Even More with Stefan

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I did not plan to write a third story about my romance with Stefan, but after receiving a few more encouraging notes I decided to write one more to tell people a little more about our relationship.

By the end of that fall semester, Stefan and I saw one another almost every day. Or at least every day we could. He would either drop by my place or I would meet up with him somewhere near campus and either drive him back to my place or take a long drive together. Sometimes our long drives wound up on deserted roads several miles from the city. Occasionally, we would get out of my SUV and talk a walk through the woods. We had a lot of long talks, and we would stop every so often to kiss and sometimes hold hands for a bit whenever we were in a concealed wooded area.

We were always careful not to drive somewhere where we could be discovered. I knew the area well, and I knew where we were safe. I even knew a few places that were good for parking during certain times of the days. One of my relatives owned several hundred acres about an hour outside of the city, where there were a lot of wooded areas and a couple of barns that were not used for anything beyond storage and resting places during the hunting season. Because all of my family members now lived more than five hours away, I knew when they were in the area. Stefan and I went out there a couple times when it was safe to be alone. We made love once in my SUV when it was parked inside one of the barns and two other times on a blanket that we had spread on a secluded area under some trees near one of the other barns.

During our first time on the blanket, Stefan asked if I would ever like to take him “somewhere very private, like to a cabin for the weekend.” Then he said something that really made my heart stop, “I would love to have bareback sex with you in front of a roaring fire on a cabin floor. I wanna feel you explode inside me. The thought of that happening drives me insane.” I just rubbed his shoulders, not saying a thing for a long time. I looked into his beautiful eyes and broke the silence: “Bareback is something guys do when they are in a serious and committed relationship.”

“Isn’t that us?” Stefan looked a little confused.

“Well, yes, but I wasn’t sure how you saw this relationship.”

“I think of you as my boyfriend and me as your boyfriend for right now. I know that we can’t last beyond college and that we have to keep everything very private…But isn’t boyfriends what we are? I mean we see one another a lot now. We share a lot with each other, and when we are together we will late into the night about everything under the sun. I know it’s something we can’t make public but it’s something that means a lot to me. I mean I daydream about you in class, and on the nights I’m in my dorm room I think about you while I fall asleep.” That made me get harder. Stefan saw my cock swell, and before I could answer her gave me another blowjob, His mouth felt so incredible every time he took me inside him.


Stefan had also started to call me during the day, while I was at work. At first the calls were just a casual hello. Then they would wind up with him flirting with me or telling me that he got a raging hard-on in class while thinking about having sex with me. One time he called to tell me that he was wearing one of my sweaters and he loved that it smelled like me because it made him think that he was wrapped up in my arms. I drove over to campus a few times during lunch to take him back to my place so we could have quick sex. Those lunches sometimes lasted for two hours, and I always had a lame excuse about where I had been. We were getting a lot closer than I had expected.

One day after we had sex on my couch during lunch, we cuddled for a bit in the nude. I looked at Stefan and said: “I think about you a lot. Not just the physical stuff but you. And sometimes I get incredibly hard at work when you are on my mind. Or when I get home and I can’t see you that night, or for a couple of nights, because you have too much going on at campus.”

Stefan’s head was resting on my chest. He said: “Baby, it’s hard for me when we can’t see one another. But I love when we have sex during lunch. One time when I went back to campus someone in an afternoon class asked if I had just gone for a run because I had a glow. I wanted to tell her that I had just had amazing sex with a very sexy guy.”

Stefan studied my face. “You’re blushing,” he said. “I don’t know if that’s cute or sexy.”

I pulled him closer to me and we kissed very passionately for several minutes until I had to drive him back to campus and I had to think of another excuse why I had been gone almost two hours for lunch.


Stefan told his parents that his fall semester finals ended two days later than they did so we could spend more time with one another. That meant that he got to spend only one night with me because he didn’t want to risk being back at his dorm if his parents came up early on the day he was leaving. We didn’t casino oyna sleep a lot that night he stayed with me. We had sex in several rooms until we finally fell asleep sometime around 4 am on my bed. We didn’t get dressed the next day until I took him back to campus very late that night. It was the first time we kissed in my SUV while on campus. And it was a very long kiss.

