First Older Girlfriend – Part 2

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First Older Girlfriend – Part 2
If you haven’t seen the first part, Check the stories directly from my page – Thank you 🙂

First Older Girlfriend part 2

So on first date, we did a lot. Almost got caught by my parents time and time again she was quite a horny woman when she was in the mood, although I maintained high situational awareness to make sure we didn’t get caught, there were times where I would K . I . D you not if she didn’t stop doing what she did, She would of been kicked out of the house in a hot second, and I would be getting the talk from mom and dad about something I’m quite familiar with actually.

On the second date, I was in the mood of exploring if you know what I mean men and women 🙂 Now of course everyone has a line to draw including me, but sometimes I like to have a woman who practically doesn’t have one. I’m sure men out there can relate to this. Let me know in the comments. I’m the type of man who believes in love with no boundaries, no exceptions. Although I do indeed have a wide acceptance to compromise just to keep her happy and of course comfortable with what I’m doing.

Before the date began I texted her to meet in the same spot I then talked to her about my mood of exploring, and asked her if I could list her some ideas and what she thinks of them, she said sure list them hun. I listed the following

Ass licking / eating
Armpit licking
Feeding spit
Vaginal licking

She told me that she never had her ass licked but she enjoyed it the first time I did it with her ass, She was willing to let me lick her armpits, She told me she doesn’t have milk but she would have to buy some kind of medication to produce breast milk, she was open to spitting and wanted to teach me how to lick her vagina.

I laid some conditions down with her armpits saying you could have deodorant on the night before, but you can’t have it on in the morning, you can shower, but don’t put it on Also I want to see some sweat. she responded with full caps I LOVE YOU and that made me very hard that she actually likes the idea of me licking her sweaty armpits that don’t have deodorant on. With the spit, I told her, while kissing produce a mouthful of saliva and spit it into my mouth and she replied okay hun.

The next day came, I asked if she put any deodorant on, she said no, I asked if she sweated she said a little, and then she told me she would turn the heat up all the way on her car, and I was like, I like the sound of that hunny See you there.

When canlı bahis siteleri she got there, I got in her car, it was rather warm in there but it got cool quick since this happened in march.

She had a coat on under that was her Tank-top, under that a bra, her bottoms were stretchable pants and panties.
She said I got you candy baby, and your favorite soda Mtn Dew. I was like Awwww thanks babe, after eating some candy and drinking some pop, I felt her hand on my face, she turned my head towards her and started kissing my lips, she asked me how do I spit in your mouth? I said when we get into my favorite cuddling position I’ll show you, for now she kissed my lips, sucked on my tongue and seductively kissed my cheeks, my neck and also did some licking too.

she told me to get into the back seat so we could get into my cuddle position and as she leaned back into her seat, I lay my head on her boob and looked up into her brown eyes and admired her black hair and very pale white skin, her skin was so soft her lips were glossed slightly red and I told her she looked so beautiful. she blushed of course.
Then I told her in this position, spitting in my mouth will be easier. She said she is making some saliva now. I told her to feed me once you have a mouthful and we started kissing. after a few minutes when I least expected it, a foamy taste came across my tongue her mouthful of saliva, once it got to the back of my throat, the taste wasn’t so bad and I swallowed it all, and I can feel her and I getting warm, I asked her if she is sweating, she said yes, she took off her coat and lifted her arm.

It was not hairy but shaved. I smelled them first to see how they are. Not strong but not tasteless either. I licked them and she started to giggle at first but Found an undiscovered turn on spot as she lets out a quiet moan. She tasted quite good and licked both her pits for sometime, at times she would put her hand at the back of my head and move it into her pits.

After her pits were polished by my tongue she was ready for me to suck on her boobs. She told me she couldn’t get the meds to produce milk, So I said Its fine baby, lifted her shirt and sucked her nipples. Looked up into her eyes admiring her smile and petting my hair as I suck. She would let off a moan here and there and put her hand behind my head pushing it into her boobs like she did with her pits.

