First Time Seeing the Doctor Alone

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*Note: all actors in this story are 18 years old or older.


Patrick was at the table in his parent’s kitchen, studying his calculus homework, when he winced and tugged at his crotch. The pain was there, burning. The head of his cock was red and itchy when he went into the bathroom to pee; the fact made his heart drop. He had no idea what it could be. It was like nothing that had happened to him before.

After several hours, the fear that something could be seriously wrong with his dick got to Patrick, so he snuck out of bed after his parents had gone to sleep, swiped the car keys, and drove to the nearby urgent care late at night, minutes before closing. He was the last patient of the night; the secretary went home after she checked him in. The only people in the building were him, the doctor, and a nurse working on the computer behind the front desk. It was Dr. Mynx who escorted him to the exam room, in the very back of the urgent care.

The doctor was a tall, fair skinned, Persian man. He had been an athlete at some point and obviously still took care of himself, but middle age had given him a belly that protruded out ahead of him. He had a kind face with round glasses. Dr. Mynx looked tired; he had been up since 6 in the morning to take his son to the special needs school; then, he came into work early for a double shift he needed to work because his wife bought something they couldn’t afford again – she didn’t understand that all doctors weren’t millionaires! There was nothing Dr. Mynx wanted more than to go home, but Patricks’ cock had something wrong with it, and he had an obligation to help those in need.

So Doctor Mynx shut the door to the exam room. “Hop on up,” he said with a sigh that meant “OK, you’re my last patient of the day but I still care deeply about your problem so let’s just get to it.” The paper on the exam table in the middle of the small room crinkled as Patrick bounced onto it. “What’s going on, son?”

“Well, I noticed my dick, um, I mean (sorry) my penis was itchy so then I looked at it and it was like, swollen and red and, I was worried, so…”

“OK. Have you had any recent sexual contact?” This kid has to still be in high school, Dr. Mynx thought, so I hope he doesn’t have TOO much experience.

“No, I mean, not really.”

The doctor raised one eyebrow. “What does ‘not really’ mean?”

“Well, at school in the showers, my, friend, saw me and ah… he, um, he might have…” The boy got nervous, swallowing quickly. Dr. Mynx knew that his patient was nervous. He knew that the nervousness made him uncomfortable. He knew he should have comforted the kid, telling him that he was a professional, and he knew it was a personal question but he just needed to know the answer to the questions to treat him properly, no judgement, but he was just too damn tired to care that much about some high school punk’s itchy penis let alone his feelings, so Dr. Mynx didn’t try to ease the boy’s anxiety. “..well. You know,” Patrick finished with a chuckle that begged for confirmation.

The boy was red with embarrassment. He was a very fit looking young man, with the emphasis on the young. Probably played varsity basketball or something. So he was nervous talking about sex? And being gay (Dr. Mynx assumed) must be hard for him to deal with, so why wouldn’t he be embarrassed? But something in Dr. Mynx’s mind turned his rational, professional self off. This was one of the prettiest boys he had seen. He had pale blue eyes, creamy white that highlighted his sharply pink, full lips. He didn’t seem to have an ounce of superfluous fat anywhere on his body.

Of course, Dr. Mynx wouldn’t ever take advantage of the sacred doctor/patient relationship, but some part of him liked the fact that this boy was uncomfortable. So instead of putting him at ease the doctor just said, “Son, listen. It’s late, I want to get home to my family. I’m a doctor, I know all about what boys… men your age do with their penises. Just tell me what happened and let’s get this over with.”

“OK.” Patrick swallowed hard, and finished his story with a dry mouth, “he sucked my dick. He um, he gave me a blowjob after soccer practice, 2 days ago. I um, also gave this other friend of mine a hand job last week. Does that count?”

Patrick knew that the doctor was straight, he looked straight, he talked straight, he gave off none of the signals that the media told him were things that “gay people” did. Plus, he said he had to “go home to his family.” Patrick knew that the doctor wasn’t interested in him sexually, and in fact would probably be grossed out about the fact that he was so much younger than him. Still, he was fucking hot, a DILF. Patrick had only fooled around with a few guys his own age and never anything more than blowjobs. But something about this doctor, who was a good 20 years older than him, started the same tingly feeling he got in his penis and asshole that happened casino oyna when Hector or Jason had their lips around his penis. So, although he tried to be as professional and to the point as possible with what happened, a part of him tried to sound sexy when he described his sex life to the doctor.

