Family Potrait

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We are a very close family who spends a lot of time together. Our two kids, a son and daughter, had just come home from school and we were sitting talking. As the evening progressed, I noticed that our daughter and my wife were getting closer to each other as our son moved away from them and over towards me. I didn’t really notice anything different as both of our kids were very loving and as far as I knew, they enjoyed being with us. Little did I know how much they enjoyed it until later that evening.

My wife decided that we should take some pictures of the four of us together and suggested that I get the camera. We had just purchased a new digital camera and she wanted to see what the pictures it took, would look like. I went and pulled the camera down from the shelf and returned to the living room. The three of them were sitting waiting for me and as I entered the room, my wife took charge of the poses.

“Take one of the three of us first,” she said as they moved closer together on the couch.

“Ok, you three get ready,” I answered, as I fiddled with the camera.

I took the first one as they smiled into the camera and then checked to see if it looked ok.

“How did it turn out?” my wife asked.

“Good, I think,” I answered.

“Well, take another,” she said as she pulled the two of them closer to her.

I looked through the lens and found a very erotic scene in front of me. Our daughter was leaning in, her face inches away from her mother’s breast as our son had snuggled in, his hand on his mother’s thigh. I could see my wife breathing had changed as they sat there waiting for me to take the picture. I quickly snapped the picture and the flash seemed to blind them. As I took the camera down away from my face and looked at them, our daughter had her face buried between my wife’s breasts and our son had moved his hand into the v between her legs, covering her crotch with it.

My wife had her hand on our daughter’s head, holding it against her and her other hand was on our son’s thigh, slowly rubbing it. I could see the effect she was having on our son, as there was a growing bulge in the front of his shorts. My wife had her eyes closed and her head back against the couch.

“Ok, get ready, I’m going to take another shot,” I said quickly, not wanting to miss this opportunity.

I quickly looked through the viewfinder and snapped the picture. They all groaned as the flash went off again. Our daughter moved away from her mother and when she did, I noticed a wet spot on my wife’s shirt where our daughter had been. I also noticed the look on our son’s face as he tried in vain to cover his growing erection. I smiled as they tried to hide the fact that they were, obviously, getting excited.

I wasn’t a stranger to incest. I had many nights with my mother when I was young but I wasn’t prepared for what was happening in front of me that night. I looked at the picture and noticed that our daughter’s tongue had flicked out, lightly licking her mother’s nipple as I took the picture. Our son had moved his hand over his mother’s crotch and had a finger down between her thighs. Wanting to see how far this was going to go, I decided that I should take some more pictures so I looked over at them and smiled.

“Come you guys. Let me take another one,” I said, hoping the results would be the same.

My wife opened her eyes and turned towards our daughter, smiling down at her upturned face.

“Ok, just one more,” she said as she again, pulled the two of them towards her.

I aimed the camera and waited for them to get set. My wife was still between the two of them but had opened her legs a bit wider. Our daughter and son had changed the positions of their hands and now, our daughter had her hand over her mother’s crotch and our son had his hand on antalya escort bayan her breast.

“Ready?” I said quickly, snapping the picture before anyone could move.

Again the three of them groaned with the flash but as I took the camera down, I saw our daughter had her whole hand between her mother’s legs and was rubbing up and down her as my wife closed her eyes again. Our son was greedily sucking on one of her breast and she reached up and held his head against her, letting him continue.

I didn’t move but just watched the three of them. I heard my wife groan softly as the hand and mouth on her, continued rubbing and sucking. I could see the excitement growing in the three of them as I stood watching them. I didn’t move because I was enjoying the scene in front of me. Until that moment, I had no reason to think that anything like this would ever happen in our family but the proof was right before my eyes.

I watched as my wife slid down a little on the couch, opening her legs wider, allowing our daughter to rub harder on her sensitive crack. Our son was noisily sucking on her breast and started to lift her shirt, trying to get her breast free from its constraints. Without opening her eyes, my wife leaned forward and allowed her shirt to be taken off. At the same time, her shorts were being undone and she lifted her hips off the couch as they were pulled down, baring her crotch and stomach.

