Evelyn , Ted: The Kitchen Counter

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Ted’s dorm room was empty except himself and Evelyn. She had got off work early and had come straight over. They spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around on his bed, cuddling and listening to music. Evelyn couldn’t remember the last time ‘come over and hang’ had literally meant exactly that. They ate the sweets Evelyn had picked up in town, legs entwined, Ted’s arm beneath her neck, chatting about nothing in particular. She was wearing his Streetfighter t-shirt again, taking them back to that unforgettable night in New York. Feeling at peace, Evelyn closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as his fingers grazed the warm soft skin of her arm. Everything felt so simple with Ted.

“Ooo, let’s have a look at your implant,” Ted said suddenly.

“You can’t see anything now,” Evelyn laughed as he rolled her onto her back and straddled her, inspecting the inner side of her left arm. He looked disappointed to see only a small indentation.

“You can feel it though,” Evelyn said watching as Ted’s face lit up with fascination and gross curiosity. Evelyn took his two fingers and pressed them gently down on the area of skin where her contraceptive implant sat. Ted’s eyes widened as he felt the tiny thin implant wiggle beneath her skin.

“That is so gross – I love it,” Ted chuckled.

“Three years, no pills. I feel completely at ease with my sexual contraception,” Evelyn smirked, sitting up against his pillows.

No more pregnancy scares.

“Does that mean no condoms either?” Ted turned his head to one side, an impish grin growing on his lips. Evelyn shuffled forward until their faces were inches apart. Her heartbeat began to thump quicker in her chest. Ted always had this effect on her.

“Are you clean?” Evelyn said, toying with him as she ran a finger down from his lips to the collar of his top.

“Of course I am. Never not used a condom in my life,” Ted scoffed as if the thought of him getting an STD was hilarious and impossible.

“Oh yeah?” Evelyn said in a hushed, sensual voice, her lips grazing his before she pulled back so suddenly Ted almost fell forwards “How nice for you,” she snorted, getting halkalı escort up from the bed “You got any food? I’m starving.” Evelyn headed over to the kitchen and opened the fridge, leaving Ted grinning on his bed.

“Sandwich okay?” he called, slowly making his way over to the kitchen where Evelyn had found his Jaffa Cakes in the cupboard.

Slowly and seductively, Evelyn popped one into her mouth, raising her eyebrow in his direction.

“Are you eating my Jaffas?” Ted asked with faux irritation.

Evelyn just nodded and grinned around her mouthful. She swallowed and licked the chocolate from her lips, the whole time Ted was watching and moving closer to her. Evelyn bit her bottom lip as she picked another cake from the packet. Ted gave her warning stare, though his lips were curved at the sides.

“Don’t you dare,” he whispered, his hands now on her hips.

Evelyn then opened her mouth just as enough for her tongue to slip out and slid up across the chocolate topping of the cake. She moaned so sensuously, Ted felt his hard-on growing within his jeans.

“So good,” she breathed and opened her mouth wider to put the cake into her mouth when Ted dived in and ate it out of her hands. Before she could object, he was lifting her up onto the kitchen counter and parting her legs so he could be in between them. Chewing on the Jaffa Cake, Ted moaned and finally licked his bottom lip as he stared up at her. Evelyn’s grin grew as she became more and more excited. With his hands still on her hips, he inched her closer until his crotch met hers making her shiver. Evelyn placed her hands on his shoulders as she gently ground her groin against his.

“I stole your Jaffa Cakes,” Evelyn whispered, her body gyrating slowly in his grasp “What are you going to do about it?”

Ted shook his head, trying to restrain his grin. Who knew Jaffa Cakes could excite something sexual in them both? He looked at the chocolate stains on her fingers and with one hand, placed her fore and middle finger in his mouth, sucking and running his tongue each one in turn. Evelyn watched opened mouth as Ted licked them clean.

