Exploring Glen’s Inner Spaces

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Technically this is the third part of ‘Glen’s Galactic Adventures’, but it can be read alone.

Part 1 is ‘Glen joins the Phallic Explorer’, Part 2 is ‘Glen Passes Inspection’.


After escaping Belinda’s ray gun blasts by leaping aboard the nearest starship, Glen had found himself a stowaway on the famous Phallic Explorer. Whether or not landing on the ultimate male sexual cruise was going to work out for him he had no idea, but as always he enjoyed the initial take off and exit from the system.

When he awoke from his erotic sleep Glen had been taken on as part of the ships crew, after undergoing a sexual performance appraisal examination and thoroughly enjoying the personal and medical attentions of the medic, SB. Those attentions had continued for non-medical purposes, with Glen spending his first official night on board the Phallic Explorer in the clinic and the medic’s comfortable bed. He awoke in the artificial morning of his first day as part of the complement of the ship feeling very well fucked indeed.

And that seemed unlikely to change, as he realised it was the medic’s cock lodged inside his channel and starting to fill yet again that had woken him. He sighed as the medic also woke and began to kiss his neck and tug his balls.


“So what’s a phallic augmentation specialist doing on a ship like this?” Glen asked the medic, whose hands caressed him lazily after giving him a gentle wake up fuck.

“After ten years of listening to men insisting they needed to get more satisfaction, I felt like removing their dicks not adding to them. So I decided it was time to get out. Before I accidentally did remove one.”

“I wouldn’t call this exactly getting out,” laughed Glen.

SB shrugged, “I like to travel,” he said smiling. “And you? What are you doing here?”

“Me? I’m escaping from an unhappy woman,” Glen replied, not really wanting to be reminded of the rather more complicated situation he had escaped from, and suddenly wishing he hadn’t started the conversation.

“And why was she unhappy?”

“I wouldn’t give her what she wanted, what does any woman get upset with a man about? Glen replied, wrapping his lips around SB’s and moving his hand to grip the medic’s nuts to discourage him from saying anything else.

Shortly afterwards a well satisfied SB left Glen lying there in his cabin to doze while he went off to attend the daily crew meeting. It was rather an old fashioned chore, but Captain Prong insisted on running his ship along navy lines and the daily meetings were always brief.

But today’s meeting sent SB back to his cabin frowning, and when he got there he shook the dozing Glen awake.

“Culver Towns wants to meet you,” SB said. “So you had better get some rest while I get you ready.”

“Whose Culver Towns?” Glen mummbled sleepily.

“A passenger who has spent far too much money on augmentation,” the medic replied dryly. “Far too much. Now roll over and spread your cheeks for me,” he added.

Glen complied with SB’s request and felt something long and thin slip in to his passage and snake up into him, traveling far higher than he would have thought anything casino oyna could. He grunted with surprise, as he was flooded with something cool. Then the long thin object withdrew, and after a few minutes the medic inserted something thicker, but soft, that seemed to expand inside Glen’s channel, stretching and opening him. There didn’t seem to be much feeling inside his passage now except at his rim.

A short while later a uniformed SB escorted a naked Glen to the passenger section of the ship, repeating his warnings for Glen to do as he was asked and try to enjoy it.

“Why is this so important?” Glen snapped, annoyed that the medic seemed to think he couldn’t look after himself and getting irritated with all the vague warnings.

SB stopped and pulled Glen around so they were facing each other. “Culver Towns can have you ejected from this ship Glen. Right out here in space if he wants. I’ve heard he’s done it once to a man who rejected him. So what I am saying is serious, not just a warning,” the medic replied. “Whatever Culver wants agree to it and pretend to enjoy it.”


“You are really a natural?” the man sitting before him asked, surveying Glen from head to foot.

‘Man’ was perhaps an exaggeration Glen thought. He had never before seen one body with so many improvements. What Culver Towns certainly had was wealth. Untold wealth. Even the string of completely natural looking nipples running down Culver’s muscular rippling torso would have set him back a small mining conglomerate.

At first glance in the gentle cabin light Culver Towns had appeared to be a magnificently well built muscular young blond, with an oddly unattractive face. As his eyes adjusted to the light Glen noticed the man’s lips and eyes, as well as the two strings of nipples. The eyes were a cold blue and the lips were thick and rippled, ideal for sucking a cock to ecstasy he imagined. Then when Culver had spoken they seemed to flap strangely, but the man spoke clearly.

“Do I need a certificate to prove I’m a natural?” Glen joked, not particularly keen on Culver’s cold piercing eyes and enhanced thick nobbly lips.

Glen thought that having those lips running up and down his cock would certainly set his hips pumping, but looking at them move as Culver talked was another thing.

“Have you got one?” Culver asked, appearing to be serious.

Glen was opening his mouth to say ‘no’, when SB butted in.

“I have one here Mr. Towns,” the medic said, stepping forward and flashing a palm screen at him.

“Good,” Culver said, grimacing.

Glen was sure that Culver had just tried to smile, and it had not improved his appearance at all.

“Good,” Culver repeated.

SB stood off to one side again. While Culver’s naked male companion lolled on a nearby sofa, obviously not completely with them

“So a natural arse, medic?” Culver asked

“Definitely Mr Towns,” SB replied seriously, not twitching a muscle.

Culver lifted the soft black towel that had been covering his groin and Glen’s mouth dropped. The man was a monster. Well two possible monsters. Both of his cocks were immensely thick, and hanging in a way that suggested they liked canlı casino to grow. And a slight bulge Glen had noticed at Culver’s muscular belly now made sense, the man had a dam to ensure he had the necessary blood supply to engorge both without passing out. And the 2 balls hanging down below him would have looked right on a stud Brahman.

