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Maneuvering through traffic after what had to be the longest day of her year, Linda was at last on her way home. The thirty seven year old brunette headed up the accounting department of a multi-national manufacturing firm and this was the dreaded fiscal year end. Linda enjoyed her job most of the time; however, the frantic pace of this week was enough to get to anybody.

Late leaving the office Linda thought things were beginning to look up, tonight was Friday and with the holiday on Monday, she had three glorious days to herself to unwind and recharge. She made no plans for her time off but was really looking forward to the break she had undeniably earned. Linda’s face displayed a satisfied smile at the memory of the company auditors and the C.F.O. grinning and nodding as they examined the final reports from her department. Finished for the week Linda gave them a jaunty wave and headed for the elevator.

Breaking her reverie Linda’s stomach rather audibly reminded her that she had not stopped working for lunch. She had become a respectable cook since her divorce two years ago. With her ex-husband being a chef, she hadn’t had to cook often. However, tonight she just wasn’t in the mood to “toil over a hot stove.” Nearly home she and scanned the strip malls for a restaurant and spotted a small Chinese restaurant right next to the movie store, which she intended would be her last stop on her way home.

She placed her order at the restaurant and then Linda walked across the small parking lot toward the movie store hoping she would find something entertaining for the evening. When she walked through the door, she saw no one was behind the counter and after a quick glance around, no other people inside, she wondered if the place was even open. However, the door was unlocked so she began searching the shelves. Finding nothing appealing in the newer releases and she started to look through some of the older movies.

Linda had just rounded the corner of the drama section when a door she had not noticed swung toward her and a slender young Asian woman walked out into the store. The woman upon seeing Linda stopped: and asked, “I’m so sorry, are you alright?” Before Linda could respond she continued, “I didn’t hit you with the door did I?” The young woman asked with a concerned expression.

Linda was momentarily stunned by the young woman’s exotic beauty and finally stammered, “No, I’m fine.”

Smiling, the young clerk asked, “Can I help you find any thing?”

Linda still transfixed; recovered and replied “no I’ll browse a bit my order won’t be ready next door (she pointed toward the restaurant) for another ten minutes or so.” Still smiling the eager young woman turned and said, ” If you need any help I’ll be up front.”

Linda nodded and watched the woman’s jean clad hips sway all of the way to the front of the store. Not normally attracted to women Linda was a little embarrassed at her reaction to the younger woman. Good lord but she was gorgeous! She looked to be about ten years younger than Linda and nearly a foot shorter than Linda’s Five foot eight inch frame. Linda was surprised at the tingle the girl was kindling in her groin as she watched her progress across the store.

Linda glanced furtively at her watch hoping she hadn’t been caught staring at the young lady’s lithe body, she then realized she needed to get moving before her food was ready. Looking up at the door the clerk had walked out of Linda spotted a hand written sign “Must be 21 or older to enter.” She had never been in an adult section and decided to let the whim take her where it would.

Once inside the cramped room Linda saw things on the movie jackets she had never before witnessed and wasn’t sure she should believe. Linda finally selected one that looked fairly “normal” and headed out of the room. On her way to the front counter, she grabbed another movie without looking at it because she didn’t want the young lady to think she was just there looking for a “porno.”

While writing her check, Linda saw the girl looking at her movies and holding out the porn tape the woman said, “great choice, this one’s really hot!” Linda could feel her face color and not knowing how to respond she just nodded. As the Asian beauty handed Linda her movies she added, ” the last scene is my favorite.” Looking directly into Linda’s eyes, the petite young woman said, “Let me know how you like it.” Linda left the store in a rush somewhat embarrassed, and uncharacteristically aroused. She was so flustered she nearly forgot to stop and pick up her food at the restaurant next door.

Walking through the door of her townhouse, Linda finally felt at ease after the unsettling encounter at the video store. She shed her shoes and jacket and headed into the kitchen. As she ate, she realized it had been quite some time since she had her ashes hauled. It had to be six perhaps seven months ago, she thought. Remembering back on the three weeks, she spent with that obnoxious ass Sid from marketing. Linda was enormously grateful the relationship casino oyna had ended without any undue complications at work for either of them. This may have explained Linda’s quick arousal, but not why another woman was the source of it.

