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Katie was a flirt. She wasn’t shy about it; in fact she even owned a tight, bright yellow t-shirt that proudly proclaimed it, the word printed boldly across her ample breasts in a parody of the “Squirt” product logo.

Justin was quite familiar with Katie’s tits. He and Katie had dated for a while in high school. Although she was only a few months older, she was a senior when he was a junior. Their relationship had been a fairly typical high school one, with a lot of making out and groping, but no penetration or “happy endings”.

Katie and Justin had e-mailed a few times right when she went to college but they dwindled as the school year passed. That next summer, a month after Justin’s high school graduation, he received an invitation in the mail to a pool party Katie was having at her house. He immediately called her to RSVP.

“Hey you, great to hear from you!” Katie exclaimed.

“So I hear you’re having a big party?” Justin asked.

“Oh yeah. My parents are out of town, so I’m having some people over. It will be fun, and there will be booze!” Katie exclaimed. They chatted and caught up on what they’d been up to until she suddenly interrupted, “Hey, sorry, I’ve got another call. I’ll see you at my party, ok?”

Justin wore his swim trunks and a Hawaiian shirt to Katie’s pool party. He arrived at the ideal time, just as the party was getting into full swing. There were dozens of people his age in swimwear, enjoying the hot summer sun. While there were guys there than girls, Justin naturally focused his attention on the hot girls in bikinis.

One girl caught him staring, but instead of scowling came over to talk.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Lisa, a friend of Katie’s from college!” she introduced herself in a bubbly, excited manner.

“Hey, I’m Justin. Katie and I went to high school together.”

“I like your swim trunks,” Lisa said, pointing in the general direction of Justin’s crotch. As their conversation continued she flirted with him shamelessly, asking him if he liked her own skimpy swimsuit, having him inspect her navel piercing, and otherwise drawing attention to her body.

Justin figured things were going pretty well and that he had a shot with Lisa. Unfortunately for him, she waved at a muscle-bound guy who walked over and joined them, whom she gave a huge hug and kiss on the lips. “Justin, this is my boyfriend, Kevin.”

Justin felt annoyed and disappointed at her meaningless flirtation. He excused himself quickly, not wanting to endure watching Lisa make eyes at Kevin. He spied Katie, looking fantastic in her bright, tiny blue bikini and surrounded by a group of four guys, all vying for her attention. For being a slightly curvier girl, Katie always was confident, and not afraid to show some skin. She saw him and waved, but he chose to wait until she was less occupied to try to talk with her.

Justin spent most of the party talking with a guy whose name escaped him, but had interesting stories to tell about his recent trip to South America. He watched Katie from a distance, observing her flirt with the guys, touching them, and just plain drawing attention to herself. Every now and then she’d blow Justin a kiss. He’d smile and wave back.

The sun set just as the beer ran out and the party started to disperse. Justin walked over to Katie to finally say both hello and goodbye, but instead she grabbed his hand and said “Come sit in the hot tub with me! I’ve missed you!” she exclaimed, pressing her practically naked body against his in a warm embrace.

After agreeing, Justin soon found that he wasn’t the only guy that Katie had invited to join her in the hot tub, as there was already a slightly older guy waiting for her there. “Justin, this is Clint. Clint, Justin,” Katie said, introducing them.

Justin learned that Clint was 23, and seemed to Justin to be a little too full of himself. He admitted that Clint had that air of cockiness that appealed to girls like Katie. Still, Justin didn’t feel threatened, and enjoyed being near Katie and was willing to tolerate her choice in company.

The last of the other remaining guests said their goodbyes, and it was now just Clint, Justin, and Katie. “I gotta pee!” Katie suddenly said, giggling and hopping out of the tub. She didn’t bother with a towel, and both Justin and Clint admired her ass wiggling as she scooted into the house.

“So, bro, have you hit that?” Clint asked Justin once Katie was out of earshot.

“Me? No. We used to go out, in high school, but she was a virgin then. We didn’t go past second base. Why, have you?” Justin wasn’t sure how he felt about this guy having gotten the woman Justin wanted but never was able to have, who had filled many of his fantasies during nights of masturbation.

“Not yet, but man, she gives some great head. She sucked me off in my truck outside this bar a couple weekends ago.”

Justin wasn’t sure what to feel. He was shocked at how casually Clint was revealing this information. He was a jealous, canlı bahis mostly that this stranger had been able to casually get farther with Katie in an evening than he had in months of dating. Yet, he also felt a bit excited at the scandalous confession. He tried to play it cool. “Yeah, I bet she really knows how to use her mouth.”