“Stef, if we aren’t careful, someone will see us in here,” I said into his left ear while we took a brief break between kisses.

“Oh, baby, I don’t care right now,” Stefan purred back into my ear. “I am going to miss this and you so fucking much.” I wanted to fuck him again right there.


Stefan had intentionally left several articles of clothing at my place over break, which made his absence all the more difficult because I couldn’t stop thinking about him. We didn’t get to talk a lot while he was home for Christmas break, but he usually found a way to call me at least every other or third day. He told me that he went out with a few girls from back home but nothing happened beyond a few short kisses. He said he felt like he needed to do that so no one would ask why he didn’t have a girlfriend at college and wasn’t dating anyone at home. I told him that I was fine with that but was a little jealous of the girls who got to kiss him. He said: “I am glad.”

Also when he called we usually joked about how we were always rock hard during our conversations, and we told one another that we missed each other, which surprised me. A few times while he was driving or sitting in traffic, Stefan would be very specific about what he missed: “I miss your tongue exploring my body…I miss our long kisses in the nude…I miss our showers…I miss waking up with you…I miss feeling you deep inside me while we kiss passionately.” On Christmas Eve he called me mid-morning while he ran some errands for his parents. Right before he ended the call he paused for a long time and whispered: “Rick, promise me you won’t tell another person this but I think I am falling deeply in love with you.” Then he hung up.


I didn’t hear from him again until December 28, and we didn’t mention his parting words again until he came back to campus. He returned to campus on a Saturday, but we didn’t get to see one another until mid-morning Sunday because his parents stayed the night at a nearby hotel on Saturday night.

I had never attacked anyone the minute they walked through a door, but that’s exactly what happened when Stefan came over the first time that year. We shed our clothes in less than a minute, and we were on my bed shortly after that. After a very long kiss on my bed, I took his face in my hands and said, “Stef, I have missed you so damn much.”

“I was going crazy at home. I didn’t think I would make it through the new year without feeling you against me. Or on me. Or in me.” He then reached over to the side table and fished for a condom in the drawer. Holding it in front of me he said, “One of these days you aren’t going to wear one of these when you are inside me.”

He stroked my cock while fitting it for the condom and then arched his back up a bit after it was on me. “Make love to me, Rick,” his beautiful eyes glistening and a cute smile breaking out on his face. “It’s almost been a month since I felt you inside my boy cunt. I need you sooooo bad.” Then he reached down and grabbed my cock, sliding it into his ass. I thrust all the way in, causing him to lose his breath and say, “Oh. My. God. Rick. YES!”

I leaned over and kissed him deeply. We fucked for a good 20 minutes in several positions. I held out from cumming as long as I could until I pulled out from doing him doggie and shot all over his back and even into his hair. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I started to finger his ass and kiss his back while he stroked. A few moments later, Stefan let out a loud moan and began to cum on my bed. I was leaning over him, kissing his shoulders and neck while he was cumming. “Can’t. Stop. Shooting. Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God.” Stefan said in between breaths.

When he had finished, he was leaning over a pool of cum that he had emptied onto my sheets. We then both collapsed onto the bed. Stefan turned around and we embraced in another long kiss, the gooey cum rubbing between us.


“Sweetheart, that was amazing,” Stefan said after a kiss.

“Sweetheart?” I responded.

“Yes. Sweetheart. Isn’t that what you call someone you are falling in love with?”

“I thought you only were thinking that you might be falling in love with me.”

“Dude, I am way past that. Way past that. I masturbated to you so many times over break.”

Amazingly, I started to get hard again. Stefan saw my cock stiffen and smiled at me. “Does that turn you on to know I was thinking about you whenever I stroked my cock or fingered my hole while I was in the shower? Does it make you hard to know that I put a condom on a hairbrush and masturbated with it while thinking canlı casino that Rick’s hot cock was inside me instead?” He reached down and stroked my cock a little.

