Favor for a Friend Ch. 03

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I normally don’t write notes to my readers preceding my stories, but I feel the need to at this time. Before you read this, I ask that you take a moment to go and read Part’s I and II. You won’t be disappointed. This is the third and final part of the story and I really believe you will get the most out of it by starting at the beginning. To all of my readers who wrote faithfully and waited so patiently for this conclusion, thank you. I hope you like this one as much as the other two parts. Peace and love, JG.


I looked at the digital clock beside my bed as the shrill ring of the telephone woke me from the deep folds of sleep. Two Freaking A.M. Somebody better have died or I was going to be pissed.

“Let me up.” The husky timbre of your voice nudged me from my dream state.

“Why should I?” My first reaction was contempt. You’d been MIA for two weeks. Sleeping who knows where, with who knows whom. Even your recently ex’d girlfriend had no clue when I called her to find out what had happened to you.

“Because you love me?”

“Spare me.”

“Come on. It’s 2 a.m. I need sleep.”

I stared at the receiver in disbelief. “You expect me to just let you in like that? After two weeks of not hearing from you?”

“I’ll explain after I take a shower.”

“Now you want a place to sleep AND a shower? Next you’ll be asking me to cook for you.”

“Eggs over medium would be nice. And some toast? Just don’t burn it. You tend to burn the toast, you know.” You chuckled softly before hanging up.

A good three minutes passed before I finished arguing with myself as to whether I should let you in or let you sleep in the vestibule.

You didn’t look like you needed a shower, I discovered when I opened the door to my apartment. There you stood, as hot as ever, a bit leaner, white tee shirt a bit rumpled, eyes a bit shadowed but other than that no sign of any discomfort experienced on your part during the last two weeks.

A full body blush colored my flesh from toe to head as you also gave me a full assessment. Drawing my white chenille robe about me, I glared at you and nodded. “Cut it out.”

“Aren’t you going to let me in?” You cocked your head to one side, hair tousled and tawny, eyes wary, mouth void of your usual smile.


“I’ll take that as a ‘yes.’ Thanks.” You gathered up your two suitcases, a cardboard box and a duffle bag of clothing and attempted to push your way past me.

“Um.” I shifted to my other foot, unable to take my eyes from your body, effectively blocking you.

“I’m glad to see you, too. Now. Let me in.”

“You want to tell me again why I should?”

You smiled broad and confident. “Because you missed me.”

A curt shake of my head was all I could trust myself in response.

“You were worried about me.”

“Pfft.” A roll of my eyes was all I gave you.

“Come on. I have nowhere else to go.”

I studied your face for a good long moment, and only after I was satisfied with the sincerity you projected, I stepped aside and motioned for you to enter.

You moved past me and dropped your things in the center of the living room before proceeding to sprawl out on the couch.

Damn! You looked too good like that. Almost like you belonged here. You rested your head along the back of the couch and covered your face with your hands. “There’re no freaking apartments out there that I can afford that shouldn’t be condemned by the Board of Health.”

“Oh. So you think you can just shack up with me?” I was just a matter of convenience. A haven when there was no place else to go.

Your grin widened and you nodded. “Something like that. Now can we fuck?”

The pillow I threw at you just missed your head.

“Good night.” I turned and headed towards the safety of my bedroom.

“Don’t I get my eggs and toast?”

“Keep dreaming. I’m going back to bed. We’ll talk in the morning.”

“I need a shower.” You mumbled this as I shut the door, resting briefly against its protection to summon the strength I needed to walk to my bed rather than turn around and follow you into the shower.

That was a near impossible feat, doubled with my feeble attempt to ignore the singing in my heart.

Unfortunately, my body could not ignore you. You, naked, a wall away. You, naked, hot water splashing over your body. You, naked, more than likely very hard. Wanting me. You. Hard. Damn.

I groaned and rolled over, burying my face in my pillow. Unfortunately, my body would not bury its treacherous needs. My hips ground themselves into the bed of their own volition. I squeezed my thighs together, hoping to still the buzzing şişli üniversiteli escort that your nearness had prompted. Instead, I felt my wetness, warm and moist. I wanted you.

