Fantasies 04

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Double Penetration

It’s the end of the month and once again the emails pop into my inbox, trailer check, trailer check, trailer check. Meh!

I consider saying no this time but I’m short of cash and I know if I don’t do them this month I won’t get offered any next month and so reluctantly I agree to cover the usual bunch. A few hours later another email comes through asking if I could also cover my local independent as the regular auditor is on holiday, now this one interests me because I’m friends with a few of the staff and so I get to sit in the projectionists booth and watch the whole film.

I reply back that it will be a bit of a stretch within the time limits and ask if I can do the midday showing for this particular film rather than waiting for the evening. The answer is yes and I start planning…

The first thing I do is to text you. I know you’re not working the next day as we’d planned to meet up for a few hours. You um and err for a bit about the change of plans, but once I tell you what I’m thinking you change your mind. I tell you to dress up reasonably smartly and meet me outside the cinema at 11.30….

The next morning I wander into town around 10ish. The sun is shining brightly and it’s warm enough that I don’t need a coat. I’m dressed in a short, blue summer dress, with a white cardigan and white strappy sandals. I’m surprised that everyone else seems to still be bundled up in their winter coats and jeans but people are strange.

I complete a few other jobs in town but I’m finished by 10.30 and sit on the beach while I wait for you, enjoying the feeling of the sun on my legs. At 11.00 you text me to say you’ve just arrived at the station and I wander up to meet you halfway, eventually spotting you looking a little lost by HSBC.

As we approach the cinema I tell you to speak as little as possible and just go along with whatever I say. You nod and smile, I’ve told you the first part of my plan but not in any great detail. Nevertheless what you’ve heard sounds promising…

We walk into the foyer and I immediately spot the manager behind the bar. She smiles and says “That time of month again huh?” and I tell her unfortunately so, before introducing her to you and explaining you’ve never done one of these visits before so I’m showing you the ropes today. As I expected she instantly suggests we watch from the projectionists booth as it’s your first time and I wink at you behind her back as she leads us through the door marked ‘private’ and up the stairs to the booth.

As she taps the code into the keypad to unlock the door her mobile rings. I smile again, this is going exactly as I planned. She ushers us in before answering the call and you can hear her say “well what time will you get here?” before the door shuts etiler eve gelen escort behind us.

The room is quite small and dark, to the left you can see some old heritage projectors, the ones they use when they’re playing old films from tape reels. In front of you is a large, modern, digital projector, with a touch screen displaying lines of indecipherable words. To the right of the projector is a large, comfy looking armchair, and in front of that is the open window into the auditorium.

I can see you’re curious so I tell you to have a look around but to be quiet and absolutely not to touch anything. You step over to the window as I start scrolling down the screen, translating the abbreviated adverts into English and writing them on my audit form.

I’m about halfway through when the manager comes back in looking a little stressed. “The projectionist is stuck in traffic and won’t be here until later,” she says with a sigh. “Men eh?”

I smile and agree that they’re all pretty useless creatures, then ask what she wants me to do.

She looks down at my sheet and says, “Well I know you probably have other cinemas to do after this, but is there any chance you could hang on for a few minutes and start the film for me after the trailers? You know what to do don’t you, and I’d do it myself but the other projectionist has a day off today so I have to run the reels in screen 2…”

“That’s fine,” I reply, “And no rush, the next cinema isn’t until 7 tonight.”

“Oh well in that case, why not stay up here and watch the whole film, you’re doing me a favour and it’ll be a treat for your trainee,” she suggests.

“That would be fab,” I answer with a smile and you agree, thanking her. She tells us it’s no trouble and points to the clock on the wall, telling me I need to run the ads at dead on 12 or the auditor will mark her down. She winks at me as she says this an opens the door, saying “Enjoy!” to you as she leaves.

The door slams shut behind her and you look at me suspiciously.

“Did you plan this?” you ask, although you’re pretty sure you already know the answer.

“Maybe…” I say with a mischievous smile. “You didn’t think I brought you here just to cuddle up in the back row did you?”

“Well it wouldn’t be the first time,” you reply cheekily, before something occurs to you. “So just out of interest,” you ask, “Where IS the projectionist?”

I giggle before saying, “Well unless something drastic has happened since I left the house this morning, I’d suspect he’s still sitting on my sofa playing Championship Manager and drinking beers with the flatmate.”

You can’t help but smile at my nerve and lean over to kiss me, biting my lip.

“Naughty etiler grup yapan escort girl,” you whisper and I laugh.

“Problem?” I ask.