“Oh fuck yeah. Those sorority girls, they really know how to suck like a Hoover. I think it’s part of their training or something. I figure she invited me to this party so we could finish what we started,” Clint stated, as though it was already a done deal.

Justin shrugged in response. He knew that Katie probably just wanted the party to be as full as possible with guys who found her attractive and would give her attention, and that Clint wasn’t particularly special. He could tell Clint wanted him to take the hint and excuse himself, but he was feeling a little bitter and didn’t want to make it easy on Katie and Clint. If they asked him to leave it was one thing, but he wasn’t going to just leave on his own.

Katie came back carrying more drinks. She slid back into the tub gracefully, grinning wickedly. Once again Justin noticed how good she looked in her little blue bikini, and how much she’d firmed up her body since high school. She hadn’t lost those ample tits though, which were dominating Justin’s attention.

“You boys are so far away, I’m getting lonely. Why don’t you each scoot closer to me?” she asked. Justin was the first to move. Clint seemed a bit hesitant, but didn’t want to look uptight, and soon both men were pressed against one of Katie’s sides. “See, isn’t this better?” Katie said. She placed one hand on each guy’s thigh under the water.

Katie turned to whisper in Clint’s ear. Justin tried to listen, but was quickly distracted as Katie’s hand slid up his thigh to his crotch. His cock became hard instantly as she teased him under the water through his swim trunks. He wondered if Clint was receiving the same treatment. He glanced over and saw that Katie was kissing Clint, their tongues deep in each other’s mouths. It was impossible to tell if her other hand was still on Clint’s thigh, or was on his package.

The situation was surreal to Justin, but he let his cock do the thinking and just went with it. Katie wasn’t his girlfriend, nor was she Clint’s. She could do whatever she wanted, and if that involved rubbing his cock while she made out with another guy, so be it. He was euphoric to have her hand rubbing his hard dick. It had been a while since Justin had gotten lucky, and he was ready to take what he could get.

Katie broke her kiss, turned to Justin and winked before lifting both her hands out of the water. “Is it ok with you guys if I get more comfortable?” she asked. Without waiting for a response she untied her bikini top and cast it aside. Justin soaked in the sight of his ex’s lovely tits, exposed to him fully for the first time in over a year.

“I’ll get naked if you guys do,” Katie said. “But you both have to.” Clint looked slightly annoyed. Justin could see him doing the math. It was a sort of twisted prisoner’s dilemma that Katie had set up: Clint needed to play along to get what he wanted, even if it wasn’t heading to his preferred outcome. Justin put the ball in Clint’s court by standing up and slipping off his bathing trunks.

The fact was, Justin had a large cock and loved to show it off whenever he could. He’d been made aware of the fact by the second girl who gave him a blowjob, a girl who had gotten around and seen plenty of cocks, who was very enthusiastic about the size and shape of his. As it came into view, Katie smiled at the sight of Justin’s erection, licking her lips slightly. She’d felt it rub up against her while dry-humping, but this was her first experience seeing just how well endowed her slightly younger ex-boyfriend truly was.

“Your move, Clint,” Katie said to the other man slyly. “Are you in, or are you out?” She stood up and began toying with her bikini bottoms. “My house, my rules, and I say either you get naked or you go home.” Katie’s navel piercing dangled enticingly, pointing down towards paradise. As Katie pulled her bottoms down slightly it became clear to Justin she couldn’t have much in the way of pubic hair, as none had yet made an appearance. Justin was still standing, wanting Katie to get a good long look at his full erection.

Clint sighed and resigned himself to his fate. He quickly shed his trucks and sat back into the water. His cock appeared quite average; neither impressive nor especially small. Justin remembered that Katie had presumably seen it before, when she had given Clint head.

“My turn,” Katie said gleefully, finally sliding her bottom off her hips. Justin got a good look at her pussy lips and the almost complete lack of pubic hair between her legs. Only a small patch sat above her clit. “You like my trim job, Justin?” Katie asked. “It’s very fashionable you know. All the girls in my sorority either shave most or all of bahis siteleri theirs. And the guys love it. Don’t you guys love it?” Katie said, thrusting her pussy out slightly to model her haircut, standing unabashedly nude in her parent’s hot tub in front of two very horny guys.

“Yes, it’s gorgeous,” Justin replied.