The corners of Dr. Mynx’s mouth twitched up when Patrick finished talking. “Hand job? Not likely, but oral sex can pass on some diseases. Anything else? Just itchy? Red? A little burning when you pee?” Patrick nodded his head after a second of thinking about it. “OK then – lets see it.”

Patrick froze on the exam table, embarrassed. Dr. Mynx could see the redness flush into Patrick’s face. This did soften Dr. Mynx and some comfort came into his voice as he put his hand on the patient’s shoulder. “Hey, Patrick, I understand this is embarrassing for you, but I do this all the time. It is no big deal. But in addition to sending a couple of lab tests, it is very important I take a look at your penis before attempting to make a diagnosis, ok?”

Patrick nodded his head and swallowed. “OK,” he said, his voice with an imperceptible quake in it. “What um, do I do?

With a sigh, Dr. Mynx sat back. “Just stand up and pull down your pants, that’s all.” Patrick did as he was told and tugged his pants down to his ankles. He stood for a second in his boxers. Dr. Mynx noticed a bulge in the underwear. the doctor was going to reiterate his “I’m a professional” spiel to Patrick, but the boy caught his eye, smiled a tiny smile, and slid his boxers down as well. When he stood back up, his teenaged cock hung, uncircumcised, pink, about 3 inches long, and chubby. This kid has to be at least half-way hard, Dr. Mynx thought. He took a minute to gaze at the the boy’s member. It was as pretty as he was, smooth with only the most necessary veins traveling down the shaft. His balls were virtually non-existent, sucked up against his groin, just the wrinkled scrotum hugging the space behind his penis, like a big pink raisin. The tip of his foreskin was swollen. The Dr adjusted his stool so that he could sit at eye level to Patricks penis and bring his face close enough to Patrick’s cock to examine it.

Patrick stood in silence while Dr. Mynx inspected the naked cock. Then, the doctor said, with an annoyed tone, “Patrick, can you please pull back your foreskin and expose your glans?”

The patient’s penis twitched as the doctor spoke. “Wha, what?”

The doctor sighed. Of course, why would this kid know any medical jargon? “You need to pull back on your penis so that I can see the… the head. Because it sounds like that’s the part you are having a problem with.”

With an understanding nod, the boy pulled his foreskin back, exposing himself fully to the doctor. “Here,” Patrick said, pointing to a few red patches near the back of the head of his cock, pointing the doctor’s gaze towards the problem area.

“Oh, that’s yeast,” the doctor said flatly. Patrick’s blank expression at the doctor’s statement showed he didn’t know what the doctor meant, so he explained, “You have a yeast infection. It’s like athletes foot but on you penis. When is the last time you washed yourself there?”

“Um, I shower every day…”

“Do you wash well?”

“What do you mean?”

“When you bathe, do you pull back the foreskin like you are now and wash yourself there?”

“Not all of the time.”

“Well, that’s your problem. Wash your penis. There’s a one time pill I can give you to clear that up.” Dr. Mynx looked up at Patrick’s relieved face then back down at the cock. It was definitely bigger than had been moments before. Dr. Mynx started to get up and reach for his prescription pad.

“Are you sure, doctor?” Dr. Mynx stopped and turned, annoyed at the boys doubt.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you barely even glanced at it. You didn’t even touch it.” Patrick rubbed his fingers around the head of his penis. “The red parts feel different than the rest of it”

“Look, Patrick, I know what yeast looks like. Believe me, you’ve got it. It isn’t even a disease, not really. It’s just, not cleaning yourself – it’s just gross is all.”

“But what if, what if it isn’t? Shouldn’t you at least…” Patrick protested, pouting his lips and furrowing his brow. His hand curled into fists, but he didn’t make a move to hide his half erect cock that hung in the room like a stripper at a senior home.

Dr. Mynx found a professional excuse to indulge the kid – “Do you check your testicles for lumps? It’s very important to do.”

“No, I’ve never heard of that.”

Dr. Mynx grabbed some gloves and expertly put them on. “OK well, you should do this.” With cold rubber fingers, the doctor showed Patrick how to fondle his balls for medical reasons. The boy’s thighs flexed as he did so, trying to stifle a giggle. Dr. Mynx smiled despite himself. “Sorry, didn’t mean to tickle. Here, you do it.” Patrick canlı casino gently squeezed his balls, his penis now stood out away from his body by at least a 45 degree angle.

“Good, good job. Good, so do that at least once a week and if you ever feel anything new, show it to a doctor.”

