Fantasy Fulfilled Pt. 04

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I thought for my 90th submission that I would re-visit Catherine and Jason. Hope you enjoy it!


Jason reached across the car, picked up his lady love’s hand and pressed it to his lips, telling her, “Catherine, I can practically see the wheels going around in your head. Stop worrying, it’s going to be fine. You’re their mother, and if they care about you at all, your sons should be glad to finally see you as happy as you are.”

Heaving a sigh, doing her best to give him a smile, she knew he was right, having a man like Jason in her life she was finally in the best place she’d ever been. As she stroked her hand over her slightly rounded belly, she knew now all she’d have to do was try to make her sons understand that what she had with him was everything she’d ever wanted. Of course, while also letting them know that nothing would ever change with them despite the fact she was planning to marry their childhood friend and was also having his baby.

After stopping in a supermarket to get what they needed for dinner, the moment they got home, Jason insisted she go and lie down for a few minutes and put her feet up, while he got everything ready for the barbecue.

Catherine didn’t realize she was tired enough to doze off, until she heard the doorbell, and sat up in bed with a start. Oh god, it had to be her sons. Flinging back the blanket, she hopped out of bed, pushed on her shoes, took a quick a look at herself in the mirror, ran a brush through her shoulder length auburn hair and raced down the stairs just in time to see her middle son Eric smiling and shaking hands with Jason in the foyer.

Okay, so maybe Jason was right, and it would be okay.

Then Eric smiled up at her, and said, “Hey, mom. Wow, I can’t believe you invited Jason. Man, what a nice surprise. Don’t think I’ve seen him since we were kids hanging out together in the old neighborhood.”

She winced. Then again, maybe not.

Watching Jason give her a helpless shrug, she knew she’d have a lot explaining to do. But where to start; tell them that it was his house, and that they were living together, mention their engagement and upcoming wedding, or let them know they were going to have a new brother or sister next year. Where would she even begin?

But as always, when Jason flashed a smile and winked at her, somehow he managed to not only make her smile too, but even put her a little more at ease. She exhaled the breath she’d been holding as he let her lead them into the kitchen, hoping beyond hope that everything would be all right and that they’d understand.

Seeming completely at ease, Jason told him, “Great to see you, too, Eric. And what can I get you to drink?”

“Just a beer thanks.”

While Jason got their drinks, Eric took a look around at the gorgeous house, whistled and said, “Wow, Mom, nice digs.”

Catherine nodded looking around then, too, not really sure how to respond. It really was a beautiful house, all done in soft neutral tones, and she could still hardly believe that she’d agreed to not only move in here with Jason, but also agreed to marry him and actually make this place her home.

Then the doorbell rang again, and the process started all over again. With her other sons Kevin and Michael both remarking how surprised they were to see Jason again after so many years, and how nice the house was, and how lucky she was to have found such a nice place to live.

But then she noticed her sons giving each other odd looks as they watched Jason comfortably moving around the kitchen, getting everyone drinks, putting out snacks, and finally pulling up a chair and joining them all at the kitchen table.

“So, where are you living now, Jason?” Her oldest son Kevin asked, sounding suspicious.

Jason looked right at Catherine, and was just about to tell them, when Catherine blurted out, “Actually this is Jason’s house.”

Kevin, Eric and Michael shot each other confused looks, and Michael the youngest remarked, “Wow, nice of him to let you live here then, huh?”

Eric groaned, rolled his eyes and muttered, “I think she means they’re living here together, Michael.”

“Together?” Michael repeated, and looked at his mother confused. “As in you and Jason are actually living together, like shacking up?”

Catherine tried not to wince as she nodded that it was true. “Yes. We live together and…” She smiled over at Jason. “We’re also planning to get married.”

You could hear a pin drop as her sons all looked from one to the other, before staring hard at Jason, as though trying to figure out if what she’d just said could possibly be true, and that he was actually shacked up with their mother and planning to make her his wife.

Finally Kevin, the oldest of the three, nodded across the table at him, and in a tone that sounded more than a little accusatory, asked him, “So how long you been seeing our mother, Jason?”

Jason smiled at Catherine casino siteleri and replied, “Actually we reconnected when she sold me this house. She was the realtor.”

