Experimenting And More Ch. 01

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“Ooooh FUCK that’s good baby” I groaned a little too loudly.

I was in bed with my gorgeous wife Bree who had decided to give me a little before sleep present in the form of a blowjob .

“sssshhhhehhhh…” said Bree as she retracted my cock from her mouth. “I think my sister is still awake, I don’t exactly want her to come in” she whispered.

“Sorry” I said “you’re just so fucking good at that… but there’s an idea, there IS room in here for one more!” I joked.

I quickly regretted that little comment as she squeezed my balls just a little too tightly…

“I can’t imagine her boyfriend would like that, let alone me… be careful what you say next, I’m sure I don’t have to remind you I’m in a position here to either cause you a lot of pleasure OR pain…”

Bree and I had recently moved into her parent’s house to save money for a house of our own one day. We had met when we were both 18 when she came over my house as a friend’s friend. I had moved out of home into a flat with a school mate and being the only ones amongst my friends with our own house, our little flat had become a bit of a crash pad of sorts. We didn’t exactly hold raving parties being only a two bedroom flat, but people came and went fairly regularly.

When I first laid eyes on Bree I knew she was something special, she was shorter than me standing at 5 foot tall with a slim yet curvy body and long blonde hair. She had perfect sized breasts also, not too small and not too large, and her ass was just gorgeous.

She ended up moving in with me after a falling out with my roommate and we lived together for about seven years before finally getting married.

Being about 25 years old by then we both decided we would eventually want to start our own family and therefore need our own home to accommodate for that, and although the privacy we had become accustomed to would have to take a hit, we both decided it was for the greater good to move in with her family.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s just a joke” I smiled “you’re the only girl I’ll ever want”.

With that she once again engulfed my hard cock with her mouth reaching to within about two inches of the base. She was getting good at that lately I thought.

I have a decent sized penis, not one of those ‘monster’ cocks you see in pornos sometimes, but at last measure it came to about 8 ” inches with a nice decent girth.

Bree started to quicken her bobbing on my dick as I started to feel the cum brewing in my balls.

“Babe I’m about to cum” I whispered.

With that, to my amazement, for the first time she managed to completely swallow the whole 8 inches of my rock hard cock all the way!

Seeing it disappear into her mouth like that was all I could take…

I unleashed my seed deep into her throat güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as I came harder than I remember cumming in a long time!

She lapped up the remainder of any mess left behind then came up beside me to cuddle.

I laid her on her back then kissed her softly and whispered “your turn baby” with a wink.

I then proceeded to nibble her neck, then kiss my way down to her breasts and took each nipple into my mouth one after the other.

I then slowly kissed my way down past her stomach and came to a stop just above her clit. I lightly kissed the little bulb in her pussy then slowly worked my tongue up and down her slit stopping at her clit each time to give it a couple of flicks with my tongue.

By this point she was starting to pant a bit. I decided to mix it up a bit so I stopped and came back up to kiss her.

She frowned at me. “Why did you stop?”

“Roll over onto your stomach” I said.

“Ok” she smiled.

I nibbled one of her ears. I could feel her shiver a bit, I knew that always sends tingles down her spine.

I kissed my way down her back… past her perfectly shaped butt… up her legs… I took each toe into my mouth and she giggled quietly.”That tickles!”

I laughed then started to kiss my way up her inner leg towards her ass.

We both didn’t have much sexual experience when we met other than a couple of past partners who we had had I suppose what you would call fairly vanilla sex.

You know, kissing then missionary, then being 18 things generally didn’t go much longer than that. So other than losing our virginity to different people, we both pretty much experienced all our sexual firsts together.

We had tried just about every and any position we could think up. Had sex in different places, the kitchen, the lounge room, the shower, we even hooked up in the toilets of some clubs we had been to.

Lately however I have realized I have a bit of a fetish of sorts for her ass. Of course neither of us had ever had anal sex before nor had we really talked about it but tonight I decided I might try a bit of experimenting…

I kissed her luscious buttocks cheek by cheek, circling her little puckered opening. Then I kissed down to her inner thigh.

I found the now soaking wet entrance of her pussy and probed it with my tongue. From there I licked slowly all the way up onto and past her little asshole.

She trembled.

“Exactly what do you think you’re doing?” she whispered in a tone that could only be described as a mixture of concern, excitement and uncertainty.

“Trying something new babe… you, um… you ok with that” I said cautiously.

“well… why not I guess! That’s something we haven’t done before!” said Bree.

So I continued güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri into this new territory… I started slowly and gently of course, being sure to gauge some sort of response. As I started to circle her hole a little harder I could hear her breathing quicken a bit. Becoming bolder, I decided to slip my tongue into her tight opening.

