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“Where’s Cameron?” Cinnamon asks.

“In the showers, said something about it being a long day.”

It had been a long day. Cinnamon and Cameron had been at a meeting at a photographic studio with enough bikini clad models to put Baywatch to shame. Neither of them was sure why a company such as theirs would need publicity when all that had to do was put a half-naked girl on the front of all advertising paraphernalia.

Cameron and Cinnamon had arranged a film night but she was now feeling tired and drained and just wanted her bed. She walks into the changing rooms and hears the showers running.

“Cameron, you decent?”

No reply. She walks nearer to the male shower stalls. Some one’s definitely in there. She was about to shout again but stops as she hears a voice moaning. She walks to the doorway and sees Cameron under the shower, completely naked and completely hard, holding his erection firmly between his hands.

Cinnamon realises that today may have be even more of strain on Cameron, teased by enough female flesh that he’s probably been worked up since the scene. She watches him, he’s slowly running his hand up and down his shaft. She wonders which one finally did it for him, which of the models he was thinking of now. The blondes, brunettes or red heads, the big busted curvy ones or the petite small framed ones. Was he a boob or butt man, what gets him drooling? Was he thinking about all of them, it was no secret he had a way with the women. Cinnamon was getting bothered about a fantasy involving Cameron fucking each of the models. The thought of them filled with Cameron’s come and then modelling their bikinis as Cameron’s spunk drips through dampening their bikini bottoms as they pose for the cameras.

Cameron’s breathing distracts her from her thought. She returns her gaze to his cock. He unhands it and takes some shower gel . He rubs it between his hands and foams it up to lather. He returns to his action around his cock and he increased his speed in working his palms up and down. He’s fast and ruff and Cinnamon just knows that he going to spurt soon and whatever happens in the world right now she wanted to see it.

“Ughhh.” his actions are intense. He twists his hands around himself, his right hand nearest his sack twists left and his left hand twist the head to the right and he twirls his thumb around his bulging head swiping up pre-cum and then mixing it with the suds. He fastens his pace more so. “Oh god.”

He rests his head against the shower wall and then it happened. He’s murmuring and then as clear as day he shouts “Cinnamon” canlı bahis then he shoots his load, a long stream of sticky come in the air that lands on the shower floor. He keeps up with his actions till there’s no more to release. He leans the whole of his body against the wall. His cock now returning to its normal state. He sighs. Grabs some more gel and washes quickly.

Cinnamon has rested her body against the lockers. She can’t believe that Cameron was masturbating thinking about her, not the models but her. Now all she can think about is her own release, she was wetter than ever before. God she needed to be somewhere quiet and private.

“Cinnamon!” John shouted from the doorway to the locker rooms.

“Coming.” Cinnamon replied. If only she was. She joined John at his office “Did you find Cameron?”

“Mm yeah but he was in the shower. I’ll talk to him tonight.” She definitely wasn’t cancelling now.


Normally their choice of poison was a bottle of red but tonight she just needed to know – needed to hear Cameron’s confession about the shower. She was worked up all day. Images of him had haunted her for the rest of the afternoon. Tequila it was.

Far worse for wear Cinnamon gets up from her sofa to fetch another bottle but she loses her balance and falls into the lap of the equally drunk Cameron. She’s almost straddling his lap. She sees that look, it’s the same one he had in the shower. She yanks at his belt and then slides down his zipper. Cameron goes to move her off “Cinnamon we’re drunk.”

“Mmm” she fishes out his cock and looks at her prize. She looks him in the eyes. “I want this Cameron, I want you and your” she starts to touch him the way she knew he liked “your beautiful, big cock.” she takes her hands away and moves her palms to Cameron’s mouth “Lick!” Cameron kisses and licks the palms of her hand. She returns to her ministrations and soon Cameron is whimpering as she knows he’s about to come.

“Need you.” he whispers moving his face next to hers. Cinnamon had already seen what he did on his own, now she wanted to know how it felt when there was two. Cinnamon gets off from Cameron’s lap and pulls him up from the sofa. “Bedroom.” she murmurs.


When Cinnamon wakes up in bahis siteleri the morning she knows that last night was good, better than ever before, she has an ache and a soreness she’s hears lucky women brag about. She rolls to see him fast asleep on his back. It would appear that last night wasn’t enough for Cameron as she can clearly see a well-defined erection under the sheets. She moves her hand under the sheets and finds him and starts to stroke him.