“Reconnected,” Eric muttered, “guess that’s a nice way of putting it.”

Catherine cleared her throat and explained, “We didn’t actually start dating right away. But once we did, we realized that we’re good together and we make each other happy.”

Jason smiled into her eyes when she said that, since he knew from the first day he’d seen her again, that she was the only woman for him, and always would be.

Shaking his head in disbelief, suddenly Kevin shot to his feet and muttered, “I think I need some air.” And when his brothers followed him outside onto the back deck, as Catherine watched them leave, she blinked hard, trying her best not to cry.

Wringing her hands in her lap, she murmured under her breath, “Oh, god, what was I thinking, inviting them here for dinner?”

“Hey,” Jason reached out and covered her hand with his. “It’s just a bit of a shock for them, that’s all. And I’m sure they’ll be okay once we’ve had a chance to talk it over.”

With a hitch in her voice, blinking back tears, she said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do if they don’t accept us, Jason.”

Jason tipped up her face and looked into her eyes. “They’ll still be your sons no matter what. And I know you’ve always been a terrific mom to them. So there’s no way us being together is going to change what you have with them. But seeing as they’ve known me since we were kids, I can understand them being confused and maybe even a little upset finding out about us.”

She nodded, wiping at her eyes. “I just wish I knew what to say to make them understand that this is what I want, a life with you.”

He squeezed her hand. “Let me try and talk to them, okay?”

Once Jason stepped outside, the hostile looks he got from all three of her sons almost had him wanting to turn around and head right back inside. Finally, he heaved a breath and said, “Look, I can’t really explain it, but your mother and I are good together and we really do make each other happy. And I’d appreciate it if you guys could at least try to let her know, if nothing else, that you’re glad to see her moving on with her life.”

“But why does it have to be with you?” Eric asked him. “And how would you like it if I took up with your mother?”

Jason shrugged, trying to keep a straight face. “I don’t know. But I think her new husband might get pissed if you ever tried hitting on her.” And then he looked from one to the other and told them, “You might not want to hear it, but your mother and I are more than happy, we’re in love. And when we get married, I know she’d really like it if you guys would be there for her.”

Kevin shook his head, blinking his eyes, looking like he was having still having a hard time accepting the whole thing. “I’m sorry Jason, but I still can’t believe this is happening. And I just hope she’s not trying and get back at our dad for going out with that silly girl he’s been seeing, by shacking up with you.”

“Believe me, she’s not, okay.”

Eric studied him for a moment. “So what is it you do for a living, Jason?”

Jason shrugged. “I run my own tech company, that’s doing pretty well, actually.” He imagined they wondered how he could afford such a nice house, and if he’d be able to take care of their mother, never mind the baby they were expecting, once they learned about that.

All three of the guys slowly nodded, seeming impressed. Finally Kevin shrugged and said, “Well, I’ve got to say, she looks pretty happy with you, so you must be doing something right.” Then he narrowed his eyes on Jason and told him, “But just to be clear, I never intend to call you Dad, that would just be too freakin’ weird, especially since you’re only about three years older than I am.”

Jason chuckled. “No problem. And you got my promise that I’ll never call any of you son.”

Once they’d cleared the air, dinner went pretty good after that. And the guys seemed to notice how attentive Jason was, telling Catherine not to get up when he got up to clear the table. So Kevin decided that he’d get up and help him, telling him quietly as they loaded the dishwasher together, “I can tell you one thing, you treat her hell of a lot better than my father ever did. None of us were surprised when they split up after the three of us moved out on our own. My mom took a lot of shit from him for a lot of years, and it’s nice to see that you seem to respect her.”

Jason put his hand on the counter and looked Kevin right in the eye as he told him, “I hope you know that I’d hurt myself before I’d ever think of hurting your mother, and I totally respect her, she’s an amazing woman.”

Finally managing a smile, Kevin slapped him on the back. “I believe you. And if you make her happy, then I guess as weird as it is, we’ll just have to be okay with canlı casino it.”