I started taking picture after picture as the three of them continued. I could see our daughter’s finger disappear between the folds of my wife’s crack and she gasped softly as it disappeared inside her. Our son was running his tongue around her nipple, gently sucking it in and out of his mouth. I watched, as my wife surrendered to her two children and the lust she was feeling.

My wife moved her hand over and started to probe our son’s bulge in his shorts. I heard him groan slightly when he felt her hand on him. He stopped sucking her breast and stood up, quickly shedding his shorts and returned to her, making sure his now erect cock was within her reach. She wrapped her hand around him and groaned as she did. Her hand started moving up and down him, feeling the hardness of him and massaging it lovingly.

Our daughter, in the mean time, had moved closer and had her whole hand between her mother’s legs, rubbing her more vigorously. My wife was softly groaning at their touch as I started taking pictures again. I watched as our son stood up and lowered himself over his mother’s lap, straddling her, his hard cock pointing at her face. She opened her eyes and smiled at the sight in front of her. Our son held his hard cock in his hand and rubbed it across and around her mouth, his head gently probing between her lips. Our daughter had moved around and was between her mother’s legs, prying them open wider before leaning in and flicking her tongue out, gently running it up and down her crack.

I heard the most erotic groan come from my wife as the two of them continued making love to her, not bothered by the clicking of the camera. My wife opened her mouth and took our son’s cock into it, as our daughter put her legs over her shoulders, licking and sucking on her mother’s clit. Our son was thrusting his hips at his mother’s face, slowly but deliberately, his cock pumping in and out of her mouth. She had reached around and was holding his ass cheeks and helping him pump her mouth full. I could hear her moan louder as our daughter played with her clit, running her tongue up and down across it, sucking it into her mouth and rolling it with her tongue.

I kept snapping away with the camera, taking different positions and pointing the camera closer to the three of them. I took picture after picture, not caring if they turned out or not or what they looked like. I didn’t want escort bayan to miss any of the hot action in front of me by checking each picture. I moved back in front of the three of them and took a picture just as my wife spread our son’s as wide open. She rimmed his hole with a finger and then thrust it into him. He froze for a second, feeling his mother’s finger invade his rectum then he moved up, over her head so his cock was pointing straight down at her mouth.

He straddled her face again and thrust his balls against her mouth. I watched her tongue flick out and lick them before starting to suck on them gently. All the time this was going on, our daughter was eating her mother’s cunt and she was getting noisier and noisier. I could see my wife’s clit sticking out as our daughter kept circling it with her tongue and sucking on it as if it were a small penis. My wife was writhing in pleasure as the two kept pleasuring her. She finally opened her eyes and looked at me. Without hesitation, she said, “I want to be fucked. I want a thick cock in my cunt and I want to feel it explode inside me.”

Our son got off her face and moved between her legs after our daughter had moved. He pointed his hard cock at her cunt, lifting her legs over his shoulders and thrust forward, entering her in one quick jolt. My wife groaned as he entered her and held his ass, pumping him back and forth, in and out of her. Our daughter had gotten up on the couch as our son had done and lowered her hot cunt down onto her mother’s face, rubbing her wet pussy across my wife’s lips, urging her to taste her.

“Come on, Mom. Lick me. Eat me and taste me,” she said.

My wife quietly said, “Yes, I want to eat you. I want to taste you.”

She let our daughter lower herself until her cunt was right on top of her mouth, then I saw her tongue flick out and lick at the opening above her. Our daughter threw her head back as she felt her mother’s tongue and groaned loudly, gripping the couch tightly so she wouldn’t fall off. I started taking pictures again as the two of them fucked their mother.

I took only a few more pictures then put the camera down and walked over beside my son, who was fucking his mother fast and hard. I reached down between them and held his cock with two fingers as it sloshed in and out of her cunt. He slowed down and looked at me, a big smile on his face. I leaned into him and for the first time in my life, I kissed a man. Our lips met and he thrust his tongue inside my mouth, searching it, flicking it around the inside of me and toying with mine. We kissed for a few minutes as he continued pumping his hardness in and out of his mother.