After finishing her diner, Linda decided to pop in the adult video just for kicks. She was soon howling with laughter. The movie had such a hokey story line and the acting was so poor that at first even the sex scenes seemed funny to her. That ended abruptly as the final scene began.

There was an Asian woman and an older very busty blonde in a sauna together. The Asian woman was much like the clerk at the video store. The actress looked slightly older and not as sexy as the youngster Linda met earlier that afternoon. As the two women on the screen began, caressing and kissing Linda was captivated. It was not long before she felt a familiar heat growing.

Linda thought it was peculiar that twice in one day she had become horny looking at women. She never had any bi-sexual stirrings before but the two women on the screen were really getting to her. It felt as thought the temperature in the room had risen twenty degrees in just these few minutes. Linda pulled her blouse from her skirt and could not unbutton it fast enough. Seconds later her skirt followed. Now clad only in her flesh-tone bra and matching lace panties Linda lost herself in the movie.

As the blonde on the video began working her way down the Asian minx’s neck toward her spectacular breasts Linda looked down at her own 34Cs she decided the lace bra covering them was no longer necessary and with a deft flick behind her back it was cast aside. She began pinching and rolling her small pink nipples between her fingers just as the woman was doing for her lover on the movie. The blonde soon worked her way past the younger woman’s navel and inhaled deeply the aroma of the woman’s sparsely furred mound. Linda reacted instinctively pulling her own panties off and noticing the moistness in them without knowing why she brought them to her nose and inhaled. The aroma coupled with the sights and sounds of the women in the movie were enough to inspire Linda to action. She soon had her hand sliding down her own flat tummy past the neatly trimmed thatch of dark hair. At the first contact of her fingertip with her bud, her body reacted as though a powerful electric shock had jolted her. Linda was surprised at the abundant moisture emanating from her slit. Linda had always considered herself totally straight soon found herself fantasizing about the young woman at the store as she dipped her fingers into her own sweat juices.

Without thinking, she brought her fingers to her nose and again inhaled the musky scent. Her mouth opened of its own accord and her moistened fingers were soon inside. The sweet taste and heady aroma had Linda’s mind swimming in a sea of lust. Her hands began moving of their own volition. One hand began gently rubbing tiny circles on her clit her other hand working busily on her nipple causing a whimper deep in her throat. Linda inserted first one finger, and then a second into her slick folds her hips bucking further onto the offered digits seeking maximum penetration. Before long, Linda’s moans turned to delighted sobs as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her long neglected body. Soon the only sound in the room was the hum from the VCR as the movie rewound, and the panting coming from Linda as her orgasm subsided.

Linda’s breathing slowly returned to normal she let out a satisfied purr, stretching her tensed limbs allowing the restorative energy of her first good orgasm is month’s wash throughout her body. Her moment of contentment was broken when the tape finished rewinding and the VCR automatically spat out the cassette.

Linda looked at herself, astounded by what she saw, felt a similar embarrassment that she felt earlier at the video store. She was stark naked on the couch, alone, with both hands still investigating her most personal recesses and the aroma of sex hanging in the air. The normally very reserved CPA found her anomalous behavior difficult to reconcile. Her mind then wandered back to the video store and she smiled at her naiveté, remembering the last thing the young clerk had said to her, “Let me know how you like it.” Slowly as it dawned on her she chuckled and said aloud, “She was hitting on me!”

Sung turned into her parking space and shut off her car hoping her father hadn’t seen her arriving a half hour late to open the video store. Four months ago when Sung graduated with her BA, she and her father bought the two small buildings together in the same mall. They agreed the restaurant was his to run and the video store was hers. Her father reluctantly acquiesced to Sung’s terms provided she pursued her graduate degree part-time. He still watched over the video store like a hawk. Quickly she walked to the front door and when she found it unlocked and the lights on inside she knew he had already discovered her tardiness.

