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You feel the finger nails scrape down your back through the material of your blouse, slowly moving along the line of your spine and you wonder how you got here.

You’re lying face down on the edge of your bed, your feet on the floor, your arms outstretched, one towards the foot of the bed, the other towards the pillows. You remember the playful snog, the silk scarf trailed along your arm, the hairs on your arms bristling at the electric touch as the silk entwined itself around your wrist and then the strange soft focus moment when you realised that the silk had become tight, that you were bound, the other end fixed to the bed post. You’d had a fleeting moment’s panic, but then smiled. Somewhere inside your head a voice had said “at last”.

Then he had taken your other arm, purposefully stretched it out, moved your body so you were at right angles to the bed, a T shape, your head, chest and arms supported by the mattress, your lower body hanging over the edge supported by your legs. Your right arm was suddenly bound to the headboard, you can move, you’re not fixed rigid, but the binds are quite tight. Your hands slowly move and flex, working out how to free themselves if they need to…

Your eyes are closed, living every moment through the touch of your skin. Only when you feel a slight painful tug on your hairs do you realise that a makeshift blindfold has been tied around your head.

You feel hands circling your waist, slowly in buttoning your blouse. Gentle fingers find free spin your stomach and caress it. You smile. It tickles. The hands go further down your stomach until they reach the waistband of your skirt. Slowly, gently, barely touching your skin, the hand circle in opposite directions, around your back until they find the button of your skirt, they fumble momentarily and the button is undone. You hear, rather than feel the zip and a moment later your skirt falls to the floor, Instinctively you kick it into some hidden corner of the room.

You settle back into a more comfortable position, your legs slightly further apart. Now all you’re wearing is your open blouse and a thong. The white lacy one you know he likes. You wonder if he is still dressed. You strain your ears to hear the movement of clothing. Nothing. But that neither confirms nor denies anything. You can’t remember what he was wearing when this all started.

He’s kneeling now, behind you, you can feel his breath on the back of your legs. Again you feel the fingers, this time on your ankles they trace a delicate ballet up your calves, your legs arch slightly as they move across your inner thighs. You yearn for them to touch your sex but they move on, across your buttocks, parting your cheeks slightly.

The first spank, when it comes is sudden and unexpected. You yelp in pain, imagining the red hand print left on your cheek. Another spank, another cry of pain and you feel a dampness spreading between bonus veren siteler your legs. Another spank, this time directly over the first. The pain is almost unbearable and for a moment you see pin pricks of light behind your eyelids.

Then a new sensation, for a second you can’t place it. It is something entirely different. It is a cool breeze of air on your anus. Your mind registers it and is instantly overwhelmed by the sensation which follows, something wet and moving is probing you , circling your rosebud and trying to push through the tight ring of muscles. You gasp audibly . A hand on each cheek pull your buttocks apart and the tongue probes further. It feels delicious.

The moment passes, the tongue is gone and you are aware that several seconds have passed with no contact. Your thong is pooled around your ankles. How did that happen? When did that happen?

You kick it aside. Hoping you can find all these items of clothing later on. The hands are back, wrapping around your legs and you are lifted, you feet off the ground, your legs level with the bed and for a moment you remember the wheelbarrow races when you were young.

You feel his thighs inside yours, his cock at the entrance to your pussy. And then he pushes forward, filling you completely. You swallow air and feel a tear form in the corner of your eye. It feels beautiful. He pulls out again until the head of his cock is just nestling between your lips. And then back in. The deneme bonusu veren siteler movement is repeated many times, sometimes slowly, sometimes with more vigour. Building to a climax. Your body is being pushed up onto the bed, the silk binds moving and loosening. Thrust upon thrust fill you completely. Your orgasm when it comes, comes in waves, washing over you, sending pulses of electricity across your body which you can feel in the tips of your fingers and in the follicles of your hair.

You allow yourself a moment to bathe in it. Your hands are free now, you slip off the bed onto your knees and take him in your mouth, your tongue bathing his shaft tasting your own body on his, a taboo you have enjoyed since you were young. His hand works it’s way around your head, holding you at the base of your skull, fingers playing with your hair. He thrusts into your mouth, once, twice. And you feel his cock jerk, the first spurt of come on the back of your throat makes you gag slightly but you swallow quickly, and then feel the rest of the creamy salty mix flood on to your tongue. You swallow, clean his cock of any residue and then pop him out of your mouth. You look up and smile.

“Wow” you say, a big cheesy grin.

“Wow, indeed” he replies smiling back down at you.

He reaches down, lifting you onto the bed and climbs along side of you.

You turn around, snuggling up to his chest, resting your head there, one hand playing with the hairs, greyer now than when you first men.

His hand reaches down your back, stoking the small patch of hair at the base of your spine.

You lift your head, kissing him with what you know are still salty lips.

“Happy Fifth Anniversary” you say and he smiles the smile of a man who has truly found happiness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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