They had ice cream and strawberries for dessert. And once they finished and were having coffee, Jason got up and fixed some camomile tea for Catherine and put it the little tea pot with a tea cup in front of her. Noticing she wasn’t having coffee like she normally would, Eric asked, “Caffeine bothering you lately, Mom?”

Catherine shot Jason a look, and when he just shrugged, she took a deep breath looked across the table at her sons and told them, “Actually I find my tastes have changed lately, since I’m going to have another baby.”

The three of them blinked. “Wait. What did you just say?” Michael asked, looking as stunned as he sounded. “I didn’t even think you could get pregnant anymore at your age.”

“Well, we are having a baby together. And it’s due around the first of May,” Jason told them, reaching for Catherine’s hand and giving her a comforting squeeze.

The three guys looked floored as they glanced from one to the other, shaking their heads in disbelief. Catherine knew it had to be a lot to take in, especially all in one go. So she looked from one to the other and told them, “But I want you all to know that none of this is going to change anything with us. I’ll still be your mom, and Jason will be part of our family now, instead of just a friend.”

Kevin rolled his eyes. “Well, this is one dinner I know I’ll never forget.”

And Eric was quick to mutter, “No shit.” And the youngest Michael just sat looking overwhelmed, blinking his eyes, like it was too much to even absorb.

Once they finally finished their coffee and dessert, Jason broke the silence by saying, “Hey, why don’t I show you guys around?”

Deciding to stay where she was, to let them explore on their own, Catherine told them, “You guys have to see Jason’s man cave, I’m sure it’s what sold him on the house.”

Jason shot her sly smile, and she instantly started to blush remembering the first time they made love in that room, while she was supposed to be showing him the house.

And once Jason had given them a tour of the upper floors, and they finally made their way downstairs, all three of her sons eyes went big, looking blown away as they muttered, “Oh, wow,” one after the other, once they got a look at his Man Cave.

“I bought the place just as you see it,” Jason explained. “Fully tricked out with a big screen TV, pool table, leather couches, fully equipped bar, the whole deal.”

“Sweet,” Michael said nodding his head as he took it all in. “I can see why you bought this place, it’s pretty amazing.”

Jason gestured with his head at the pool table, “Would you guys be up for a game?”

Kevin shrugged and grabbed a pool cue, and his brothers quickly followed suit. And as they played, it started to feel like the old days, especially when Michael shot the eight ball right off the table, and it rolled under the couch making them all laugh. Shaking his head, Eric told him, “Smooth move, Kevin. I’m just glad you’re partnered up with Jason and not me.”

By the time they finished playing and got back upstairs, Catherine heaved a sigh of relief when she saw they were all laughing and joking. When she looked at him expectantly Jason reassured her with another wink.

Then Jason told her sons, “You guys ever want to come over, feel free. And by next summer, I’m hoping we’ll have a swimming pool out back, so you can come over for a swim.”

“I gotta say, you’ve got a really nice set up here, Jason,” Kevin told him, glancing around.

“Don’t forget this is your mother’s home now, too,” he reminded them. “So, don’t be strangers, and come by whenever you want.”

After her sons each kissed their mother goodbye and shook Jason’s hand and left, finally alone in the kitchen with Catherine, Jason surprised her when he dropped to one knee, pulled up her shirt and pressed a kiss to her belly. She laughed looking down at him, and asked, “Do you mind if I ask what you’re doing?”

His eyes brimming with emotion as he smiled up at her, he told her, “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m finally down on one knee, giving you a proper proposal, and asking if you two will marry me.”

Oh, god. She had to blink, being pregnant, her emotions were all over the map, and now, if it was even possible, he’d managed to melt her heart even more. Sometimes she couldn’t believe what a wonderful man he really was, and she knew she had to say yes. “Of course we’ll marry you,” she said, wiping at her eyes, “just say when.”

Overjoyed to finally hear her agree to set a date, Jason got to his feet, wrapped her in his arms, and lifted her in the air, pressing a loud smacking kiss to her lips. Happily smiling into her eyes, he told her, “I was thinking we could go away someplace nice and warm. And while we’re there we could tie the knot. And I’d be happy to fly anybody out who’d like to join us. And of course kaçak casino I hope your boys would all want to be there for us, too.”

