For Two Dollars More Confession

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Ricky looked at his Sarah’s panty clad tight ass as she rolled over on her stomach and cocked a knee up in her sleep. Her panties just form fitted her ass crack. Her gorgeous crotch was in perfect form and a few wisps of pubic hair tufted from the edges of her panty bands as a tempting advertisement. There was just a little crease where her pussy crack was and a small indention where her asshole was.

They would have to do something soon or be evicted. They were a straight young couple and did not have much savings to rely on when he lost his job.

After she got up and they both got ready for the day, Ricky told Sarah he was going out to look for day work, and she replied she might go play bingo.

Ricky wore his typical clothes, and Sarah put on a short zip in the front dress with clingy white cotton material. She wore her new panties for good luck. They were bright pink cotton with bright yellow ribbon stripes in printed bows, and little white flowers.

There was a new Bingo Hall near where they lived and Sarah had never played Bingo but had heard you could win good money. When Sarah arrived there she saw a large room with tables lined up across it. There was overhead lighting over the tables, and the speaker podium with a table on either side of it.

Sarah paid her entry fee, got her cards and proceeded to the front row where she could hear better. The lights turned low as she walked and high powered black lights came on. The bright lights had shown right through her sheer cotton dress to begin with, exposing her panties with no slip, and her small pointed brown nipples pointing through the material.

Sam the Bingo Caller saw Sarah walk up. He saw her beautiful young figure through the sheer cotton material and kept watching as the regular bright lights dimmed and the high wattage black lights came on. She lit up in the dark room like a torch, and her white cotton dress couldn’t have been brighter if it were an LED white dress. Sam and everyone could see her bright pink panties shining through the cotton material. She had a radiant smile and had no idea why she was drawing attention.

When Sarah sat down her short hem rode high right up to her crotch in exhibition. She didn’t seem to be aware of it, because she hadn’t worn dresses like that for luck since high school and her first year of college where she always seemed to have good luck with her teachers and her grades.

She was facing the front where Sam the Bingo Caller was. He could see her wedding band and the sparkle of a diamond. He had a beautiful clear squirrel shot of her crotch and with the lighting he could see the beautiful curves of her pussy and the dark crack between her pussy lips clearly.

The cool air and the attention she was getting from Sam caused her nipples to harden and stand out, and her pussy lips to engorge. Sam could easily see the point of her clit as he looked on.

If she was baiting him, he surely would take it, but he was used to this game and he would bait her with winning a little at a time.

Soon enough Sarah started winning and started to bring home some extra money, much as a daytime job.

Ricky landed a few day jobs, but he barely made enough to get them by. However Sarah was bringing home more.

They canlı bahis could live off Sarah’s winnings. Ricky soon became interested. He kept working his day jobs, but became interested in trying Bingo in the evenings.

One day Sarah presented Ricky with a special good luck present. It was a pair of rainbow colored sheer cotton sissy panties. They were mostly white cotton with an attractive array of bright black light colors. “No one but you will know you are wearing these but they will bring you good luck.”

One night while playing Bingo hard, Ricky was almost winning enough to bring money home but not enough.

Sam called an early meal break for everyone. He motioned for Ricky to come to him.

Ricky thought, “Maybe I won something after all.”

“My name is Sam, what is yours?” the Bingo Caller asked.


“Hi Ricky,” he said as he vigorously shook Ricky’s hand with a broad smile. “Hey I think you are about to be on a winning streak. Are you staying all night?”

“Well it depends,” Ricky replied. “but I don’t have enough money for another round.”

“Follow me,” Sam said. He led Ricky to his RV that he used to travel on his Bingo Circuit.

They went inside his RV, and Sam poured Ricky a drink. “This is free,” he said with a grin.

“Thank you,” Ricky said and started to drink it. It was a good flavor wine cooler. It went down easily, and Sam poured another. They tasted good but Ricky didn’t notice they got stronger as he thirsted for more.

Sam said, “If you do me a favor, I will give you enough money to play more.”

Ricky did not realize he had gotten very drunk. “Sure.”

“I would just like you to do this.” He grabbed Ricky’s wrist and put Ricky’s hand over his cock, and rubbed it up and down. “Keep doing this for a while, and make it hard.” Ricky liked the guy and so his guard was down. It was not something he would ever do but he agreed so that he could have enough money to play another round and may be he would win enough to pay some bills.

“Come on make it hard so we can finish and go back in.” Ricky started to concentrate more on making the cock harder.

Sam unbuckled his pants and let them down exposing his underwear covered cock, “Here do it this way and maybe that will help you.”

After a minute, “Go ahead and pull the underwear down so you can see whether it is getting harder.”

Ricky followed his instructions, and was now pulling down the underwear of another man for the first time. He started rubbing the bare cock up and down watching to see it get harder. He saw it glisten on the top. He felt a little euphoria knowing he was successful enough to get a little pre-cum.

“Keep going. Take it easy. The trick is you have to kiss it,” Sam said.

Ricky was drunk and bent over to kiss it.

“That’s it, keep kissing. Give it a fish lips kiss. Let the head slide in as you kiss it.”

Soon the head and the shaft were sliding in and Ricky was trying to figure out how to kiss it if the shaft was all the way in.

“Suck it in and out, and lick the head.” Sam grabbed Ricky’s head and held it when his cock started to jerk and spasm. He held Ricky’s head tightly.

Sam shot rockets of hot cum into Ricky’s mouth. bahis siteleri

Ricky got a surprised look on his face but could not remove his mouth from the cock, as Sam had a firm grip.

