For Want of a Snow Blower Pt. 03

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The great Moss Hart once said that all problems are second act problems. He meant that usually a writer knows where he or she wants to start a story, and where they want to end it, but getting there is sometimes the problem. That wasn’t my problem with this story. I always knew how I wanted this story to start and proceed, but ending it was incredibly hard for me.

My stories usually start slowly and get to the sex after some time, but I wanted to do something different this time and start right off with the sex. I could do that because most of you already know these characters. I hope you like the result.

I’d like to thank Hazelorchacha for editing this story for me. It was her work led me to write an epilogue for this story which will be posted momentarily. Sorry to anybody who might have been looking for the third part of this story for some time. It was tough for me to find the time to get it the way I wanted it.

All of the characters in this story are of legal age and participate in all activities described with full consent.

Please rate this story and leave me a comment when you’ve finished reading it. I’ll respond to all constructive comments.

It was cool and dim in the hotel room, the curtains drawn and the air conditioner humming to fight off the heat and humidity of August in Philadelphia. I looked down at my wife. She was naked, lying diagonally across the bed on her stomach, with her hair turbaned in a towel. She had just gotten out of the shower, and her skin was still flushed from the hot water and the scrubbing. Heat radiated from her body in waves.

I walked over to the bed until my legs made contact with her feet, which were hanging over the edge. She shifted slightly so that her feet lay flat against my thighs, and she began to massage me with her toes. Otherwise, she didn’t move.

I leaned over, shifting my weight forward to keep firm contact with the soles of her feet, and touched her calves. We had been walking all day, doing touristy things, and I was sure her legs were tired and achy. Each calf felt like one big knot, so I began kneading and massaging them.

She sighed deeply and shifted her head on the bed so that she could glance over her shoulder at me. I could see the light glinting off of her half-lidded eyes and she smiled at me in contentment, then winced as my fingers dug in a bit.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good,” she said, faintly. “Please don’t stop.” So, I didn’t.

I carefully worked my way from the top of her calves to the bottom, kneading the muscles, trying my best to remember what I’d learned about working with the muscle fibers and not against them. I dug into knots, smoothing them out, and then worked carefully around each ankle. I lifted each foot in turn to knead the soles and delicately work on each toe.

Jackie continued to sigh as I worked, murmuring words of encouragement, visibly relaxing into the mattress. I worked on her feet for a long time, and when I finished each foot I leaned over to plant a kiss in the middle of the sole.

Delaney walked out of the bathroom just as I was finishing up. Her short, reddish-brown hair was still wet, and she had combed it back and parted it on the left side. “Wow,” she said, giggling, as I kissed Jackie’s left foot, “kinky!”

If you’ve read the previous two parts of this story, you know Delaney is the high school senior and rowing captain who lives two doors down from Jackie and me. She and I found ourselves snowed in together shortly before this past Christmas. What started out as a cup of tea between two lonely people became much more. Coming home early from work, Jackie found us in bed together.

Three weeks later, I came home from the holiday break to find Delaney in bed with Jackie, too. What had started out as a plan to get even with me for cheating turned into some of the hottest sex any of us had ever had, and a threesome that had lasted for over eight months now.

I chuckled at Delaney’s remark, and Jackie, still snuggled on the bed, smiled. It was far from the kinkiest thing the three of us had done together, but I took it as a challenge. We had just enough time for a little fun before we had to dress and go to dinner.

“Spread your legs,” I said, softly.

Delaney was standing over by the window, leaning over her duffel. “What?” she said, surprised, pausing and looking over at me. I grinned at her, but turned my attention back to Jackie. I leaned over a bit and tapped her thighs.

“Spread your legs,” I repeated. Jackie opened her eyes slightly to look at me again, but dutifully dropped her feet from where they were braced against my thighs and moved her legs apart. I stepped between them, leaned over, and began massaging her ass. She smiled and closed her eyes again.

I really love my wife’s ass. To me, it’s perfect. Smooth and round, it’s neither too big nor too flat. My hands fit perfectly around each globe, and I kneaded them deeply. As I worked, I made sure to pendik escort spread her cheeks from time to time, giving me a view of her anus. She playfully winked at me, but otherwise lay passive and relaxed as I worked my way from her ass up to her lower back, and then up to her shoulders and down her arms.