I slipped my hand between my legs just to check if I was correct. My middle finger slipped along the crease of my pussy lips, neat and trim, slick with pussy juice.

“No,” I whispered fiercely to myself. This could not happen. I’d lose you. I thought about how sweet you tasted that night with Joanie. “Noooo…” I moan softly, lost in your memory.

“No, what?” Your voice came softly from the doorway, jarring me in surprise.

“Get out of here!”

You laughed and as I turned over to look at you I shouted again. “Get out!”

Ignoring me, you stepped closer to the bed, and I jumped up. Your gaze focused through the shadows on how my night shirt bunched up around my waist, falling slowly around my hips and thighs. “Come on, don’t make me go.”

“The couch.” I swung a pointed finger towards the door.

You stepped closer to me, and as you reached both hands up to cup my breasts, you let out a soft groan and your towel fell from around your waist.

“Don’t.” I whispered softly, barely, just before my hands came up to your waist to pull you into me. Already hard, your thick cock rubbed up against me, searching through the thin cotton fabric for that sweet slip of heaven my pussy promised.

“Tell me to stop.” You whispered urgently as your lips sought mine. You devoured me, bruising my lips, then sucking them gently, kissing me urgently, deeply. I responded with equal enthusiasm, wanting nothing more than your cock inside of me at that very moment. Real deep. I ached. I throbbed. I felt my body clench and unclench in anticipation of your invasion.

“Hey, Sleepyhead. Wake up.”

Your voice cut through the fog of desire. I opened my eyes to the daylight flooding my bedroom. You sat beside me on the bed, grinning. My legs were twisted up in the sheets and quilt. My hand was buried between my thighs.

“Oh. God.” I rolled away from you, hiding my face from your scrutiny.

“That’s what you were saying, yes. Hmmmm…. Let me guess. You were dreaming about me again?”

“Go away.”

“No way. I want to hear about your dream.” You curled up next to me on the bed and laid an arm across my shoulder. A finger traced my ear and brushed my hair away from my temple.

“I said go away.” I buried my face beneath the covers. “Please?”

I felt your finger trace a path down my neck, over my shoulder, then hesitate. Then after a moment, as I fought to regain control of my breathing, your hand slipped beneath the neckline of my night shirt, cupping my breast.

Your breath came hot and whispy in my ear. “You still want me to leave?”

A weak moan was all I could muster. You pinched my nipple gently and asked again. “You still want me to leave?”

“I… I….”

“Yes? Come on, baby. I’ll go. Just tell me to.” You nudged me onto my back and straddled me, your cock pressing against my pussy unhindered by clothing of any sort.

“I… I….” Breathlessly I struggled with some sort of coherent statement. “… have to go to work.” I pushed at you with a tortured sob. “Get OFF of me, damn you.”

You relented and released me from the comfort of your temporary prison.

Forty minutes later I was staring at the plate of eggs you had cooked for me. I could not eat one forkful. The ends of crispy whole wheat toast was the only proof I had even touched the breakfast you had cooked for me while I showered away your memory. My victory felt as hollow as my body.

“When will you be home?”

Peering at you a good minute over the rim of my coffee cup I finally grinned as I slurped the last bits of java. “Five -sh? So what are you going to do today, dear?” All I needed was a newspaper and a lunch box. I felt like Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

You grinned back and replied in mock falsetto. “I don’t know. I have a nail appointment. And the girls want to do the Mall.”

I stood up and kissed you on your forehead. “Well, just don’t do the whole Mall. You might catch a disease.”

A shout of laughter was your only response.

I stared at you for a moment. Sitting there in boxers and a tee shirt, your eyes lit and your mouth curved in a real smile, you looked so harmless.

“Have a good day today.”

“You, too.”

I would like to say that I returned home that night to a clean house, candlelit dinner and a vase of flowers on the table. Wrong. But at least I didn’t come home to an empty house. That was my biggest fear all day. That you were going to be gone taksim anal yapan escort again when I returned. That all I would find was a note saying “I’ll be in touch.” Again.

