Fire and Ice

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Last fall, I was home early one evening. I had planned out a dinner that I was cooking for my husband Rick. He was out golfing with a friend after work, enjoying the last bit of warmth before winter came our way. I decided partway through my cooking to find something sexy to wear. I wanted him to know, right when he got home, exactly what I had in mind for the evening. I headed up to the bedroom to look through my lingerie collection. I finally settled on a long black satin and lace nightgown with nothing underneath. I mean, who needs panties anyway?

I had everything close to finished by the time he arrived. Dinner was well underway in the oven. I had a fire going in the living room, the table was set, and the drinks were poured. I heard the front door open, and I called out to Rick that I was in the kitchen. When he came around the corner, he stopped. Even with my back turned, I could feel his eyes looking me over from head to toe.

“Damn baby, you look so fucking hot in that. Are we having dinner in the bedroom tonight?”

I smiled, turning around as he walked up to me. Immediately, his hands started to slide down my sides, to my hips. I lifted up on my toes as he leaned over to kiss me. But I quickly pulled his hands away after the kiss, not allowing his roaming to continue.

“Ok, ok, time to behave. I have a very nice dinner made for us, and I’m not going to let you distract me and overcook it. So for now, this is a no touching zone.” I said as I turned to continue fixing our salad. “Go shower, and then we’ll be just about ready to eat.”

Rick’s hand slid over my ass, and I turned to give him a look, and shoo him away. He went, but with a little reluctance, for sure. I served up our dinner and was just sitting the plates on the table when he returned. I made sure that we weren’t sitting close together. I knew damn well we wouldn’t make it through this meal, if he could reach me. So I put Rick on one end of the table, and myself on the other end. As we sat, I noticed a frown on his face, when he saw the distance between our spots. But I had a specific plan for the night. And it may or may not have involved a bit of torture for poor Rick. I didn’t feel to bad though. He would be very well rewarded in the end.

We had barely finished our salads when Rick asked, “baby, I’m not that hungry. Can we save the rest for later? There are some other things I’d rather be doing.”

“Absolutely not! Just because you’re in a hurry, doesn’t mean I want our food to be left uneaten. I worked hard to make us a nice dinner. And dessert too.”

Rick perked up a bit at the mention of dessert. I think he was pretty sure that he already knew what it was going to be. Probably something like…me on top of the table, with my lace gown bunched up around my waist. It wasn’t a bad image at all, I must admit.

After we finished our meals, I took our plates to the kitchen and told Rick I’d be right back with dessert. I opened the freezer door, pulling out the two bowls of ice cream that I had already made up for us. I brought them back out to the table, handed one to Rick, making sure to rub my ass against his arm as I turned, then sat back down in my chair with my bowl. As soon as I looked up and saw the expression on his face, I knew he wasn’t happy with me. He started to push his chair out and stand up.

“Sit down babe, and eat your ice cream. We aren’t done yet.” I said in the most stern voice I could muster. It was definitely a challenge. I wanted to laugh as him. I could tell he was pouting, and it was so cute. It didn’t help that I also got a glimpse of his hard cock when he stood up. I wanted to let him do anything he wanted at this point. He could have pulled me down to the floor and covered my body in that ice cream, then licked every bit of it off. And I would have loved it. But I kept my game up, and began eating.

I noticed that Rick, however, did not start in on his ice cream. He sat back, staring at me, and probably still pouting, as I ate mine. I took my time, enjoying little bites, licking the spoon longer that necessary. Inside though, I was heating up under his stares. I felt his eyes undressing me as my nipples became harder, from him watching me, and also from the cold ice cream. I very much wanted his lips devouring mine, as I slid each chilly spoonfull into my mouth. My bowl was beşiktaş escort almost empty as I lifted a slightly melted bite to my lips. The spoon was almost there when a little drop of melted ice cream slid off, and dripped right onto my left breast. I reached quickly to catch it with my finger before it rolled farther down, into my lace covered cleavage. I brought my melty finger to my lips, popping it into my mouth, and sucking it clean. I glanced up and saw Rick staring at that finger in my mouth intently. Was that a bit of drool by his mouth? It certainly might have been.

As I sat my empty bowl aside, Rick slid his chair back again to stand up.

“Rick,” I said. “If you want to get to the next part of our evening, I’m going to need you to finish your dessert like a good boy.”

The growl I heard from him brought a little giggle to my lips. But I tried to cover it up. I knew I was already pushing my luck pretty far. I didn’t want to quite push him over the edge yet. Rick picked up his bowl and began eating his ice cream. As I watched him, I leaned back in my chair, picked up my iced tea glass, and sipped. Rick watched my movements, I watched his. Both of us turned on by this little waiting game.

“Done!” Rick announced as he sat his empty bowl down. I smiled, sliding my legs off of the corner of the table. I stood, walking over to him. He pushed his chair back. I sat down on his lap, taking his head in my hands, and kissed him long and deep. My tongue slid into his mouth, tasting the ice cream that he just finished. His hands made their way up my legs and thighs. He pushed my lace gown up farther, finally discovering my very accessable bare pussy. His kiss bacame harder, more insistent, as he pulled me closer. I felt his erection rubbing against my hip. He pushed my thighs apart to give his fingers more access.

