Fantasy Sex Cruise 12

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This is the twelfth episode in a multi-part story. It is the fifth chapter of Linda’s cruise with Bradley but you should read Chapter 01 first, at least to where Linda gets off the shuttle, so you can see how these cruises started and get introduced to the characters then read Chapter 08 for the beginning of Linda’s cruise. I hope you enjoy the journey.



Normally I don’t sleep that well with two people in bed with me. The last time I remember doing it, my youngest daughter was nine years old and was terrified by a really bad thunderstorm. She insisted on sleeping in the bed with Ed and me. So I was very pleasantly surprised when I awoke feeling very rested and refreshed and found myself between Bradley and Gina. I had slept so soundly that I had to think for a moment how this arrangement had happened. Then I remembered that Gina and I had fallen in love and suddenly everything seemed perfect.

I turned my head toward Gina and saw her lying on her back with only the sheet covering her up to her breasts. I watched the gorgeous mounds rise and fall as she breathed and began to get warm. I rarely woke up with the female equivalent of a boner but looking at her tits made me realize I was horny. Then I remembered the pill we had all taken. Damn this stuff was good; it was still in full effect and showed no signs of diminishing anytime soon. OK by me.

I turned my body so I was facing her and looked at her. I couldn’t remember being this happy. I felt humbled and privileged to be in her presence. Tears welled up in my eyes, as I wondered why everybody couldn’t wake up each day and feel so wonderful. I moved my head slowly toward her right breast. My lips touched the side of the soft flesh and gently kissed it. She didn’t stir so I allowed my mouth to sneak closer to her nipple. When I got close I stuck my tongue out and gave it a lick. Her arm moved a little and her head turned slightly. I continued my advance on the pink protuberance and enclosed it in my lips and lightly sucked on it. This caused her to moan softly.

I moved my hand onto her stomach and then slid it down toward her pussy. I stopped when I felt the little heart-shaped tuft of closely cropped pubic hair and rubbed my fingers over it. I heard her sweet sleepy voice say, “Linda will you promise you’ll wake me up like this for the rest of the trip?”

“Only if you’ll do the same for me if you wake up before I do.”

“Now I know for sure this is love. If I still feel this much in love the morning after, it has to be real. Ohhhh God Linda, suck my breast. Put your hand on my pussy and make me wet.”

“Funny, that’s what I was thinking too.” I sucked her nipple into my mouth and went to work on it with my tongue. She spread her legs as my hand moved over the silky little hairs above her pussy. She was already hot and moist when my middle finger slid between her labia. My fingertip found her hole and slipped inside to search for her spot and began to rub it. Her left hand moved down and her finger rubbed her clit in little circles. “Yesss my love. Let’s do it together.”

I loved how her fingers felt playing with her bulbous clit beneath the heel of my hand while my fingers lay on her puffy outer lips and my middle finger tickled her vagina. Her nipple expanded in my mouth under the influence of my sucking and I closed my teeth around it to gently nibble it.

“Ohhhh Linda you know how to love me so good. I’m going to cum for you. Just a little more and… UNNNNHHHHH… OHHH GODDD LINDA YES, YES I’M CUMMING FOR YOU NOW!

I felt her pussy squeeze my finger and she pressed her breast against my mouth as her climax overcame her. I gently bit her nipple and she moaned loudly enough to wake Bradley. Her legs shook and her fingers continued to rub her clit to prolong her orgasm.

When she had calmed down enough to stop moaning, Bradley said, “Is this a private party or would you two like some male attention?”

Before I could answer, Gina said, “I’d love some male attention. Why don’t you get behind me and fuck me while I get my head between Linda’s legs.”

She pushed me onto my back and crawled between my legs to get on her knees with her pretty ass in the air. I watched Bradley get up and walk to the end of the bed and stand behind her. She was at the perfect height for him to fuck her standing up. Her mouth found my slit a few seconds before Bradley started rubbing the head of his cock up and down her wet slit. “Oooohhh Gina, you are ready to get fucked aren’t you?” She didn’t answer because her mouth was full of my twat and because it was all to obvious just how ready she was. In a few seconds I both heard her and felt her moan when Bradley began to insert his thick hard cock into her hot vagina.