But you didn’t. What I found was something in-between. No note, but instead I could hear the strains of Van Morrison all the way from the elevator. Instead of flowers and dinner on the table I found your laundry, some folded, some still in baskets. Strewn throughout the apartment were odd pieces of furniture and … “stuff” was all I could think of… when I opened the door.

“What in the WORLD are you doing??” I yelled above Van the Man’s crooning.

“Hey, babe!” You sauntered over with a Nerf basketball in your hands and kissed me on the forehead. “Just getting organized.”

As if cemented to the tiles marking the foyer area I could do nothing but stare open mouthed in disbelief at the mess. You turned and walked away then quickly made a pivot on your heels and tossed the basketball at me. It bounced off my head, landing somewhere among the boxes you had piled by the door.

I started to cry. I don’t know why. I don’t think it was the mess. I think it was more because you were back in my life, disrupting the tranquility, the routine. The boredom. The isolation from really getting in touch with my feelings. The control I had mastered over my life.

The tears halted you dead in your tracks.

“Babe?” Confusion marred your baby blues. “You have your period or something?”

Screaming something unintelligible I marched off to the bathroom, my only escape at the moment. I was afraid to check the sole bedroom to see if you had moved in there as well. I would deal with that later. When I stopped crying.

Door locked, I stripped and turned on the shower then at the last minute I decided I could really, really use a bath so I switched the stream of water and plugged up the tub. After adding a healthy heaping of rose oil to the water, I eased into the scalding, steamy water, leaned back against the cool ceramic tub wall and closed my eyes. I needed to think. Or not think. I wasn’t sure what I needed at that moment.

It was all about sex with you. You were randy as all hell and without a girlfriend. And even when you had a girlfriend you weren’t having sex. So clearly you were thinking only of the sex. You knew I wanted you. You knew I was available. You were thinking with your dick. Again.

Did I want to ruin what was left of our friendship by having sex with you? Then what? When it was over everything would be over. I didn’t want to lose you. After a moment’s thought I realized something.

I was going to lose you anyway. We were grown up now. Beyond the platonic snuggling on the beach. We had grown up. But our relationship hadn’t.

The water grew tepid as contemplated the pro’s and con’s of giving into my most carnal desires concerning you. Maybe it was time, afterall, I eventually conceded, leaning over to let the release up and drain the now lukewarm water from the tub.

Slowly I patted my skin dry with a soft cotton peach towel. My nipples were sensitive and hard as I gently smoothed the towel over my breasts, erasing the droplets of water that clung to the smooth flesh. My belly, thighs, calves, arms, were all soon dried and I stood shivering in the cool bathroom air. I stared at my reflection in the mirror on the back of the closed door for a long while, trying to decide what to do.

The towel slipped to the floor as I studied my firm round breasts, the rosey hued nipples, little buds ready for your lips. I lifted my left hand unconsciously and rubbed my palm over the taut peak, wishing it were your hand. My left hand caressed my belly, gooseflesh rising along the path I traced from just below my ribs downward, circling my bellybutton, and lower. The tip of my forefinger caressed the neatly shaved patch of hair on my mons before dipping lower to flick the engorged rosebud of my clit. I took a deep breath, knowing what I needed to do.

As if you could feel my indecision, my need, my desire, you knocked gently on the wooden door. “You all right in there?” Your voice sounded genuinely concerned, if not a bit hesitant.

With a deliberateness I did not know I possessed, I reached out a trembling hand and unlocked the door. “Could you come in here?” Although my voice was little more than a whisper, you heard my request and opened the door.

Your eyes were wide with disbelief as your gaze fell upon my body. With a blink, passion filled your eyes as you visually caressed every bit of flesh I offered. “You okay?” You asked a bit hesitantly and only when I nodded breathlessly did you take taksim bdsm escort another step forward. Gone was your cockiness, in its place an uncertainty I’d not seen since we were in high school.

“You sure?”

