Faye and the Gloryhole

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“PLEEEAZZZZE,” Teri said as pleadingly as she could manage.

“But…” was all that Faye could manage to stammer out.

“It’s just for tonight, and I wouldn’t ask, but I’m in a real bind. This is my busiest night and my best girl called off,” Teri begged.

“But…” Faye managed again to say. “Sucking on strange guys dicks. I mean…” she added.

“It’s nothing you and I didn’t do every Saturday night in our junior year in college together,” Teri said. And back then we did it for fun. And I wouldn’t ask you if I wasn’t desperate.”

Teri owned one of the larger adult stores just outside the city. She not only started the business, but made it a huge success. One of its most popular features was the presence of the gloryholes in the rear. Teri found that they brought in quite a chunk of her profits, which she generously shared with the ladies that serviced them.

“Besides,” Teri added, “you weren’t too puritanical about it two years ago when we took that trip to Vegas and we stopped at that adult store and…”

“Okay,” ataşehir escort bayan Faye conceded. “Damn, you’re persistent. For you, I’ll do it. But just tonight. And you owe me big time!”

“Thank you,” Teri said. I’m in your debt forever.

“Fucking right you are,” Faye replied.

Elsewhere, Brad pulled into the parking lot of the adult store. His friends had spoken about it highly, especially about the special services they offered. A friend of a friend got him in touch with the owner who vouched for Brad and the arrangements were then made. He had just turned 21, and embarrassingly still a virgin. His buddy, also his best friend, knew about Brad’s “situation” and recommended the adult store. “At least get a blowjob,” he told Brad. “That’ll give you some self-confidence.”

Brad wasn’t sure about that. It took him three months to get the courage up to actually come to the place. Once inside, he spoke with Teri, who took him into the back and into a small room. “You’ll enjoy yourself,” she told him. “This particular escort kadıöy girl is exceptionally good,” she also added with a smile as she left the room. He nervously dropped his pants. His dick sprang out, already half hard. He took a deep breath and stuck it through the hole feeding into the adjoining room.

Faye saw the semi-hard cock slip through the hole. “This is for Teri. This is for Teri,” she repeated to herself. She gently brushed her fingers along the thick member and heard a groan from the other side, and the dick stiffened. “He’s really horny,” she thought. “Probably be quick.” She started licking the hard cock and then slipped its head into her mouth, running her tongue around it.

Brad moaned as he felt the warm mouth envelope his dick, the tongue swirling around it was heavenly to him. He felt his knees almost buckle, but he managed to steady himself.

Faye sensed he was already close. She sucked harder, and bobbed her head on the cock, pursing her lips together. She could hear him through the wall and could maltepe escort tell he was enjoying it. From the look of his cock she sensed he was young. “Virgin?” she thought to herself. “If so, then give me that virgin seed.” Her tongue slithered along his long shaft and she sucked relentlessly on him, and fucked him with her face.

Brad was panting hard. “It’s great,” he thought to himself. “Not great, incredible.” He propped himself up as he had trouble standing while she sucked him. “Fuck,” he said out loud. “God I’m gonna cum!”

Faye popped his dick out of her mouth. “Cum then,” she answered him, quickly taking him back into her mouth. As if on cue, Brad’s cock erupted in her mouth, filling it with spurt after spurt of thick cum. She swallowed greedily, some of his jizz still managing to drip from the corner of her mouth. Finally drained, she popped him out of her mouth.

Teri came into the room with Faye a minute after she finished. “Want to meet him?” she asked.

“You mean the guy I just blew?” Faye responded.

Teri nodded. “Yeah, he’s a virgin. First blowjob. I know you love virgins. He seems nice, and you’ll be gentle with him I’m sure.”

“Well, his cum was tasty,” Faye said. “And I don’t have any plans for the weekend. Let’s formally introduce me to him. It should be fun, right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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