As I worked on her upper body, I had to lean over her farther. I couldn’t take all the time I wanted because of our dinner reservations, but I was thorough enough. When I got to her shoulders, I climbed up onto the bed, using my knees to spread her legs even farther apart. Leaning over to do her neck and jaw I carefully placed my cock on the crack of her ass. As I worked on her, my cock moved up and down, gradually getting hard, and she responded by playfully pushing her ass back into me.

Delaney was in her panties, bra, and blouse by the time I finished with Jackie’s upper body. She had been the one to teach us each how give a proper massage, so she was keeping an eye on us as she dressed. When I moved back off the bed to return to kneading Jackie’s ass, Delaney noticed my hardon and paused, her skirt in her hands. I had her full attention now.

This time as I cupped and rubbed my wife’s ass she pushed back against my hands, asking for more without saying a thing. I slowly kneaded down to her hamstrings, my thumbs working her inner thighs. As if on accident I brushed her pussy lips with my knuckles once, and then again. Each time I worked down her hamstrings and then back to the top, I made sure to brush her lips with the lower knuckles of my thumbs. In no time at all I felt her getting damp.

I continued my massage, keeping up my façade of professional detachment, but making certain to tease her as much as possible each time my thumbs were within range. Soon her juices were flowing more freely. My knuckles began to make subtle, wet sounds as they worked back and forth across her lips.

As I massaged, Jackie had begun breathing slowly and deeply, taking in all the sensations and letting them fill her up. Now those breaths started sounding more and more like sighs, and that drew Delaney over to the bed. The next time I worked my way to the top of Jackie’s thighs I stayed there, insinuating the tips of my thumbs into her sex, one penetrating her while the other moved down, nudging her clit, rubbing all around it, teasing her.

Jackie had closed her eyes when I first made contact with her pussy, her long brown lashes laying across her cheeks, but now her eyes were wide open. She raised her head off the mattress a bit to look over her shoulder directly at me. “What are you doing?” she asked. “We don’t have time for this, baby.” She tried to close her legs, but I didn’t move.

“We have time for anything I say we have time for,” I said quietly, still concentrating on what I was doing to her. My tone caught the attention of both girls, and Delaney sat down on the bed not far from Jackie’s head. Jackie put her head back down and continued to look at me past her right shoulder, but didn’t say anything more.

I moved my fingers back to her ass cheeks, gently pushing up and out, spreading them, putting her completely on display. With my right thumb I continued to tease her lips, moving the pad up and down their length, then insinuating the tip and repeating the movement. With my left thumb I went back to teasing her clit, slowly and languidly circling it, lubricated by the juices that were now oozing from her pussy.

I knew one of Jackie’s most sensitive spots was just inside her inner lips, so I probed her steadily, the tip of my thumb working in and out over and over past that spot. At the same time I kept circling and teasing her lubricated clit, which gradually grew harder and longer, and thus easier to tease. She began moaning, her breath coming quickly, in harsher and harsher gasps. Her hips began bucking slightly, pushing her pussy back against my thumbs.

I knew the signs. She was really starting to feel it now, and her orgasm wasn’t far off. I continued teasing her, working over her most sensitive spots, almost until the point of no return. Then I stopped and moved my hands to her hips.

“No, no, don’t stop,” she panted, bucking her hips, trying to regain contact with my fingers.

“C’mon, baby, it’ll be even better,” I urged, gently pulling up on her hips until she was on her knees, her ass sticking out at me. She pushed herself up on all fours so that she could push back at me even more, urging me to continue. I took my time, though, carefully placing her knees just where I needed them and pushing down on the small of her back a bit so that her ass was as high in the air as it could get.

She was waving her ass at me, silently begging me to get back to work on her, by the time I knelt behind her and began teasing her again. I went back to work on her clit with my left thumb, but this time I only teased her lips with the right for a few moments before slowly pushing it into her as far as it would escort pendik go.

She gasped harshly and began nodding, feeling the penetration she needed. Getting caught up in the action, Delany scooted over until she was sitting with her crotch right under Jackie’s head. She reached under Jackie and held her breasts, which were swinging back and forth as she pushed herself back onto my fingers. She milked and massaged them, running her fingers around her hardened nipples, but she kept an eye on me to see what I would do next. When I leaned in and began licking my wife’s asshole, Delaney gasped and sat up straight to get a good view.