The doctor started taking off his gloves. “Wait,” Patrick stopped him, “aren’t you going to, check everything else too? I remember from sex ed in school, that the prostate is something the doctor is supposed to check!”

The annoyance of this kid telling him how to do his job cut into his reply, “The AMA recommends prostate checks at the age of 45 and up; how old are you?”

Patrick stood on the exam table, his cock now fully hard, ignored by the mature physician. The pale pink foreskin couldn’t cover the very tip of the erect cock’s head, and it stood out a deep cherry red against the pale white of his shaft and the bright pink of his scrotum. “I’m um, 18,” Patrick said after a pause.

“Is that so…?” The doctor said with an interested tone. He opened up Patricks chart and chuckled. “Had a birthday yesterday, huh?”

Patrick smiled and his cock somehow got harder. A small dewdrop of precum formed at the end of his cock and a long, glimmering strand started to slowly fall towards the floor. “Why do you think Hector gave me a blow job the other day?”

The devil on Dr. Mynx’s shoulder was screaming at him, the temptation drowning out his good sense. “You know, I could get in a lot of trouble for this,” started the doctor.

“I won’t say anything, I swear” Patrick said fast and bright. “I just want you to check everything. Since I’m here and all.”

Dr. Mynx smiled, “Well, you’re going to have to turn around if you want me to check your prostate.” The doctor opened a drawer and pulled out a packet of lubrication, was about to open it, but stopped when he saw Patrick bending himself over the exam table. “No, not like that, here…” Dr. Mynx dropped the packet to the counter and in a smooth motion, he wrapped his arms around Patrick’s body and picked the boy up and placed him on top of the exam table. “On your hands and knees” he said as he put him down on the table. His hand moved to the back of Patrick’s neck and started to push down, “No, put your knees closer to your hands, yes, your head down on the table, just like that. Good.”

Patrick’s naked ass was raised high into the air like a slutty flag, his face against the paper of the exam table, his eager eyes looking at Dr. Mynx. The way the older man had swooped him up and carried him like he was a little doll made blood rush to his stiff cock so fast that he started seeing spots. His asshole felt warm against the cold hair of the room, his cheeks naturally pulled apart as his knees rested far apart from each other, his ass up. Patrick’s nervous, cold fear mixed with the tingling feeling he got as Dr. Mynx ran his hands down Patrick’s lean muscular back and around the curve of his firm, bubble butt. Dr. Mynx cleared his throat, grabbed the lube, and smeared some of it onto his gloved finger.

“OK, good, good.” He placed the cold gelled finger at the entrance to Patrick’s hole. The boy’s whole ass flexed as the asshole puckered at the temperature change. Dr. Mynx massaged the soft skin of Patrick’s asshole, rubbing it in small circles. This kid is a teenager, Dr. Mynx thought, who knows how much experience he has with assplay? The older man generously decided to open the boy up gently. Slowly, he made his finger circle the tight hole in bigger, firmer strokes, each circle more business like than the last. With each flick of the doctor’s finger, the boy’s tight sphincter relaxed a little more. Finally, with a firm push, the doctor entered his patient by a quarter of an inch.

“Oooh, mmmh” Patrick moaned. His asshole clenched so much in response to the unexpected violation that the tip of the doctors finger almost came out of the the hole

“Sssshhhh, sshhhh…” Dr. Mynx cooed, putting his other hand on Patricks’ asscheek caressing it, “just relax, just relax… I’ll be gentle.” He probed his finger deeper, half inch by half inch. Patrick moaned. This was the first time anything had ever gone inside of his ass. The pleasure he felt mixed with the thrill of his beating heart and fought against the cool, electric sensation that the doctors’ intruding finger was filling his ass with. “Almost, there…” the doctor whispered as his probing finger had taken on a steady, gentle in-and-out stroke with each thrust going a tiny bit deeper inside him than the last. Suddenly, after minutes of Dr. Mynx working his way into his teenaged hole, Patrick was hit with a jolt of pure ecstasy. It was like pure pleasure was ejaculating out of the doctor’s finger deep in his ass and filling him, up his stomach, up his throat, until his vision turned sparkly. Dr. Mynx twisted his finger around and over the boy’s young prostate, giving the same examination kaçak casino he would give a senior citizen. Patrick was opened up in ways he never knew were possible. Every twitch of the doctors finger introduced Patrick to a new place in his body he didn’t know existed, a new pleasure making his cock drip sticky precum.