She gasped… I withdrew my tongue.

“You ok?” I said.

“It’s ok Ben, you just took me by surprise a little” she whispered slowly.

“How’s it feel” I said.

“Different…mmmm” she breathed. “Keep going?” she said a little hesitantly as if asking a question.

I dove back in excitedly, picking up where I left off pushing my tongue as deep as it could reach into her nether regions.

Bree let out a sharp moan…

I momentarily withdrew again. “Babe shhh! You’ll wake your sister” I teased with a wink.

“Shut up and keep doing that!” she hissed.

God I was hard again. It was just so freaking kinky!

I continued to rim her hole with my tongue as she quietly panted into the pillow. I brought my hand up to her pussy and gently pushed my thumb into her vagina. I don’t remember a time she was ever more wet than this!

“This is so fucking hot Bree” I said muffled slightly by her butt cheeks “I’m already hard again baby!”

“Really??” she breathed, sounding surprised.

Up until this point we would generally both have a chance to cum then back to bed.

“Well I can’t leave you hanging can I?” she whispered “mmmmm but this feels so good…”

“Fuck it, I need to cum again” I said.

So I flipped her over onto her back and kneeled beside her head to offer her my raging hard on.

She took it into her mouth to lick me around the head then said “I don’t want you to stop! Get on top of me and suck my cunt!”

Bree never really said that word, she much be excited!

I climbed on top in the 69 position and proceeded to take her clit into my mouth. Sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue. She then grabbed my cock and guided it back into her waiting mouth, first licking the head again in a circular motion, then taking about half of it into her throat.

“UUmmmmmhh” I moaned, still trying my best to be quiet.

As I nibbled on her clit, I brought my hand around behind her leg and with my index finger I started rubbing the entrance of her puckered ass.

I moaned as she groaned with my dick still in her mouth, the noise creating an unfamiliar yet welcome vibration around my cock…

As if rubbing her asshole with my finger wasn’t a turn on enough for the both of us, I decided to go all out…

I moved my finger to her now dripping wet vagina to lubricate it more, then I slowly slid my finger güvenilir bahis şirketleri into her ass. Bree froze…

I stopped again. “Sorry baby did I go too far?” I hesitantly asked.

“N-no… I’m so fucking turned on right now… it’s all very… different” said Bree.

“I’m sorry babe, I’ll stop” I offered.

She raised her head as I looked down past her breasts and our eyes locked.

“Finger my ass till I cum Ben…”. Said Bree, sounding sexier than ever before!

Wow. I’ve never even heard her speak like that! I went back down on her pussy and before lubricating my finger again with her juices I slowly slid it in.

Bree tensed slightly and I could feel her try to close. She breathed out and loosened up again. I continued adding pressure to my finger until it slowly slid in… past the first knuckle, then the second until finally it was all the way in!

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“mmmmhh… good, but be slow” said Bree.

She then continued on me sucking on my cock drawing it in bit by bit. I had started sliding in and out slowly of her anal passage as I sucked on her clit.

I could feel her trembling.

I then felt her hands on my hips. She pulled my hips into her and wondering what was happening, I looked down at her just in time to see my cock go all the way deep into her throat again!

She pushed me up again then straight away right back down into her throat…

My god, she wanted me to fuck her mouth!

So fuck her mouth I did! I started rhythmically sliding my dick into her mouth at the same time sliding my finger into her asshole.

She was squirming under me in pleasure.

I had another bright idea… I decided to add another finger. Not to her tiny little asshole, no that was just far too tight right now and I didn’t want to risk hurting her. This finger was bound for her other hole!

So on my next plunge I slid one finger in her asshole WITH the other in her vagina. Bree squealed, hoping that was more pleasure than pain I started pistoning both fingers…

In and out while I humped her throat. I started to feel her vaginal walls pulsating and her anal muscles tightening.

She was climaxing as a gush of her fluids leaked out onto my hands and she had what felt like it must have been an absolutely MIND blowing orgasm!

It all became too much for me and with one last plunge, my penis erupted like a volcano deep into her stomach with my balls right up against her mouth.

It was an absolutely amazing feeling!

I threw my head back and there in the doorway to our bedroom was Katie, Bree’s little sister just standing there watching us with her mouth slightly open and her hand buried in her pyjama bottoms!

Like a deer in the headlights Katie’s eyes went wide as her hand came quickly out of her pants and she rushed out of the room slamming the door behind her.

Bree just about threw me off her. “What was that??” she said alarmed.

“your sister” I said in my almost drunken state of euphoria.

“Fuck” said Bree.

To be continued…

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