It had occurred to me a few minutes before that we had never done any anal play with her. Jackie and I had enjoyed anal sex often in the past. In fact, she sometimes preferred it when she was on her period. But with Delaney the subject had just never come up. Suddenly, I really wanted to see how she’d react.

For her part, Jackie didn’t hesitate. She was getting close as it was, with one thumb massaging her clit and the other deep inside her, curling into her g-spot, but as soon as she felt my tongue on her puckered asshole she gasped.

“Oh my God,” she moaned, rocking back against me even more furiously. “Oh my God, oh my God, do it, Danny, do it, stick it in, please stick it in.” I glanced up at Delaney. Her hands were still on Jackie’s tits, but she had stopped massaging them and was now staring at me, her mouth slightly open. Maybe she thought Jackie meant for me to stick my cock in her. But I knew better.

As soon as I had her crinkled anus wet and slick with my saliva, I stiffened my tongue and stuck it as far up inside her as I could. Jackie stiffened and gasped, her pussy juices dripping over my hands and onto the bed. Delaney got up on her knees to get a better view.

Together, we worked on my wife as she crouched between us on the bed. Delaney was still cradling Jackie’s sensitive tits and had gone back to lightly massaging them, all the while giving me her rapt attention. I kept probing Jackie’s g-spot and massaging her clit, all the while tongue-fucking her asshole. Jackie pressed her head into Delaney’s stomach, nodding, moaning, rocking back and forth between us.

Her anus was relaxed and wet now as I probed it with my tongue, making sure to touch every sensitive nerve. I pulled out and licked all around the outside, teasing her, getting her wetter and wetter, before suddenly plunging back in to resume fucking her hole.

The towel that she had wrapped around her head when she got out of the shower had come loose, and strands of her lovely, damp hair dangled from her head as she continued to furiously buck toward her orgasm. “Oh, my God,” she kept chanting, “oh my God, oh my God, Danny, fuck my ass, stick your tongue up my ass, do it, baby, do me, do me, do me, oh fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck.”

I loved it when she got so carried away that she babbled. It was so sexy to hear her lose control and talk so dirty. It was hard for me to keep my movements coordinated, swirling the pad of my thumb around her clit, thrusting into and licking around her anus, and curling the tip of the other thumb against her g-spot. But I concentrated on moving my left thumb around her clit, and found that the rest of my motions could sort of go on autopilot.

My right wrist was cramping a bit because of the angle I had to hold it in to get that thumb into her pussy and still reach her asshole with my tongue, but it didn’t matter. My beautiful wife was about to cum, and there was no way I was going to give up now.

“I’m gonna cum,” she gasped. “I’m gonna cum, cum, cum, CUMMING, CUMMING, OH GOD, KISS ME!” she suddenly shouted. She thrust her face up at Delaney, eyes closed, and the big girl tore her eyes away from what I was doing and plunged her mouth down onto Jackie’s, their tongues swirling together.

I felt her pussy clamp down on my right thumb and rhythmically spasm just as her asshole clenched on my tongue. Her legs shook as the orgasm rippled through her, radiating out from her clit and pussy and ass down her legs and up her back. Her arms were shaking furiously, and Delaney had to press her tits up into her chest to help hold her up as they continued to kiss and kiss and kiss.

To keep her orgasm rolling, I gradually decreased and then stopped the stimulation of her clit while continuing to tease her g-spot and squirm my tongue in her tight asshole. She continued to quiver and moan around Delaney’s tongue, with an occasional monumental shudder to punctuate her release, until she gradually relaxed and collapsed to the mattress.

As she sank down, my tongue and thumb both pulled free from her body. I didn’t just let her go, though. I remained crouched over her, and I began circling her asshole with my soaking wet thumb. I cleaned up as much of her spilled pussy juices as possible with the other thumb, the one I’d been teasing her clit with, and soon I had both circling pendik escort bayan the target.