Sam said, “Swish it around my dick head and suck it clean, then swallow the cum. Man you are good. Keep it in your mouth for a few minutes.” Sam brushed his fingers gingerly through Ricky’s hair caressing his head.

“There now, let’s go in and play some more Bingo.”

Later that night Ricky found himself in the same position. With Sam’s help Ricky has won on a tantalizing streak.

Ricky was asking for two dollars more to have enough to play another round.

Sam said, “You will have to do something more to get the money.”

Ricky was thinking that on his winning streak, he only needed a few more wins and he wouldn’t have to play anymore.

Sam said, “Ok take off your clothes right here in the living area.”

Ricky downed another drink. He had forgotten about his new panties that no one was supposed to know about. But sure enough they had brought him luck. Sam had a black light on and Ricky’s rainbow colored sissy panties shone brightly. Sam was taking some pictures, making Ricky turn around in several poses.

“Go ahead and take them off,” Sam said. “Come in here.”

Totally nude, Ricky walked his naked ass in front of Sam. Sam watched Ricky’s ass cheeks bounce as they walked.

“Now I need you to pose laying over the edge of this Chaise Lounge Chair on your stomach. That’s it, spread your knees over the edges.” The curve of the chair caused Ricky’s ass to stick up.

“I am going to put these ribbons on your arms and legs. Hold still while I put them on.”

Ricky was too drunk to care.

The ribbons were actually soft BDSM ties that held Ricky in place.

“This is just so I can take some more pictures.” Sam also had a video cam rolling.

Ricky felt some lotion pouring on his ass and down his crack. Soon he felt the hands and fingers of Sam Caressing his ass and butt crack. Soon more lotion was added to his ass crack and asshole. Ricky felt it being worked into his asshole. He had never been fingered before, not even by his wife. It was a curious feeling. He felt Sam toying with his ass.

He couldn’t get up even if he wanted to because he was tied down.

Soon he felt a knob against his asshole. It kept pushing.

Sam said, “Relax.”

Then Ricky felt the knob beginning to enter. It made pumping movements, and some circular movements. Ricky tightened his asshole as the knob seemed to start in.

“Relax,” said Sam.

Then Ricky felt a loud smack on his ass. Distracted, he relaxed his asshole, and the knob slid the rest of the way in causing Ricky to say, “Uumph.”

Ricky did not know what to make of the situation. Here he was drunk with a cock up his ass.

Sam had a Viagra hard on, and gradually pumped more and more, adding more lube as needed, that kept Ricky from getting too sore. It was Ricky’s first time anal.

They fucked nearly all night. He taught Ricky to use his asshole to twirl his cock inside, He taught him how to squeeze it at just the right times, and visualize it for his dreams.

Finally, Sam came for the last time feeling with bahis şirketleri satisfaction his cum shooting into Ricky’s ass which was uncontrollably flexing on his cock. Ricky was nearly exhausted.

Sam said, “Here is the two dollars more, enough for another game. Let’s get your clothes on and go back in.”

Sam discreetly had put Ricky’s panties in a drawer over the top of the pink panties with yellow ribbons.

They went back in, and Ricky’s lucky panties paid off so that he went home with a handsome winning. Soon the 24 hour Bingo Hall would go on day shift, but Ricky would be at home sleeping soundly.

The next week Sarah went to play Bingo but the Bingo Hall was empty and the RV was gone. However there was a friendly man in another vehicle selling golf club apparatus. He said he was waiting for a golf convention and could he help her. He told Sarah the Bingo crew had packed up and moved to another town. As they talked he offered her a drink which she gladly accepted after a long walk getting there

As she crossed her legs, he saw her bright yellow panties.

The next day, Ricky was also looking for the Bingo outfit. They had gone but he met a golf apparatus sales man who was kind and friendly and offered to let him in for a drink and to use the bathroom.

“Take your shoes off and relax.” Dan the golf sales man said.

Ricky took his shoes off and accepted a drink. Before he realized it he was thirsting for another and another drink, and got drunk. Following the man’s suggestion after he spilt some drink on his pants, he took his pants off, forgetting that he was wearing some new glow in the dark sissy panties. Dan had turned on some black lights, and the panties shown brightly.

“Those look mighty soft,” Dan said as he let a hand drift down Ricky’s side and to his panties.

Ricky was drunk and high on something and just observed as Dan started feeling through the panties, and finally slipping a hand under the band and over his ass cheek. Without quite realizing how Ricky realized he had a dick in his mouth and he could feel cum shots hitting the back of his mouth and dripping on his tongue. In a way he welcomed the taste, and kept the cum in his mouth until finally Dan said, “Swallow it.”

Ricky confessed to himself that he longed for more cum, and loved the taste.

It was good and to show his appreciation, Ricky sucked the cock dry, and then licked it down the shaft and between the balls reaching as far back as he could below the balls, then kissed and sucked each ball.

Dan stripped the rest of the clothes off Ricky throwing his panties in a drawer over the newly acquired yellow ones. Like his friend Sam, Dan loved young couples. Gingerly he laid Ricky over the bed face down, and softly tethered his knees apart, propping up his ass with a pillow.

Semi consciously Ricky allowed his ass to be lubed and felt a cock at his entrance. He was too relaxed to care, and without effort the cock slid in bareback. Soon Dan was eagerly fucking his ass for a long time until he came. Ricky used his ass hole to twirl the cock in his ass. Ricky felt the cock pulse and he felt the cum hit his insides because he could feel the temperature difference of the cum to his insides.

This made Ricky a few bucks but what was better was that Dan had a lot of golf buddies who liked to get sucked off and fucked.


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