As she entered the store, her canlı casino younger brother Kim popped his head up from behind the counter and said, “You’re so busted!” with a silly grin on his face.

Sung smiled relieved to see her brother rather than her father minding the store. “Did pop send you over?” she asked him tentatively.

Her brother grinning said, “He doesn’t know I’m back from school yet.”

“I saw the store was still dark when I pulled in. So I parked around back so that I could save your pretty little butt,” he said as he slapped her playfully on her backside as she walked past him to get behind the counter.

“I got stuck on a project for my graphic design course and I wanted to finish it.” Sung explained hoping that her lie wasn’t obvious.

Sung put her purse and jacket away and turned back to Kim and asked, “How long will you be staying?”

Kim answered, “Just for the weekend, I have to be back for my last two finals Tuesday morning.”

Sung gave her brother a big hug and told him, “thanks for opening for me.”

Then she gave him a playful pat on his own behind as she said, “you had better go over and say hi to your father before he finds out you stopped here first.”

Kim smiled and waved as he walked out the door and headed for the restaurant across the tiny parking lot. Sung let out a sigh of relief after the door had fully closed. She had not been working on a school project. However, she did want her project finished. Her late start today had not been because of her project, she had completed that last night. Sung had been primping all morning so that she would look perfect when the tall woman she met in the store yesterday came to return her movies. Linda Carmichael was her name she had read it on the woman’s check. Sung had her address and telephone number from the same source. She had no legitimate reason to call last night and did not want to have the woman thinking she was a stalker. She regretted her transparent attempt yesterday to come on to the gorgeous woman in her business power suit and perfectly coiffed pageboy hair. She could not stop thinking about her.

Sung looked herself over one last time in the mirror she had in the back room of the store. She was pleased with what she saw. Her hair had taken just enough curl from the hot rollers to still look quite natural, any thing but the cursed straight black hair which her ancestors given her.

While still at home she spent nearly half an hour just applying her eye make-up washing it off several times before deciding on just mascara to accentuate her lashes. She wore her favorite knit top that showed her pert 32 b’s to perfection. Sung then plucked at her nipples to see how much they would show through the thin material. She was gratified when they obediently revealed themselves to her. She had chosen her favorite pair of Levis; they had a body hugging fit that showed her heart shaped ass off to its best effect. Satisfied with her appearance she looked for her purse to get some perfume. She liked to wear just a hint of fragrance. She remembered leaving her purse under the counter where she had put her jacket and went to retrieve it.

When Sung stepped through the doorway back into the store, her heart leapt at what awaited her inside. It was her! She stood in front of the counter with an uncertain look on her face and two videos in her hand.

“I’ll take them,” Sung said smiling as she eagerly strode towards the tall woman.

As she took the movies, their hands just touched and Sung felt chills running down her spine. For a moment, he woman stood there staring at Sung and then slowly turned towards the door. Sung didn’t want frighten the woman away but did not want her to leave, at least not yet. Sung trying to think quickly looked at the woman’s videos for any thing she could say to get the woman to linger, even for a moment. The irony of the second movie the woman had rented made her cringe; it was “Gone with the Wind.”

Sung stepped behind the counter and finally blurted out, “Did you like it?” As she said this, she turned the classic movie towards the still striding woman. The woman turned and stopped seeing the cover Sung was holding. She seemed to relax slightly, and then smiling she answered, “That one’s great every time I watch it.” Sensing her opening, Sung slid the porno out from behind the first movie case and said with a sly grin, “and this one?”

The woman blushed instantly and she began scanning the store nervously. Sung smiled at the woman’s obvious discomfort and whispered conspiratorially “We’re alone.” She then leaned forward on the counter hoping to give just a little flash down her top.

Her nervousness seemed to wash away as the woman turning back toward the counter smiled at Sung. At first, she met Sung’s eyes but an instant later Sung caught the woman staring down at her chest.

Sung settled back on the tall stool she was sitting on and the woman looked up again licked her full lips and said,” you were right about that last scene it was really…good.”