“Rick, wait.” I said, breaking our kiss. “Not too fast, babe. I have a surprise for you in the living room. Would you like to see?”

“Of course I want to see. I love your surprises.”

Rick stood to head that way, grabbing my hand. I quickly turned, and reached back to the table to grab my iced tea glass, which was still full of ice. I was going to need that for later. When we got to the living room, I led Rick over to the fireplace. There was a nice warm fire already going, and I had made us a little bed on the floor in front of it, with blankets and pillows. I turned the lights off and we made our way to our spot by the fire.

“There’s something that I want to do tonight babe. If you don’t mind getting naked for me.”

This might have been a silly statement to make, seeing how Rick was already half undressed by the time I said it. As he slid his boxer briefs down, I had him lay down in the middle of the blanket. I straddled his hips, on my knees, kissing him again. He slid my lace gown up my hips, over stomach and my tits, and pulled it off. It was way too tempting, having his hard cock pushing against my stomach like it was. So I scooted up a little, until it was right under me. I slowly began sliding my pussy lips back and forth over his cock. My lips slid apart, around him. With each movement, his cock was sliding right against my clit. It felt so amazing, I just had to push down a little harder, rubbing more insistently.

Rick’s hands were on my large, double D tits, teasing my nipples as I kept grinding. Our kisses became hotter, mixed with moans from both of us. When I finally broke away, breathing heavily, I ran my lips over his jaw, then down to his chest. Rick lifted my hips up, grabbing his cock. I knew he was going to slide it into my drenched pussy any second. I had to stop him! I wasn’t ready yet! I quickly slid off of him, kneeling by his side on the floor.

“Not yet babe. But soon. I promise.”

I reached over where I had left my glass of ice on the side table. Then switching positions, I settled myself on my knees, bewteen Rick’s open thighs. I took a cube of ice out of the glass and popped it into my mouth. The fire was hot, especially with our our bodies naturally heating up from our activities. The ice felt great, slowly melting in my mouth, cooling me down. As my mouth became nice and cool, I leaned over, sliding my lips over Rick’s left nipple. He jumped a little from the cold, as I flicked my tongue beylikdüzü escort over the hard little bud. I switched to the right nipple, repeating. When the ice had melted, I sat up and grabbed another cube. I held it to my lips for a minute before popping it into my mouth. Leaning over, I began sliding my lips from his chest, down to his stomach, and even lower still. As I reached his hips, I took my time letting just a little bit of melted ice slide from my lips and onto his hips.

I teased, licked, kissed, and sucked, covering his hips and upper thighs with my lips. Almost every spot received a turn from my mouth. All except one spot. I was saving that for last. Reaching into the glass again, I pulled another ice cube out and popped it into my mouth. Leaning over, I slowly slid my cold tongue over the length of his hard cock. Next, I slid my lips over him, carefully introducing him to the cold, a little at a time. I took his cock in my hand, stroking, then slid my lips over the tip, pulling him into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the head, I kept slowly stroking. Rick’s moan assured me that he was enjoying the cold, mixed with the heat from my mouth.

When my ice cube was gone, I grabbed another and continued my teasing. As my lips slid around him again, I steadily began picking up my pace, my tease turning into a full on, blow job. I didn’t plan to let up until I had Rick’s hot cum shooting into my mouth and down my throat. My lips were stroking up and down his cock, each time sliding a little lower, until I was taking almost all of him into my mouth. My ice cube was long ago melted by the time I thought to get another. When I did, I scooted back a little. Keeping my hand wrapped around his cock, I slid my cold lips over his balls. I let the ice melt a little more in my mouth, then slowly wrapped my lips around one of his balls. Rick flinched a little at the cold.

“Do you like it babe?” I asked. I wanted to be sure before continuing.

“God yes. I love it baby. I hope you know I’m going to cum, if you keep this up much longer.”

I gave him a wicked little smile as I continued, taking him back into my mouth. I lightly flicked my tongue over the sensitive skin of his balls, sucking a little. When I released him, I took the other one into my mouth and repeated the process, my tongue swirling over him. With my hand stroking his cock the whole time, I could feel how hard he was getting. I released his balls from my mouth, licking a wet path back to his cock. I pulled him firmly back into my mouth, keeping my fingers and thumb wrapped around the base of his cock. I stroked, and my lips sucked, not lightly this time, but much harder, with purpose. I wanted him to cum. I could tell he was getting closer, so I slid my lips down farther on his shaft, moaning as I slid back up again, sending vibrations through his hard cock.

“Baby, you know I can’t take much of that. It feels so fucking good.” Rick growled.

