ju moved her head back and forth with long strokes.

She took the cock like a champion, which made Tae-wan grin.

Song-ju moved her head back and forth at an quicker rate, as if Tae-wan had a gun aimed at her head.

The bitch’s sucking, her movements made Tae-wan’s teeth chatter as an orgasm shook through him.

“You… fucking…” Tae-wan said as he hurled cum into Song-ju’s mouth, letting it splash against her throat’s walls.

Song-ju fell back on her ass after pulling her mouth from the cock, swallowing the thick, cum load.

Her palms against the floor, saliva dripped off her chin an obscene display that would’ve left her father crying in grief if he seen it.

Mr. Chon, your daughter will make a wonderful whore.

His shoes removed, Tae-wan stroked himself quick, aware he won’t be finished until he hurled his cum into the pussy jackpot.

Song-ju stared, as if she was a slave waiting for instructions.


What made it more perfect was the fact it wouldn’t be Tae-wan’s sister pissing out his cum.

“Stand up. Hurry!” Tae-wan said as the classroom door remained unlocked, while Song-ju remained in view of some windows looking into the hall.

Song-ju stood.

Tae-wan stepped to the spot in front of her, squeezed her arms before turning her.

Song-ju’s back turned, Tae-wan said, “See my desk next to the window? I’m going to fuck you over it.”

Heat coursing deneme bonusu veren siteler through him with an intense viciousness, Tae-wan’s excited hands moved to Song-ju’s panties the boy couldn’t see, took them off while the girl’s shoes remained on.

Tae-wan tossed the wet panties.

He rubbed his arousal-soaked fingers together before slamming his right hand against Song-ju, making the bitch flinch.

“Please, hurry up and fuck me.” Song-ju said before Tae-wan lifted the back of her pleated, school skirt.

Song-ju’s arousal dripped onto the floor.

“You really are a nasty whore. Okay.” Tae-wan said.

Tae-wan grabbed his cock, stroked it twice, slipped it into Song-ju’s dripping wet pussy without much effort.

“Wow. You’re wet.” Tae-wan said, his bitch’s wetness hugging his cock.

Between pants, Song-ju said, “Yeah. And make me cum, baby.”

Tae-wan slammed his left hand against Song-ju’s left hip, the wetness from Tae-wan’s fingers meeting soft skin.

With a slow movement, Tae-wan moved his cock out Song-ju.

He gave a hard thrust.

Song-ju jerked forward after Tae-wan’s hips slapped her ass.

“You’re so HUGE!” Song-ju said with glee.

Tae-wan cherished the warm wetness hugging what he had inside the bitch in front of him. He gripped her arms as he pounded in and out her with no mercy.

The room filled with a heavy scent as the pair fucked.

Tae-wan brought his gaze to his desk near the window.

He took a step forward, causing Song-ju to walk forward, too. Tae-wan yanked on her long hair while saying, “To the desk, my bitch.”

“Anything-” Song-ju said before her pussy squirted a bit. “-for you.”

Still banging each other, Tae-wan and Song-ju took steps towards Tae-wan’s desk, letting more students and staff have the power to look at them through the windows attached to the hall outside the classroom.

But what mattered was the cock ramming into and out the Song-ju.

“Good girl.” Tae-wan said when Song-ju reached the spot near the domineering boy’s desk.

It was more fun than being forced to have sex with your sister.

Tae-wan, stopped thrusting. His cock inside Song-ju, the boy said, “Okay. Move my desk into the aisle. Let’s give them a good show.”

Tae-wan turned his head to a window attached to the hall.

A boy stared past the window, his hand covering his mouth as he made eye contact with Tae-wan.

Tae-wan winked.

When Song-ju brought Tae-wan’s desk into the space between his row and the neighboring one, the boy pressed against Song-ju’s back, let her clothed breasts mash against the desk’s wooden surface as Tae-wan bent her over.

After gripping Song-ju’s hips, Tae-wan twerked his own hips back and forth. He let the girl continue experiencing the cock that left his own sister addicted.

“KEEP FUCKING ME, PLEASE!” Song-ju screamed when Tae-wan increased his speed.

Each time Tae-wan’s hips collided with her ass, Song-ju squirted a bit more arousal-induced wetness from her pussy.

Tae-wan forced his bitch’s slim arms around her back.

Tae-wan savored each moment when he met Song-ju’s warm ass again.

“Fuck.” Tae-wan said as pressure built inside his addicting cock. “TAKE MY CUM!”

“OKAY, BABY!” Song-ju screamed the moment before Tae-wan’s cock erupted inside her.

Heated cum launching inside Song-ju, coating her warm walls, filling that jackpot pussy, Tae-wan laughed with glee before Song-ju squirted.

Her pussy juice sprayed onto Tae-wan, splashed against his legs while the bent over bitch screamed.

Taking heavy breaths, Tae-wan helped Song-ju stand straight after pulling out.

He turned her around, gave her a sweet kiss that made him forget the fact he was a sister-fucker.

The boy near the window gave a thumbs-up.

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