I knew how distracting it could be to feel Bradley’s cock stretching your vagina to accommodate his thickness. It was thrilling to feel his mushroom shaped head creeping further and further into you, wondering if it would ever reach its full length and if you could canlı bahis take it when it did. Gina did not let this deter her from what she was doing to me. Her wide open mouth covered my slit and her tongue lapped the length of my gash from my hole to my clit. My pussy was getting hotter and wetter with each lick.

She paused briefly to emit a muffled grunting moan and I knew that Bradley’s cock had finished its journey and was completely buried in her distended cunt. I could almost feel her vagina pulsing around the long brown shaft since I knew what my own pussy did when he was fully inside me. As if in sympathy, my cunt began to pulse and it felt like it was being stretched as I felt my hole open for Gina’s tongue. My legs spread wider and I raised my hips up to implore her to lick and suck me as much as she could.

Her hands moved under my hips to spread across my ass cheeks. She pulled me to her so she could comply with my silent entreaty. I could already feel the beginnings of an orgasm arising deep within me. She sucked my swollen clit the same way she wanted her own magnificent clit to be sucked. Then moved her tongue down and inserted it into me to extract the hot nectar flowing from me. I was humping her mouth now beseeching her for more. I couldn’t get enough of her oral loving and she couldn’t give me enough. We were in a spiral that was taking each of us closer and closer to an epic climax.

When I felt her face push against my wet crotch I knew Bradley had begun to fuck her. We quickly adapted to his rhythm; when he pushed deep inside her I pushed against her mouth. She didn’t have to move, we were fucking her at both ends now. This excited me even more. She licked my clit with her flattened tongue each time she was pushed forward by Bradley’s thrusts.

As Bradley increased the speed my pussy went wilder with desire, heat and juice. I had no idea how long this would last since my orgasms seemed to ambush me when I least expected it but I just went along for the ride. I was lost in lust; nothing existed except the inescapable rush toward my orgasm. I was helpless to assist it or prevent it. My body made the decision for me. My climax wrenched my guts as my vagina began to spasm. I came all over Gina’s face as my hot juice seeped out of me.

My orgasm incited her own. I could feel her tensing her muscles as her vagina pulsed around Bradley’s hard cock. I felt Bradley slam against her ass hard and knew he was now spewing his thick morning load of hot cum deep inside her, grunting with each ejaculation. Gina had to pull her mouth off my slit to lay her forehead on my mound while she gasped for breath and panted, her whole body still trembling in orgasm.

I was stupefied by the intensity of my orgasm and mystified that I wasn’t exhausted by it but I still felt great and energetic enough to keep going. I looked down at Gina who still had her forehead on my mound. Her trembling was subsiding until Bradley began withdrawing his half hard cock from her gooey vagina. As her distended pink channel began to return to its natural state she seemed to get a boost and she moaned as an aftershock rippled through her insides. She raised her head to look at me and I saw how beautiful her orgasm looked on her already gorgeous face.

“Gina come up here and lay on top of me and let me hold you.”

She slowly crawled up between my still widespread legs and lay on me. Her lips pressed against mine and I tasted my pussy on her mouth. That kiss was all that needed to be said about what we had just shared. I wrapped my arms and legs around her and held her tight as we continued kissing. Bradley said he was heading for the bathroom.

“Linda are we ever going to stop wanting to fuck?”

“I sure hope not. I’ve never experienced orgasms like these. Not only are they more powerful but each one makes you want to have another one. This stuff is incredible. You’re incredible. Nobody has ever made my pussy feel like you just did. I thought you were going to suck my uterus out; and I would have let you! I ‘ve never been so wet in my life not even when I was your age. If that’s a side effect of this pill it will boost sales by a billion.”

“I’m running like Niagara falls myself. Feeling my pussy this wet just turns me on more. Feeling your pussy this wet makes me want to put my face in it again.”

“God Gina this feels so good to lie here and love you and be so turned on. This is better than my honeymoon. You better tell your company to put a birth control agent in this pill or ninety percent of the girls over thirteen are going to be pregnant soon after they get their hands on this stuff. I guess we really should go take a bath and get something to eat besides each other’s pussy. I want to give you another enema so I can bring you back here and play with your ass.”

“Oh yes Linda that sounds exciting and fun. Come on, let’s get out of here before I start in on you again.”