Glen was now worried, “I don’t know that I can take that equipment you’ve got there, eh, Mr. Towns.”

“That’s why we have the medic here,” Towns replied coldly, snapping his fingers.

The man lolling on the bed leapt up instantly, smiling, and fell to his knees between Culver’s spread thighs as Culver leant back and signaled Glen to come to him.

The medic’s earlier insertion of some cold numbing agent, and a sleeve, up Glen’s ass now made sense. And SB’s serious warnings about pleasing Culver left him in no doubt about what to do. Glen stepped up and began to tongue the multiple nipples and reach for the huge meat that hadn’t disappeared into the male companion’s obviously enhanced mouth. Culver had his hands groping Glen everywhere, particularly his arse, and all three of them quickly began to pant and moan.

The cock in Glen’s hand expanded and lengthened, until he couldn’t wrap his fist even half way around it and had to use both hands to pump it. It must have been 14 inches long, Glen guessed, overwhelmed by the thought of it trying to enter him. Then Culver lay back flat on the bed.

SB suddenly whispered in Glen’s ear, “69”

Glen clambered over the now supine Culver, positioning his tool at the monsters lips and opening his own mouth to the limit to fit the second giant cock head inside. Sucking on the first three or four inches would be his limit Glen knew.

Below him he saw the companion deep throating Culver’s other dick, and wondered again what the man had for a throat

Culver’s nobbly lips were stroking up and down Glen’s own tool, along with a very firm thick tongue, and the attention had Glen writhing immediately, and he soon couldn’t control himself. He quickly filled Culver’s mouth with his cream, and Culver vacuumed him till he had to withdraw. Then he felt something he didn’t understand, his arse was being licked and rimmed, but then something thick and wet was snaking its way deep inside. It was flexible and he was bucking and writhing as it pushed and twisted about his passage as it progressed deeper into him. It flickered forcefully over his prostrate, stroking, pushing, beating at it and Glen cried out about the huge cock filling his mouth as the tongue cock drove deeper inside his ass.

Nothing could stoke like a firm but flexible tongue cock and this was the biggest and longest one Glen had ever felt exploring his intestines. He was hardening fast, grunting and moaning as he tried to force his own tongue into the slit in Culver’s huge cock head, getting it in further than he ever had before. On any man.

Shortly Culver withdrew his tongue from deep inside Glen’s ass and finished by licking up his rim. Then he was sitting up and turning Glen.

‘Oh god, no,’ thought Glen, knowing that now it was time for him to feel one of Culver’s tree trunks tearing into his kaçak casino own arse.

There was a rearranging of bodies and cocks, and the male companion was now on his knees with his head on the floor and Glen watched as SB eased one of Culver’s huge tools into the man’s obviously augmented arse. His hole just spread around the giant cap and swallowed it and the 13 inches behind the fat head slowly followed it in.

Glen was pulled up onto Culver’s belly, his legs frogged up and out on either side of Culver’s hips and he soon felt SB pushing the huge cap of the other cock at his hole. He yelled as something began to stretch him open but culver pulled his face to him and planting his lips on Glen’s pushed the head of his tongue cock between them. Glen sucked hard on the firm growing organ as it filled his mouth and throat stopping him from screaming, as with the medic’s help the three inch thick, fourteen inch long phallus’s cap forced itself through Glen’s rim.

Glen’s legs were opened and bent up as far as possible to open himself, and someone’s hands were pulling at his cheeks trying to open him even more. He felt an agonizing spasm rock his body as the cap finally made it past his rim. Culver grunted around his tongue and pushed Glen’s hip’s down, slowly impaling him on his huge cock. Rich forced himself to relax as it tore slowly into him. Finally he bottomed and beneath him Glen could feel the arse of the male companion pumping Culver’s other dick as Culver pulled Glen gently up and down on top.

He was grateful the medic had given him something as the pain was soon bearable, only just, but still bearable.

When Culver came Glen felt himself flooded with cum as he had never been before and as Culver lifted him off the deflating cock his guts felt abandoned. Even with the pain the fullness had been overwhelmingly satisfying.

Cum bubbled out of Glen’s arse but very little blood was visible and he lay there spent as Culver’s companion crawled over and took his half hard cock in his mouth. Glen jumped and cried out as something slid inside his slit and down into his cock. The companion had a sounding tongue, Glen realized, he’d never felt one before but that was all it could be. He could feel himself growing inside the companion’s firm pulsating mouth, and lengthening down a throat that felt more like a huge fist gripping and stroking him. He was whimpering and staying still as the fine flexible tongue muscle fucked his slit and the mouth and throat worked the outside of his cock.

Then the companion’s mouth gaped for a moment and Glen cried out as he felt his balls sucked in to the companion’s unnaturally large oral cavity. Then he continued shouting as the mouth fucked and sucked him to a series of huge, pulsing draining ejaculations. Then Glen passed out, his last vague thought being that Culver was insatiable. He’d had his three cocks fucking Glen and his companion at the same time, with his companion’s sounding tongue fucking into his slit.

When Glen came round he wondered if he could cope with 2 more months on a cruse like this. While he was out he had been returned to the medic’s cabin and washed clean, and if any damage had been done to his bowel it had been well fixed. He felt fine, if limp. The sleeping medic’s head now rested on Glen’s shoulder and an arm lay across his belly and the man’s soft snores soon lulled him back to sleep.

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