Though she nodded, Catherine dug her teeth into her lip, and asked, “And what about your family. Have you gotten around to mentioning us to your mother yet?”

Jason blew out a breath as he set her back down on her feet, and knew he had to be honest. “No, I haven’t had a chance yet. She’s been pretty busy with her own life. Not sure if I told you, she got married again a few months ago, and they moved out to California and started a business, so we usually text more often than we talk now. But I’ve been thinking I really should give her a call and let her know about us and the baby.”

Catherine eyed him looking worried, wondering how his mother was going to react when she found out. Back in the day, when they’d lived on the same street and the boys had all played together, she and his mother had been friends. They’d taken take turns driving the boys to different sports they were involved in, and even exchanged recipes. So she knew his mother would be shocked to discover that not only were she and her son a couple, about to be married, but with a baby on the way, too.

Seeing how conflicted she looked, Jason pressed a kiss to her forehead, and told her, “Hey. Don’t look so worried, I promise it’ll be fine. Your sons seem okay with us now. And I know my mother always liked you.”

“As her friend, but maybe not so much as the woman who’s not only shacking up with her son, but also pregnant with his baby.”

Jason smiled and placed his hand on her belly. “Believe me, knowing my mom the way I do, she’ll just be happy to find out she’s going to be a grandmother.”

Catherine just hoped he was right, because it was kind of weird to think of his mom as her mother-in-law, seeing as she wasn’t much older than she was, and especially if hearing the news would turn her against her. She wanted so much for both families to accept them, and for them all to get along, especially for the sake of their baby.

Seeing she was still looking worried, Jason pulled her into his arms, squeezed her ass, and brushing his lips over hers, told her, “How about we get a shower and head to bed, you must be tired.”

“Actually, you’re right, I am. It feels like it’s been a very long day.”

Once Jason had checked around and locked up the house, he went up to join her in the bedroom. But he stopped in the doorway when he saw that she’d slipped out of her clothes and was eyeing herself in the full length mirror, smoothing her hand over her slightly rounded baby bump. So, naturally, he quickly doffed his clothes, too.

Coming up behind her, he cupped her luscious breasts in his hands and said, “You know as beautiful and hot as you were before, I just can’t believe how much sexier you look now, pregnant with our baby.” Brushing the hair away from her neck, trailing kisses up to her ear, smiling against her skin as she quivered, he whispered, “You’re just as sexy as sin, and I hope you know I love you more than life itself.”

Her heart clenched, knowing how lucky she was to have found a man like him. And though she smiled into his eyes, she still studied herself critically in the mirror. Sliding her hand over her tummy, she told him, “But look at me, I’m losing my waistline and my boobs already look like balloons, they’ve gotten so big.”

Then looking up, meeting his gaze in the mirror, she could see the heated look in his eyes as he slid his hands over her ribcage and cupped her breasts in his hands, gently thumbing her nipples. Smiling into her eyes, he murmured in a low sexy tone, “Like I keep telling you, baby, now there’s just more of you to love,” which of course sent a shiver straight down her spine. “And seeing your body like this, filling out so beautifully with the life we made together, only makes me love you more.”

Blinking her eyes, and gazing into his, Catherine swore she could feel her heart squeezing in her chest, realizing just how lucky she really was.

Then as she watched him slowly trail a hand down over her rounded belly all the way to her mound, she softly whimpered when he slipped a finger past the little patch of red hair over her sex and began to stroke her clit. And being able to see him pleasure her with her own eyes only made it feel that much hotter. As he parted her pussy lips with his fingers, she moaned at both the sight and feel of him slipping a finger inside her, giving her a tingle-inducing little finger fuck. Still toying with her nipple while he worked a finger in and out of her, her breasts heaving, he was getting her so wet she could not only feel, but hear the sound of her arousal, as he coaxed her body into an orgasm. Blown away by good he was making her feel, leaning into him, softly moaning she closed her eyes and just let herself go, her legs shaking as she got closer and closer to coming.

Wrapping his arms around her trembling body, he murmured into her ear, “Damn, just look at how sexy you look right now. With your skin all flushed, your gorgeous breasts heaving, and the scent of your arousal is getting me hard as a fucking brick.”

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