Evening Spar

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And with an elegant flurry of Marianne’s sparring blade, Roselyne again finds herself disarmed, and tripped up, fallen on her rump on the plush mat beneath the pair.

“Come now, Madam Auvrey, you make it seem as though you’re losing on purpose.” Marianne snickers, bringing the blunt edge of the blade down, the dulled tip resting over Roselyne’s sternum. In reply, the woman offers a pout, and a little grumble.

“I apologise if you think it that way, Madam Leroux.” Roselyne speaks shortly following her little huff.

“Ah, Madame Auvrey, be careful how you address me after our bouts, hm?” The woman grins, her free hand offering a waggle of her index finger, as she tuts in teasing disappointment.

“Oui, right… Pardon my tongue, Ma Reine…” Roselyne bows her head to the side, averting her gaze from the woman atop her. This, however, is not allowed to continue, the cool touch of the metal on that blunted arm touches the loser’s chin, pointing her face up towards her dueling partner.

“As you should know well by now, dear subject… My pardon comes at a price.”

“Oui, Ma Reine…” Roselyne squeaks again, the presence of the frigid steel now being highlighted by the contrasting temperature, and reddened appearance of a blush on the woman’s cheeks. Finally, the blade is set aside, and Marianne lowers her form atop of the other woman. She settles on her midriff, hands setting each on a breast, offering casino oyna a gentle little push.

“Lay back.” She speaks, her tone soft, but her words sharp. “And bring your hands together above your head.” Roselyne, unsurprisingly, complies, her eyes closing as her breathing grows more unsteady. She lays back, guided by the pressure of those hands against her chest, before her hands make their way up above her head, the lush carpets dancing along her arms before her fingers draw together, arms outstretched along the floor. “Tres bien, Ma Fleur… Now, would you like to close your eyes, or need I use your shirt?” Marianne offers a deceitfully innocent smile with that remark of hers, and again, Roselyne does as she is asked. Her eyes fall closed, cheeks pulsing in the heat of the moment, before a pair of lips come down and meet the woman’s in a deep kiss, both parties letting out content sighs. “Good girl…” Marianne coos into her ear, brushing a digit along her cheek. “And are you ready for your duty, then, Ma fleur?”

“Oui, Ma Reine.” The obedient woman replies, her lips slowly parting to let her warm breaths into the air. Within but a few moments, the path of those breaths is disrupted, and Roselyne’s lips contact another, lower pair of lips on her partner.

“Tres bien…” That voice from above lets out in a relaxed breath, before those luscious netherlips begin grinding along their conquered partner’s face. “Tres, canlı casino tres bien…” She continues, the woman’s hands appearing to Roselyne as the woman’s right settles on her breast, whilst the left gently brushes through her hair. Marianne’s muscular thighs tense around Roselyne’s head, securing her firmly as the woman’s powerful hips continue to grind, and tease at those lips, meeting her subject’s obedient tongue as it laps at her.

“I do so adore our sessions, Ma Fleur… But someday you will have to get better, oui?” The woman atop remarks, and her partner offers a meek nod – At least as much of one as she can with those thighs locked around her head, and her tongue focused still on pleasuring the woman above her. “Magnifique…” Marianne coos, reassured that her primary task of training Roselyne was not forgotten, though she would certainly miss this treatment if she were ever to become the master. However, this was not yet the case, and she was on top, and she would enjoy every moment of it.

Marianne’s left hand, previously brushing through Roselyne’s hair, now curls her fingers into those locks, holding firmly as her legs tense, the domineering figure saddled atop the loser’s face tenses her torso, before finally a heavy, hearty moan spills into the training space, her lubricant starting to flow more freely as more is produced in her arousal. She lets more and more sounds of her pleasure free into the space, kaçak casino her hips rocking on that desperate little tongue between her legs. Roselyne herself was quite an expert in the trade, her tongue not only focusing attention on the woman’s tunnels and her outer lips, giving gentle suckles to her trainer’s hood to draw out her little love button, to which she nips and laps to spike her dearest friend’s pleasure, before returning to her vagina.

“Ah… Never one t-to disappoint, Ma Fleur, non?” Marianne asks, knowing that she will get no verbal reply, but still certainly an oral one. The woman continues working, and working at her conquorer’s sex, pulling more and more moans from her until finally she hits her peak – Those tunnels tensing, and gripping against that tongue working in her tunnels.

“P-erfect! M-on Fluer!” Marianne calls in her ecstasy, eyelids fluttering as she rides out that peak atop Roselyne’s face, who contently laps up that nectar, the added touches of pleasure serving to prolong Marianne’s climax just that little bit longer, before the tensing thighs loosen, then release the head between them, Marianne crawling back and settling back on the girl’s midriff.

“Always a pleasure to train you, Madam Auvrey…” Marianne lets out in a quiet sigh, leaning her head down and licking some of the excess juices off of her partner’s face, pressing a sloppy kiss to her lips and holding it until she needs to catch a breath, finally retreating and leaning back.

“Ah… The pleasure is all mine, Madam Leroux…” Roselyne pants quietly, recovering from the shortage of breath between those thighs.

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