I grabbed him, pulled him tight against me, and kissed him passionately. Whenever I kissed Stefan while on top of him or to his side, he had this sexy habit of running his foot up and down my leg, stroking it like he would my cock with his hands. Sometimes he would also finger my ass while doing it. Our cocks rubbed together as we kissed, my rock hard cock started to stiffen his. We had cum all over us that was lubing us as well. I loved the sensation. Then I realized I was about to shoot again so I just kissed him harder and deeper. I wanted my tongue deep inside his mouth when I came again. But right as I began to cum so did he, and we shot together. We didn’t cum a lot but enough to know what had happened and to feel it, and that we had cum together. I could feel Stefan moan in my mouth as we came, and he pulled me closer into him. As he pulled me closer into him, he slid a finger inside me, which drove me even crazier. I finally broke our kiss and began to pant very loudly, eventually collapsing all over him.

“Oh my God,” Stefan whispered into my ear. “What was that? That was just incredible. Baby that felt soooo good.”

“Man, I don’t know. I’ve never had that happen before. I’ve never gotten that hard again so quickly after cumming much less shooting that soon again. Damn!”

We rolled onto our sides, Stefan began to rub his right foot up and down my left leg. He was smiling, almost in a mischievous way, his eyes were full and glistening. “Baby, we are going to have to wash all of this. We made a mess,” he said.

“I know, but it’s a very pretty mess.” Stefan smiled again and kissed me again.

Then he looked at me again. “Baby, I thought about sex with you allllll the time over break. I couldn’t get you out of my mind. It was crazy.”

“OK, I don’t want to ruin this very nice moment, but I need to know this because I want everything between us to be totally honest and in the open. So I have to ask: are you gay and are you thinking that we are more than a college romance? I just want to know what your expectations are. And I don’t want either of us to get hurt.”

“You don’t need to worry, baby. I am going to graduate in three semesters, and I will move on to med school. Nothing is stopping that dream from happening…Am I gay? I don’t know what I am. I thought about that a lot over break. A year ago I considered myself to be mostly bi-curious who had experimented with a few guys…I see things in a different way now, at least regarding you. You are a very special, kind, nice, and sweet guy who makes me feel very nice in so many ways and who I click with. I can both talk to you for hours and fuck you for hours…I know it probably freaked you out when I told you that I was in love with you. That freaks me out too. It freaks me out a lot that I care for you so deeply but I also know that right now I can’t really care for someone on a level deep enough to think about marriage with them. But I can care for them a lot when we are together and with one another, and I can be loyal and faithful to them right now. I want to give them-I want to give you–everything I can right now in the way I can.”

I was rubbing Stefan’s chest and stomach while he was talking, I got a little stiff when he talked about marriage because I thought he might look very sexy in a wedding dress, especially in white stockings that hugged his hot, smooth legs.

I looked into his eyes when he was finished: “That is such a nice thing to say…I might be falling in love with you, Stef.” Stefan pulled himself up to my neck and we kissed again, my hands running all over his body. “God I have missed your lips and tongue,” I said. “Come on, let’s take that shower and clean up my bed.”


Showers with Stefan were amazing. We spent a lot of time slowly washing one another, rubbing and cleaning every body part. I loved washing his hair because I would stand behind him and my cock would stiffen while he rubbed against it. A lot of time I would drop to my knees after his hair was washed and rim his boy cunt, tasting some of the soap that was still between his cheeks.

That was the first time he rimmed me. “Baby, I want to eat you out too,” Stefan whispered in my ear after I came up from his hole. “I want you to feel as good as you make me when you are eating out my boy pussy.” He was fingering me when he said that.

“Stef, I am all yours.”

Then he turned me around and pushed me against the side shower wall. It was sexy to feel him take charge. He gently and slowly kissed down my back. He bit my cheeks in a playful way and then spread them. His tongue circled my hole first, then he plunged it inside me, burying his nose against me. His cheeks squeezed my ass while he tongued me. He felt so deep inside me. I was trying to hold on to the wall because it was such an intense feeling. I moaned a lot during kaçak casino what seemed like an eternity of bliss and loveliness. I eventually lost control and slid down to the tub floor, grabbing his face for a kiss.

“That was incredible, Stef, wow,” I exhaled deeply as he leaned against me, water coming down on us.

