Feeling my asshole is on fire

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Feeling my asshole is on fire
Saturday morning I was lying alone in bed.

My loving husband had gone for some golf game with friends; but earlier we had done the usual morning fool around in bed. But this time Victor had insisted on doing me in the butt.
He was very horny and had been no gentle at all in my ass.
I was quite sore and I had spent the last two hours rolling on the bed, trying to recover my usual anal tightness…

But I loved every time when Victor made me get on my hands and knees; as he spat between my round spread buttocks.

A while later my sweet girlfriend Camilla called me. I had forgotten we had arranged to meet for breakfast at the mall. She asked if anything was wrong; but I replied I would soon join her at the mall.

I hurried to have a warm shower and then I put some aloe cream on my anus. The cream was soothing as I massaged it inside.
Feeling better, I put on a summer dress and wrote a note for Victor.

I drove slowly, feeling anal pain every time the car hit a bump.

Camilla was there sitting and waiting for me. I went over her, trying to walk normally. But I felt my anus was on fire…
I carefully sat down in front of my girlfriend and Camilla raised her eyebrow and gave me a look that said she could see through me…

The bitch asked me why I was walking so funny; I tried to deny there was anything wrong but she laughed and said Victor had a very thick cock to shove it in my tight asshole.

This time I also laughed, knowing my sweet wild bitch girlfriend had been sodomized more than one time by my husband’s cock…
I finally accepted telling Camilla that Victor had been a bit wild in the morning sex and it had left me a little sore.

Camilla smiled, saying that during her marriage, her stupid husband had been always very rough as he fucked her in the ass…
Then I smiled back and asked her about my husband. She got serious, telling me that my sweet Victor loved to fuck her very tight rear door; but he had ever been very gentle with her…

I asked Camilla if she could stand Victor’s thickness and she laughed again, saying she had always available a lubricant jar.

Then Camilla confessed she had purchased a special dildo to stretch her tight asshole. Every time my unfaithful husband visited her; she inserted the well lubed dildo in her anus before his arrival.

By the time Victor showed up, the bitch was ready with rear passage all stretched and heavily coated with gel. No matter how fast and hard Victor mounted her from behind. She always was able to manage and even enjoy those wild sessions of anal sex.

Then suddenly bahis siteleri Camilla smiled as she scanned Tom among the people walking there. He had been her lover during the past six months. She waved her hand in the air and Tom walked over us.

I smiled at him and he kissed me in my cheek; then he sat down close to Camilla. He was a nice guy in his mid-forties; well built and handsome. Camilla had told me he did not like anal sex; that was why my girlfriend used to call my hubby every time she had and itch in her very tight anus…

Tom stood with us just for a while, he had a black coke and then he kissed us goodbye and left.
After having lunch, Camilla invited me to go with her to her home. She wanted to show me some new sexy outfit lingerie she had purchased few days ago.

It was a surprise for both of us to find there Tom; Camilla thought he would be back home late in the evening; but he smiled, saying he had completed his task at the office pretty early.

Then my girlfriend she would be upstairs to use the bathroom. I stood there at the kitchen with Tom. I wanted a glass of water; then I stood up and reached over the upper cupboard. As I was looking there inside, I suddenly felt Tom behind me; he was rubbing his crotch against my buttocks.
I turned my head around and checked out the front of his trousers, to see if there was a noticeable bulge and then I blushed when I realized he had caught me looking.

He pushed me against the sink with his body; as he reached out and handed me a glass.
I took a gulp to dampen my dry mouth and tried to regain my composure. But Tom smiled, telling me I had a nice round ass…

Before I could open my mouth to say anything, he just pushed his crotch harder against my ass cheeks and his hands grabbed my waist. Then he whispered in my ear that he thought I was a sexy slut chick and he asked me what I wanted to do with me…

I felt I was powerless to stop it. His hands then went up to my boobs and he squeezed my hard nipples through the thin material.
I moaned and felt my pussy was starting to heat.
Tom leaned on me and I let him kiss my mouth very gentle.

He pulled back, took me by the shoulders and turned me around. He smiled as he unzipped my dress, pushing it from my shoulders.
Suddenly I stood in front of him wearing just a thong and my high heeled sandals. Tom moved on to my boobs and he started licking my hardened nipples. In just few seconds he got me moaning softly, as I looked to the stairs, knowing that Camilla could get down in a minute…

His fingers soon pushed aside my thong and perabet güvenilir mi I felt his hard cock sliding over my swollen pussy lips; rubbing up and down my slit.