“Want to touch it?” Katie asked seductively turning towards him and staring into Justin’s dark eyes with her piercing blue ones.

Justin nodded and reached out, stroking Katie’s tummy, then drifting his hand lower, between her thighs. He glanced over at Clint, who was obviously stewing over the lack of attention but not willing to punt on the situation just yet.

“Clint, I’d love it if you would touch my boobs,” Katie said.

‘So that’s it,’ Justin thought. ‘Katie wants a threesome. If that’s what it takes to finally get a piece of her, so be it.’

Clint seemed to have resigned himself to his fate, and stood up behind Katie to cup her tits, and presumably grind his dick against her ass. Justin simply caressed Katie’s outer lips for a bit, allowing her to get wetter and more excited. He had to admit, he felt a strange sense of jealousy watching Clint manhandle his ex’s tits. He seemed a bit rough, but Katie looked to be enjoying it. Or perhaps she was enjoying Justin’s fingers.

Katie cooed, obviously loving all the attention. “Justin, would you lick my pussy? I’ve always wondered if you were good with your tongue,” she said to him seductively.

Justin slipped forward and extended his tongue to lick her bare lips. He was very aware of the other guy behind her, groping her tits and kissing her. Still, her pussy looked so sexy, and he wanted to show her what he’d learned. Justin teased her gently with the tip of his tongue, brushing it against her clit before lapping once at her swollen pussy lips.

“Oh Justin!” Katie moaned. “Clint, give me a few minutes, I want to really enjoy what Justin is doing.” She moved away from Clint, spreading her legs and standing over Justin, who was still sitting in the hot tub. He slid his tongue up and down her pussy lips, darting into her occasionally. He slid his hands up her smooth legs and cupped her tight ass as he sucked her swollen clit.

“God… God yes!” Katie moaned. “I love it.”

Justin wasn’t sure how long he licked her, but he didn’t care. It was a joy to pleasure her, especially as she cried out, “Yes, yes, God yes!” Her body tensed up, and she cried out, “Oh God, I’m coming!” followed by a long, loud moan. She sank back into the hot tub, a look of serene satisfaction on her face.

Justin had momentarily forgotten about the other guy in the tub, but saw Clint glaring at him. “I think it’s my turn to take care of you boys,” Katie said. “Stand up,” Justin stood up once more, his large erection standing out proudly, long and hard. Clint also stood.

“Move together closer you two,” Katie instructed. When Clint didn’t move Justin stepped towards him, so they were standing side by side. It was weird for Justin to be standing naked to another fully erect man, but he didn’t care, especially when Katie wrapped her lips around his thick shaft and started sucking on him. He saw that she had her hand wrapped around Clint and was jerking him off.

“Mmmm two nice hard cocks, just for me,” Katie cooed as she switched from sucking on Justin’s large cock to Clint’s somewhat smaller dick, but sucked on him with the same enthusiasm, taking most of him in her mouth. Katie continued stroking Justin’s cock, and he reached down to give her tits a firm squeeze.

“What’s the matter baby? Don’t I excite you?” Katie asked Clint. Justin looked over and saw that Clint seemed to have lost his erection.

“Fuck this shit, I’m out of here!” Clint exclaimed, climbing out of the pool and grabbing his swimsuit. “Crazy slut.”

“Well, at least one of you was a real man who can keep a hard on when a sexy girl is playing with it,” Katie said, switching her attention to Justin. “Think it was a dick size thing? I can see where this monster might intimidate a smaller man.”

Justin just grinned cockily.

Katie continued stroking his cock and continued, “I heard all about you and what you can do with this thing from Melissa Eggler. She told me about what you did to her after the winter dance.

Melissa Eggler had been Justin’s date to the school’s winter dance. Her parents were out of town that night, and the two eighteen year olds had made out for the first time that night, first on her living room couch, and later on her bed. Making out had led to more him going down on her, and eventually Justin lost his virginity that night with Melissa, although he had not been her first. While the first time was as brief as sex is for most new 18 year olds, by the third and fourth times they did it that night Justin had Melissa crying out with pleasure.

“God, I really was missing out in staying a virgin,” Katie continued, interrupting Justin’s memories. “But I’m going to bahis şirketleri change that today. It’s amazing to me that I was so scared of sex back then. I mean, look at me now. I’ll be honest, today was not the first time I’ve given head to more than one guy at the same time,” Katie said, and then resumed her cock sucking.