When we got to the bathroom Bradley was just getting out of the shower. “Well I see you two managed to bahis siteleri tear yourself away from the bed.”

“It wasn’t easy Bradley but we need to clean up and get something to eat. We may not feel tired but we need to keep our strength up.”

“Do you want me to order breakfast in or do you want to go to the dining room?”

“If we stay here we’ll end up back in bed and probably miss breakfast by the time it arrives so let’s go out.”

“OK, I’ll wait for you two out on the veranda.”

We gave each other an enema then got in the tub. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We took turns washing each other’s body then sat in a scissors position so we could press our pussies together and rub our slippery slits up and down. Before we finished we used our fingers to have another climax. We had become insatiable.

When we got out of the bathroom Bradley was waiting on us. Gina said she had to go back to her cabin so she could change clothes. I told her to meet us in the dining room. Just as she was leaving, Mark and Ashley showed up. We told them we were going for breakfast and they said they’d join us.

“So Ashley, what have you two been up to this morning?”

“Mark took another Viagra early this morning and woke me up when it started working. We’ve been fucking ever since. I can’t seem to get enough. I’ve cum four times this morning and I want to start again. What about you? Are you still horny?”

“Like a sailor on leave. My pussy has leaked so much juice; I’m surprised I’m not dehydrated. This stuff is incredible.”

“Are you sure you want to go out for breakfast? I could stay right here and keep playing.”

“We’ll be docking in St. Maarten soon and we should go ashore because it’s our last port of call. We’ll be on the ship for two days going back to Ft. Lauderdale and we can stay in bed the whole time as far as I’m concerned. We took these pills late yesterday so they won’t wear off until late Saturday. By then I’ll have worn my pussy out so it won’t make any difference.”

When we arrived at the dining room Gina was waiting outside the doors for us. We headed inside to our usual table. The food on the ship had been very good and I could see why this cruise line had a reputation for fine dining. I ordered something I had been scrupulously avoiding during the last six months so I could lose weight and exercise to get in shape for this cruise but I was hungry this morning so I decided on the Eggs Benedict; one of my favorite splurges for brunch on the rare occasion. It was accompanied by fresh pineapple juice and a dark roast coffee made in a French press just for me. It was truly a gourmet breakfast.

We hung around in the dining room until the ship was starting to dock then headed back to the room to get ready to go ashore. There were a lot of things to do on shore but the island was most well known for beautiful beaches and excellent duty free shopping. There was a water taxi that took you to downtown Phillipsburg where the shopping was so we hopped in for the short scenic ride to town.

We had walked along the main street stopping in various shops when Mark and Bradley wanted to go into an electronics store. We girls decided on a perfume store next door. Gina and Ashley went inside and I told them I’d be in shortly after I took some pictures of the area.

I was looking through the viewfinder of the camera when I suddenly heard a dog bark near me and when I lowered the camera to look around I saw a beautiful German Shepherd sitting next to me wagging his tale and looking up at me.

“Well hello puppy, what are you doing here?”

A voice behind me answered, “He’s suppose to be taking care of me and he knows better than to do this.”

I turned and saw a very pretty blonde girl coming slowly toward me. She looked familiar and then I recognized her. She was the singer in the lounge we had seen the first night of the cruise.

“Please excuse his deplorable behavior, he’s never done anything like this before. I’m very sorry he bothered you.”

“There is no need to apologize. He hasn’t bothered me at all. In fact it may be me that needs to apologize. I think I may have unintentionally confused him.”

“What did you do to him?”

“Ummmhhh, it’s kind of personal, I’ve been taking medication to stimulate my libido and it has worked much better than I anticipated. I have a feeling I’m giving off a sexual scent that would be noticeable to a dog and probably distracting.”

“You could be right, I’ve thought for some time now I needed to get him a girlfriend. That sounds like a very effective medication if you can fool a dog into thinking your in heat. I could use some of that.”

“Why would a beautiful young woman like you need something to increase her sex drive? I’d think you would need to have men taking numbers to date you.”

“Honestly, I think it’s the blindness that puts them off.”

“Oh darling no! If a man can’t see your beauty and realize how much of a woman you are then he’s the bahis şirketleri one who’s blind.”

