First Thirst Ch. 12

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Chapter Twelve: First Lesson

I followed Nutte on my hands and knees, trying to put my desires aside while I looked around. Crawling wasn’t going to be easy and I made the best of it. This was Colleen’s home and I wanted to learn all about my future wife. Seems she was wealthy after all and loved the lavish lifestyle, a jet-setter no doubt. Everything I saw spoke of wealth, power, greed, and vanity beyond measure. The accumulation of riches and ostentatious decoration was truly awesome, beyond all measure available to me. I crawled along on sore kneecaps, with my mouth open, bewildered and breathless. It felt as if I were crawling through a museum. Some of the floors were of marble and quite slick to move over easily. I drooled from both holes without realizing it and couldn’t get over the trail I left in my wake.

I couldn’t help thinking about my cock and balls. The way my boner bobbed and my sweaty balls rode between my thighs. The sensations were enough to interfere with anything else and I had difficulty otherwise. My hard-on was a true master, of me at least, and already a slave to Colleen. Sometimes I moved my thighs the wrong way and caught my testicles between them. My balls would then twist and roll until I almost went down with the pain. I’d need to jump up onto one knee and shake my balls free. It wasn’t easy to keep them under me without getting them caught, but I figured ‘a husband’s gotta do what a husband’s gotta do’.

I felt sure maids and butlers lurked somewhere yet unbeknownst to me. They were probably watching from peepholes and from darkened recesses. But I really didn’t wish to meet them just yet, at least not like this. So I didn’t look for any and prayed none appeared.

We passed through several chambers, each larger and more ornate than the last. I was stunned by my sudden change to good fortune and tried to ponder that which I couldn’t fathom. Colleen’s home turned out to be a mansion through which we strolled till we started down a very long corridor that became narrower. Suddenly I wasn’t turning my head from side to side, but looking straight ahead to a door at the corridors casino siteleri far end. We soon had to walk and crawl in single file -and I was forced to take the lead. We approached and entered through the door.

I found myself in a room unlike any other. It was a white room, a glossy white room. The ceiling, floor, and every wall were white. It looked like the inside of an oven for baking paint onto cars. But it was only a cube, a six and one half foot cube. There were no windows and the door lacked a knob on the inside. In fact the door almost disappeared when shut.

The ceiling was almost entirely light and I couldn’t even look up at it. There was a camera situated in every corner of the room, all eight. I could hear them whir and zoom in on me as I entered. The floor was actually a shallow dimple with a drain in the very center. The surface was made of rubber or something similar. Lying on the floor near the drain was a small cassette, with headphones, an expensive set of headphones. I followed Nutte up to it and saw there was much more to each piece.

Nutte reached down and picked up the cassette player; it was attached to a two inch wide leather belt, about ten inches long. She went to my behind and I brought my buttocks up before being told.

“Gut, das gut,” she commented. We both seemed to be seeking brownie points. Nutte girded my balls with the leather, cinched it tight and buckled the belt. She picked up the headphones and I saw they too were connected to leather belts. These belts were narrower but more numerous.

Nutte soon had the headphones fixed over my ears and my head crisscrossed with the belts necessary to hold them in place, including one around my neck. She cinched the belts tight and I couldn’t believe how restrictive they became. It wasn’t that I couldn’t move my head, I could, but there were just too many belts and they were too tight. They squeezed my head from every direction and it was very uncomfortable. She went to my testicles and hit some buttons on the cassette, filling my head with talk.

“Lesson number one: How to be a good husband…” a sexy female voice canlı casino began. Nutte stood and looked down at me. I looked up at her timidly while the voice continued its siege of my mind and will. “Step number one: learning to be obedient at all times…” Nutte bent slightly at the waste and shook her index finger at me.

“Sich!” Though I had no idea what she said and couldn’t hear her anyway, I knew it had to do with obedience. But I was already very careful about that. “…You are subject to your wife…” the voice continued. Nutte turned to leave the room and the door disappeared behind her. The voice went on, “…always wait for permission before…”

I looked around the room and moved to its center. I could sense the camera’s whirring noise to my movements and I felt awkward. For one, I didn’t know who was watching me.

“Be prepared, for your wife’s hand or foot…” the voice proceeded. It was a voice that penetrated my mind, wormed in swiftly and burrowed deep. I couldn’t shut it out and couldn’t defend against it. It had me by the balls and was filling my heads.

I came up on my knees near the drain and parted my thighs to look down at my hard-on. My poor cock was painfully stiff and resonating to its situation. I actually watched a globule of pre-cum ooze from my cocks head and form a long strand that dropped to the floor under its own weight. I stopped watching when I noticed a longer strand of drool race past the lubricant, also on its way to the floor. I was obeying the voice on the tape.

“You will demonstrate your love by drooling at the sight of your wife…” What a slob I was and Colleen loved it…the tape was telling me so, “…in the presence of others and until reprimanded…”

My poor balls supported the cassette player which brought added discomfort. The wire connecting it to the headphones was behind me and it tickled my back. This is what love is all about? If so, I found it exciting in a perverted sort of way, but not what I expected… and how was I to know anyway, as I was trying to figure it all out, but the voice kept instructing me, and I had no choice but to listen kaçak casino intently.

“…Stay at her feet…”

I looked from camera to camera, from lens to lens, and each was an eye more sinister than the last. Each watched me carefully, moving and zooming in on parts of my anatomy. The camera’s moved as they wished and at first I knelt immobile, head hung in shame. I was listening to the voice, listening and learning.

Soon I tired and dropped my left palm to the floor, putting my weight on it. I dropped my left buttocks to the floor and rested a moment.

“…Keep your legs spread wide…” the voice yelled into my head as if knowing what it was I was doing. I believed it did and my right cheek hit the ground. I spread my arms behind me and braced my hands on the floor. I put my legs out in front of me and spread them wide. I had to keep my legs in the air because of the cassette player. All the camera’s were whirring, squeaking, and zooming in on me. I felt most vulgar, but followed the instructions given by the voice.

“…You are a dog begging for a…” I listened and learned as the voice became louder and louder. It was resonating around and around and around in my head, taking up more and more and more room. It made me dizzy and my head began spinning. I fell onto my back and brought my knees to my chest, wanting to keep my ass in the air because of the cassette player. I dropped my arms out to the sides and tried to keep them there. The cameras were there, ever ready, as the voice yelled at me to, “…spread my legs wider and keep my mouth open in case…”

I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling, now a blinding desert sun. It was a fiery ball of gases about to scorch my cornea and retina, a hot blast of deadly rays about to burn the skin from my body. I arched my back and fought delusions, to keep my hands at bay even as the voice instructed me to, “…never touch myself without my wife’s permission….” But I was beside myself and my cock and balls slipped their claws into my occupied mind and made me reach for them. They tricked my supervised libido as my hands obeyed the summons’ of Eros. I wasn’t even aware of the incident until Nutte came charging into the room screaming.

As the tape began instructing me on how to accept a wife’s punishment, Nutte was on top of me, with her leathery palms.

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