First Time At The Beach

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First Time At The Beach

My Hannah’s pretty face looked up at me, my trimmed pubic hair inches from her mouth. I have to admit I was really turned on, despite how wrong it seemed. The hotel bed was really cozy, and something about being together, just the two of us at the beach after showering, with a little bit of MaryJane, brought us to this moment . “Are you sure you want to do this, honey?” I asked her, still worried it might create problems.

Her shiny eyes looked up at me. “Give my best friend the pleasure she deserves cuz her partner isn’t? Uh, yeah I’m sure.” Her fingers pulled gently at my labia as she inspected me. “You’re pretty down here,” she said. I felt her fingers massaging the skin to either side of my vagina. Her eyes looked up as she smiled, “…just like everywhere else.” I felt a flutter in my tummy, she was being so sweet to me. Some lube had gathered at the base which she spread in a little circle and down into my butthole. I flinched a little at the sudden pleasure of it. “That okay?” She asked me.

I nodded, “It feels really nice. I’ve never been touched back there.”

She seemed displeased with that. “Well, it’s time then. Ass play is a tipobet thing now.” Oh my god, this was so crazy! She hiked my knees up, exposing my butt to her and gave a long lick down until her tongue was pressing into my anus. I shuddered a bit at the sensation. She swirled and swirled and licked me down there. It was heavenly. I found myself wondering if anyone my age was doing this, like I’d discovered some sexual secret lost to my generation. She rolled me over on one side and opened my legs so she could lick from the top of my butt crack all the way down. I found myself humping into the arc of her tongue a bit, anticipating the feeling of her landing on my pussy, which seemed to be throbbing, aching to be licked. I don’t know how long she made me wait, but by the time her tongue finally glided up my labia I was drenched.

“Ohhhhhh!” I moaned uncontrollably. “Oh god, ohhhhhh,” I looked down to see her smiling with satisfaction. She wanted to please me. I wasn’t used to it. I reached back and held my butt cheeks open so she could lick me there some more. Her tongue made a wide path from my butt to my puss and back again, over and over. I couldn’t tipobet güvenilir mi get enough! My face was pushed into the pillow, my mouth open and hair in my face as I rode her tongue up and down.

Then she flopped me back on my back and slid her pointer finger into me. I was so wet there was no resistance at all. Her mouth came down on my clit as I played with one nipple, watching my lovely daughter eat my engorged pussy with a c***dlike glee. Her tongue seemed to know where to go, left and right of my clit, finally settling on the left, massaging and tickling. Her finger was inside, but did not thrust right away, making curling and pushing motions. It was wonderful.

“How did you learn to pleasure a woman like that?” I asked breathlessly, expecting her answer to be ‘on herself with a toy’, something like that.

“You really wanna know?” She asked between licks. My body quivered slightly.

“Do I…?” I wondered where this was going.

“Ms. Gauge,” she didn’t skip a beat, thrusting her finger into me harder.

“Coach Gauge??” I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it.” She was smiling as she continued to lick me. “It was tipobet giriş consensual.” I tried to be aghast, but her mouth closed over my clit as she rolled her finger up and began to pull it across my g-spot. I felt my body begin to drift up towards a climax. I fell back into the pillow. Her skill at pleasuring me was incredible. I’d never been touched like this before. The orgasm built slowly at first, then faster and faster until I was drunk with it. “You’re gonna make me cum baby, ohh ohhh,” and it hit, I was cumming at a peak level like I’d never experienced! I couldn’t arch my back far enough, feeling like I was going to pull the covers onto myself I clutched them so hard. It was excruciatingly beautiful. She held me there, continuing the rhythm of her finger and tongue while my body spasmed and my cries of delight filled the hotel room. After an eternity, I felt myself coming to rest, realizing I was contorted back into the pillows.

I attempted to compose myself, to find her smiling at me. “How was that?”

“I don’t’ even know what to say…”

“Say you liked it.”

I laughed. “I liked it.” She crawled up on top of me and kissed me sweetly on the mouth.

“I’m glad. Cuz now it’s your turn to try.” She grabbed the headboard and positioned her vagina over my face, letting it rest warmly on my mouth. My first taste of pussy was hers. I took a long lick and heard her cooing above me. I was already getting wet again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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