“Tell that to my last boyfriend.”

“There’s a bench a few steps from here under the awning of one of the shops. Would you like to sit down for a minute and talk to me? My name’s Linda and I really enjoyed your singing the other night.”

“So you’re on the cruise too. Thanks for the compliment. I’m not sure many people were as favorably impressed as you were though.”

I picked up her dog’s leash and handed it back to her and escorted her over to the bench so we could get out of the sun. We sat down and her dog sat on the ground at her feet.

“Now what’s you name?”

“Oh, sorry, it’s Barbara. It’s nice to meet you Linda.”

“It’s nice to meet you and I’m sorry if I did anything to upset your dog. What’s his name?”

“His name is Jesus.”

“Oh how wonderful. That’s a perfect name for him.”

“Most people think it’s sacrilegious. They just don’t get it. When I was young my mother told me that Jesus shows us unconditional love and looks out for us and takes care of us when we are lost. So when I lost my sight and needed a dog I named him Jesus because he loves me and he takes care of me. I meant it as a tribute to Jesus, not to make a joke.”

“It is a tribute and I’m sure he would be pleased. You’re a very intelligent young woman and you have a beautiful voice. Why do you think the audience on the ship didn’t like your singing?”

“I’ve developed my other senses because I can’t see and I can tell when an audience is receptive to my music. The people in that lounge definitely were lukewarm to me at best.”

“As a member of that audience who was favorably impressed could I tell you what I think may have caused the others to be less enthusiastic?”

“Please, I have one more chance Saturday night to impress the entertainment director of the ship. I’m on this trip to do an audition for a more permanent job as an entertainer on the cruises. I’d really like to get this gig because I need the money and I’m tired of working in the places I’ve been playing for the last year.”

“Barbara I’m fifty years old and so are most of the people on this ship and that’s going to be true for many of the passengers on future cruises. The reason they’re on a cruise is to have a good time and hear music they like and recognize. Your music was mostly sad love songs. They were very well done but this audience isn’t in the mood to hear them.”

“Oh My God Linda you’re right. I’ve been singing the blues for the last six months because my boyfriend dumped me and it’s become my way of dealing with it by singing about my broken heart.”

“It shows Barbara and that’s not what cruisers want to see or hear about while they’re out to have fun.”

“It’s just that I’ve had my heart broken before and I’m wondering how many times my heart has to break.”

“Until it opens.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re letting your past relationships and your blindness keep you from loving completely and that’s what is making your lovers feel uneasy.”

“And you know this how? You just met me. Who are you to give advice about love?”

“It’s more of an observation than advice but anyway, I do know something about love. I’ve been in love with my husband for twenty-seven years so I’ve got some experience with loving somebody. In addition, in the four days we’ve been on this cruise I’ve fallen in love with three other people. Each of them is teaching me new things about love but they all have one thing in common. The love we feel is total. If it’s not then it isn’t really love.”

“You’ve fallen in love with three other people on this cruise? How does your husband feel about that?”

“I intend to ask him the next time I see him. He’s not on this cruise with me.”

“You came on a cruise by yourself?”

“No, I came with my fantasy lover to reinvigorate my sex life. That’s what I took the medication for that Jesus reacted to.”

“Is your fantasy lover one of the people you’ve fallen in love with?”

“No, he’s still just my fantasy lover and he’s doing a wonderful job of it. The people I’ve fallen in love with are a married couple in the suite next to ours and a beautiful young woman about your age that is traveling alone on this cruise.”

“You’ve fallen in love with two women? Are you a lesbian?”

“I don’t consider myself to be a lesbian. I have no intention of giving up having sex with men just because I’ve discovered how wonderfully exciting sex with a woman can be. I guess if you must have a label for me you can consider me bi-sexual. Does that bother you Barbara?”

“No it doesn’t it’s just unusual, at least for me. I’ve never been with a woman that way.”

“You can say it Barbara, you’ve never had sex with another woman. Well I hadn’t either until I came on this cruise. I’d never even thought about it. I wasn’t for it or against it. It was completely outside my sexual understanding. But that’s why I took this trip, to expand my thinking and the opportunity to have sex with a woman presented itself very unexpectedly so I decided to try it. Much to my surprise I discovered that it was wonderful.”

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