Flight of Fantasy

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…..once on board I noticed her straight away, hell why not, all the men had, something about her poise, even from behind I knew, sometimes you can just tell, she was as tall as myself, very slim with collar length blonde hair and as I approached she turned and we had to squeeze passed each other in the aisle and there we were, face to face, hip to hip and as I predicted she was gorgeous, luscious even and I very rarely use such a word, she had deep green eyes and a perfect gleaming smile which simply took my breath away.

Later we chatted as she served the drinks and food and my ex (boyfriend – please lets not go there!) told her I was nervous of flying (I’m not its the crashing that scares me) she bent low at the waist, a little too close for my own personal space, she had a subtle, clean smell about her and I couldn’t help but turn my face to hers, inhaling her aroma softly, our eyes locked and she gave me a huge smile, my heart missed a beat and my nipples tingled and in a very sexy Irish accent, said, she would make sure I was okay, was I reading to much into that look? because it lasted a lot longer than was comfortable and in the pit of my tummy I started to get that warm feeling.

Later in the flight with all the lights dimmed, it seemed I was the only person awake, my ex had started to snore like a pig, when Rhianne, so her name tag told me, appeared and asked me if I was having trouble getting to sleep, I think I replied that I wasn’t tired but in truth I couldn’t sleep, I had been watching her lithe figure and long legs walking up and down for the last four hours.

We chatted with me flirting outrageously while she was being miss professional, I didn’t think she even noticed.

Our chat started to disturb the guy in front so she leaned in close put her lips to my ear and told me to follow her to the back of the plane, for a second I felt her hot sweet breath in my ear and was I imagining it or did she just flutter her tongue along the inside edge of my lobe, she couldn’t have done, not in front of everyone, but the hairs on my neck told a different story, my nipples instantly hardened and that warm feeling between my legs started to seep through to my panties. I felt captivated, unable to move until she turned and I watched her leave, my gaze following her long legs, she turned and noticed and then gave me an encouraging smile, motioning with her eyes for me to follow and before I knew casino siteleri it I was on my feet doing as she had asked, I felt intoxicated, almost hypnotised. We entered the galley at the end where she stood aside as I entered and then pulled the curtain across behind us, as I turned she was there, our faces almost touching, her sweet breath on my lips.

I was aware of my lips and mouth being dry and for a second, was it a second? it seemed an eternity, we just stood there looking at each other not a word was spoken. Was she mocking me? All I can remember are those eyes, they were the deepest emerald green and so very beautiful,

I was lost.

I felt her hands first sliding around my waist, her eyes never left mine, as if seeing how I would react, well it was no use asking me I had left all rational thought in my seat, she took this as a yes and her lips brushed mine for a brief second before she pushing me firmly against the cabin wall and her lips greedily kissed me, her kisses only eased up as she forced my lips open further so she could slide her hot tongue into my mouth, she chased my tongue with her own our breathing becoming louder as she eased my thighs apart with her leg, grinding her toned thigh between my legs.

As we broke for breath we both watched as her left hand undid three of the buttons to my blouse and then she slid her left hand inside, at first she spent an age gently caressed my tummy with her fingertips, grazing them along my flanks, slowly, agonisingly slowly, she let her fingers drift higher, effortlessly slipping beneath the confines of my bra and encompassing my breast, cupping it then squeezing and rolling my hard nipple which by now were aching to be touched. Then she became not so gentle making me moan and pant into her mouth. She took her right hand from my waist and slipped it between my legs firmly rubbing, squeezing me through the material of my jeans, I hoped she couldn’t tell how hot and wet I was, she would of course because I knew I was leaking and could feel how sodden my panties were.

I wanted to pull her head down to my breasts, I needed to feel her hot, wet, sexy mouth and tongue on my nipples which were throbbing and aching but she pulled away slightly, gave me a knowing smile and slowly drew her long nails across my breast and then across the hard bud of my nipple, for a second there was pain but that gave way to unbelievable pleasure which canlı casino made me moan out loud uncontrollably, at this, she removed her hand from between my legs and clamped it over my mouth her hot breath in my ear telling me teasingly to ‘shush sweetheart’, after which she licked the inside of my lobe once again with the tip of her tongue, my legs buckled instantly but she supported me by squeezing her thigh even harder between my legs.