I could smell his sweat and my own arousal.
He told me to turn around, but I did not move, daring him with my eyes. He grabbed my shoulder, making me to spin around and then I felt a couple of sharp smacks on my round buttocks.

I braced myself against the counter and pushed my ass back. He gave me more hard smacks and it made my cunt flood…

Tom kissed the back of my neck and then down my spine, his hands now pushing my thong down to my ankles.
At his urging I shifted my legs wide apart.
Then he whispered quietly in my ear that he knew I was an ass slut; just like my girlfriend Camilla was; his slutty girlfriend too…

I opened my mouth to protest; but then I felt his tongue washing up and down my crack and probing my puckered asshole.
I shivered in pleasure as he licked my very tight rosebud.

Then I heard my own moans getting louder and I had to put a hand on my lips to muffle my louder cries…

His tongue was something incredible deep in my asshole.
I gasped and begged him not to stop.

The slight remaining soreness from this morning’s assault was now soothed and going to disappear…

One of Tom’s large fingers was rubbing up and down between my wet labia and I was massaging my tits and pinching my nipples.

Tom smacked my buttocks again and then he shoved his face between my smarting cheeks. This time, as he licked my asshole, he fingered my cunt in a gentle way.

Soon I moaned, as I had a shuddering orgasm. Tom held my waist as my knees got weak.
A while later I was calm enough to stand on my own.

Tom laughed quietly and he told me I was a pretty horny slut, who deserved to be well fucked in the ass…
Then he grabbed my head and made me turn around, to look at his huge cock for the very first time…

I was shocked as I saw that marvelous thing. It was even bigger and thicker than my loving husband’s.

I wanted to suck that huge piece of rod; but Tom said he was in a hurry to fuck me, before Camilla could come back down.

Then he showed me a tube of jelly. I gave him a look full of lust.
I had a moment’s apprehension now that he was about to put that monster up my butt, but I was too horny to reject it…

I bent at my waist over the sink; then turned away my face and I waited for his assault on my tight rosebud.
But then Tom took his time to grease up my anus. I warned him I was sore; but he smiled, saying he would be gentle.
He finally announced tipobet I was ready for having a cock in my ass…
Soon he stepped forward, lodging that thick cockhead against my greasy pucker. I waited for the forward push but Tom just held it there and told me he was going to fuck my ass better than Victor.

He finally pushed forward I begged for him to fuck me.
Despite all the preparation, he was still a very tight fit for me.
My sphincter offered a good resistance; but Tom applies steady pressure and it stretched out until he could get inside…

The bastard pushed and he paused; giving then another little push.
After several pushes; he was just half in me. He massaged my round buttocks and I rocked against him back and forth a little.

He sensed what I was doing; because he pushed me down firmly with his hand and drove the remaining of his prick into my rectum.

This time Tom did not pause. The pulled out and pushed in several times; he made me cry to tears in both pain and pleasure…

He grunted in my ear that I was such a sexy slut bitch as Camilla…

I begged him to fuck me hard, just like he fucked my girlfriend.
Then he chuckled, driving deep and lifting me onto my toes.

I moaned in pleasure and felt an intense orgasm approaching.
Seconds later it hit my body like a train and I shuddered wildly.

Tom laughed and he eased his cock out of my grasping rectum. He slapped my buttocks, saying I was the best anal slut he had fucked.
With an evil grin he pulled me back off the sink and pushed me to my knees on the floor. He wiped his huge dick over my lips and I opened them, taking the greasy thing into my wet hungry mouth.

I sucked him clean as he held my hair between his fingers.
Then he fucked my face, telling me to suck like the bitch I was…
When he got satisfied, the bastard again pulled me against the kitchen table and he shoved his cock again deep inside my anus,

He sodomized me with long strokes. Soon I started to sense I was going to come again with his dick buried in my ass.
When Tom felt I was close, he leaned over and shoved two fingers in my cunt. I came and came; this time I screamed like a real bitch in heat. No matter if Camilla could hear me from upstairs…

Then I clenched my sphincter and squeezed his huge dick with my anal muscles. He barely could slide off and came on my buttocks.

When he recovered his breathe, Tom told me he would fuck my ass again on the next week. I open my mouth to protest; but he made me shut up; saying he knew I was a real anal slut…

Then he kissed me deeply and went out through the back yard.

As I was finishing putting again on my dress; Camilla came down from her bedroom. She smiled at me, saying Tom was not a real gentleman, since he had left me there alone.

I told her not to worry about it.
After all, he had been too gentle with me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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