“Morning.” He smiles before opening his eyes.

“Mm morning.” She continues.

He sets himself above her. Looking in her eyes “You’re very keen.”

“I found out what I have been missing out on and now I’m gonna make up for lost time. Why, you complaining?”

“Definitely not complaining. You want it Cinnamon and I want you to have it.”

“I want you to ram that big cock in me till I squirt.” Cameron’s eyes glaze. Last night was passionate and amazing because it was him and her. Now he’s woken to a sexual beast. He’s still silent “What you not up to the challenge?” Cinnamon teases.

“Do you?” he asks.

“Do I what Cameron?”

“Do you squirt?”

“Never before but I never had the right man for the job.”

“You don’t need a man to do it, you can do it yourself,” Cameron moves his head to her thighs and starts to trace patterns on the inside of her leg. “It’s all biology”. Cameron’s breath is hitting her sensitive spot. He swipes at her core with his tongue. “Do you want a biology lesson?”


He busies himself licking and sucking until she’s screaming his name. Disappointed that nothing else happened when she came. “It’s O.K., we only just started. Don’t want to hurt you Cinnamon. Wanted to make sure you were relaxed and” he runs two fingers up between her legs “wet”. He pushes the two fingers in her slowly and then moves them, playing with her and making her moan. He pumps them in and out.

“You O.K.?” Cameron asks.

“Yes, god yes.”

“Do you really want this Cinnamon?”

“Yes Cameron, only with you, for us. Make me yours.”

Cameron smiles and pulls the two fingers out a little. He turns them up and then pushes up on the inside of her opening. He fidgets them a bit but soon he’s found what he was looking for. He starts to massage the ruff area he’s found, slowly but as Cinnamon starts to breathe deeply and thrash about a bit he start to speed up and be rougher. “If it hurts you have to tell me Cinnamon.”

“Nothing hurts Cameron just, oh god Cameron faster, whatever you’re doing don’t stop?”

“Come for me baby, whatever you feel you bahis şirketleri need to do, do it. Nature will do the rest.” Cinnamon can’t control her body as Cameron plunges harder and harder into her. She’s shaking and moaning “Cameron god I’m coming.” she yells and the orgasm hits her first time as normal but there’s a split second of change, almost as if something is waiting to break free from her walls. “Fuck.” she shouts.

“Let go Cinnamon, don’t hold it back.” He carries on with fingering her and then bends down to lick her clit. “Cameron.” that’s was it. Cinnamon nearly knocks herself off the bed as she squirts all over Cameron hand and face. She can barely breathe and had shut her eyes with the force of her orgasm.


Cinnamon looks down at Cameron. His face is soaked. She starts to panic. She starts to wonder if that’s what’s really supposed to happen. She wants to run and hide in the bathroom. Cameron holds her down by putting a gentle hand on her stomach. Looking her in the eyes he just licks his lips and then his fingers. He now hovering above her still covered with her juices.

“If, if we ever have to be apart you now know what to do when I’m not here.”

“Now I got you I’m not planning on letting you leave the bedroom.”


“I think we have only just started on that path.” She smiles. “Do you want a shower?”

“Only if you are there.”

“Mm can be arranged.” They lean in for a kiss. “Maybe you shouldn’t shower.”

“Errmm why?”

“You smell of me, marked you as mine, warding off any models that think they can have you.”

“How very primal of you.”

“You don’t know the half of it.”


Cinnamon couldn’t stop fidgeting at work. Not only was she rechecking her scarf which was covering the biggest love bite she had ever had but also because she confessed about her earlier fantasy from when she had watched Cameron in the showers. She hadn’t realised Cameron’s plan till it was too late. Two quickie sessions that morning, over the sofa at his and in the car in the office carpark had left her full of his come which was now seeping through her knickers and she was sure it was to leave a wet patch on her jeans and wherever she sat. However she couldn’t bring herself to clean herself up, as long she smelt of Cameron and he smelt of her she didn’t care.

When Cameron looks at her with big eyes when no one else is around she’s not sure she cares enough not to push him on a desk and fist his cock till he comes on the ceiling. Working together was going to get uncomfortable from now on.

The end

Parker Wickes

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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