Even though her fingers hadn’t been inside my jeans they still carried my tangy musky scent, she saw the look on my face and smiling, caressed my lips with her fingers briefly slipping them inside my mouth the taste was familiar to my dry tongue.

The whole time my hands hadn’t moved from her waist, I had no control, least not my mind which was racing with what she was doing and the fact that there was two hundred people on the other side of that flimsy curtain.

She slid her hand to the front of my jeans staring into my eyes as she opened the buttons and slid her long fingers inside and down the front of my panties smiling as she found how sticky with moisture I was. She curled her hand to cup me and used the tip of one finger to just rub the entrance to my hole slowly at first but quickly getting faster her finger seemed to be playing in my juices almost taunting me as she dipped her head and slipped a swollen nipple into her mouth, sucking hard and rasping the tip with her tongue

My heart was racing, I had never ever been that wet before.

My panting was out of control I couldn’t stay quiet if my life depending on it and she hadn’t even slid a finger inside me.

When she did it wasn’t one it was two, effortlessly they slipped inside, pressing and twisting them to get them deeper, the heel of her hand in permanent contact with my pubic bone and clit and as she thrust her fingers in and out at a rapid pace so her palm rubbed and stretched my clit, I was in heaven, nothing else mattered anymore other than her making me cum.

The panting of our breath seemed to fill the small space but I was aware of another sound even louder, it was the sticky, slurping sound her fingers made squelching in and out of me.

Her palm was rubbing my clit even harder, the pleasure was almost unbearable when I felt the first sign of my approaching orgasm, she felt it to because she took her hand from my breast and slid it up my neck from the nape kaçak casino deep into my hair, she entwined her fingers and pulled with enough force to make me gasp and arch my back, at which point she slowly licked along my neck to my ear, where she began to calmly whisper to me, asking me if I liked what she was doing, how she loved how tight and wet I felt, telling me how turned on it was making her, how much she would love to have me on my knees licking her, how much she wanted to smear my face with her cum …… I was so close I could mentally feel myself reaching for it, willing myself to tip over the edge hardly able nor daring to breath when suddenly there was a noise and she quickly moved away, by the time I realised what was going on she had pulled back the curtain and was having a conversation with someone out of my sight.

She looked back at me, gave me that devastating smile and left.

I waited but the moment was gone, stolen from me, I looked down at myself, my blouse and jeans open, the enormity of what had happened hit me and I quickly got myself together and returned to my seat where my ex was still fast asleep.

As the time ticked by slowly I couldn’t settle I was too wound up I was aching inside, my tummy felt heavy and I could feel my soaked underwear sticking deliciously to me. No one seemed to be awake, everything had fallen silent so I reached across and pulled the blanket off my ex and slipped it over my legs, I undid the buttons and put my hand between my thighs letting my finger slip through the wet folds, swirling around, anointing it thoroughly before sliding a little higher to my clit.

I slowly rubbed just below and to the right of my clit, I felt it instantly build, it took no more than twenty tight circles and I had to place a hand over my mouth to stifle the scream It wasn’t an orgasm it was an eruption, it engulfed me, and I was carried along, immersed as the clenching coils of pleasure washed over me, the sensations took my breath away, my back arched in my seat, my hips lifted high, every muscle in my body screamed as if waiting to be released, my eyes were screwed shut as the feelings swept my body, only as it started to subside did I feel the on-rush of the second one, less intense than the first, but my fingers between my legs fought and succeeded to prolong it, and as I rode the wave yet another washed over me, this time more comforting than intense leaving me breathless and almost dream-like.

Only when I opened my eyes did I notice Rhianne, she was ten feet away, watching, the smile on her face said she had seen it all.


my first attempt so please feel free to comment


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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