He leaned around me and flashed me a cute smirk: “That was fun. I liked making your knees buckle like that. And I like having my arms around you right now.”


After we toweled off I gave him a late Christmas present: his own robe to wear at my place. It matched the one I had but a little different color.

“I thought you should have your own robe since we usually don’t wear much more than this whenever you are here,” I said with a smile.

Stefan put it on and hugged me. He smelled great just after he got out of a shower. It was such a special scent with him. “I love it, but not as much as I love you right now.”

I wanted him to be careful about throwing the l-word around, but I also loved hearing it from his lips. Had I been 10 or 12 years younger, I would have allowed myself to totally fall in love with this guy. Had I been younger at the time, I might have even proposed to him had the timing been better. Even at the age of 34 it was tempting, although I knew it was really an impossible situation for us.

“Come on, let’s go strip the bed,” I said.

After we put the sheets and the liner into the washer, Stefan said he would add the detergent while I got a clothes basket that I had left in another room in the basement. When I returned to the laundry room, he was looking through the cabinets above the washer and dryer. But the way he was looking in the cabinets instantly turned me on. He was standing a bit on his toes, straining to reach the top shelf. (I didn’t tell him there was a step-ladder folded up against the side of the washer to help reach that shelf because the straining accentuated his gorgeous legs.) I watched him pull down a bottle of detergent, measure it, and add it to the laundry, getting harder by the second. I reached in the right pocket of my robe, realizing I had a couple of condoms in there. (They were from Stefan’s last visit.) As Stefan strained to put the detergent back on the top shelf, I walked toward him, placing the empty basket on the dryer next to one full of clean clothes and putting my arms around him.

“Here, let me help you up there,” I said, kissing the right side of his neck a bit as I lifted him up.

“Mmmmmm, thanks, babe.”

I then pushed him tight against the washer and said, “You are so fucking sexy I can’t stand it.” I lifted up his robe while opening mine so he could feel my rock hard cock press against him. “I want you right now,” bending him over the washing machine a little as he let out a gentle moan.

“Rick, I want you right here.”

I pressed my lips against his right ear as I pulled out the condom. “You are going to have me right now.”

“Ooooooh, yes. Please. Yes.” It was said in a cute little way Stefan used when he wanted to beg for something, and it turned me on even more.

I fitted the condom over my cock and gently pushed it into him as the washing machine began a cycle. His ass clenched my cock as he pushed back against me, rubbing his cheeks into my pubic hair. I grabbed his hips and began to furiously pump him as his hands pressed up against the cabinet above the washer. He moaned and begged me to “fuck me in my boy cunt. Oh yes, baby, that’s it. YES. Go deeeeep in me.” It didn’t seem like we fucked for that long, but we must have, because when I pulled out and came on his back, the washer was in a spin cycle. Some of my cum got on Stefan’s robe.

“Baby, I’m sorry,” I said, “but I made a little mess on your new robe.”

“That’s OK,” he smiled. “We can wash it.”

“You want to wear my robe or one of the other robes?”

“Nah, I’ll take one of your dress shirts. If you’re lucky, I won’t wear any boxer briefs with it…Would you like that kind of easy access to me?” he asked, grinning. He kissed me as he disrobed and grabbed a clean dress shirt that was in a basket next to us. The shirt tails hung almost reached his knees. “I love wearing your clothes, Rick,” he said as he buttoned it. “It makes me feel even closer to you.”

We kissed as we walked toward the stairs. I walked behind him as we ascended, admiring his incredible legs and firm ass. When we reached the top, almost instinctively, I scooped him up and carried him over to the couch. We kissed deeply as I placed him on the couch. “Welcome back, sweetheart,” I said.


We spent the rest of that afternoon and evening on the couch watching football games, talking, kissing, cuddling, making love. Stefan was living alone that semester in the dorm, so he spent the night with me. Stefan didn’t have classes until Wednesday, but I had to be at work the next day. I woke up to Stefan bringing me a fresh cup of coffee. I almost told him I loved him right there. We showered together, and Stefan kept me company while I got dressed. Sitting cross-legged on my bed while I dressed, he said: “God you are sexy in a suit. I have really missed seeing you in that. And undressing you in it.”

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