Occasionally she would stick her fingers in her ass or her vagina so When I stopped canlı casino sucking briefly to catch some air, she would put those fingers in my mouth for me to suck on Her nipples were not that big, there were like in her boobs almost, After sucking long enough they were out and erected I could actually suck on them and lick them. I fingered them too. It was starting to get dark so She drove me home, I took her inside. My mom was at work, My dad was home. He knew to give us privacy but to make sure he kept his title of being a dad he of course told us before leaving the room, Keep it G RATED, Me and her chuckled knowing that would never happen.

I went in the kitchen to get us water, and she followed me in the kitchen. I took a quick peak down the hallway and looked back at her and gave her the body language of take off your pants. she had her cheeks pretty tightly shut, Ladies could you explain this to me or men that have knowledge in this department. Anyways I told her she has to relax her cheeks, She indeed did and I could spread them apart I kissed her buttcheeks first and worked my way to the center, I see her Asshole puckered up I smelled her ass at first and licked it, tried to penetrate with my tongue but I couldn’t So I finished by sucking on her asshole. Finally I pulled her panties and pants up, got our water and went back in the living room. We were watching a little tv but that got interrupted by a love session.

She got on top, kissing my lips and without warning she humps my penis roughly I thought to myself Aren’t I’m supposed to do that? But i enjoyed the hump she gave me and then gave me another mouthful of her saliva I had her boobs cupped in my hands and she pulled me up with her hands around my back, and moved one to the back of my head. We head some noise and she suddenly moved to her side of the couch so did I. But turned out it was outside not inside.

We continued, but I told her carefully do this, don’t be aggressive. She knew what I meant by that, we did everything slowly and quietly to listen out for footsteps. She told me she wanted more of my cum. So I got a blanket, covered us up, jerked off slowly and kissed her lips, felt her boobs, feel her up, anything just to make this cumshot huge. then I was like Now! and she put her mouth on my penis and came like 2 times. She told me my cum tasted like the mountain dew I was drinking. I was like Really!?

She was a private nurse, She taught me about the whole male female kaçak casino thing and she told me whatever you drink and regularly, your sperm will most likely taste like it. Thought that was pretty interesting. I heard my cat clawing and meowing at the door. I let the cat in, this is the first time she saw my cat, Orange tabby. Male. I told her this is Romeo, He’s a fighter and a womanizing cat. she giggled and said what do you mean? And I said just watch, So we cuddled, and the cat starting bothering us, I went to get more water and she leaned herself to the table, As me and her were talking I saw the cat lay on the table and plumped on his belly, she pets the cat and focuses on me.

As we were talking, I see her expression change and I was like, whats wrong? Your cat is touching my butt. I looked at the cat and I was like you little rascal, puts both my hands on her ass, this is my butt not yours I said to the cat. Spanked it gently and she let off another moan and smile, I heard the door open, Mom came come.

She was wondering whos car was in the driveway and then she was like Oh HI!!! to my girlfriend She chitchatted for a moment and went straight for her room. Her dad called and told her she needs to be home soon. When I heard, I puppy eyed her and she felt so guilty to leave but she wanted to make sure I was happy before she left. She wanted to teach me how to lick her vagina and when I went down there, It was shaved, it was pink and I went right in not knowing the taste and I was like Wow thats strong. She told me the vagina has this thing that gives it a very salty taste. I tried to develop the taste for it but it wasn’t easy. So I just fingered her clit and vaginal lips and tasted it like that instead.

Ate her ass again, Licked her armpits and kissed her cleavage again. started to walk her out to her car, and I hear this. meooow meooooow my cat was walking towards us. He sounded like he wanted to go in, As I went towards the door with my girlfriend following me of course, He plumped onto his belly, my girlfriend laughed and said what are you doing? started petting him. finally walked her out to her car, kissed her for another 5 mins. hoping I could see her again. She drove home.

And that’s my second date with my first older girlfriend! Me and her had one more date, If you of course liked this, ask for more. it’ll be the last part because We only went on 3 dates before certain difficulties lead us to go down our separate paths I didn’t break up with her, she didn’t break up with me.

I have another girlfriend post called The Smoking BBW feel free to check that out since love with no boundaries applied to that story as well.

Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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