That was all I needed to hear. I slid my lips down Rick’s shaft again, moaning. His fingers slid into my hair, gripping. He pulled, just enough to send goosebumps down my arms, and causing me to moan again. I felt the first hot splash of cum hit my throat. My fingers stroked harder at the base of his cock. Another shot filled my mouth. I swallowed, and kept sucking, milking every last bit from him. Another couple of shots slid into my hot mouth, and I began to slow down. My lips became a slow massage now, and my fingers loosened. When he was finished, I slid my lips from his cock. He looked at me, still kneeling between his legs.

“You know you’re next, right? There better be some ice left in that glass.”

Rick got up and instructed me to lay down where he had been. I did as I was told, excited to see what he decided to do with the ice. He knelt beside me on the blankets. Pulling an ice cube from the glass, he held it between his fingers and began sliding it over my chest, until he reached my mipples. He slid the ice over each one slowly, leaving a path of melted ice behind.

“It’s really cold babe!” I told him, shivering a little.

Rick leaned over and covered first one, then the other nipple, with his mouth. They immediately warmed back up in his hot mouth. Then he popped the ice into his mouth, as he has seen me do. He trailed his beyoğlu escort cool lips over my neck and chest, his tongue licking it’s way over my skin. He made his way down my body, across my stomach, and down to my thighs. As each cube melted away, he grabbed another, much like I had done. By the time he reached my pussy, I was on fire. I wanted his hands on me, his fingers in me, his cock fucking me.

“Babe, will you fuck me now? I need you inside me.” I said impatiently.

“Not yet. Soon. When I’m ready.” He replied with a chuckle.

Rick pulled another cube from the glass. I noticed there were only a couple left now. The wait might not be so bad after all. With the ice between his fingers again, he slid it over my pussy lips. I jumped a little, but it felt good too. He parted my lips with his fingers, sliding the ice over my clit this time. Then he stopped, holding it right on my clit, and rubbing it back and forth. The ice was melting, dribbling a chilly little trail down my pussy, and between my ass cheeks, to the blanket. When it was melted away, he leaned over, replacing the ice with his hot mouth. I could hardly hold still, my hips lifting up from the floor. My clit quickly warmed up as his tongue flicked and licked. He held my hips as he licked his way down farther, following the path of the melted ice.

Rick reached for the glass again and found another cube. This one, he slid down my lips, then right into my pussy. Wow, was it cold! It felt so good inside me though, as it slowly melted. He grabbed one last cube, and slid it into me too. Then ran his tongue back up and down my pussy, stopping to dip his tongue into me every time. He was licking the melted ice out of me! It was so fucking hot watching him, I could hardly stand it. My hips began rocking, grinding against his mouth.

“Rick please. I need you. I can’t wait any longer.”

After a few more moments, and several more licks, Rick told me to turn over, and get onto my knees. I did as he asked. I think I would have done anything he asked at that moment. I thought he was going to kneel behind me then, and fuck me, but I was wrong. He laid down on his back, sliding up until his head was under me. Then he pulled me down onto his mouth and began licking and sucking my pussy. I thought I was going to die right then, it was so hot. It was easily one of the hottest things we had ever done. He licked my pussy until every bit of melted ice had trickled out of me and into his mouth.

“You taste amazing baby.” Rick told me as he sat up. I turned around to kiss him. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to taste myself on his mouth and tongue. I don’t know if it was all me, or the taste of his mouth mixed together with me, but he was right. It was amazing. He turned me back around, still on my knees, and slid his once-again hard cock into my pussy. I was slick and wet, and hot now that the ice was long gone. He began fucking me hard, all traces of the slow teasing now behind us. This time, he meant business.

It was perfect. Exactly what I was craving. I pushed my hips back, meeting his strokes, my ass bouncing each time his hips thrust into me. As he fucked me, I shifted, holding myself up with one arm, so I could use my free hand to reach under me and rub my clit with my fingers. His hands were on my hips, squeezing as he thrust. His cock has this way of rubbing my g-spot just right when we fucked in this position. It always feels amazing. Little shots of heat started spreading through me, as my orgasm grew closer.

“Babe, I’m gonna cum!” I warned him, just before my orgasm tore through me.

“Good, because I’m right behind you.” He said through gritted teeth. He held on as long as he could, making sure he didn’t leave me behind by cumming first.

I rubbed my clit harder as the walls of my pussy tightened around his cock, gripping him tight with each spasm. He fucked me harder, holding on as my hips started shaking. I felt his fingers dig into me harder as he started cumming. His hips gave several more hard thrusts as he came, before slowing. I squeezed his cock with my pussy as a few last aftershocks from my orgasm rippled through me. We both collapsed onto the blanket and pillows in a sweaty tangle of arms and legs.

We were both spent. Breathing hard as we lay there. I don’t think we moved at all for quite a while, until finally our heart rates returned to normal. Eventually, we got up. Rick put out what remained of the fire. Everything else was forgotten as we headed for the bedroom. Dishes could wait, cleaning up could wait. We’d get it in the morning. Under the covers, still naked, we fell asleep wrapped in each others’ arms.

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