After his routine exam was finished, Dr. Mynx kept his finger in the boy’s asshole, on his hard, rubbery organ. Patrick opened his eyes after a few seconds of the doctor’s finger being motionless – he realized that he had been moaning like a sissy bitch in heat throughout the doctor’s entire examination. Patric arched his back, sliding his tight asshole further down the doctor’s lubed finger, pulling him deeper inside. The doctor responded by smiling and slowly rubbing Patrick’s prostate again, “Well Patrick, I think your prostate is fine buddy, so it’s time for me to stop the exam now.”

“Oh, no doctor, no…” Patrick yelped. His tone immediately became weak, breathy, and high pitched “… don’t stop.” He moved his hips with more intention now, shoving has asshole as far as it would go down on Dr Mynx’s finger.

Precum pooled on the exam table from the boy’s hanging cock. Mynx smiled, and began to slowly fuck the boys asshole with his finger, hitting the prostate with each stroke. It was a steady rhythm. As soon as Patrick realized the doctor would keep fingering him, he put his head back down, closing his eyes, moaning, “Yes, yes thank you doctor…” He stopped moving his hips, allowing the physician to completely control his ass. Patricks cock pointing straight down, hard as stone, a thick strand of clear, sticky fluid hanging from it, connecting Patrick to the table’s paper liner. Dr. Mynx amused himself as he finger the patient by watching the boys hanging cock sway in the air between his slender thighs as his pelvis rocked, the precum rolling out of the tip more liberally; Patrick’s ignored penis was like a water hose, turned on and left to sway in the wind, laying thin, shiny lines of precum on the table liner below. The doctor began to slide his finger harder, faster, deeper, his taps against the prostate getting more serious. The boy’s swinging cock twitched as Dr. Mynx touched another, new place inside of him, and a thick gob of precum fell onto the older man’s pants. He smiled and looked at the minor mess, not stopping his work.

“Oooh, fuck. Ooooh fuck fuck yes ooooh please please please ooh!” The boy squealed as his ignored cock ejaculated one long load of cum that shot all over the examination table from the boy’s swinging cock. When it was over Patrick, weak from his sissygasm, sighed and collapsed onto the table, belly and chest rolling onto his own cum. The boys hard cock, like a warm, pink rod, pushed down between his legs as the boy collapsed on his belly, his tiny scrotum shriveled, hiding his small testicles, all underneath his violated asshole. The penis twitched as the boys hole involuntarily squeezed the doctor’s finger, a small amount of cum dribbling out of the cock with each twitch.

Dr. Mnyx smiled and pulled his finger out with a soft “pop” as the asshole puckered, kissing the finger goodbye. Patrick gasped as the pleasurable feeling left him, the emptiness inside his ass making him want to beg for more. The Doctor gave the boy a quick, but hard spank. “OH!” Patrick yelped with the blow. The doctor took his glove off and threw it towards the trash. A large smile on his face, he reached down to adjust himself. Dr. Mynx wasn’t surprised to find himself hard in his own pants.

Patrick looked at him, rolling over on the exam table, his own cum smearing on his shirt and his hairless bellybutton, his pants still around his ankles, loosely binding his legs together. Dr. Mynx’s smile became wicked. “So, Patrick, since I’m doing extra testing, how will you be paying for todays visits?”

“I, I hadn’t really thought about it…”

“Well, Patrick, you’re going to have to compensate me for my time.” the doctor motioned for Patrick to get up off the table. The boy hopped down, and once he was on the floor, Mynx lifted up Max’ shirt and threw it in the corner, leaving him with his pants and underwear around his ankles. Patrick had a flat stomach and chest, pale white with freckles along his shoulders. His arms were small, thin but defined. His nipples were almost comically large; his areoles were the size of a quarter, their dark pink making a sharp contrast with snow white skin. Dr. Minx reached down and firmly tugged at the tiny nub of a nipple that blended into the dark pink. Patrick gasped at the pinch, but remained silent while the older man played with his nipple. Patrick looked at the man’s face, his once professional eyes now burning with lust as he groped the boy’s chest. Patrick fought the urge to kiss him, to feel his day-old stubble rough against his lips, to have this man pick him up and throw him onto his bed and force him to be his personal fuck toy, to give everything him. He longed to be this man’s plaything, a live-in house boy who did chores for room and board, and who was responsible for pleasuring Dr. Mynx in any way he wanted 24/7.

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