“Not at all,” you say, before looking at the clock and telling me I have two minutes to start.

You sit in the armchair watching me over the backrest as I lower the house music and dim the lights, opening the curtains in front of the screen before touching something on the projector. The ads start playing on the screen in front of you and I come to stand behind the chair, leaning over to kiss you before looking up to watch the screen. Everything seems to be going as expected and you motion me over to sit on your lap. Between now and the film starting we have just under 20 minutes.

I’m a little nervous because this is the first time I’ve done the reels unsupervised and I keep glancing back at the screen to check everything’s still running. I’m sat sideways on your lap, my legs hanging off the left arm of the chair, and you put your left hand on my leg, just above the knee, where my dress starts. Your right arm goes around my shoulders and pulls me back and I relax against your chest, turning my face up for a kiss before nervously looking back at the screen.

Your hand on my leg seems to be working the bottom of my dress upwards and I feel myself getting wet in anticipation. As I’m watching the trailers, your hand moves higher and I bite my lip, trying to pretend that I’m not distracted by it. Just as your hand reaches the top of my thigh, you whisper in my ear that the trailers have finished and I jump up, realising that I’d been concentrating so much on your hand that I’d completely missed my cue.

I fade the house music up again as I close the curtains to half mast and search through for the film.

“What are we watching again?” I whisper urgently, and you grin before telling me the title.

“Little distracted were we?” you whisper back, and I glare at you before finding the right reel, opening the curtains and fading the house music down again.

I stay there for a few minutes until I’m sure the film is running smoothly before coming back round to sit on your lap.

“Now where were we?” I whisper, and you push my skirt up to my waist before sliding a finger inside me. I gasp and quickly stifle a moan, the film is loud in parts but sods law I’d end up making a noise in a quiet part and drawing attention.

I spread my legs wider to give you more access and kiss you in an attempt to stop myself moaning as you rub your wet finger over my clit. You can feel me moaning against your mouth and this along with the wetness on your fingers and me wriggling in your lap makes you so hard it’s almost painful. etiler masöz escort Your trousers are far too tight but you’re enjoying having me at your mercy, then you think of a better idea.

You stand up, lifting me to my feet, before sitting me on the edge of the chair and spreading my knees apart.

You kneel on the rug in front of me and look at my face, my eyes are already closed in anticipation and you lean forward to blow gently on my clit, smiling to yourself as you watch my mouth fall open and my hips move closer towards you, desperate for your tongue.

You put your arms under my legs, holding me still, before kissing my left thigh from the knee slowly up towards my pussy. You stop just before you get there and I wriggle in your arms, impatient for your touch, instead you kiss up my right leg, stopping again, close enough that I can feel you breathing but not as close as I want you. I need you to touch me there but you don’t. Holding your face just far enough away that I can’t wriggle towards you but I can still feel every breath.

With one finger you push inside me before sliding up to circle my clit. You can see me trying not to make a sound and you know I want more. Standing, you lean over to whisper in my ear, “What do you want?”

“You know what I want,” I reply breathlessly.

“Then tell me,” you say.

“I want your fingers in my pussy and your tongue on my clit. I want you to make me cum,” I whimper.

You smile and kneel again, sliding two fingers inside me before touching your tongue to me. At that first touch I shudder and you can see how hard it is for me to stay quiet. You’re enjoying the control you have over me and you flick your tongue up and down a few times, feeling me jerk with each stroke, my muscles twitching around your fingers as they slide in and out.

You suck on my clit, circling it slowly with your tongue as you feel my muscles clench. Then you stop.

I’m almost sobbing now and breathing hard, but again you ask me what I want.

“I want to cum,” I gasp and you grin.

“Ask nicely then,” you whisper.

“Please,” I beg, “Please let me cum.”

That’s enough for you and you wriggle your fingers inside me, feeling me twitch before circling my clit with your tongue. I clench hard around your fingers and you lick a little faster, sucking gently then harder, until with a stifled moan you feel me cumming on your fingers.

You look up and see that I’ve stuffed my hand into my mouth to stop myself crying out and as I pull it out of my mouth to breath again you notice deep teeth marks around my knuckles.

My other hand has gripped the chair so tightly it’s turned white and gradually I release it, the colour coming back as I flex it slightly.

You run your wet fingers over my lips and let me lick them clean before kissing me. Your face is wet with my juices and I can taste and smell myself on you as we kiss.

I glance up at the clock and see that only half an hour of the film has passed.

“Time for a little payback!” I think, running my hands under your shirt…

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