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We just finished walking and talking on the beach. You opened up to me about stuff I never knew. How you use to dream and fantasize about fucking me in the bathroom when we use to work together.

I know we always flirted, and I always suggested we hook up jokingly, but I had no idea that you actually wanted me as bad as I wanted you.

You confessed you are a Dom kind of lover. Around me though, you are submissive. You want me to take you, bad! So many thoughts were running through my head.

When we were walking past the bathroom, I said I needed to use it.

I got inside and you followed me, you turned to close the door behind you, and as you were turning around to face me, I was right there in front of you.

I grabbed your neck and pushed you up against the wall with one hand, then with the other hand I grabbed a fist full of hair from the back of your head and pulled your face to mine.

After years of trying, finally Your lips were on my lips. First testing the waters with slow small kisses, then working to my tongue massaging your tongue and swirling all around.

I bite your lip casino oyna and you let out a moan.

I took your hands in mine and pinned them up to the door above your head.

I ran kisses down the side of your neck and along your breast bone. My pussy was clenching with every whimper that came out of your mouth. I could not believe that this was happening. With one hand, I pulled your hair to one side and kissed your collar bone and nibbled a bit then with the other hand I began to rub your clit on top of your pants.

Your moaning increased louder, it drove me wild! I bit your neck, little pain with pleasure never hurt anyone.

I slid my hand down your pants inside your underwear, my gawd you were wet, So wet. As soon as my finger made contact with your clit you jumped and let out a little scream.

You were whimpering, you whispered that you wanted me to fuck you. I slid my finger inside you, you let out a sigh of relief. I kissed down your chest while thrusting my finger in and out of you. I inserted another finger and you loved it.

You took off your shirt and bra and took my head in both hands and canlı casino shoved my face into your breasts.

I flicked your nipple with my tongue and bit it. Your breathing was getting faster as you fucked my fingers. We were in sync, I thrust in and you clinched onto my fingers. I remove my fingers, you relax.

I could feel your pussy getting tighter, I bit your nipple into my mouth and played with it at the same time as I thrusted into your very wet pussy and This sent you over the edge. You crashed down onto my fingers repeatedly hard.

You threw your head back and started to hyperventilate. You took my hand that was in your pussy and held it there so I wouldn’t move. You grinded on my hand while I’m massaging inside your pussy wall.

I pinch your nipple with my other hand and find your mouth the kiss. You can barely breathe while kissing me. Your breathing gets quicker. Then you release yourself all over my hand and let out a huge moan in my mouth. You collapse your head on my shoulder, and kiss my neck.

That after sex glow made you look so hot! I couldn’t resist you, I know you wanted to rest, but kaçak casino I was not ready to let you. I took my fingers to my mouth and tasted you. So fucking good!

I wrapped my arms around your waist and started kissing you intently, building you up again. Grinding my body against you, grabbing your ass and spanking it. You really enjoyed that.

I unbuttoned your pants and took them and your underwear off. I got down on my knees and I could see your puffy wet pussy. I latched onto your clit with my mouth and began to suck lick and flick all at once I just couldn’t contain myself.

You grabbed the back of my head in shock and tried to pull me away. The more you tried to pull me away, the more I sucked and licked your clit. Eventually you gave up trying and just went with it. Holding my head in your hands between your legs while looking down at me as I eat you out made you start to cum. You held my face where it was and grind your pussy on my tongue, then I fucked your pussy with my hard tongue. You went crazy, I could feel your pussy muscles on my tongues contracting, it was so fucking hot.

When you came I got a mouth full of your sweet juices. I licked your juices very carefully all around your now swollen clit.

I stood up and you licked your juices off my face and kissed me hard and forcibly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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