I offered you a very nervous half smile, I could feel my lips trembling as I nodded and lifted my arms up to encircle your shoulders. You pulled me close, I pulled you closer. You groaned and buried your face in my neck, your lips teasing my still dampened flesh with a light sucking and a nibble. My moan mingled with yours and we both edged out of the bathroom carefully as one entity, neither wanting to break the embrace.

No sooner had we stepped over the threshold did the damn of pent up passion burst. I tugged at your shirt whipping it up over your head. With a quick flick of your wrist your jeans were unfastened and down around your ankles. You kicked them off as I tugged you towards my bedroom.

We stood there, sucking face like we’d never sucked face before. Your hands were all over my, pulling my nipples, squeezing my ass, roaming over my hips and cupping my breasts. My hands were mauling you just as wantonly, leaving no inch of skin untouched. My hands lovingly massaged your arms, your shoulders, your upper back while my body wrapped itself around you like ivy. Your cock was wedged between our bodies, pressing into my belly, making my cunt feel hollow and needy. I wanted your cock there, where I was hot and wet and pulsing, and not anywhere else.

“I need you to fuck me,” I whispered urgently as your fingers outlined the crack of my ass and slipped between my legs, finding my pussy soaked and awaiting your entry. “I want your cock, not your fingers,” I pleaded.

“You’re getting both,” you growled. “I just need to feel you. Oh God, you’re so wet.” With that revelation you nudged me back onto the bed. “I can’t wait. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want you to wait, will you just fuck me for god’s sake!” I spread my legs and lifted my hips high as you pressed your cock between my pussy lips and slipped inside of me with one easy stroke.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, godddddddddddd.” We both cried out at the same time.

“You’re so fucking tight.”

“I haven’t gotten laid in ages.” I laughed and you grinned down at me and shuddered, attempting to hold back your climax.

“Come for me.” You demanded as you slowly pumped your cock deeper inside of my cunt. Once, twice, three times and you were in as far as you could go. You stayed there for a moment, caught my eyes with your own burning gaze. You moved your hips upward, slightly changing the angle of your cock and I gasped. You moved again, turning slightly and I gasped again, unable to speak, barely unable to breath.

And then you started. You started to fuck me as I’d never been fucked before. You moved inside of me ever so slowly. Slightly pulling out but then moving in harder. Pulling out a bit more, pushing in harder. You were coaxing my climax from me, you were teasing my orgasm out of my body. You were summoning my surrender. You leaned down over me, your chest and belly pushing me into the bed and I wrapped my legs around your body as you drove your cock deeper inside of me than ever before. I raked my nails down your back and cried out your name and the sound of your name coupled with the feel of your cock inside of me, your flesh beneath my palms, your chest against my breast, drove me to the point of no return. The first ripples of passion turned into a tidal wave of an orgasm, pummelling my body from my inner most core outward through my hips, my legs, my arms. My body burned and writhed beneath you as you took and took and took and then gave and gave and gave. I could do nothing but move with you, move against you, crying out your name, sobbing as my release rocked my body.

My pussy exploded then, I felt my come pulse out around your cock, the walls of my cunt squeeze the come from your cock, my own pleasure couple with your pleasure. We came together and you called out my name as you pounded me slow at first then harder and faster. You didn’t stop, even after you came, and I came again and again. I don’t know how many times, it was as if my body was making up for all the years I had denied myself this pleasure.

Slowly, we simmered down. And you brought me back to earth with soft tender kisses on my neck, my jaw, my cheeks, my eyes, my forehead, my nose and finally, one deep consuming kiss on my mouth. Our tongues mated in rhythm with our bodies, slow and langorous, until finally you stilled all movement, although we stayed connected with your cock still buried so deep inside of me.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” I looked at you in amazement. You laughed at me and shook your head.

“I had no idea,” you said shaking your head again.

“Me either.”

We rolled over and you pulled out of me, but we didn’t even bother with tissues or anything. We just spooned the afternoon away, not ready to face tomorrow, or what the reality of a relationship might involve. Afterall, what are best friends for?


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