Sung kaçak casino tried to be calm but her heart was racing almost making it hard to breathe. Even as she made the decision to plunge ahead, Sung hoped she could sound calm and cool.

She looked into the woman’s eyes and asked, ” Would you be interested in something a bit different?” The woman straightened jerking her shoulders upright. Sung feared she had made the fatal mistake of coming on too strong.

Then to her immense relief the statuesque brunette leaned forward and whispered, “different how?”

Sung smiled radiantly at her success to this point and said, “It’s something I started for my graphic design course but it has evolved into something entirely different.”

Sung digging into her purse where she had left the cassette quickly found it. She continued speaking, as she moved not wanting to loose the moment. “I starred, directed, edited and did all of the photography myself,” she went on stepping back to the counter. Handing the cassette across the counter and as the woman took the tape Sung used her free hand to cover the woman’s hand holding on to both. She looked up into the woman’s beautiful hazel eyes and said, “You have to promise you’ll return it: it is rather personal.”

Surprised by the girl’s vehemence and the warm hands still holding hers Linda wondered why a simple “school project” would evoke such an insistent plea. Linda smiled at the girl warmly and assured her she would return it. Sung marveled at the woman’s firm derrière she continued watching until the tall woman was completely out the door. Finally she let loose a sigh releasing all of the suppressed emotion of the past few minutes. She raised her hands in two fists and shouted a muted “YES!” Smiling enormously as she went about her day managing the video store.

Linda walked back to her car wondering what mystic power this twenty something girl was using on her. Every time she was near the beautiful girl, she became shy, uncertain and very aroused. She pulled her car out of the lot and turned towards downtown to take care of her other errands she had planned for the day.

When she was home, unloading shopping bags from her car that evening she spotted the cassette on the passenger seat and flipped it into the last bag she had yet to carry inside. Linda put away her groceries setting the video aside until later. She carried it and the new clothing that she had bought earlier in the afternoon into the living room. Linda decided to remove the tags while she watched the video. She pushed the tape into the VCR not expecting a grand show.

When the video started, Linda noticed the graphics as the credits began. She thought they were very professional looking. Computer generated no doubt. There was the director Sung Li Vang and the photographer Sung Li Vang. Only then did it occur to her that she had never asked the girls name. The title of the movie briefly floated on the screen “For You.”

The setting was a dimly lit bedroom looking towards an ornate canopy bed. The rest of the room was very dark and difficult to see. Linda noticed a woman moving across the room like an apparition in the background. She was very small from what Linda could see. She moved with a fluid grace that immediately captured Linda’s full attention. Linda soon set her new clothing aside and watched the screen more intently.

The camera slowly zoomed in on the woman across the room when it was close enough Linda realized she was watching the girl from the video store. The girl was lighting candles on a very elaborate candelabra. Each candle she lit brightened the room a little and the warm glow of the candlelight made the girl seem even more beautiful than Linda remembered. Linda was unaware when it started but she noticed some very soft sultry jazz music in the background. When the girl moved to the near side of the bed she lit one last candle. Then the camera zoomed in on her perfectly painted lips as she blew out the wooden match, wisps of smoke trailed toward the lens.

The view changed to a shot directly behind the young woman that was the first time Linda noticed what she was wearing. She wore a black silk dressing gown beautifully embroidered with Asian decorations in dazzling colors. The girl was doing something Linda could not see then she flashed a wicked grin over her shoulder directly at the camera and with a flick of her wrist the sash for the robe disappeared. The instant the sash was removed the robe began to crumble off the girls smooth shoulders until it had fallen completely to the ground.

Frozen in place Linda was staring at this gorgeous creature now clad only in lingerie. The girl placed her hands on her hips turning towards the camera. Taking an almost defiant pose, she paused for several seconds. Linda admired the outfit the girl had chosen; it was stunning. Its monochromatic color scheme along with the faint backlighting of the candles gave the young woman an astonishing sensual radiance. Her bra and matching thong were both black satin with intricate embroidery and delicate lace. She also wore a black lace garter belt, seam back black stockings and very glossy patent leather stilettos the effect was devastating.

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