I finally broke free of his lips and moved around behind him, spreading his cheeks even wider, removed my wife’s hand and leaned forward, thrusting my tongue out against his hole. He stopped his fucking of his mother as I flattened my tongue and ran it up and down his crack, circling his hole and sucking on it. He started to thrust back into his mother as I continued eating his ass and I heard him moan as I tried to enter him.

“Spread my cheeks wider, Dad. Put your tongue inside my ass.”

I pushed against his hole and suddenly my tongue entered him, pushing through the outer ring and into his bowel. He felt warm and as I tried to circle my tongue around his canal, he groaned louder.

“Yes, that’s it Dad. Fuck me with your tongue.”

I tried to keep myself inside him and match his thrusts but I was having trouble keeping contact. I ran my tongue up and down his crack a few more times and then stood up. He turned to look at me.

“Fuck me Dad,” he said. “Put your hard cock in my ass.”

I moved against him and pointed myself at his hole, thrusting my hips forward as my head entered him. He gasped sharply when I did and pushed antalya escort back against me, trying to get me inside fully. It wasn’t long before my whole length, was swallowed up by his ass, my balls resting against his skin. I didn’t move but let him continue to thrust in and out of his mother, who by now was moaning and groaning with every thrust of his hips and was lapping, sucking and licking at our daughter’s cunt, her face mashed against it.

As I started to thrust in and out of our son’s ass, I tried to match him and soon we were moving together, in and out, in and out. I could feel the walls of his canal around my head and every time I thrust fully into him, my balls slapped against him in a thud, matching the noise his were making against his mother’s ass.

“I’m coming,” he suddenly said loudly. “I’m going to fill your cunt with hot come now Mom. I’m going to come inside you.”

She mumbled something through the folds of our daughter’s cunt as he stiffened and came inside her, grunting when he did. I kept thrusting in and out of him as he emptied his balls into his mother. He leaned forward a little and pushed back harder against me and in a minute, I felt the first spurt of come spray into him, splashing against his walls and running along my cock. I thrust once more and some of my come came out with my cock and started down his leg, slowly oozing towards the floor. I emptied myself into him and then slowly pulled out of him with a slight pop, making him grunt as my cock left his ass.

I stepped back on shaky legs and let him pull his cock out of his mother’s cunt. I could see his come on her hair and watched as he leaned forward and started to clean her, licking and sucking on her, flicking her clit every now and then. I quickly sat down and watched our daughter climb down off the couch and slump to the floor. Our son finished sucking on his mother and joined her, the two of them breathing heavily. My wife sat up, albeit, slowly and looked around at us. After a second, a big grin came over her face and we all grinned back at her.

“Well, now that’s a family portrait,” she said, laughing. “I hope you got all that. I’ll want to see them over and over again.”

“Mom,” our son said. “You won’t need pictures to look at when all of us are here.

“That’s right,” our daughter spoke up, interrupting him. “I’m going to eat your cunt and suck on your clit whenever I want from now on.”

My wife looked down at her.

“Anytime you want dear. In fact, why don’t you start right now,” she said as she moved onto her back and spread her legs wide, opening up her cunt to everyone.

Our daughter got up and dove between her legs, which my wife wrapped around her head and I could hear the sloshing and splashing of their juices as our daughter ate her mother again. I looked at our son and he moved over to me and kissed me. I kissed him back and held him close as he gently kneaded my soft cock with his hand. We watched the two women come again and again before they tired out.

By this time, our son was hard again and I let him fuck my mouth as the two women watched. I tasted the first come that day, as he exploded in me, his hot come spraying across my tongue and down my throat. I sucked him until he had finished and then licked his head, circling my tongue around it, prying into his slit, making sure all his come was in my stomach.

We moved away from each other as the two women grinned at us. Who would have thought that taking a few pictures would have started all this. Our family nights in from then on were a blur of sex and filled the house with sounds of groaning and moaning. We extended the nights into the next days and nights and finally, we had to end it. It was a start anyway but what a way it had been to start.

[I am sorry, If I ran the story too fast. I had just a thought of writing a quick story, when I saw a porn video of something like above, but not incest. DOnt hesitate to contact me. I am Darklord 🙂]

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