“What do you want me to harbiye escort do about it?” Ted said, sliding both hands around to her bum and tilting her back until she was against the wall. Evelyn pouted her lips playfully and opened her legs even wider, keeping her eyes focused on him.

“Teach me never to do it again,” Evelyn leant against her elbows, head to the wall and legs dangling off the kitchen counter. The grin had faded now and was replaced with an expression of carnal hunger. As Ted’s hands ran up her legs, Evelyn pushed out her chest, taking in deep breaths to try and steady her heart, which was now pounding against her ribcage. Closing her eyes, she felt as Ted’s teeth tugged on the hem of her leggings and finally, his fingers slipped inside. She helped him ease them off, half-lying off the kitchen counter. She knew they could possibly be walked in upon but part of Evelyn didn’t care. She loved the thrill of it.

Sitting up, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer, clawing at his top, eager to feel his hot skin under her fingertips. In one swift move, Ted pulled off his t-shirt and shifted Evelyn back again so her pelvis was high and her groin was against his. Ted chewed on his bottom lip, unable to contain himself with Evelyn sprawled before him, just her knickers in between him and his favourite pussy.

Ted then leant forward and pushed up the front of Evelyn’s t-shirt to reveal her tummy where he laid fervent kisses on her skin, listening as her sweet moans became more and more impatient. He pushed up her t-shirt even further to reveal her perfect round breasts cupped in his favourite black bra. Pushing his throbbing crotch against hers, he moved until he could slip one of her breasts out of their bra and kiss her hardening nipple. Evelyn’s hands entangled themselves in his short hair, her face contorted with pleasure and her mouth open wide; but no sound was coming out. She was breathless and unable to put into any words or sounds how good it felt to have Ted there, between her legs, his lips and tongue across her nipple. Still leaning back on her elbows, Evelyn bent her legs and pressed her knees to his sides, ikitelli escort urging him to give her some relief from the frustration boiling inside of her. But instead, Ted simply chuckled quietly to himself and slipped her other breast out of her bra as Evelyn lay at his mercy beneath him.

She began to gyrate her hips again, aching to feel him inside of her. Willing this teasing to stop.

“Oh god, Ted,” Evelyn dug her nails into his shoulders, pleading with him.

“Just say the word,” Ted whispered, running his tongue up between her breasts, her t-shirt now bunched around her neck.

“Oh god,” Evelyn moaned, clamping her eyes shut as the fire in the bottom of her stomach raged on.

“Just say-,” Ted kissed her deeply on the lips, his hands clutching at her bum, her ankles on his shoulders.

“Please,” Evelyn whispered breathlessly “Please!” she begged, opening her eyes to see Ted grinning smugly down at her. Evelyn’s face softened into an expression of exhilaration.

At once, Ted pulled Evelyn’s knickers off, unbuckled his jeans and pushed both them and his boxers to his knees. And before Evelyn could even plead again, Ted was driving himself deep inside of her. She let out a scream of pleasure as she felt every inch of his cock sliding back and forth, his pace quickening with every thrust. Evelyn couldn’t hold herself up on her elbows any longer and slipped back against the wall. With her legs up on his shoulders, Evelyn could only hold onto the kitchen counter as her body trembled. Every thrust was more glorious than the last, his cock always able to find just the right spot within her. As she looked down her body, she could see one of Ted’s hands grasping her left breasts, his nails digging in ever so slightly. His other was on the top of her thigh, his fingers reaching in between her legs to her clit, his thumb rubbing in pressing circles, making Evelyn moan even louder.

At any moment, they could be found in this very exposing, very alarming position on Ted’s kitchen counter. However, thankfully, the dorm room door did not open and the couple were left in peace as Ted brought Evelyn to a very loud, very satisfying orgasm that took hold of her entire body, leaving her weak and quivering, her toes curling on his shoulders. All the while, Evelyn lay beneath him as he continued to thrust his cock inside of her, finally reaching his own orgasm that left him unable to speak or move, collapsing against her, still between her legs.

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