First Time Work-Out

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I’m Nick, a married mid-30’s professional. I’m 5’11”, in shape, tan, brown eyes, black hair. I work out to stay in shape.

I was working out one night and was running late, the owner of the gym said I could stay late and finish my work-out and that Steve and Butch would be staying late to clean up and lock up. I didn’t see Steve or Butch while I finished up lifting weights, but when I got to the locker room and headed for the showers, I heard the water running and figured they were cleaning up themselves.

I was shocked when I walked in and saw Steve on his knees in front of Butch. Steve was 6’6″, athletically thin with blond hair and green eyes, he was probably in his mid-20’s and I thought he was in grad school. Butch was 6’6″ as well and was huge with muscles rippling everywhere. He competed in weightlifting competitions and worked at the gym on the side. His red hair was fiery and he had blue eyes. He also had red pubic hair.

Steve was sucking Butch hard, taking long strokes with his mouth and engulfing his cock. Butch’s cock looked like it must have been a foot long (it was actually around nine, but at first glance it was a monster). Butch was groaning and writhing against the shower wall, Steve must have been really working him over. I saw Steve reach around and grab Butch’s ass cheeks, kneading and massaging them. One hand slid into the crack of his ass and could see him rubbing Butch’s rosebud. Butch tensed up and grabbed the back of Steve’s head by getting a handful of hair. He was forcefully guiding Steve onto his rod with a quickening pace. He was really fucking Steve’s face hard.

I could feel my cock getting hard and I let my towel drop. I began stroking my 7″ rod and watching intently what was going on. I’d never thought about having sex with men before, but being confronted with it was really getting me hot. I was wishing that it was me having that fat cock rammed down my throat. I was both scared and excited, then I dropped my soap and shampoo.

Steve casino oyna and Butch shot up like a couple of teenagers getting caught making out. Then they looked over at me, not quite sure what to say until they saw my cock at full mast.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Butch asked. I nodded yes. “Have you ever had a cock like this before?” he asked. I mumbled that I’ve never had a cock before, not really sure what to say. That’s when they walked over to me and guided my into the weight room.

There was a bench-press station in the middle of the room and they ordered me to lay down on it. I laid face up and Steve knelt down and began stroking my cock. It was like having it put into a light socket, electric, my body shivered and quaked and I let out a groan. He started licking my balls while he stroked, I couldn’t control myself as I wiggled and squirmed. My breathing picked up and I thought I was going to hyperventilate as he engulfed my cock in his mouth and ran his tongue all over my shaft. That’s when Butch straddled me and lightly sat on my chest.

“You’re not getting away now” Butch said (as if I wanted to!).

His cock plopped down on my chest, neck, and it’s head slapped my chin. It had a strong, musty odor. I was at once afraid of it and so desirous of it that I thought I would die unless it was in my mouth. I reached forward and licked the head around and around, Butch moved up and I swallowed about half of it. Steve was still working my cock over, I wanted to come, but he would always stop short, making it hard to concentrate on Butch’s monster.

This went on for what could only have been a few minutes, but seemed like and eternity in ecstasy. Then Steve lifted my legs up and began kissing my ass cheeks. This was totally unexpected and I shuddered. Butch began slowly fucking my mouth while Steve spread my ass cheeks and slowly rimmed his tongue around my asshole. I started bucking and shivering, I had never had anyone play with my ass, even me! canlı casino and it was like an A-Bomb ripping into me. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as he rimmed me and began slowly pushing his tongue into my ass. Butch lifted his weight off of me and got up to watch Steve work my ass over with his mouth. I was bucking and groaning, really getting hot now.

“He’s like a little bitch in heat,” Butch said.

Steve agreed and added “He wiggles his ass like a teenage slut.”

Steve kept up his work and I was being driven nuts, I wanted to come, but couldn’t and I never wanted Steve to stop.

That’s when Steve got up and Butch took his place between my legs. Butch had placed some lube and his fingers and he slowly began to insert his index finger into my ass, making sure to do it slowly. I was moaning and quivering as he slowly began to fuck my ass with his finger. He kept up the pace for a few minutes and then began work a second finger in. It hurt a little going in, but it was heaven when he was finally in. He kept up his finger fucking while Steve watched, jerking off to the show. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I wanted to stop and get away, but my desire to please and be pleased by these two studs was keeping me in place.

Butch finally pulled his fingers out and knelt between my legs, I knew what was coming, He was going to fuck me. He slowly lubed his cock and finally pressed his cock head against my anus, rubbing for a few seconds before pushing past and inserting about half of that beast into my ass. I let out a loud yelp and began moaning and screaming like a Banshee. I had been violated by another man! I couldn’t believe it and I completely gave in and wanted to be fucked by this monster thrusting into my body. He slowly inserted the whole length as I began to buck wildly. He slowly picked up the pace until he was fucking me steadily. I could hear and feel his balls slapping into my ass over my groaning.

Steve knelt down next to me and kaçak casino started slapping my face with his cock in between strokes of his jerking off. I would occasionally get it into my mouth and suck it for a few seconds until Butch’s fucking forced me to spit it out. They were talking to each other at this point, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying as my attention focused solely on the cock ramming into my virgin ass.

Butch slowed down and pressed his cock deep into my ass and started grinding, he alternated between the hard grinding and steady fucking with ease and building up to his climax. I was sweating, the drops of sweat stinging my eyes and blurring my vision. Butch finally picked his pace up and began fucking me fast and hard, it hurt and was blissful at the same time. I started moaning and my breathing got shallow and quick. I felt my crotch tingle, then my balls began to tighten up. I screamed as the first slow and short spurts of cum started spurting out of my cock.

“That little fucker is coming!” Steve yelled “I’ve never seen that before”

I wanted to blast my load all at once, but couldn’t. The slow jerky orgasm was the best climax I’d ever had. I couldn’t see from the sweat in my eyes and I could occasionally feel Steve’s cock slapping my face. The blindness made me hotter as these two monsters dominated me.

I was groaning and grinding my ass into Butch as my cock slowly twitched to it’s final blast. I was bucking and grinding and I heard Butch let out a loud scream as he finally shot his load into my ass. I could feel the hot cum splashing against my insides as he began slowing down and finally pulled out, the last few streams of cum splashing onto my cock. Steve finally got to the end of his rope and shot a his huge load all over my face, then rubbed his cock into the jizz splattered all over my face.

Butch finally got up and I fell to the floor, exhausted. I couldn’t believe I had that nine inch monster slamming into my ass, and I couldn’t believe I loved it. We all went to the shower and cleaned up without saying a word.

Butch said “Will you boys be staying late next Wednesday?” We both nodded agreement and went home for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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