I slowly penetrated her with the tips, until I could get down to the first knuckle or so. Then I began pressing both thumbs in together and parting them as I withdrew, feeling the rubbery ring give way and loosen even further. I continued like this for some moments, stretching her anus, preparing her for my cock.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned, “that feels so fucking good.” Her voice was muffled because Delaney had sat back down and was cradling her head in her lap. Jackie knew what was coming, of course, but she was so relaxed from her orgasm that she no longer cared about dinner reservations or anything else. She just lay there and enjoyed the anal stimulation.

“Aren’t we done?” Delaney asked, obviously a little confused about why I was still working on Jackie’s ass. Over the past several months we’d begun playing a little game in which two of us would ambush the third at some inopportune moment and make him or her helplessly cum, then continue on with whatever we were doing. She obviously thought this was one of those times.

“Not hardly,” I replied, concentrating on getting my wife ready for her first anal fucking in months.

“No way,” she sighed, burrowing her head under Delaney’s skirt so she could nuzzle at her sex through her panties. “Look at him,” she continued. “After that performance, I gotta take care of my baby.” Delaney glanced over at me and noticed my hard on. My cock was standing straight up from my body, throbbing in mid-air with each beat of my heart.

I spent a few more minutes making sure Jackie’s ass was completely relaxed and lubed, and then I moved my hands back to her hips and raised her back up on her knees. She kept going, thrusting her ass back at me as far as it would go.

“Quick, baby,” she said, her voice muffled but still sounding completely relaxed and happy, “do me. Make me yours.”

Needing no further encouragement, I stood up and stepped forward. My cockhead made contact with wet pussy lips, and I slowly pressed forward until I was in balls deep. I didn’t have any intention of staying in her pussy, but I wanted as much lube as I could get. Jackie just sighed deeply as she felt me enter, and began nuzzling at Delaney’s sex even more. Leaning back on one arm, the younger girl flipped her skirt up so that she could watch my wife tease her through her panties. I could see a large wet spot forming in her light blue thong.

The feeling of my wife’s pussy clutching my entire length, warm and wet, was always as amazing to me as it had been the very first time we fucked. I didn’t want to linger, though, so I moved in and out, thrusting slowly, looking down to see her smooth lips expand and contract around my shaft and cockhead each time I withdrew and then pushed back in. After a few thrusts, when I was as lubed as I could possibly get, I withdrew all the way and then repositioned my head at the entrance to her puffy, glistening asshole.

Jackie held her breath as I slowly pushed forward, the rubbery ring of her sphincter slowly giving way and expanding to take in my girth. She exhaled and pushed out, welcoming me in, and I felt her anus pop and seal around my cock head. As I’ve said, she was no virgin to anal sex, and I’d spent some time prepping her and lubing us both up, but I still stopped when I felt myself enter her. I wanted to give her a few moments to get used to having me inside her.

When she nodded and simultaneously pushed Delaney back on the bed and stripped off her skirt and wet panties, I knew she was ready. I pushed, gradually sinking into her, feeling her asshole stretching around my shaft and the heat slowly enveloping me. The towel Jackie had left the bathroom with was now completely discarded, and her wet hair fell in waves across Delaney’s stomach and thighs as she went down on her.

As Jackie got used to me, I began thrusting, slowly at first and then faster. She had once playfully called her asshole the “ring of fire”, and that’s what it felt like to me. That tight seal, moving up and down my cock, closing around my head as I withdrew and then popping open around me again as I thrust, drove me crazy.

This wasn’t going to be a marathon session. I’d been hard since I started rubbing Jackie’s back, and going down on her, licking her ass, and making her cum had really turned me on. I loved doing that for her. Once I actually got inside her, I knew I wouldn’t last long.

Delaney, for her part, was clearly still curious about the whole anal thing. From the slurping noises Jackie was making the big girl was clearly enjoying having her pussy serviced, but she was propped up on her elbows, still watching me thrust into my wife’s ass. I knew that most of her experience was with other girls, and I had no idea how much anal play came into girl-on-girl sex. Maybe it was completely new to her? Maybe she had no idea what she was missing?

“Show her what it feels like, baby,” I growled, punctuating myself with a particularly deep thrust, bottoming out in my wife’s ass. Jackie grunted deeply and nodded, reaching under Delaney’s thighs and pushing them up until she could reach her asshole.

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