Justin mused at Katie’s transformation. He liked this new sex-positive girl, and not just because she was blowing him. He watched with transfixed awe as the pretty blonde expertly slid her lips up and down his shaft, looking up at him with a wonderful twinkle in her eye.

“Ready to put this thing in me?” Katie asked, releasing Justin’s erection from her grasp. “Because I’m dying to feel it, and see what you can do.”

Justin’s cock was more than ready after Katie’s oral ministrations. “How do you want me?” he asked.

“Let’s move to one of the chaise lounges,” she suggested. She bent over to grab a condom out of her purse and tossed it to Justin. “We’re lucky I have some large sized ones, aren’t we stud?” she joked.

“I guess you were prepared for anything,” Justin joked as he quickly shredded the foil package and rolled the rubber onto his dick.

Katie positioned herself on hands and knees on the lounge. She looked over her shoulder at Justin and wiggled her ass for him. “Come get some,” she cooed.

Justin moved behind Katie and slid his hands up and down her curvy, feminine body. He slipped his hands between her thighs and found she was still plenty wet and ready for him. “I have to admit, I’ve thought about this a lot,” he told her as he placed his cock at the entrance to her warm pussy.

“I bet you did, at night when you jerked off!” Katie giggled. “Come on, take me! Fuck me with that big hard cock!”

Justin gripped her hips and pushed forward. Katie gasped loudly as the head of his cock penetrated her outer lips and slid into her pussy.

“Oh god, that feels nice,” she cried out. “Yes, yes, fuck me!”

Justin had learned the hard way that he needed to take his time and let a girl become accustomed to his size. Still, Katie was very wet, and seemed to adapt quickly. With short, gradual thrusts, eventually Justin’s whole cock was buried deep within her.

“How’s that feel baby?” he asked Katie, leaning down to nibble her neck and caress the side of her breast.

“Wonderful. Better than I imagined. I love it,” she moaned.

“How do you want me to fuck you? Hard and fast? Or nice and slow?” Justin asked, continuing to penetrate her slowly and deeply.

“You’re the man,” she replied. “You decide.”

Justin had every intention of savoring this potentially once in a lifetime experience. He was already highly excited from Katie’s oral ministrations, and her pussy felt hot and wet, but the thin latex of the condom did help him hold back a little. Justin slid most of his length out of Katie slowly, and then pushed it all back into her with the same practiced ease.

“That’s right… that’s right. Fuck me, Justin. Fuck my slutty little pussy!” Katie encouraged.

Justin looked down to watch his cock slip in and out of Katie. He was totally in the moment, in love with the sensation of penetrating the girl he’d frequently masturbated while thinking about, and was now buried balls deep within. He looked around, fully realizing that he was fucking her doggy style in her parents’ backyard.

“So good,” Katie moaned. Justin forced himself to take his time, really enjoy Katie and give her a good fucking. He used his entire length to fuck her slowly, penetrating her deeply, then sliding almost all the way out before pushing back in her once more.

“Do you wish Clint was still here?” Justin asked on a whim. “Would you like to be sucking on his cock while I fuck you from behind?”

“Justin, baby, as long as you and your big cock are fucking me, who cares about anything else. Fuck Clint, I’ve got you!” she exclaimed.

Justin chuckled, reaching down to grab Katie’s tits and squeeze them as he penetrated her. He rubbed the hard nipples between his fingers, pushing his cock as deep within her tight, wet pussy as he could.

“Yes, I love it. I want you, baby. Please fuck me harder?” Katie asked, sounding almost pained.

Justin couldn’t say no. He put his hands on Katie’s shoulders, gripping her, and began thrusting into her with hard, fast, deep stroked, pounding her with a solid rhythm. She lifted her head up and cried out, her tits swaying with each of Justin’s thrusts.

“Play with your clit,” Justin told her. “I want to make you cum. I want to feel you cum around my cock.”

“It’s too soon,” Katie protested.

“Do it!” Justin ordered. Katie immediately plunged her right hand between her thighs. She caressed his balls briefly before settling on her clit.

“That’s right, take it. Take my big cock in your tight, wet pussy. You like getting fucked don’t you? You love how my big, fat cock feels?” Justin asked her through clenched teeth, feeling his passion rise and the moment of release building.

“Yes… yes… OH GOD YES!” Katie cried. “I’m coming!” she screamed. Justin felt her whole body tense up, her pussy clenching him, pulsing and demanding he shoot his cum.

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